Lotus_Lorraine: Hey Amy, so glad your able to join us for some good ole questions and answers!
QueenAmy: Me too! It is always fun!

Lotus_Lorraine: First off, how are you? how is married life?
QueenAmy: Wonderful! My Sugar Plum is an angel! We had the best Valentine's Day
Jokerette: do tell!
QueenAmy: He wrote me a poem
Jokerette: what kind of poem?
QueenAmy: Oh it was great! He bought a Valentine card at the store, and then altered it. When I opened the card, I thought that the poem was really in the card that he bought unti I saw his name printed at the bottom
Jokerette: did you get a gift with it?
QueenAmy: It was SO sweet! And I got a doze long stem red roses, candy, a necklace, a gift card to the spa, and dinner.

Lotus_Lorraine: Florida is treating you well too?
QueenAmy: Oh yes, I LOVE Florida

McPunky asks: I have heard about poor Buckie. How is Jose doing?
QueenAmy: Buckie is doing great! His medicine is working wonders. He went for his blood test to track his progress today. And Jose is a doll!
Jokerette: what is wrong with him?
QueenAmy: He has a blood disease that causes anemia But he's doing well on his meds
Jokerette: for a moment, i read that as 'amnesia' lol
* jokerette going blind lol
Jokerette: i thought, poor dog! he'd forget where his food bowl is.
QueenAmy: Oh! I'm as blind as they come!

cjj3_Camembert asks: After seeing BB Allstars, are you happy you didn't sign up
Jokerette: to compete?
QueenAmy: YES!!!!! I am so glad that I didn't do it. I think I would have been miserable
Jokerette: any particular reason why?
QueenAmy: I really had fun the first time because I wasn't really leaving anything
Jokerette: omg and this time of course..
QueenAmy: I couldn't have left here all summer. I remember one day we were out fishing in the bay, and I thought, "Wow! I'm so glad I didn't do it!"

SwissShelley asks: Hey Amy! Were you surprised that Marcellas turned on Janelle much the same way he turned on you? What were your thoughts on that?
QueenAmy: Ummm...I love Marcellas, and I think he was just trying to play the game the best that he could at that time.
Jokerette: How did you make up with marcie, can we ask?
QueenAmy: I told Danielle before she went into the house that I missed him and thought of him often. Aftert he show I emailed him, and he wrote me back. I was long overdue.
Jokerette: y'all are STILL the cutest together.
QueenAmy: I mean "it" was long overdue...our getting back together.

CJeeseSouffle asks: Would you do The Amazing Race with your hubby?
QueenAmy: My husband would never do it, but I probably would.
QueenAmy: If he would I mean

Flotah asks: What did you think of BB All Stars? Who were you rooting for?
QueenAmy: I was rooting for Danielle

Lotus_Lorraine: Now we saw your 'clip' on BB7 last year, how did that go overall?? Were you surprised watching it on TV QueenAmy: I was quite suprised! My husband wasn't though. He was here when they filmed it, and he has worked in the media for a long time. He told me when they left the house exactly how they were going to edit it. He was right

Lotus_Lorraine: Do you think the game of BB has become easier, harder, or no different from earlier seasons? Do you think there has been more soap opera drama?
QueenAmy: I really liked the big brother that brought 12 stangers together. I think it was different and I like that you really got to see people clash about certain things. Danielle even told me that it was different playing with people you know.
Lotus_Lorraine: and the past few seasons at least one person has known someone else previously!

Shelley asks: Hey Amy, here's a fun question... what are your favourite tv shows??
QueenAmy: Grey's Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, Boston Legal, Frasier reruns, Golden Girls reruns, and Law & Order: Special Victim's Unit!

Lotus_Lorraine: Amy, did they 'coach' you a lot in the Diary room to say certain things? Did they ever tell you what others said?
QueenAmy: They never told me what other people said. They sometimes asked the same questions worded differently several time to try to get the answer they wanted.
Lotus_Lorraine: so no leading or anything like that?
QueenAmy: Nope!

