Jokerette: hey Marcellas!
Jokerette: Good to see you here, you!
Marcellas: hi
Jokerette: how ya doin!!!!
Marcellas: sooo sorry i couldn’t get in! hi!
Jokerette: oh bless your heart!!!!!!!!!
Marcellas: let's start!

Jokerette: so what have you been doing? anything radio/tv/modeling?
Marcellas: Not working! Hanging out!
Jokerette: having fun then
Marcellas: Master Cleanse gym

Jokerette: Bullet asks: You and Howie had several days alone together at the jury house. Can you tell us what REALLY happened when you were alone, or are you too much of a gentleman to say?
Marcellas: I don't like Howie. I make no apologies about that. He was hard to live with.

Jokerette: Sidney asks: How did you feel about Arnold stepping down from Big Brother?
Marcellas: well who is going to make excuses when something goes wrong on big brother this year?
Jokerette: rofl good question.. who will be blamed also
Marcellas: I think the show should be taken from them and given to a new production company.

Jokerette: TonyClaus asks: Marcellus what did you think of Danielles doorbell ringing episode?
Marcellas: I didn't see it. I heard about it.

Jokerette: what do you think could be done better, bb wise? you feel it's rigged?
Marcellas: don't over produce it.

Jokerette: can you give an example of the rigging? )
Marcellas: stop treating it like the step child of other shows on cbs.
Marcellas: stealing back erika's hoh
Jokerette: really?
Marcellas: looking the other way when contestants blatantly cheated.
Jokerette: who cheated?
Marcellas: Janelle and Jase cheated during the 1st veto comp.
Marcellas: jase gave janelle her winning veto.
Jokerette: that must piss you off to see that. it would me.
Marcellas: and they talked to each other.
Jokerette: did everyone see that?
Marcellas: it didn't piss me off because i didn't care who went that week.
Marcellas: but it started a pattern.
Jokerette: what would you say the pattern was?
Marcellas: and yes we all saw and heard it.
Jokerette: and no one let out a peep? Or did anyone bitch about it?
Marcellas: favoring contestants. They wanted chill town and Janelle @ the end.
Jokerette: I am sure they did, at that.
Marcellas: entertainment over truth.
Jokerette: and no one called them on it?
Marcellas: it's about ratings i suppose.
Jokerette: indeed. the mighty rating.

Jokerette: karina asks: Longtime fan here...please tell me you are excited for House Calls this just wasn't the same without you last year!
Marcellas: we all called them on it. why do u think i was so angry all the time?
Jokerette: holy crap!
Marcellas: I am excited for The H.C.
Jokerette: good on you then seriously.

Jokerette: so you're definatly doing HC?
Marcellas: I have a contract for the next 2 seasons.
Jokerette: wow YAY you sure make that show. :::::::flee
Jokerette: did you see any of last seasons' HC?
<@Sarah> couldnt watch it
Marcellas: Unless they buy me out or I get a better offer I'll be back.
Jokerette: good to know!

Jokerette: if you saw any of last seasons, how did you think bunky did?
Marcellas: I didn't watch House Calls. I heard Jase was very good. I suggested Jase or James.

Jokerette: here's a sort of personal one.. don't answer if you don't want.
Marcellas: sure.

Jokerette: Bullet asks: Do you know Carey from the Apprentice, and is there any truth to the rumors you dated him when you dumped K Fed?
Marcellas: ha!
Jokerette: roflol
Jokerette: how they hear this shit, I dunno.. I always miss out on the good dirt
Marcellas: I don't know Carey.
Marcellas: I know Clay.
Caren: Aiken?
Marcellas: Clay from the Apprentice.

Jokerette: TonyClaus asks: Marcellus do you think the new exectutive producer will be making many changes in the BB8 format?
Marcellas: BB will be the same.
Jokerette: they're claiming it's all different next season.
Marcellas: Let's hope so. but how can it be.
Jokerette: not sure.
Marcellas: The same producer?
Marcellas: Same writers and team behind it?
Jokerette: aren't they bringing in a new one? No?
Marcellas: all that means is they won't use rubber ducks as a theme this year!
Jokerette: rofl here's hopin!
Marcellas: Or bring back Holly.
Jokerette: no don't bring back Holly.. please.
Marcellas: It's Alison and Rich.
Marcellas: same old same old.
Jokerette: and Don!

