Hey James! How are you doing? What have you been up to lately?
I've been back to work, moved to Chicago, and got my modeling career going again.

Are you back to work, school, or modeling? How's that going?
I'm waiting to become a resident of Illinois so I can get "in state" tuition rates so I still have a couple months to wait. I'm definitely excited about starting school again and finally finishing. The modeling is going well, I been in a couple different magazines and had some really cool jobs.

Where are you living?
I live in Chicago with Sarah, we have place across from Lake Michigan in Downtown Chicago.

Do you continue to support the war?
If you mean the war on terror, yes. I would need a separate interview to discuss what I think has been done wrong and what has been done right. Too complex of a subject. My sisters fiancé is about to be sent to Iraq and he's in my prayers.

Are you still recognized a lot?
Surprisingly yes, It so fun to have little kids come up to you and want your autograph. Adults are one thing, but the kids (most say they were scared of me at first) are too adorable. It's like they met someone famous and I'm like "nope, I just play a jerk on TV" Howie was in town 2 weeks ago and Sarah, him, and I got swamped. Lots of fun.

How are you and Sarah?
Sarah and I are doing well. One of the things that was most difficult after the show was to see how our relationship was edited. How they would cut away when I was joking to make me look mean. It was frustrating, but they had a show to produce... We celebrated our 1 year on 3/12/06.

Any wedding plans or anything?
Not yet... She is still so young so I want her to make sure she's lived a little before the responsibility of marriage comes around. As for myself I haven't been in a long or serious relationship in about 7 years so it's good to get to know one person and spend your time with them.

How is running your website?
It has been a blast, we talk smack with Kaysar's fans and really have formed like a community. The fans are all great, even the ones that still don't like me. You can speak your mind in the forum and you won't get banned. The best part about it is the interaction, I've called several of them and had phone conversations. It's really neat discovering the dynamics of a BB fan and then even further why they liked me in particular. The host site TVGrapevine.com will be having a booth at the Reality TV Convention and Rach, Howie, Sarah, Danielle, Nicole, and Jun will all be there with me interacting with the fans and having hopefully some more great memories.

Are you still planning to have your own Housecalls?
It won't be Housecalls, but it would be nice to have a arena to discuss the game unplugged. No corp sponsors worried about hurting feelings. It will be down and dirty, most importantly the fans who call in will make it successful.

If so, why? Did you agree with the way Housecalls was run/hosted?
I would love to be a host on Housecalls, but that job's taken.

Are you excited for next season of BB?
Very excited, especially now after the new events of this week. I went onto the house not knowing anything about BB. Now I'm a huge fan and can't wait.

Who from your season do you talk to still?
I talk with Kaysar, Janey, Howie, Rachel, Ivette and Beau

Has your opinion of any of them changed outside the house?
I've always respected Kaysar, so nothing has changed with him. My friends in the house I liked b/c of who they were and I still like them for the same reasons.

Talk to anyone from previous seasons?
I love Danielle and Nicole, I've hung out with both of them a lot and really like them. Nicole says I reminded her of Will and that it made her sick to her stomach, lol. I talk to Will from 5 and have done some charity stuff with him, and just random people from each season. Danielle from 3 is one of the best people I know.

Are you glad you did Big Brother? Do you have a favorite moment? Least favorite moment?
I don't regret anything about doing BB. My fav moment in the house was winning the Piñata Veto and looking at how stupid everyone else looked, since 9 of them had failed at evicting me. Least favorite was the same comp since it sent Sarah home. That week Howie made a deal with Maggie really hurt for some time. But after watching the tapes I saw how he made a deal the week Maggie was HOH, she doesn't nominate him and he does the same for her later on... The game is vicious.

What hurt your strategy most.. Sarah being in the house with you, Howie winning HOH, the house being so divided or some other reason?
Well Howie won the HOH because of Sarah and Rachel, his deal with Maggie, from me watching the tapes was made before hand, so you just can't tell in that house. I came off way too strong in the beginning and thought that others were smarter than they seemed. That really hurt my gameplay. My strategy from Day 1 was to lie and have fun. I did both. I do wish that I had been more of myself outside the Diary Room. I don't think a lot of people saw the real me.

When Kaysar got back into the house, did he tell you guys anything about the outside world.. Like current events or how people were perceived?
He couldn't say anything to us and didn't

Did you ever see the banner that was flown? Did anyone else?
I saw it after the show and still think it's the funniest thing ever. I thank everyone that took part in that and wish you the best!

Anything interesting happen during the live feed blackouts.. Like when Eric and Michael nearly fought, or the double elimination weeks?
When I try to look back, I can't distinguish from real life and the live feeds that I've seen. During that fight we all were separated. I was up in the HOH room listening to Crappy's CD and eating Ice Cream.

Heard anything about All-Stars? It's all over the News right now. Would you do it? What would be your choice of cast?
I would do it if asked, my cast would be of the best players. Not fan favorites. I have a deep respect for the game of BB and it's why I get along with people like Danielle BB3 so well. We just want a good game, leave the moral agenda at home. It's war in there.

Do people treat you any differently since being on the show?
People that I never met do, they know everything about me so conversations are always funny since I introduce myself just to get their name.. My friends make fun of me more then they used to and will send me the funny pics people created of me.

Will you stop in at JU sometime this summer?
I will come by whenever you want

Thanks so much for the interview. Everyone here appreciates it I'm sure and good luck on everything in you life!
In all honesty, Thank you guys. I would not be participating in anything like this if it wasn't for sites like Jokers and their fans. So Thank you.