has no intention of verifying whether RealitySteve's claims are for real or not. You are to make up your own mind as to his veracity. We have no way of knowing, until the show airs....
- Jokerette

Sheesh: Steve, I've heard that Melissa's parents we warned that it "would not turn out well" for her & that is why they refused to participate. Sounded like info came from the originator of your info?
RealitySteve: Catherine - I've heard the rumors she's back with her ex. I have no idea if they're true or not. However, she is single, so, there's nothing stopping her from dating
hankypanky: Has anybody from ABC contacted you about your news?
Tlee: Jason is very easy to read - you can read his emotions very clearly. Why should we believe this was all scripted?
RealitySteve: Guest - Yes. Jason and Molly saw each other in the 2 months from filming ending in NZ til the time the ATFR 1 taped.
Ivory_mist: I got a letter in my mail today...from someone in Dallas with info
Jkay: Do we know for sure that Melissa and Jason saw each other during that time as well?
Ivory_mist: want to hear it?
Sheesh: "were warned"
JustMe: Yes Ivory Mist
RealitySteve: Diva - Melissa is not a plant. She was completely blindsided at the ATFR. She had no idea Jason was going to dump her on camera. What happened there, happened. ABC can't change that. They are going to try and spin it now so Jason and Molly aren't so hated, but, it's going to be tough.
Spicegirl: I do Ivory!
Tlee: of course we want to hear it :)
Valen: RealitySteve-the part about Jason dumping his F1 at the ATFR being pre-planned, wouldn't only a select few know this information, and are you worried that your source will be found out by Fleiss?
Diva: That's what i thought. Thanks, Steve! :)
Ivory_mist: I will see if I can go to it
JustMe: Tough? Impossible.
guest: Did Melissa ggive him permission to date Molly, not that I believe she did?
RealitySteve: Ks111380 - Chris Harrison said that at the beginning of the season. Find me a quote where he's said that since the ATFR 1 taped.
Sondai: I guess you've heard the rumor circulating now that Melissa broke it off with Jason instead of the other way around. Do you know for a fact that the AFTR 1 is Jason breaking it off with Melissa? Of course, ABC may re-edit to show us something different now so that Jason and Fleiss doesn't come out looking bad.
Jkay: Steve - I don't see how you can say for certain that Melissa knew nothing. As you and I talked you have knew proof you didn't beofre?
RealitySteve: Sheesh - No idea if it did or not. I know nothing about the whole Melissa's parents saga. I might later on today though.
Ivory_mist: here it is......................Just wanted you to know that you are right on the money. I have been watching the show since season 1 but I only lurk and PM occasionally. I have only been communicating with a few "veterans" this season. I live and work in the Dallas area and it has been known for awhile that Melissa is with her "new Man." I know his name and no I do not have all of the details. They were actually texting d
Sheesh: ok, thx....keep your right hand up! ;)
RealitySteve: Hanky - Addressed this earlier. No, they haven't. And I don't expect them too. I didn't do anything wrong.
Spicegirl: Reality Steve - Would you stake your life on what you have told us to all be true?
petite6: RS - Is there any possible way that the information you've received is wrong?
RealitySteve: Tlee - You can believe what you want. What is fact is he dumped her at the ATFR 1 that was taped in January. I will, for the rest of my life, due to everything I've been told, believe that Jason was put up to this, was told to do this, and was just following orders. Some people will refuse to believe that. That's fine. I can't change their mind. Plus, I can't prove that Jason agreed to do this. Only the people involved reall
guest: Steve, I know you don't want to print the e-mails between Melissa & Jason but could you give us an overview of what was said?
JustMe: I just hope Melissa knew ahead of time...somehow.
Ivory_mist: who is JeffS?
RealitySteve: Valen - No, I'm not worried my source will be found out by Fleiss. Not at all. How can Fleiss prove it was any of his people anyway. He'll ask them, they'll say no. Is he goiong to torture them Jack Bauer-style?