Jokerette: Floater asks: who do you keep in touch with the most from BB7?
Marcellas: i talk to Erika, James, Danielle, Lisa, Diane. Love them.
Jokerette: they all doing well?
Marcellas: Janelle a bit. Sarah. Ashlea I adore.

Jokerette: Is Erika better now?
Jokerette: I know she was down for a while there.
Marcellas: Erika was good the moment it was over. she made 50 grand!
Jokerette: she's a top chick! yes she sure did!
Marcellas: she has the best take on it anyone has.
Marcellas: she's like fuck it let's have a drink or go shopping!
Marcellas: oops! I swore!
Jokerette: as if we give a shit
Jokerette: but I'm glad to hear she's doing so well.

Jokerette: cjj3 asks: In retrospect, after participating in BB Allstars, would you have done it ? Especially since, the Allstar Universe, seemed to suck the joy out of most of the houseguests??
Marcellas: I wish I hadn't done All Stars.
Jokerette: you helped make that show interesting. Don't regret it!
Marcellas: It stole something from me that started to leave during season 6.
Jokerette: what was that?
Marcellas: I don't regert the money or the money I've made since.
Marcellas: it was nothing more than a bad acting gig.
Marcellas: I lost respect for the producers this summer. and for some of the house guests and some of the fans.

Jokerette: Floater asks: Marci, on your blog you stated Will and Erin would be getting engaged soon? Do you have any more scoop on that one?
Marcellas: I don't talk about others private lives. I love will and erin.
Jokerette: good folks
Marcellas: they are a great couple. and will have beautiful children

Jokerette: WillKirbyfan asks: Did you feel betrayed by Will and Boogie when you got evicted
Marcellas: No it didn't feel betrayed by anyone. It's just a game.
Jokerette: good!
Marcellas: and I was the only one they didn't have an existing deal with. they had to get rid of me.
Jokerette: yeppers, interesting!
Marcellas: I wish the other hgs were smarter where Chill Town was concerned but it is what it is! I think they didn't play a nice game but BB isn't about nice.
Jokerette: no not about nice.
Marcellas: I wish the fans understood that. the players do.
Jokerette: hate the game not the playa wasn't that what dani said?
Marcellas: Dani said that but didn't live by it
Jokerette: she didn't?
Marcellas: if she had she would have voted for Erika to win! That vote for Boogie was personal.

Jokerette: <J2> Just a shout out to Marcy....and a question..How is Lisa making out??
Jokerette: speaking of shoutouts.. strkaholic thanks you for shouting out to her and me of course
Marcellas: Lisa is great.
Marcellas: We have the same agent and were supposed to go there today but Lisa was lazy!

Jokerette: WillKirbyfan asks: What did you think about the Will and Janie "Flirtmance"?
Marcellas: I hated the flirtmance. Here's 2 people who have significant others flirting and using each other all the while mucking up everyone else's game and strategy!
Jokerette: it made great tv tho.. people are still talking about it
Jokerette: they call them 'winnellians' have you heard of that?
Marcellas: who is still talking about it?
Jokerette: there's a whole raft of people...
Marcellas: IT's ridic!
Jokerette: on jokers and others boards..
Marcellas: It didn't exist!
Marcellas: and if it did it wasn't honorable.
Jokerette: that still think janie/will will get together (not kidding)
Marcellas: are these peeps extolling the virtues of cheating?
Jokerette: no i don't think so
Marcellas: Who cares about that?
Jokerette: hoping they'll break up with their people
Jokerette: you'd be frankly AMAZED. LOL
Marcellas: It's stupid. Find your own love.
Jokerette: oh I agree.
Marcellas: do they still believe in Cinderella?
Jokerette: and santa claus too!
Caren: rofl
Marcellas: Right?
Jokerette: it's amazing I know.

