What have you been up to?
Not too much.....right now just packing things up in my apt. and getting ready to move, so things are kind of hectic, but I always manage to find time to spend with my friends down here and have a good time.

Do you still live in LA?
yep, still here in this weirdo town, lol.

Any special men in your life?
Lots of special men in my life, lol. They only swarm when I don't want to date, and needless to say I don't want to date right now, lol. But there is a particular one that I am partial to when it comes to "playing games." LOL

Are you still recognized often?
Believe it or not, almost everyday...

How did you wind up doing BB in the first place?
I actually got some of the final casting info, from a random email that was sent to me on a modeling website that I had my portfolio on, made a phone call, then the next thing I know I was being kidnapped from home.

Did you ever watch BB before you were on?
nope.....but I swear I did see like 5 minutes of an episode from the 1st season....which naturally turned me off, LOL. But I did eventually catch up on some of season 2 and 3, and enjoyed them both.

Do you think back on your time in the BB house fondly as time goes by?
I think back on it almost everyday too. It seems like it is always the topic of discussion, whether I like it or not. But yea, I am always saying "remember the time when we were in the bb house and.........." (kind of funny huh?)

What are your feelings about Drew for what he did to you? Do you talk to him?
Well of course I will always think he sucks as a person to do that to me.....lol.........but seriously we were all in that house for ourselves and no one else. He did what he had to do to win the game, and I was stupid about not thinking. But we are very good friends and talk all the time.

What about Cowboy?
what about cowboy?

What did/do you think of Karen - did you realize she was playing everyone?
nope, never realized she was that connived, and honestly, didn't really care. I just thought she was needy that's all.

If you could do it all over again, would you have stuck with Nakomis?
Well you forgot that I did stick with Nakomis, for as long as I could anyways. Had I won that last veto over cowboy, which I tried to do.......I probably would have taken her over cowboy, since that was my plan. Drew I would have taken at the end. I promised them both. But I do believe Nakomis would have chosen Karen over me........so..........

How do you feel about the twins and what transpired with them?
I loved the twins at first, and do now, but in the house I just came to realize that I might be more threatened by them in the long run that in the short. And why they went crazy out of no where, I'll never know?

If you would have been offered the twin twist, would you have wanted to do it? Why do you think you or Drew werent offered it?
Drew and I were not offered the twin twist because we looked too different from our twins and they would have caught us immediately. And had I been offered it, I don't know what I would have done, probably have taken it not knowing any better I suppose.

Do you have any regrets? Anything you’d change about your time on Big Brother?
Only one, and that was saving Drew with the veto when we kicked out Karen. If I knew then what I know now, I would have kicked out cowboy probably and have taken my chances with Drew, Karen and Nakomis.

Have you been approached to do any other reality shows?
Um a few....but I am only a Big Brother girl and that’s it.

Any thing you can tell us about BB All-Stars? Have you been contacted for it?
You guys know that whether I know anything or not, I can't speak a word either way.

Would you do Big Brother-All Stars if offered a spot? Why or why not?
I would probably have to say maybe. I would love to have another chance at some money like that, and of course I would be loyal to my fans since they have been so wonderful and great to me. They deserve it. But part of me always says, "do I really want to do that again?" LOL

Has your BB celebrity opened any doors for you?
It opened as many as I wanted it to, but to be completely honest with you....I'm a bit lazy. But it forever changed my life for the better!!!!

Some people say that you were cheated out of 500,000 dollars, was being with Drew worth it?

Did he buy you any good presents with his winning money?
What do you think?

Did you ever date Drew outside the house?
yea we tried for a few months, but it just wasn't the same.....he wasn't the same.

Did you watch season 6? Who were you rooting for to win last year? What did you think of the Friendship and The Sovereign 6?
I watched what I could, but it wasn't much. I do have to say that I loved James, and thought he was an awesome player, and did like Janelle too......until I found out she was shit-talking me in there. Who the hell talks shit about someone they don't even know? However she tried to apologize, but honestly, I think she was just trying to save face.

Do you watch the feeds? Housecalls?
No time for feeds, and I watched some of the house calls that our season did.

Do you speak with any fellow contestants? What about contestants from previous seasons, and season 6?
Lets see.....the people I communicate with on some level are Lori (my best friend), Scott, Drew, Marvin, Danielle, James and Sarah, Cowboy, Marcelles, Jase.......

What do you think of the internet BB fans?
That they're are usually the best ones.

Why dont you post at Diane-Henry.com anymore?
um, I dont know....it crashed there for a bit, and I just haven't found time to get back over there, but I will....

I heard you lived with Scott, is that true? If so, what kind of roommate is/was he?
Yea I lived with Scott for a few months when we first came back to Cali, and he is a great roommate, but our situation environmentally was bad, so I had to move.

Will you stop by this summer if you're not on All-Stars?