has no intention of verifying whether RealitySteve's claims are for real or not. You are to make up your own mind as to his veracity. We have no way of knowing, until the show airs....
- Jokerette

JB_Fletcher: Thank you for letting us all in on the scoop, RS. I would rather know the truth than a snow job by the producers and Jason.
Diva: Have you gotten inside info before, or was this the first time?
RealitySteve: Guest - Did Melissa give him permission? Uhhh, I sure hope not considering she was engaged to the guy.
yevda: Have you been able to do your 'real' job'? That last week has been very busy for you Bachelor wise, no?
hankypanky: RS, do you really hate the bachelor fans as some say?
Valen: RealitySteve--LOL!! I certainly wouldn't put it past Fleiss. I just meant that if this was a set up from the start, I imagine Fleiss was smart enough to only include a select few so someone has to be guilty, right?
Ivory_mist: did they do a snow job on Chelsea too?
JustMe: Are you married RS? If you're single would you consider being the next bachelor? ROFL!!!
hookedonbach7: RS ~ I feel for ya man! Whether I believe your info or not doesn't negate the fact that you are a BRAVE and PATIENT man for coming on to chat!! :)
RealitySteve: Sondai - Yes, I've heard the rumor that they're gonna try and spin it so that Melissa is the one doing the dumping. That's NOT what happened. Jason was the dumper, Melissa was the dumpee. But ABC is working the damage control hard right now. So they'll do whatever they can.
Spicegirl: OMG to funny JustMe!
JustMe: heehee
Diva: Thanks from me as well. I like to have all the info I can get.
Spicegirl: <----waits patiently for response from Steve!
Jkay: Why are you so sure Melissa knew nothing?
hankypanky: Thanks for letting us in on the truth, RS.
Ivory_mist: if Melissa has a new boyfriend now...maybe she was not too hurt by this
canadagirl: wow this is all so crazy
yevda: If RS were to be the next Bachelor I would love to read those recaps, maybe we would get an honest take on what the Bachelor really things.
jakm: no matter how they try to spin this it's too late we already know
Jandles: as far as the online community this show is dead in the water, ABC cannot undue much of anything
Ivory_mist: maybe you have a chance with Mel
Spicegirl: Lets all submit his name as the next Bachelor!
JustMe: I guess it is actually a GOOD thing for Melissa.....who would want that kind of guy. She dodged a big bullet IMO!
Jandles: undo that is
rssmd: RS is your source pissed at you for revealing all?
Diva: LOL Poor Steve! Having to respond to all of us crazy fans must take some fast typing!
hookedonbach7: Diva ~ I agree! I would have signed off long ago!
peach: While Mel and Jason were engaged, did he ever meet her parents?
RealitySteve: Jkay - If Melissa was in on it all along, why the need to tape the ATFR 1 in January - six weeks before the finale airs? Why take the risk of it getting out that early? Why not just film it a week before the finale like every other season? Since, as youre saying she's in on it, it wouldn't have mattered when they filmed it. Trust me. Melissa had no idea what was going to happen at the ATFR 1 taping. None.
guest: What tabloid is going to print this story?
Post_It_Note: Steve did ABC contact you at all about holding the information?
Jkay: sure it would - say they want the leak - for ratings - it's like a Jerry Springer show.
Ivory_mist: do you think they recorded 3 explanatins and are deciding which to choose now?
Spicegirl: Your right Jkay!