has no intention of verifying whether RealitySteve's claims are for real or not. You are to make up your own mind as to his veracity. We have no way of knowing, until the show airs....
- Jokerette

jax_1: gibby, no
gibbygirl: okay thanks
+RealitySteve: dfwmom - There were no plans for Melissa to be the next Bachelorette, as far as I know. And why would she want to? After what ABC is about to do to her on national television, why would she want to do any more business with them? Plus, ABC has said in certain cirlces that all future Bachelors and Bachelorettes will NOT be previous contestants. Sure, they have a right to change their mind on that policy, but, I think they're get
bbmommaof: petite6 very true...I would have much rather seen the "love story" there myself. Not that I have liked Molly but still.
guest: you can't quit the show but you can stand up for yourself
mkp0: Why can't you quit the show?
tmpray: I read the contract that Trista had to sign. You literally sign a deal with the devil and give up all your rights as a human being.
+RealitySteve: txsweetie - No, completely false. I've never worked for ABC, nor do I now.
@cricket: DeeDee asks: Steve, there were a lot of posters that were concerned why Melissa would appear at the AFTR 2 when she was dumped at AFTR show. Wasn't it because Melissa thought Jason was going to tell her he had changed his mind?
+RealitySteve: Deedee - Actually, I do not know much about the ATFR 2 show. No idea what its about. It's all speculation on my part. But knowing what happens at the ATFR 1, I kinda just put 2 and 2 together. I think it might be a clip show that shows us Jason and Mollys relationship, maybe video of Melissa back at home talking about getting dumped, etc. Im not sure
@cricket: cjvandy asks: RS can you clarify something? you say they "start dating" after the AFTR show. did you also say jason was dating both of them at the same time before the taping of the AFTR?
+RealitySteve: Cjvandy - Yeah, I said "start dating" because, to the viewers, that's when it'll seem like it happened. But from the time filming ended in NZ, til the time the ATFR 1 taped, Jason had contact with Molly and did see her.
@cricket: peach asks: He still has not answered this.....Does he know if Jason met Mel's parents while they were engaged? I think this is a pivotal part of this breakup, imho.
+RealitySteve: This is much better by the way only letting in questions. Much easier to stay on top of things. I was falling way behind.
@cricket: :)
@cricket: we appreciate you being here
+petite6: Thanks so much again Steve for doing this
+petite6: Redhedtexn asks: Why does he have to hate on TX and the word "ya'll"?
+RealitySteve: Peach - I have no idea if Jason met Mel's parents. I don't think that really plays much of a role in anything. Its a minor detail.
@cricket: gibbygirl asks: "I love you and I love your site and I 100% beleive everything you have said, question is do you have a theroy on how they are going to make Jason look good coming out of this? I mean how could they if he does everything you have said will happen?"
+RealitySteve: Redhedtexn - I'm not hating on Texas at all, but I'm a Southern California guy and always will be. Southerners say y'all. I don't. I really like it here, but doesn't mean I need to start having a drawl all the sudden.
+RealitySteve: Gibbygirl - Thanks for the kind words. I don't know how they can at this point other than making it seem like something Melissa did made him break up with her. But that wasn't the case. People are going to hate him just for the sole reason he dumped a girl on national television. He could've done it in private, then started dating Molly. But this is the "Bachelor". They wanted that stuff on camera. Regardless of what his rea
@cricket: DeeDee asks: Have you heard how Melissa is doing after all of this has came out? She changed her MySpace mood to Sassy after you posted the youtubes. Good job by the way
+RealitySteve: DeeDee - Well, considering this happened back in January, and here we are on Feb. 19th, I heard she was devastated, shocked, and pissed off at first (as anyone would be), but she's over it now. I can't imagine she's bothered by it a month later.
@cricket: Valen asks: Can you confirm that your source was present and witnessed the ATFR taping? Was this the same person who told you about Jason being in on the plan to dump the F1 during the ATFR, or did that come from someone else?
+petite6: Irishwench asks: Why did you choose now to reveal his information? Was it because the tabloid was going to break the story and you wanted to do it first?
+RealitySteve: Valen - Can't confirm or deny that. Sorry. What I can tell you is I have more than one source.
+RealitySteve: Wow. Star magazine just called and wants to talk.
+petite6: Wow RS that's so crazy
+petite6: Make sure to tell them that we want Valen as the New Editor for the Bachelor and Bachelorette shows
+RealitySteve: Irishwench - Because I did. I figured since I was the first person back in January to tell everyone I had come across this information, it was only fitting that I would be the first to post what it was. People were getting close, and I was hearing rumblings it was going to get leaked, so I figured I'd do it now.
@cricket: GDub asks: "I believe you stated on your blog that you didn't believe Molly knew ahead of the FRC in order for them to get an honest reaction out of her. What do you make of the comment she made to Jason in the last epy "what if you choose the wrong one"? Something she was influenced to say?
+RealitySteve: GDub - I've been asked that one a lot lately, and honestly, I didn't watch more than 10 minutes of Monday's show, so I can't really comment on it. But looking at the quote, it could just be coincidental. From everything I've been led to believe, Molly was not in on it.
@cricket: sassylassy asks: Isn't the fact that Jason broke up with Melissa at ATFR proof that ABC was in on it? Otherwise he would have to keep up the appearance of their relationship for a period of time per contract right?
+RealitySteve: Sassylassy - I would think so. I mean, how coincidental Jason does it after he, Melissa, and Molly are asked to be flown in for an "emergency" ATFR taping and the cameras are rolling. Not likely. They knew what they were doing. Hence the reason Melissa was blindsided because she didn't.