has no intention of verifying whether RealitySteve's claims are for real or not. You are to make up your own mind as to his veracity. We have no way of knowing, until the show airs....
- Jokerette

vleava: Any chance you got wrong information to cause this BIG frenzy that is now happening?
venuslane: Is Jason Carbone (ex producer of The Bachelor) your brother?
+RealitySteve: Anon1575 - I don't want to talk about the emails just yet. I'm still deciding on that. Melissa's been through enough. I don't think her personal emails need to be talked about right now. However, if she wants her story told, it's damn good proof I can tell you that.
jax_1: RS, do you know the source personally, or is is unknown, and you confirmed it on your own???
JustMe: Advertised drama is NEVER as dramatic as the commercials say. Never. So he may do this but Melissa might just chew him out and say "your loss 2 can have eachother". How Jason can come out looking good though
peach: Well I just asked one, and I think he missed it. Do you know
+RealitySteve: Jkay - Jason got manipulated by the producers into dumping Melissa when the cameras were rolling. I'm sure he feels bad about it, but that's what happened. If ABC wants to show something different, they probably will. I just don't see how they can at this point other than flying all 3 of them back to LA and retaping the ATFR 1. Which would then mean they'd have to reshoot the ATFR 2, since the ATFR 2 is a direct result of what
+RealitySteve: Tlee - My opinion of Jason is I think he got played by ABC and got in way over his head. The minute he signed on to be the Bachelor, he signed a deal with the devil. He deserves what he gets.
rachelle33: Are you at all related to Jason Carbone who directed Bachelor and Bachelorette shows?
petite6: he's not Rachelle
Spicegirl: lol
+RealitySteve: petite6 - the emails were not my original source, no. I just got those the other day. My original source came to me with info on Sunday, Jan 25th. I made some calls, sent out some emails, and felt I had enough confirmation to run with the story on Tues. night the 27th.
Ivory_mist: I wonder if Chris Harrison was in on all this....he seemed to be backtracking and the VOs they are showing now seem to be against Melissa
+RealitySteve: Popeyesgal - No, I'm not concerned. They are legit.
+RealitySteve: JustMe - and I think a lot of people will agree with you. ABC will present it as Jason just changed his mind. I will always believe he didn't, and this is what he was told to do. But hey, that's just my opinion.
DeeDee: Have you heard how Melissa is doing since the news broke? She changed her myspace mood to Sassy.
Jkay: Without really having concrete information about how and why this was all set up this saying Jason got manipulated (without knowing this as fact) and saying that Melissa did not know (without knowing this as fact) it makes Jason and Molly look really poor - and without knowing the facts - I don't think that is right.
rachelle33: petite6...Did RS answer if he is related to Jason Carbone earlier?
+RealitySteve: Leisuresuit - Jason broke up with her at the ATFR because he was seeing Molly. ABC might try to present it now that its Melissas actions that made him do it, but that's spin control right now.
There: There is a rumor circling around that Melissa is the dumper not the dumpee do to getting back with her ex. To your knowledge is that true?
JustMe: There: Who has confirmation that it is her ex....from what I've read it says "new guy"
petite6: There - he answered it above and said Mel was dumped by Jason
+RealitySteve: Popeyesgal - Is Molly pregnant? As far as I know, no, she isn't. But hey, maybe she could be. I have no idea. Once again, you can all believe Jason changed his mind after really struggling with the decision. I'm just telling you I don't believe it, based on everything I've been led to bbmommaof: I read it at another board or here I can't remember which, my head is spinning actually.
jax_1: I just want to say, rainy weather in Seattle will make molly's hair frizz...she deserves that! IMO :)
Tlee: LOL
Ivory_mist: lol
nick: lol
+RealitySteve: cjvandy - No. I'll never reveal my source. Why would I do that? And will it really matter after March 2nd rolls around and what I said is proven to be true? Will it matter where it came from at that point? I don't think so.
bbmommaof: thank you petite6
tmpray: jax_1 lmao
petite6: bbmommaof - LOL that's okay. He's saying that that Mel was dumped on the ATFR
Me: i think molly was in on it, too