has no intention of verifying whether RealitySteve's claims are for real or not. You are to make up your own mind as to his veracity. We have no way of knowing, until the show airs....
- Jokerette

JustMe: I dpmn
Spicegirl: The thing of it is, its "Reality" and in reality things such as this happen
JustMe: I don't hate Molly. Just don't think the relationship will last.
mkp0: It does, but we still don't like the cheaters in real life
guest: If Meliisa is back with her ex it could be a rebound with someone familiar.
petite6: Has anyone heard about Jason's appearances lately? I bet his demeanor will be very different now in interviews.
bbmommaof: I'm with you JustMe
Spicegirl: we don't know for a fact that they "Cheated!"
lulu: sometimes the devil you know is better than the devil you don't
Dahlia: LOL, Me.
Popeyesgal: Cheaters never win in the end.
+RealitySteve: Jax1 - My sources are 100% reliable.
DeeDee: I have read that Molly dated a married man before, so cheating with an engaged man is nothing
Spicegirl: OMG
Ivory_mist: Jkay.....stop asking questions and so will he can answer others
dfwmom: Was Melissa EVER asked to the next Bachelorette? Was that her consolidation prize from ABC for the ATFR breakup or did they just put her on a plane and say so long
Me: PAR for the course with ol Molly
mkp0: If jason didn't have the ba**s to say FU, I quit, and go for molly later than he is a real scumbag.
Dahlia: I don't think relationship with Molly will last but, call me cynical, I don't think it would have lasted with Melissa either.
sunnyd: ITA Dahlia
Jkay: I got my answer - thanks
JustMe: Spicegirl: It is if we are to believe RS's info then he is a cheater.
mkp0: and a real weak person
Spicegirl: I disagree
txsweetie: I think Jason did all of this for the MONEY. Plain and simple.
bbmommaof: I hope that Melissa nor Jillian do the Bachelorette
bbmommaof: I don't want them too meaning
mkp0: Well, I won't watch if it's all scripted
anony: Is RS still answering questions?
Me: Jason is an ASS. He slept with all 3 girls on the FD, didn't he? WHat a pig.
mkp0: I think this show shot itself in the foot
DeeDee: He was behind when I asked mine
anony: He hasn't typed in a long time now.
rssmd: mkp0----do you think?
Spicegirl: They did, do you know for sure this information Me?