Marcellas: I only care about the date I'm going on tonight.
Jokerette: a good one? Anyone significant in your life now?
Marcellas: I'm seeing a few people.
Jokerette: really?
Marcellas: Player play on!

Jokerette: and erika's showmnace?
Marcellas: Erika should have known better but she has a history of picking the wrong man.

Jokerette: cjj3 asks: I assume you watched Allstars in it's entirety after sequestor. Who do you think played the sleaziest game?
Marcellas: I didn't watch the show. I watched the 1st week and the last episode. I scanned through to see myself and I deleted it.
Jokerette: woot it was an amazing show.

Jokerette: WillKirbyfan asks: Who did you feel most loyal to in the house
Marcellas: Janelle though I love her as a person played a game that was reckless and caused others to lose.
Jokerette: how so?
Marcellas: Mike played a mean game that was appropriate to the season.
Marcellas: George never committed to anyone.
Jokerette: he sure didn't
Marcellas: Hm mm... I just tried to survive!
Jokerette: you did great.
Marcellas: I played for myself this season. I had no loyalty to anyone.
Jokerette: bravo on you
Marcellas: I would have taken Janelle and Erika to the end. Because they were my best buds outside the house.

Jokerette: Floater asks: what was your most memorable experience from BB7?
Marcellas: The fight with Howie. Radford Place. Throwing the 4th week HOH comp. Diane's nomination.
Marcellas: Those are my big moments. And being angry all the time!

Jokerette: TonyClaus asks: marcellus do you think the veto comps are fair to all competitors or geared more towards certain houseguests?
Marcellas: All the comps are geared to who they want to win that week.

Jokerette: TonyClaus asks: marcellus do you believe it is OK to play with peoples emotions to win a game like BB?
Marcellas: No. I beleieve that what Mike did to Erika wasn't kind and should not have been rewarded. That said he gets to play the kind of game he wants to. Noone gets to tell anyone how to play BB.
Jokerette: does mike know you feel that way?
Marcellas: You must do whatever it takes to win.
Jokerette: did you ever discuss it?
Marcellas: Mike knows I don't like how he played. He also knows I don't think his game play is a reflection on him outside the game.
Jokerette: good guy, him!
Marcellas: Is he a friend? No. Is he someone I talk to? Absolutely. Mike and I have a lot in common and I respect his business acumen.
Jokerette: good on you.
Marcellas: and I see he loves Will. I'm sure he's incredibly loyal to his crew. In real life.
Jokerette: he's a good fella. and a character

Jokerette: caren asks: Why is this your last chat?
Jokerette: yes, why you retiring?

Marcellas: I wasn't going to chat ever again. I stopped going to the boards after BB6.
Jokerette: why not, love? You are well loved.
Jokerette: you have haters, but so does everyone (including me. LOL)
Marcellas: I'm also hated and harassed by some. It is what it is.
Jokerette: yes i do know.. but you're more loved.
Jokerette: look... 260 people came out to see you tonight off season
Marcellas: after I called for calm in the hate of the nerd herd I experienced a backlash.
Jokerette: that's a pity! what kind of backlash?
Marcellas: I knew some people disliked me from things I said about other hgs during bb3 but hey what do you want? I'm human! I get to vent.
Jokerette: you are a wonderful character to watch. people respect that.
Marcellas: I get to have a moment and be angry or hurt and then I get to get over it.
Jokerette: of course

Jokerette: kjwfan asks: How did you feel when the Getty photographers at the VH1 swards Identified Beau as Marcellas Reynolds?
Marcellas: It showed how popular I am. I go to a million events. I'm a prop on the red carpet now. I'm sure they just expected me to be there
Jokerette: indeed Mr. popularity... mr. well dressed
Marcellas: I didn't go because I think the show mocks reality people.
Jokerette: really?
Marcellas: I went to a charity event and helped raise money for gay rights instead.
Marcellas: Believe me I was invited. Sorry I decline. Now I am going to the grammys!

