has no intention of verifying whether RealitySteve's claims are for real or not. You are to make up your own mind as to his veracity. We have no way of knowing, until the show airs....
- Jokerette

Dahlia: Next season won't be boring if YOU are the Bachelor, Steve. We may draft you, LOL.
michelle49055: I just want to say Ty so much RS for sharing your info and if you read the article on EW it looks like CH is getting a little nervous about the info being leaked
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Jkay: I noticed that Ivory...thanks for sharing
+RealitySteve: Hanky - Do I hate the Bachelor fans? Not really. I'm pretty indifferent. I think some take the show way too seriously and need to calm down. The main point I've always tried to get across in my column is this: This show is a joke. It's not real. What you're watching is completely manufactured. Don't get so invested into these people because ultimately you will end up disappointed.
vleava: ouch
leisuresuit: RS? any chance your source(s) passed on false info to you?
Anon1537: how do you know all this
+RealitySteve: Justme - No, I'm not married. And no, I'd never do the show. Plus, you really think ABC would cast Reality Steve? Please. I've made fun of their show for 15 seasons, why would they put me on?
JustMe: Next season will be interesting RS, because all of the girls will be skanks. What halfway decent girl would sign up now?
yevda: I have been reading your recaps for years, and honestly, laugh out loud. I love the sense of humor and know exactly what you are saying.....don't stop!
JustMe: It was just a joke RS.
sunnyd: RS is it possible Jason sprung his change of heart on the producers not that long before the "emergency" ATFR, or are you positive this was the plan from the start?
Ivory_mist: I was a fan of LOST...but they have just about Lost me at this much time
petite6: LOL IM
JustMe: Lost lost you? What a loss :(
+RealitySteve: HookedonBach7 - the thing that kinda sucks about the whole thing is, my videos and blog from yesterday, technically won't be proven true til the night of March 2nd. So for the next 11 days, all people can do is speculate, doubt, and try to come up with reasons why its not. I guess that's what I get for releasing this information I had early.
Ivory_mist: was Matt's season like this too.....manipulated?
+RealitySteve: Jkay - I'm sure Melissa knew nothing because she was blindsided at the taping. If she was in on it, she wouldn't have had the reaction she did. I'm hearing now that she goes off on Jason and/or Molly during this taping.
Jkay: Steve - even with your videos and info, we know that Fleiss manufactures with what you have been told, even if it does come down that way, how do you know it wasn't manufactured to look that way? Unless Melissa or Jason coughs up the information to expose ABC, I just don't see how anyone can know what is truth for sure.
michelle49055: I am glad you released it early at least now we have something else to watch for instead of all the little signs of who its gonna be now we can look for how its gonna be instead
+RealitySteve: Rssmd - No, my sources are not upset with me. There's a reason they told me, because they knew it'd never get back to them.
Spicegirl: Ty - SMooches
Ivory_mist: ok
Jkay: So then it is possible that Melissa knew...but started to have real feelings for JAson....and Crew tells her he does to and it turned into something real (I'm here to tell you that approach is not new for them)....and then he picks her...but it's not real. I think there is too many holes to say that's not possible.
+RealitySteve: Guest - Not sure what tabloid. But I did find it interesting that, the same company that is running Host Chris' blog on Tuesdays, ran with my story yesterday.
Ivory_mist: what about the site that beat you by an our...she is going to post more stuff this afternoon
+RealitySteve: Post_It_Note - I need to get this in the clear right now so it's not asked again. Nobody from ABC has contacted me about anything. Either before I released what I knew, or afterwards. Can't be any clearer than that.
Anz: TY spicegirl :)
Spicegirl: Yw SMooch
Ivory_mist: an *hour not our
+RealitySteve: Ivory Mist - the rumor about recording 3 endings is just that - a rumor. I don't believe a word of it.