Liann: Amy, Marcellas and a few other All Stars have said they believe that BB rigged the comps to let who they wanted to win. When you were in the house do you feel BB was leading certain ppl to victory?
QueenAmy: Yes...but in such a clever way! Go back to the week that Roddy and I were nominated. Everyone knew that if I won the veto, Roddy would try to talk me into using it on him. It would have made things interesting that week. So the competition was the obstacale course that we had to go through with a board on our heads. Obviously with all of the pageant stuff I talked about, they knew I had a better chance of winning it. So the game wasn't fixed, just mildly influenced. I think they took it far this year though

JGuest274 asks: amie do you plan on having kids one day?
QueenAmy: I do want one little girl named Mimsie. We hope to have her in a few years.
Dreamer: How sweet!

JGuest342: did you ever forget the cameras were on you at a time? did you ever do something and say "I hope they dont show that!" ?
QueenAmy: Oh yes! Everyday! After about a week, you started to forget for a second or two.
Lotus_Lorraine: anything you regret? :P
QueenAmy: Not too bad. I do wish that Chiara and I wouldn't have battled so much, and that I would have not said such mean things. She is so much fun.
Dreamer: Chiara was always fun
Lotus_Lorraine: I heard she liked lettuce as much as you like cheese, Amy!
QueenAmy: I'm going to go visit her when I get a chance.

janine asks: what did you think of the Dani teaming up with James?
QueenAmy: I figured that Dani would hook up with James

Lotus_Lorraine: Amy, what do you think of Arnold stepping down from his position on BB?
QueenAmy: I don't blame him one bit. I'll be quite interested to see what next summer's program brings.

punkysdog asks: there are several people here applying to be on bb8. any tips on how to get noticed among all the applicants?
QueenAmy: Be yourself completely!

Lotus_Lorraine: was there ever a time you spoke directly to Arnold or Alison in the DR? Or do they save them more for the 'panic button' times?
QueenAmy: No...I spoke to them a few times I think.

Flotah asks: what do you think about the Will and Janelle 'craze' ? And what do you think about them each individually?
QueenAmy: I really don't know either of them personally. The few times I have met Will, he has always been very nice. I've never met Janelle, but we have emailed a few times, and she was very nice too.

JGuest274 asks: amy my name is nicky love u... Who would you have play you in a movie..
QueenAmy: Good question!
QueenAmy: Let me think...
QueenAmy: Probably Reese Withersppon. She's is from Nashville and can do the accent.
TastesGouda: great choice!

Lotus_Lorraine: What did you think about watching boogie and erika? Do you think Erika lost some integrity and dignity?
QueenAmy: Well...that is hard to answer. I think she thought she was playing really hard...or maybe she wasn't. It was hard to tell. Either way, she didn't win.
Lotus_Lorraine: do you speak with her at all?
QueenAmy: Erika? No.

rocksteady8389 asks: Amy, why do you think that SO many people in you person, when voting for the final 2, refused to vote for the person who played the best game? I can understand some people making it personal, but I figured some of the more gamer types (Josh, Roddy Gerry, Chiara) would reward good strategy. Did they really believe that Lisa played the best game?
QueenAmy: I don''t think so. We were all a very emotional bunch. I know Joshy really wavered there at the end.

Lotus_Lorraine: Back from BB3, it seemed like you had a 'crush' on Roddy, did you? Was falling off the hammock a way of flirting? :P
QueenAmy: No...I actually fell out of the hammock! Hammocks are so easy to fall out of, and everyone acts like I was drunk or did it on purpose. I really just lost my balance and fell out.
Lotus_Lorraine: its a classis BB moment you and the hammock
QueenAmy: Hehe

rocksteady8389 asks: What did you think of the All-Stars season as a whole? I've always been a huge BB fan, but last season just left me with such a bad taste in my mouth
QueenAmy: Umm...The All Star show was okay...but I think the producers could have made it much better.
Lydia: How is that?
QueenAmy: A million ways! And I actually mean that figeratively and literally!
QueenAmy: And All-Star winner should have gotten 1 million instead of 1/2
TastesGouda: a "million" ways eh? *wink*
Lotus_Lorraine: i agree with the million.

