has no intention of verifying whether RealitySteve's claims are for real or not. You are to make up your own mind as to his veracity. We have no way of knowing, until the show airs....
- Jokerette

Spicegirl: It was scripted to look that way possibly
mkp0: The Biggest Looser is looking better and better
Jandles: could very well be the set up for Mel and the bachelorette, seems to be the constant theme, and getting old and boring as well, the broken hearted and the second chance to find love, ugh!
Spicegirl: As Steve said, some people are taking this show, the news and etc way over the top
jax_1: spice, with all due can give me any script you want, but that scene with jillian WOW that was not in writing. eek
anony: Uh, Steve?
lulu: Melissa would never do this show again......take it to the bank
petite6: Jandles - that's why Jason got sucked in IMO because the show probably told him that they would give her the bachlorette
txsweetie: Reality Steve, it has been rumored that you work for ABC? Do you?
Tlee: Petite- I think Jason's going to be on Extra tonight
mkp0: Does ABC have ANYTHING good on?
yevda: He may be multi-tasking, has a real job too!
tmpray: I believe RS, what does he have to gain from lying about this? Other than a huge headache?
rssmd: txsweetie...if he did do u think he would admit?
jax_1: tm, me too, and I didn't want to, lol
petite6: Tlee - do you know if it was pre-taped?
txsweetie:, but I had to ask!
+RealitySteve: Sunnyd - Remember something here that's very important: ABC had no idea someone was going to find out and spill this online. So yeah, there finale was setting up as Jason proposes to Melissa, at the ATFR 1 he has a change of heart, starts dating Molly, and the ATFR 2 is an update on their relationship. By me coming out with my information, of course it looks like they could've planned it better, but I'm sure they didn't think it
jax_1: but he does seem 100% genuine with this info,
Spicegirl: Steve does not work for ABC, already answered
petite6: LOL someone just posted this on the main boad
gibbygirl: what tabloid was going to break the news ?
Jandles: Petite I seriously hope she says no,too much manipulation involved, and she is a sweet young woman
sandi: I feel sorry for all parties involved. I know they signed up for all this when going on TV, but NO ONE deserves to have their character maligned like this... None of us are perfect.
bbmommaof: I'm still wondering how ABC is going to spin this so GOLDENBOY comes out smelling like a rose.
tmpray: IA Sandi
gibbygirl: Is Reality Steve still in here?
lulu: yeah he's around somewhere
txsweetie: I don't think there is ANY WAY Jason will come out of this smelling like a rose.
JB_Fletcher: Yes, he is trying to catch up on the ?'s.
petite6: not sure if Fleiss cares if he comes out rosy...i think they want to make him look bad IMO...I mean look at Molly's edit
jax_1: gibby, he is doing his best to answer questions from WAY back.
gibbygirl: So has he said what tabloid was going to break the news?
mkp0: I don't know how signing up for this show, could make you a scumbag. You can quit
lulu: nope not even close to that one yet