Jokerette: Floater asks: what do you think about all the speculation about TAR do you think any BB cast members have a shot at getting on next season?
Marcellas: I think they shouldn't put any of us on AR.
Jokerette: really why not??? you'd be hilarious. I wish you'd do TAR!
Marcellas: I was approached after BB3. I would be out the first week! I wouldn't wanna get my hair wet!
Jokerette: rofl maybe but damn you'd be funny!
Marcellas: Or shave my head!
Marcellas: LOL! or eat any weird shit LMAO
Marcellas: Oh that's my biggest fear!
Jokerette: you wouldn’t eat bugs would you?
Marcellas: I could barely eat chicken livers season 3!
Jokerette: omg that's right lol still, you'd be hilarious!
Marcellas: But you know what I would step up to the plate and take the bullet.
Marcellas: I'd bitch and moan and probably cry but I would shove it down all the while monking for the cameras.
Jokerette: roflmaooooooooo

Jokerette: LunaC asks: I really enjoy your blog. Have you given any thought to writing a book?
Marcellas: PeytonW I talk to Erika and James the most.
Marcellas: I just talked to Danielle for 2 hours Sunday. Love D. Now.
Jokerette: how is she doin?
Marcellas: I love my blog.
Jokerette: we love your blog also!
Jokerette: thinking about a book, then?
Marcellas: I started writing the blog when I pulled back from going to the fansites.
Marcellas: I may do a fashion book.
Jokerette: oh that would be marvelous! a sort of How To?
Marcellas: I'm also toying with doing my own fashion line.
Jokerette: would the bathrobe be part of it?
Marcellas: I don't know. DO I HAVE ANYTHING TO SAY?
Jokerette: hell yes you do
Marcellas: I have an opinion but does that matter?
Jokerette: indeed.. and a good, down to earth, funny one you should really write!
Marcellas: I just try to be funny and irreverent with a side of bitter.
Jokerette: a tell all,behind the scenes of a reality show book
Marcellas: You have to take me with a grain of salt!
Marcellas: That's a good book idea!
Jokerette: yes! you need to do it!
Marcellas: But I have a friend who is doing that already!
Jokerette: really? who? wouldn't be as good as yours
Marcellas: she approached me about doing a chapter!
Jokerette: you should do a whole damn book!
Marcellas: A producer.
Marcellas: she's worked on a million shows.
Jokerette: wooooot neat book.
Jokerette: you could just do bb!
Marcellas: she knows where the skeletons are buried.

Jokerette: TonyClaus asks: Marcellus it semed like almost all the houseguests were people you probably wouldn't associate outside of the house. Were there any you think would you could have been friends with if you never participated in BB?
Marcellas: I bear none of them ill will. Not Howie or Jase or Janelle. Or Chill Town. We shared an awful experience. But we got through it. If they ever need anything. anything they can call me and I'm there.

Jokerette: Bullet asks: Have you seen Saw III?
Marcellas: I Haven't seen any of the saw movies. they seem like all stars. people trapped in hell wanting desperately to get the hell out!
Jokerette: sounds like BB! yes!

Caren: Have you seen any good movies lately?
Marcellas: I've seen so many things. BABEL was great. Last King Of Scotland is frightening!

Jokerette: WillKirbyfan asks: If you were to go on another reality tv show what would it be? And why?
Jokerette: I wish you would do another reality show.
Marcellas: I would do Surreal Life. I might do Top Design on Bravo. I love that show. I was a set designer for a bit.

Jokerette: Fourplusthecat asks: do you think you would have felt differant about BBAS or played differantly if Lisa would have made it into the house?
Marcellas: Four Plus the cat! I love that question! let me answer that! people thought I was pissed because I wasn't an America’s choice If you knew the truth about that you would be shocked but that is one for the book!
Liann: Oh just a hint?
Marcellas: I was sad because I never in a million years thought Lisa wouldn't make it! I needed her. I love her like my sister. I needed that one person I could trust and believe in. And when she didn't make it on I was shocked. saddened and didn't wanna go!

Jokerette: you =almost= had that with janie, didn't you?
Marcellas: No!
Jokerette: it sure looked like, for a while.
Marcellas: Janelle is all about Janelle. I thought I could have had that with her but there were too many others who thought the same thing!
Jokerette: the two of you were really cute together
Marcellas: I love Janelle. She is funny and light and strangely sweet but she demands a lot of attention. When I had to turn away from her and deal with Kaysar, James or Howie Will saw his opening and I couldn’t get her back!

