has no intention of verifying whether RealitySteve's claims are for real or not. You are to make up your own mind as to his veracity. We have no way of knowing, until the show airs....
- Jokerette

RealitySteve: Ok, I'm here. Yes, this is the real Reality Steve. Not the dolts who claim to be me on my own board
RealitySteve: Sweet. No questions. Well, thanks again everybody. Ha ha..
Mappy52: are you related to Jason Carbone?
guest: did jason break up with melissa because she was seeing her old boyfriend or is that what they want us to believe
RealitySteve: Mappy - No, I'm not. I've noticed in past seasons Jason Carbone's name appearing in the credits. But no, there is no relation to him or any other Carbone that may have worked on the show
Mappy52: thanks RS
RealitySteve: Guest - Jason broke up with Melissa on the ATFR to start seeing Molly. How ABC will try to spin it now, and maybe say it was because Melissa was with her ex, is up to them. They are definitely scrambling right now after I leaked what I did yesterday.
RealitySteve: Don't think I'll be getting any Xmas cards from them this year. Damn.
Valen: Hi RS, did you find out if Molly is also going to be at the 1st ATFR?
shelby: and Molly actually says yes?
lacycatherine: RS-Becuase you broke this story, Is there a chance that you could get in trouble from ABC or has Fleiss or anyone contacted you?
jakm: so how long was jason seeing molly behind melissa's back
Sondai: So do you think or know if Jason had a hometown date with Melissa where he met their parents, and do to them breaking up her parents requested for the hometown meeting not to air? It just seemed as though Melissa's hometown date was hastily put together, unlike the others.
RealitySteve: Valen - Yes, Molly and Melissa were both at the taping of the ATFR 1, of course. I don't know any of the dialogue that went on, all I know is the outcome. And that's Jason dumped Melissa and starts his relationship with Molly
Valen: Ok, that's what I thought. Thanks RealitySteve!
RealitySteve: Catherine - Nobody from ABC has contacted me and I don't see how I can get in trouble. I'm not a former contestant. I don't/never have worked for ABC. I'm not under contract with anyone. Nor did I break any copyright laws. I don't think me and my dog talking into a camera expressing an "opinion" can get me in trouble.
lacycatherine: I just didn't know if they would try to
Jkay: why did Melissa go back to x-boyfriend who is said to be such a jerk?
lacycatherine: rough you up lol
guest: Do your sources know for a fact that Jason and Molly were dating while he was still engaged to melissa?
RealitySteve: Sondai - don't know the exact amount of time. Just know that from the time filming ended in NZ, to the time they taped ATFR 1, Jason and Molly had seen each other
Diva: A lot of people have taken your statements to mean that this was all scripted from the beginning of the show. But you think the producers came up with this somewhere during the show, correct? So Melissa isn't a "plant" but this was concocted when it became obvious that Molly was the one, correct?
ks111380: RS, Why would Chris Harrison say that Jason comes out looking good if he broke up with someone on TV?
RealitySteve: Sondai - I have no idea about the whole parent situation with Melissa and the hometown dates. Everything I've known, and I've said from the beginning, is what happened on the ATFR 1 that was filmed in January.
Sondai: Thanks Steve.
Jkay: then how do you know Melissa is back with her X?
Ivory_mist: I have something for you Steve