Taylor: Welcome Erika!
Erikabb4: thank you!
Jokerette: hey Erika!
Jokerette: how ya doin?
Erikabb4: thank you for having me
Kiana: Hi Erika! Welcome to jokers
Erikabb4: I'm GREAT!!!!
Kiana: I have to ask, where did you meet Jokerette? (To confirm it's you lol)
Erikabb4: I was with INXS last night
Erikabb4: and I went up on stage and...
Taylor: Wow, INXS. That must have been a blast.
Kiana: Wow, I am jealous! How great
Erikabb4: they endorsed me!!!
Erikabb4: JD KISSED ME!!!!!
Jokerette: wow!
Erikabb4: It was AWESOME!!!
Kiana: Every girl is jealous as all hell now lol
Erikabb4: he had VERY soft lips!!
Kiana: JD as cute in person as he is on TV?
Erikabb4: lol
Erikabb4: better
Erikabb4: so sexy!
Kiana: Lucky!!

Kiana: Right off the bat, Erika, everyone wants to know why they should vote you into the All-Stars house?
Erikabb4: Because I think that I deserve another chance to play a game without my ex boyfriend in the house..
Erikabb4: I think that I did pretty well considering I was in hell
Jokerette: awwwwwwww
Kiana: No Robert this year...
Kiana: Does that make it more appealing?
Erikabb4: way more...
Erikabb4: maybe I will really get to play being myself...

Kiana: newt asks: Hey Erika! Just want to let you know that you played a great game! On to the question.. Were you a fan of the show before you were on it and did you have a favorite player? If you are chosen, who else would you like to be in the game with?
Erikabb4: not the quiet, emotional wreck that I was then
Erikabb4: because of the x factor
Erikabb4: I am a huge fan of the show...I have seen EVERY SINGLE EPISODE...
Erikabb4: not like some of the recruits
Kiana: since BB1 even?
Erikabb4: who haven't even seen most of the seasons?
Erikabb4: ALL
Kiana: wow!
Erikabb4: most of bb6 was recruited.

Kiana: Do you know who else you'd like to be in the game with?
Erikabb4: I know that JANIE is a true fan…that is why I love her
Kiana: We love Janie too. You both in the house would be amazing.
Erikabb4: thanks I loved the way she spoke her mind
Erikabb4: I wished I had played more like her...
Jokerette: Erika, did you watch the feeds? LOL
Kiana: well you might get a second chance!
Erikabb4: I’m hoping..:-)

Kiana: Did you get to watch the feeds last year?
Erikabb4: I watched the feeds for 5...a little of six…

Kiana: AlanX asks: Erika, if you could add your own twist to Big Brother, what would it be and why?
Erikabb4: I was obsessed with the Drew Diane relationship..
Kiana: I was too! Then he dumped her for cowboy... lol
Erikabb4: I was a Nakomis/Will fan
Erikabb4: I could not believe he chose cowboy...
Erikabb4: I was stunned
Kiana: I know! Does that mean you are stunned Cowboy is on the top 20 list this year too?
Erikabb4: Sorry I can't type...
Kiana: you are doing great, no worries
Erikabb4: I think that he deserves to be there...I mean he did get to the final two..

Kiana: AlanX asks: Erika, if you could add your own twist to Big Brother, what would it be and why?
Kiana: I bet it wouldn't be the x-factor again lol
Erikabb4: I think that parents would be kind of funny..
Erikabb4: I can imagine my mom there...lol
Kiana: lol that would change the dynamics a bit!
Erikabb4: she would be a riot

Kiana: Sov4Allstars asks: Erika, do you think you can be a floater and go a long ways in Allstars?
Erikabb4: I think that floaters are probably going to be targeted...I learned my lesson...
Erikabb4: I should have put up Ali and Jun
Erikabb4: and made a deal with Justin and Robert
Kiana: So this time around you will play more hardcore?
Erikabb4: I much rather one of them won
Erikabb4: I think that I played pretty hardcore…
Erikabb4: I don’t think that you have to lie to get to the end…
Erikabb4: I never thought that.