Lotus_Lorraine: BroFan asks: Amy, if you had participated in this past All Star season which guest do you think you would you have gotten along best with and the flip side, despised?
QueenAmy: I would have gotten along best with Danielle. I don't know who I wouldn't have gotten along with.
QueenAmy: I would have gotten along with alison too
Lydia: Why Dani?
QueenAmy: Danielle is like my big sister. I love her.
Lydia: She is a doll
QueenAmy: She is coming to see me for the 4th of July. So is Marcellas and possibly some more people.
Lydia: That sounds like fun

Dreamer: Would you ever consider doing a reality type show with your hubby?
QueenAmy: I would do a show with my husband because it would be fun. He would NEVER do it though
Lydia: How come?
QueenAmy: He doesn't like being on that side of the camera. He has worked in media on the creative/writing/production and even filming side, so he likes it best there

Lotus_Lorraine: Amy, was there someone you wished went into the house for All Stars last season?
QueenAmy: Cowboy Ellis
Lotus_Lorraine: really, what about Cowboy?
QueenAmy: And I wish Joshy would have been on it
QueenAmy: I think either of them would have made it more entertaining.

Dreamer: Amy, will you be joining us at this years Reality TV Convention in Nashville? June 30th& July 1st
QueenAmy: No I won't. I'm having people come into town starting that Friday for the opening of scallop season and the 4th.
Lotus_Lorraine: awww, sorry to hear that Amy
QueenAmy: Typically I would have gone - it being so close to Memphis.
Lydia: We'll be thinking of you

Lotus_Lorraine: how is Josh doing, you still speak to him?
QueenAmy: Josh and I email every and then. I love him.
Lotus_Lorraine: is he still in NY?
QueenAmy: No, I'm pretty sure he is in LA.

JGuest202 asks: Whats your favorite recipe you like to make thats without cheese, Amy?
Lotus_Lorraine: now scallops DO sound really good
QueenAmy: That is hard! I make some REALLY good cranberry pork chops.
QueenAmy: OH! Scallops on skewers with bacon!
QueenAmy: And my bruschetta!
Lydia: Of course!

Lotus_Lorraine: MMMMM, are you an entertainer? enjoy having people over?
QueenAmy: All the time! Don and I are ridiculous about having dinner parties because we both love to cook so much!

Shelley asks: Amy, what do you think is the biggest misconception about BB or BB houseguests?
QueenAmy: That is hard...Um....that they (we) are in real life exactly how they (we) appeared on the show.

Lotus_Lorraine: How long did it take for you once you were out of the house to readjust to 'regular' living? No cameras, no DR, no microphones....
QueenAmy: About 3-4 weeks
Lotus_Lorraine: this was AFTER the show was over, not your re-entrance
Lotus_Lorraine: were you still looking for cameras?
Lotus_Lorraine: and still looking to adjust your microphone?
QueenAmy: Yes...and I was still worried about my microphone
Lotus_Lorraine: LOL

Lotus_Lorraine: Rumor has it that your famous cherry bikini sold on Ebay for quite a bundle, is that true?
QueenAmy: No...it is upstairs in my drawer. I haven't worn it in a while.
Lydia: Bet it still looks good on you!
Lotus_Lorraine: cold days here in Florida
QueenAmy: Driving me crazy! I had to weara big ole fur last night because it was so cold!
Lydia: But fur is fun too

Shelley asks: Amy, what unfolding storyline in BB7 had you glued to the screen?
QueenAmy: Really, sad to say, I wasn't glued. I watched just because...I always watch BB

JGuest134 asks: Amy, you were my favorite houseguest! You have a legacy from the show. In what way do you think BB is more intense than some other reality shows? Like playing on your emotions a lot more
QueenAmy: Big Brother really plays with your head. There is so much more to it than just the game at hand. You are also locked away from the world and deprived of so much.