Jokerette: Marcellas.. we've taken up a lot of your time.. are you OK with a few more? Or would you rather stop?
Jokerette: I just looked at the time :|
Marcellas: keep going! More questions!
Jokerette: ok gonna keep going
Jokerette: got tons more lol

Jokerette: DaleJrfan asks: after 5 months, what do you think of will and boogie's game?
Marcellas: Horrid. Mean. Despicable. But 11 house guests let them get away with it so it was brilliant. You do what you must to win. Mike laughed all the way to the bank!

Jokerette: Moosie asks: What charity events have you focused on and are there any plans for benefits in the future?
Marcellas: I'm doing Bowling For Angels again.
Jokerette: do you bowl then?
** Jokerette having trouble seeing you bowling
Marcellas: My team The Angel Mafia raised or 10 grand last year.
Jokerette: wooooot! you must be good!
Marcellas: I'm going to double that this year! I love bowling! I'm toying with buying my own ball!
Jokerette: wooooot lmao

Jokerette: RedBB asks: Hi Marcellas, this is Anne from your board, So any serious romances in your life
Marcellas: Hi Anne! I am seeing a few people but there is one guy that is special. He doesn't live in L.A. so it's hard.
Jokerette: long distance?
Marcellas: But he's sexy!

Jokerette: prettyskye asks: Have you talked to Janelle recently?
Marcellas: I talked to Janelle last week.
Jokerette: how is she?
Jokerette: she was in here briefly the other night.. seemed to be doing good. went to super bowl
Marcellas: She was good. Busy. I need to call her because I have a valentine present for her. and she is bad with returning texts! I text everyone. Mike and I still do song of the day! I was sending James dirty texts during the superbowl. He threatened to show Sarah!
Jokerette: he should have. lol

Jokerette: MellowYellow asks: Hey Marcellas! Are you tivo-ing Prison Break while you chat with us this evening?
Marcellas: Yes I am tivoing Prison Break.
Marcellas: I love Went! MY fanstasty boyfriend! Him and Brian Urlacher!

Jokerette: prettyskye asks: If you could do The Amazing Race with a houseguest of your choice, who would it be?
Marcellas: PS! That is a great question! Janelle and I would be useless together! We'd go shopping for shoes in Milan. Amy and I would be the same way! Hm mm...
Marcellas: James. I'd do it with James. Or Janelle for the sheer camp of it!
Jokerette: rofl
Marcellas: The blond and the bald bombshell take on the world!
Jokerette: and win
Jokerette: wouldn't take will or jase?
Marcellas: If the producers had a say in it we would!
Jokerette: really!
Jokerette: did they ask you two?
Marcellas: I'd be boring with Will. It would be too cerebral. And I don't foresee ever speaking to Jase again so...
Jokerette: oh dear! dare i ask why not?
Marcellas: Jase and Howie were very hard to live with. The each were part of wht made my stay so difficlut this season. I'm sure they are great people when the cameras aren't rolling but living with them isn't something I want to repeat.

Caren: Speaking of Amy....How is your relationship with her these days?
Marcellas: Amy and I are friends again. That was what I walked away with this season. Danielle and Amy. The end of 4 years of angst over BB3. Amy says that the editors cut things she said to appear negative about me. I choose tp believe that!
Jokerette: rofl she's a great chick. she really is. she talks about you very well.. in every way!

Jokerette: TCDBBQ asks: Hi Marcellas I wanted to know if you have seen the UK version of big brother and if so do you think that the American version should borrow some elements (i.e. big brother as this being and not some producer, harsher punishments, and eviction crowds)
Marcellas: I love BB Uk! It's awesome. And yes the american version should be much more like the european version.
Jokerette: crowds on eviction and all?
Jokerette: their 'big brother' (the voice) is an actual presence. You think that would work with us? (i love bb uk also.. bb australia also lol)
Marcellas: I think that the producers here are the other hg. at least there they admit that!