Kiana: LordR asks: What strengths will YOU bring to BB All-Stars, and will your strategy differ this time?
Erikabb4: I was nominated three times and I find it interesting that people think that I played UTR….
Kiana: Mostly because you were the more soft spoken in the house against louder personalities, I think
Erikabb4: I think that my strengths will be my geni=uine nature..

Kiana: Annie asks: Erika, how do you feel about the possibility of being back in the BB House with Alison? Or has your opinion changed about her?
Erikabb4: comp problems…
Erikabb4: sorry…
Kiana: no problem, do you need a break or is it okay?
Erikabb4: I think that I can relate to any age person.
Erikabb4: honestly, Ali and I have not spoken since the show.
Erikabb4: I am not intimidated by her in the slightest
Erikabb4: we have seen that act already Haven’t we?
Kiana: So no one possibly coming into the AS house intimidates you?
Erikabb4: what is she going to do now?....She has a boyfriend...how is she going to manipulate the men?
Kiana: LOL
Erikabb4: hell no!!!!
Kiana: That might've gotten you a few votes LOL
Erikabb4: lol

Kiana: SilliSulli asks: Will you bring any pink hats into the house this time?
Erikabb4: NO MORE HATS!!!!
Jokerette: lol
Erikabb4: they wont let me….lol
Kiana: LOL
Erikabb4: I had no idea that it was so horrible …until I saw the tapes..:)

Kiana: Zanken asks: Is Josh planning on using the live feeds while you're in the house (if you are still together)? Are you going to remember the internet is always watching?
Erikabb4: Josh and I are no longer together…
Kiana: Are you still friends, is he still going to watch if you get in the house?
Erikabb4: we are not speaking right now.…so I don't know..
Kiana: And I'm sure men everywhere are sorry to hear that)
Kiana: awww....I'm sorry
Erikabb4: By the way...
Erikabb4: I want to take this as an opportunity to thank all of the people here..
Erikabb4: that have voted for me…
Kiana: We are soooo pleased to have you. You have a lot of fans.
Jokerette: we're all voting for you :-)
Erikabb4: I really appreciate it...really.
Erikabb4: thanks
Erikabb4: am I the worst typist or what???
Erikabb4: lol
Kiana: You are doing GREAT
Kiana: seriously

Taylor: How do you feel about being compared to BB3's Lisa?
Erikabb4: I feel like I am NOTHING like LISA!!!!!
Erikabb4: I mean I think that she's pretty, but our personalities are completely different
Erikabb4: I want to say that I know a lot of people here have written that they think that I'm "boring", but
Erikabb4: NONE of you guys really know the REAL me...
Kiana: We'd like to see her come out, if you get in the house, though!
Erikabb4: the one that got on the show...the outgoing, fun loving…
Erikabb4: happy person that went into my interviews.
Erikabb4: do you really think that they would purposely cast a boring person?
Kiana: I remember you doing "From Hell" food comp, you weren't quiet then lol
Erikabb4: no, I don’t think that I was really able to show the real me because I HATED BEING THERE with ROBERT!!!!
Kiana: well we need to get you back in that house then LOL
Erikabb4: I watched all the other clips of the casting special and I was like..
Jokerette: can't blame you, about Robert. lolol
Erikabb4: looks like those people were having a blast...not my segment...ALL ABOUT MY EX
Erikabb4: I talked to Janie at the wrap party and she was like we had SO MUCH FUN...
Erikabb4: and I was like I WAS IN HELL!!! lol

Kiana: Taylor: Do you feel some of the clips were biased?
Erikabb4: I don’t think that I had much fun stuff for them to put together. I was rarely smiling
Erikabb4: that is why I think that I deserve another chance…
Jokerette: you looked beautiful, for real.
Erikabb4: thank you jokerette..:-)

Kiana: Tweeds asks: If you enter the house, who else from the potential houseguests would you like to live with? Who do you think you might ally yourself with?
Erikabb4: this is going to seem like a typical answer from me but…
Erikabb4: I really like everyone on the list…except...
Erikabb4: :-)
Kiana: oh come on, one or two names :-)
Erikabb4: can't give away too much…
Erikabb4: lol
Kiana: or would that get you in trouble in the house? lol ok
Erikabb4: I think that we all know where we stand..
Kiana: nice, diplomatic answer, I respect that lol

