has no intention of verifying whether RealitySteve's claims are for real or not. You are to make up your own mind as to his veracity. We have no way of knowing, until the show airs....
- Jokerette

Greeneyes83: Not sure if this has been asked already but IF you have a connection with someone who works for the show, Rs, then wouldn't they figure out who gave you the inside info and whouldn't they get in trouble?
RealitySteve: Spicegirl - My life? I wouldn't stake my life on anything, because editing can be a tricky thing. ABC taped the ATFR 1 in January, and Jason dumped Melissa to start dating Molly. That's what I knew back in January.
JB_Fletcher: I hope Maddie doesn't have to go pee. RS will be here awhile. :D
Anon1575: In the emails, can you confirm that Melissa was upset by the confirmation of the dating Molly rather than the break-up?
Jkay: what you are suggesting is that Jason knew from the start and I find that very hard to believe that he would be ok with hurting that girl without her this extreem dumping her on tv. Makes more sense that he thought she was in on it and was going to be ok.
Quartz: RS, thank you for being patient and answering our questions, as you can tell this has caused quite the uproar
guest: Was Melissa alone at the taping or did she have some type of support system there for her, I sure hope she did.
Spicegirl: Ty that answers lots for me Steve, and I love your dog!
Tlee: RS - what is your opinion of Jason now?
Ivory_mist: In the email...didn't Jason say "TTHEY TOLD ME TO DO IT"
RealitySteve: Guest - I'm figuring out what to do about the emails now. All I can tell you is they are legit, they were private conversations between Jason and Melissa, and the email addresses are confirmed. Can't get into anything else right now, other than to say, those emails prove everything I said in my videos and blog yesterday were true.
Jkay: really - do you think that Mel or Jason just cc'd someone????? hard to believe those were not sent out on purpose.
RealitySteve: IvoryMist - No idea who JeffS, nor do I care. Seems like some loser who just wanted attention.
petite6: RS - those emails weren't your orignial source though, correct? They were just a confirmation?
Popeyesgal: Aren't you concerned that e-mails and e-mail addresses can be faked?
JustMe: I have a really hard time wrapping my brain around Jason knowing the entire scheme from the start. Considering Ty. I think he just changed his mind because maybe it wasn't going well with Melissa (and who knows if it will go well with Molly). I just hope Melisa saw it coming and isn't devastated. I know that doesn't fit with RS's info but still what I hope.
guest: Thank you for answering my questions as you can see I have so many
Jkay: doesn't matter if they are the right e-mail address....all's fleiss has to do is say, "Send on to a friend"....and it's taken care of.
leisuresuit: I heard that Melissa did something to make Jason HAVE to breakup and didn't want to look bad,so she had this false info released. any comment on your source being her source as well?
Popeyesgal: Any chance Molly is pregnant, and that's why the switch?
Ivory_mist: can emails be faked it they are forwards or Reply to?
+RealitySteve: Diva - Anyone who's been reading for the last 7 years knows I'm not a spoiler site. Never have been, and never claimed to be. This information pretty much just fell in my lap so I went with it. Hell, next season is gonna be real boring since it's gonna go back to me just blogging about this crappy show. The only other inside info I ever had was I was the first to tell everyone Ian and Meredith broke up.
Quartz: yeah good question pepeyesgal
leisuresuit: easily faked
+RealitySteve: Yevda - my real job has me in front of a computer all day at home. So I can multitask.
cjvandy: steve, thanks for your info. just a question and don't know if this has been addressed yet. are you going to reveal your source?
TwinCity: i hear from TX that Melissa did NOT get back with her EX ... that is all speculation.. did you get that same info?
Diva: Oh, I'll still read the column. I enjoy the snarky recaps. :)
+RealitySteve: I'm sorry I'm unable to get to all of these questions. Looks like we're starting to fall behind. Doing my best here. Bear with me.
Jandles: thanks for being here RS, we appreciate it
Anon1537: Steve where did you get your info from
Ivory_mist: the letter I got never said said NEW GUY
@cricket: yes we do