Marcellas: I gotta go!
Jokerette: we loved having you, marcellas
Caren: Thank you so much Marcellas!!!!! Have fun on your date! :)
Marcellas: I have a date @ 7! I'm gonna be seriously late!
Jokerette: thank you SO much for this chat...

Marcellas: No more chats!
Liann: Thank you Marcellas! It's always a pleasure when you visit!
Jokerette: I'm so sorry to hear that. You're a wonderful chatter
Marcellas: It's time to move on.
Jokerette: awwwwwwwww that's such a shame! we'll ask for an interview sooner or later. still do those?
Marcellas: Maybe I'll chat about season 8 if I do House Calls but no more all stars or season 3!
Jokerette: fair game! we WILL see you again then
Marcellas: Yeah! I'm always pushing some show!
Jokerette: woot and more power to you!
Marcellas: And I'll be looking for donations for Project Angel Food with my reality all star team!
Marcellas: I love all my fans and even my detractors!
Marcellas: Smooches!

EDITOR: The following addition to his chat was sent to me by Marcellas tonight. In it, he explains and clarifies several things he said in the chat. Enjoy!
Chats move too fast. And you can't really type out detailed explanations to your answers. Therefore I am expanding on a few of the major themes from my chat @ Jokersupdates.

To further explain the cheating in the first veto comp: We were expressly told (during the reading of the rules off camera) not to hint or give anyone a veto. The players were also told not to speak to each other. Jase handed Janelle a sofa cushion which contained a veto. Janelle was like "What?" And Jase said, "There's a veto in here." Allison and Danielle both went to the producers about it. Allison was very vocal about her anger. I know several of the HGs talked about it but I'm sure we went to flames or other cameras.

From what I hear from the house guests these were the same rules that were given for the Voodoo Veto comp. The rules that are read on camera often differ from the ones that are given to the house guests by the producers off camera before a competition starts. I think this is what James was so upset about. And he has a right to be upset! He got evicted! He went out under unfair circumstances! The exact way I left. If Erika's HoH hadn't been reversed I wouldn't have gone home. CT only went after me week 6 to save themselves. Erika would never have put me up.

About House Calls: I certainly hope my candor doesn't cost me House Calls. It's a show that was created with me in mind as the host. For 2 seasons I not only hosted it but helped to produce it. All of the things that I've said about BB are things other HGs have also said and are in fact true.

It is a strange fact of life that people can be punished for truth. For honesty. I hope this isn't one of those cases. I think that I was edited poorly because I was so vocal about certain things that occurred. The victim of "Bad Parent" as it were; "Stop crying or I shall give you something to cry about."

But as Maya Angelou wrote:
Still I Rise

You may write me down in history
With your bitter, twisted lies,
You may trod me in the very dirt
But still, like dust, I'll rise.

Does my sassiness upset you?
Why are you beset with gloom?
'Cause I walk like I've got oil wells
Pumping in my living room.

Just like moons and like suns,
With the certainty of tides,
Just like hopes springing high,
Still I'll rise.

Did you want to see me broken?
Bowed head and lowered eyes?
Shoulders falling down like teardrops,
Weakened by my soulful cries?

Does my haughtiness offend you?
Don't you take it awful hard
'Cause I laugh like I've got gold mines
Diggin' in my own backyard.

You may shoot me with your words,
You may cut me with your eyes,
You may kill me with your hatefulness,
But still, like air, I'll rise.

About Will/Janelle/whomever: I stated on my blog months ago I thought Will and Erin would be engaged soon. I said that to piss off the Willnellians. Or whatever they call themselves. What I hope is that Will and Janelle find happiness in their lives. No matter who with. They are great people and obviously inspire others. The bigger point is it's their business. The show ended. Let it go. Stop pushing your ghetto fairy tale fantasy. And stop being so easily manipulated. I'm just saying...