Kiana: nikki404 asks: Erika do you think that the winners should not have a chance to play again?
Erikabb4: I think that the winners should be part…but I think that they will be obvious targets
Erikabb4: I mean would we ever let one of them win again?
Erikabb4: I don’t think so.
Kiana: Just like all-stars survivor, didn't they vote off the winners right away?
Erikabb4: I think that it’s only a natural feeling to not want them to win again

Kiana: WarEagle asks: Erika, Good luck on getting back in the house. I enjoyed you on Ron and Fez yesterday. You touched on players from each season forming alliances. Do you think this will be a major factor during the season or do you think HGs will have to make an effort to get outside their comfort zones and form other alliances?
Erikabb4: good question...
Erikabb4: I definitely think that people are going to have to branch out…
Erikabb4: to win
Erikabb4: but I think that aligning with an enemy is too obvious..

Kiana: FrodoLass asks: Did you get much negative feedback when you got out of the house about your comments concerning Jee?
Erikabb4: I think that I got my fair share...it was wrong and I am just happy that Jee forgave me.
Kiana: good answer

Kiana: greenlee asks: Erika, did you enjoy making the Reality Movie with all the reality stars?
Erikabb4: that was a blast...I’m just happy that I did not have to live with Jonny Fairplay!!
Kiana: I think that's a blessing all its own LOL
Jokerette: will you ever forget him at the convention LOLOL
Erikabb4: lol
Jokerette: half naked and drunk as hell!
Erikabb4: he is such a trip...my God!!
Jokerette: rofl…putting the make on 14 year olds
Jokerette: old FART he is
Erikabb4: he's crazy…

Kiana: KiKiKia asks: hi Erika, you stated when asked your advice to future BB players "Don't do it. Be careful what you wish for. It's not what you think it’s going to be, it never is. It's very difficult psychologically. It's very hard. Have a thick skin." but you are doing it again, what is your reason?
Erikabb4: lol…
Erikabb4: I did say that...
Erikabb4: I actually said no at first...
Erikabb4: I said HELL NO at first...LOL
Erikabb4: but then....
Erikabb4: I thought that I would regret it if I did not do it…
Erikabb4: the chance to win that money again…was too much to pass up.

Kiana: I think we know the answer to this next question... but we like seeing you fired up so I'll ask it LOL

Kiana: Bullet asks: How would you feel if you got into the house and found that the producers decided to either bring Robert back in or have his picture on the wall?
Erikabb4: see...Robert and I are fine now…
Erikabb4: he actually wrote to me and said "good luck I'm voting for you"
Kiana: Awwww, how nice
Kiana: then your Big Brother season at least brought forgiveness
Erikabb4: shaking head...why did I just give them that idea!!!!
Erikabb4: I can't keep my big mouth shut ever!!!

Kiana: Bullet asks: Of the other female candidates, which ones do you think you would least likely be able to have a friendship with? (Besides Janie)
Erikabb4: I honestly think that I could be friends with any of them...honestly…not being PC

Kiana: nikki404 asks: Erika what will you bring special to the house as a good luck charm?
Erikabb4: probably a picture of my family...

Kiana: Cajunboiler asks: Who do you still keep in touch with?
Erikabb4: I still keep in touch with Jack mostly....

Kiana: Besides your season what season would you have liked to be on?
Erikabb4: you guys I have to run to another chat...so I have to run…so can this be the last q?
Kiana: ok sounds great!
Kiana: we appreciate your time….it’s been a great chat
Erikabb4: oh God no question I would have LOVED to have played with a best friend...like on 6
Kiana: Well maybe you will have a chance to if you and Janie both make it, plus other BB6'ers :-)

Erikabb4: thank you guys again for your support!!
Taylor: Thank you for the chat Erika!
Kiana: Thank you so much for your time Erika, we'd love to have you after the house too!
Erikabb4: I really appreciate your votes!
Erikabb4: thank you …good night!