How are you?

What have you been up to?
Working my own TV Pilot.

How is your work as an animal activist going?
Grrrr~8! This year so far I've adopted 4 cats to loving homes, and am rescuing a Yorkie this week.

Where are you living?
I live, and take care of my 95 year old adopted grandpa. I watch him to make sure he doesn't cut his fingers off in his tool shed, while making grandfather clocks. I have to take him to get a hair cut tomorrow, very big day for him.

Are you dating anyone special?
I just called off a relationship I was in. Nothing bad.....actually the sweetest man I have ever met in my life! I just wasn't wife material yet, like he wanted me to bake cookies all day, and I hate carbs. Now I am Date'n a couple of guys......... haven't made a decision on who would be a better boyfriend. I'm not being serious with them yet. One of the guys is on the clippers basketball team he's like 6' 7 ! LOL I have to stand on a rock to talk to him! LOL (but outta respect for him he will go nameless till he goes public first.) Also I am.. (Are u ready 4 this!!!!) LOL!! Date'n a Brain Surgeon at Cedar Sinai Medical Hospital in LA! I met him a a pool party! LOLOL go's true!!! and my parents are laughing. Yes, I did ask him to examine my head for u all, and he said My brain was "super cute" & very pink and sparkly, unlike the boring regular gray matter that he normally he operates on. I'm not getting into anything serious till I'm done filming. I need to say focused.

Are you still recognized?
Every~day, but some times not from BB from other shows I've done.

Has the publicity of being on the show opened any doors for you?
Not sure if BB had anything to do with it? ....but I booked a series called "Xtreme Fakeovers" where I "Punk" people on the streets! LOL! That's on every Sunday. Also E! uses me to comment on there top 100 whatevers. I was on nip tuck, I just filmed a movie for Show Time, My doggy stars in it as~ well, called "Doggy Bag"! I have my own show in the works. That I can't really talk about till it's finalized. There's more... MTV music vid....etc.. but not going to keep toot'n you'll C on TV!

Are you glad you did Big Brother?
Um sorta yes, sorta no!

How did you end up auditioning in the first place?
I was called by ET.

Did you ever watch the show prior to being on it?
Nope! Never. I mean like, couldn't u all tell, I had no Idea how to play. I'll admit that! If I knew, maybe I would of been better. I mean now I know what the shows all about... that u have to dress like the wall paper, and stand against the wall, like a flower, in order to win!

Do you have any regrets?
The after math. cuz I hate math.

If you could do it all over again, what would you have done


What do you think about All Stars?
All stars are beautiful, especially when they form the milky way. mmmm milky way~homer LOL

Who would you like to see in the house?
Beef cake Howiee!! Hooray for Howie wood!! Janelle~Dolly, Hummus.....(Kayser). Bo Bionic prrrhaps...I love Amy and her cheese. Marcellas and his thong socks! That " Dr. Will" guy’s kinda cute, but I've never met him. People that have "Evil" attached to their names.....that 666 stuff scares me! I stayed home on Tuesday praying! LOL I'm sure I'd like more people, but haven't seen all the seasons. Oh the "Jesus guy" Jason is sweet!

What is your favorite memory of being in the house?
When Will me and Lori came up with a dance in the kitchen ..I was laughing so hard a little pee came out.

What's your least favorite memory?
The night everyone thought I was a mole. I mean I hate any sort of moles, and if a guy I date has any, he must remove them. Stems from childhood hood.. I think. Oh and getting a staff infection from the jacuzzi was no fun day at the dog park.

Have you been approached to do any other shows?
Reality wise "Survivor" actually wanted me! Why I dunno? CAT~sidering I'd be in kitten heels the whole time.

Do you speak to anyone from your season? What about others seasons?
Yes, Howieee and I Keep touch by our toes in Pilate's, and we get separated by the teacher! LOL and when the teacher says, "squeeze your glutes" ( He really squeezes mine)! Hummus~Kayser, who is also in my acting school, and has a big furbee. Lori, Marcellas & Scott, I chat from time to time. Scott turned out very sweet, and has really tried hard to fix my views on him, with the past things he has said, or done to me. Which is very gorilla, and he deserves a banana for his efforts!

How do you feel about Diane now?

How was hosting the veto competition last season?
Really fun I loved it! Also because I got to wear a costume that they prrrvoided me with. I got to be in the house as an out~sider, where no one was thinking of back stabbing me, was nice! Janey and Howiee and Bo bonic and Ivette were so nice. I loved it!

What would you like to say to your fans and your critics?
That they need to go there local pound and adopt a kittycat today! Save a life, and provide a loving home.

Holly, thank you so much for this interview. I adore you, and truly hope to see you on All Stars. However, if you aren't on All Stars, I'd love for you to give an occasional commentary on the show this summer. Let me know! Thanks sweetie =D
At your PRRRRRRR service any time!
XXOO Holly

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