Here's my take on the Flirtmance: Janelle made decisions that were better for Will than for her alliance. Now let's breakdown who was in her alliance. Me (secretly), Howie, James and Kaysar. Janelle knew I wanted CT gone. They wanted me gone. I knew they were over-extended and had no intention of honoring any deal with anyone other than each other. A lot has been made of my dinner with Mike and Will before BB. As the producers told us before the show, if you have a pre-existing deal with someone establish it on the show. Was there ever a conversation between me and CT about getting to the end? No. That dinner flew out the window the moment we walked through the doors. By week 3 Mike told anyone who would listen he was gonna put Janelle and I up. And to be honest I went to dinner with them but never believed in a million years Mike was gonna make it onto All-Stars.

The point is this; everyone had deals going in. Did I ever say to CT once the show started "you and I to the end?" Or even let's work together? No. Because I was smart enough to know that was wasted breath. And Will and Mike were smart enough to know I wasn't buying what they were selling.

If Janelle had honored her promise to Me, Howie, James and Kaysar week four and put up CT it would have taken the heat off The 4 and maybe brought them another week. Her refusal to put up Will, to turn on Erika and then her helping Mike win the veto and then nominate Diane, mobilized the "Floaters." And really turned the house against her and The 4.

One more thing. I talked trash about Janelle because I didn't want people to think we were working together. She did the same to me. It's called strategy. If the entire house is saying they are getting rid of someone then you for damn sure better say it too. Or you make yourself a target. I would never have nominated Janelle for eviction. I told her that. I said it in the diary room but lo and behold that never made the cut because I'm the "bad friend" in a game where you have no friends. I also, mistakenly, told Danielle I wouldn't put Janelle up. It was my undoing. Well part of it anyway...

On week 4 throwing the HoH; Yeah I threw it. My strategy was to go under the wire as long as I possibly could. I wanted to be the Drew of All-Stars. Be cool with everyone. Go back and forth between alliances causing a bit of friction and just stay the hell out of the line of fire! I knew the answer to the question. But I also felt confident that Janelle would keep the promise she made to me and The 4 to put up CT. She promised us that! It's why I eliminated Kaysar and not her. And I loved Diane. I felt responsible for her leaving. If I hadn't ducked that HoH because I didn't want to be the one to put up and send out a member of CT, Diane would have been safe. Yes, in retrospect I shouldn't have cared who went as long as it wasn't me but I love Diane. I'm human. I took that hard. I was pissed @ Janelle. That doesn't mean I don't love Janelle. I get to be angry with her decision.

And let's not forget she realized her error and how it impacted Howie and I. She apologized to us when she evicted Will. If she'd gotten rid of one member of CT week 4 or even week 6, I would have been there longer and so would Howie. The 2 peeps who wouldn't have put her up.

I voted for Erika to win All-Stars because she answered the final question best. She helped Janelle see the light and get rid of Will. Will came to sequester and said "Janelle spanked his ass but Erika was behind it." He admitted it was Erika who did it. Mike's answer to my last question was "My most strategic move was not using the special power." Excuse me? What? If it weren't for Danielle telling you the answer you wouldn't have had it! And then how is it strategy to not use it when you don't have to? Sorry, bad answer. I also thought Mike only got as far as he did because of Will. Was the jury rewarding Mike's game play or Will's? My vote wasn't personal. I do not dislike Mike. My vote was based on the best answer to my final question. If Mike had said, "riding Will's coattails," or "being Will's friend" I would have given him my vote because that was good strategy.

One thing I learned after season 6 and All-Stars is this; give the house guests a break. They are human. Treat them with the same respect you want. And deserve. I think that lesson will make me a better House Calls host. Hate the game not the player. Actually don't hate either as they are both entertaining! Especially don't hate the player since you don't know the player and they never did anything to you. All the ill will you point @ the house guests says less about them and so much about you. And the same can be said about too much "adoration."

This was my last chat about BB3 and All-Stars. I risked it all. I told my truth as I saw it. Doing this chat was my way of expunging lingering disappointment @ the way All-Stars played out. It's also a way to give the finger to my detractors. I'm not bitter. BB AS was difficult but it was awesome too. Hell I can't believe I lasted as long as I did (either season)! Will and I thought we'd be out week one and two!

Big Brother has been an amazing vehicle for me. I've gotten much from it and lost some too... But it doesn't define me. 12 weeks, no wait 22 weeks out of my life do not define who I am. That story has yet to be told.