Lotus_Lorraine: was a psychologist on hand at any time, Amy?
QueenAmy: Yes...but I never talked to her.

Dreamer: Will you be tuned in for BB8?
QueenAmy: Yes...at least in the beginning.
Dreamer: the feeds?
QueenAmy: Probably not. I just watched the feeds last year because they were free and I wanted to see danielle

amyfan00 asks: Amy, are you planning on selling any BB stuff on eBay? Possibly a phone call with you??? hint hint
QueenAmy: I'd love to do a phone call.
Lotus_Lorraine: sounds like you got people that wanna talk
Lotus_Lorraine: or wanna tell you something! LOL
QueenAmy: As long as they're not mean
Lotus_Lorraine: nahhhh, i doubt it

Lotus_Lorraine: How important was it when you re-entered the house to win HOH?
QueenAmy: I had to...
QueenAmy: that was it. Common sense told me that

Lotus_Lorraine: was there anyone's face you were watching more as you entered to see their reaction???
QueenAmy> Marcellas! I was so excited to see him

Lotus_Lorraine: did anyone treat you different once you re-entered?
QueenAmy: Well...everyone was nice because it was cool getting to go out in the real world. It was like going to the "new world" and then sailing home.

Lotus_Lorraine: we got just a few more minutes, is there anything you would like to say Amy to everyone here and in general?
QueenAmy: Oh thank y'all for coming to chat with me!
Dreamer: Come back during BB and visit
QueenAmy: Not to sell the area, but if you are looking for a great vacation sopt, Gulf County Florida is heaven!

Dreamer: Amy, do you post on any message boards with your fans?
Dreamer> During BB
QueenAmy: I haven't posted on any boards since midway through all stars

Lotus_Lorraine: someone's been dying for me to ask you this Amy....

Lotus_Lorraine: If Playboy did a Girls of Reality spread, and they asked you, would you do it?
<QueenAmy: Nope. Would never do it.

Dreamer: Was there anyone from any season of BB after yours that made you cheer when they got evicted?
QueenAmy: Oh sure...several, but I can't even think of names right now
Dreamer: Come on
Dreamer: tell a few LOL
Lydia: Sure you can't lol
QueenAmy: I've leared to keep quiet. Hehe

BBFan334 asks: Can you come play with us on the board now and again? We miss you!
Lotus_Lorraine: You've always been a hit here, Amy.
QueenAmy: Yes...I just quit over the summer because some people were SO mean. I got email froms people even to my ex boyfriend being mean to me. Someone told me I should die and burn in hell.
Lotus_Lorraine: oh geez!
Dreamer: Egads!
Lotus_Lorraine: well, you have MANY fans here, always have, always will!
QueenAmy: Don thought it was hilarious. They called him a child molester and a 70's porn star.
Lotus_Lorraine: wow
Lotus_Lorraine: maybe the porn star was a compliment!
QueenAmy: He thought it was funny though because he never even spoke on the clip!
Dreamer: LOL
QueenAmy: He said that he should have had a disclaimer at the bottom of the screen that said, "The opinions of Amy in no way reflect the opinions of Don"
Lotus_Lorraine: LOL
Lotus_Lorraine: he sounds like a comic too!
QueenAmy: Oh he's great!
Lotus_Lorraine: LOL

Dreamer: Would he consider doing Playgirl?
QueenAmy: Nope...
Lotus_Lorraine: look how it boosted Josh's career! LOL
QueenAmy: Heheh

Lotus_Lorraine: well Amy, from what we saw last year and since, your real happy with life and things are going well. And we are thrilled for you.

Dreamer: Any parting words or southern belle advice for us?
QueenAmy: Thank you! I can honestly say that dreams do come true! Always remember that!
Lotus_Lorraine: thanks so much Amy for taking the time to chat
Lotus_Lorraine: we love having you around this neck of the woods
QueenAmy: Thank you! Y'all have a good night. I'm going to watch my tivoed Grey's Anatomy
QueenAmy: Bye y'all!
Dreamer: Thank you Amy please again visit soon.