<JamesBB6> Thanks for showing up everyone!
<Jokerette> Hey James!
<Jokerette> How ya doing?
<JamesBB6> Hey Jokerette
<JamesBB6> Good... busy.
<Jokerette> How is the campaign going?
<JamesBB6> oops
<Jokerette> lol
<JamesBB6> It's fun, Mancow was hilarious this morning
<Jokerette> what happened?
<JamesBB6> Just watching everything happen from inside the studio. Everything they do is real and not fake.
<Jokerette> that's neat!
<Jokerette> OK lets rock this puppy

<Jokerette> Bullet_Talent asks: Which previous year's houseguest would you be the most afraid to have in the house?
<JamesBB6> Plus both his guys that love Reality TV were fans of mine
<Jokerette> really?
<Jokerette> of course they were
<JamesBB6> I afraid of the one that gets HOH and puts me up.
<Jokerette> rofl

<Jokerette> Dan-Indiana asks: hey james, it's your fan Dan from myspace I was just wondering who would you consider aligning with in the house and will you try to align at the beginning or hang back until natural alliances occur?
<JamesBB6> I want only the BEst players to be in there
<Jokerette> I hear that.
<JamesBB6> Dan, this is James. I don't give away strategy
<Jokerette> I bet now!

<Jokerette> dcbjoyce asks: If you make it back into the house are there any you would want back in the house with you?
<JamesBB6> any? what from my season?
<Jokerette> any season!
<Jokerette> if you had your perfect choice
<JamesBB6> I would like Will, Danielle, Alison, Janelle, and Nicole from 2. Those I think are the best players
<Jokerette> interesting!

<Jokerette> Jolt10 asks: James, what do you know about the process? How many times a day can we vote? Can we only vote for one house guest per day?
<JamesBB6> They have left that voting part a confusing process. No one knows really
<Jokerette> I heard 10 a day
<JamesBB6> Vote as much as you can
<JamesBB6> for me...
<Jokerette> and for James! yes
<JamesBB6> please

<Jokerette> dcbjoyce asks: Do you think you can with everyone in the house knowing atleast somethings about eachother, still beable to play the game well?
<JamesBB6> The game will change weekly in my opinion, and that doesn't include what BB will toss at us. Everyone wants to prove something this time
<Jokerette> indeed they do... even the winners?

<Jokerette> Zanken asks: Are you playing the game alone are aligning with someone else? How is your relationship with Ivette now?
<JamesBB6> Apparently I played alone last time... I still talk to Ivette every week or so
<Jokerette> good
<Jokerette> it seems Ivette has changed... not in nerd herd she says, you believe that?
<Jokerette> James will be right back

*** Phone interview starts here ***

<Jokerette> James is on phone
<Jokerette> On we go
<Jokerette> He says about ivette..
<Jokerette> he believes her, she said everyone told her the truth..
<Jokerette> about how much they hated her...
<Jokerette> april talked against her, maggie behind her back.
<Jokerette> now she didn't go to vegas...
<Jokerette> she was the only one who didn't
<Jokerette> when Maggie flew them out there.

<Ette_Lurk> here we go

<Ette_Lurk> have you been watching all of the other seasons of BB to see who you would(and wouldn't) be interested in teaming up with?
<Ette_Lurk> He says he stopped watched the seasons..
<Ette_Lurk> cause no one would play same way

<Ette_Lurk> Do you feel you will be a big target in the beginning since you played so well last season?
<Ette_Lurk> he says, everyone going into allstars feels theyre be a target

<Ette_Lurk> spidyman asks: yourquestion James do you think Eric from your season should have been on the list
<Ette_Lurk> James says no, he didn't even make sequester, why would he?

<Ette_Lurk> are you going to try to distance yourself from the bb6 competitors as it would make you an obvious target?
James says: the bb6 competitoras are friends of mine...but they distanced me from the game... got me screwed. So I plan on going in with a clean slate.

<Ette_Lurk> PlayinDead asks: how is Sarah taking him going back into the house... this time without her
James says: Obciously gonna be rough on relationship... lol she's already spent the prize money and sarah says hi to everyone

<Ette_Lurk> Rogue628 asks: James, you were very good at playing both sides against the middle. However, I don't understand what possessed you to burn your bridges with Rachel, Howie, Kaysar, etc., when you did. You had a good thing going for the moment. Why did you break away from them when you did?
James says..first, did you watch the same season? LOL Howie and rachel guaranteed maggie a week of safety then howie followed through..you're supposed to lie to your enemies not take strategy from them.

<Ette_Lurk> aske asks: do you think a floater can get by this season or are all players fed up with people who don't do crap?
James says: it depends on which 12 makes it in..some shouldn't be on the list

<Ette_Lurk> who shouldn't be on the list?
James says: I'm not gonna announce that.. it should only be people who play the game or are willing to play the game.

<Ette_Lurk> michaelkues asks: If, hypothetically, you won HoH first, would you put the winners from previous seasons up (Will, Lisa), or would you base it on something else?
James says: one, I don't give away stratey and 2, it depends on who makes it in. The bigger targets in there, pressure off MY back.

<Ette_Lurk> RoyStallion asks: What have you been doing to prepare? Working out? You were very good at the competitions...
James says: right now I am still working working out and tyring to get my life in order to be away from it 3 months. I'm trying to get things straigtened out.. I don't live off rich relatives.. I have a job and a girlfriend to support.

<Ette_Lurk> sunfirec asks: Hi James, who would like to be in the BB house with if you are chosen?
James says: I want to be with the best player. there were a lot of people on that list who are the best of the best. I want to be with them. WIll, Danielle deserves to be there. Janelle deserves to be there..these are people great to compete against. If I lose, I've lost to the best.

<Ette_Lurk> Jenn asks: Would you want to have an alliance with Ivette when you get into the house?
James says: I will allign myself with those that can help me further myself in the game...all my personal feelings are staying at home. Big Brother is not a team sport. (LOL)

<Ette_Lurk> pinkglitters asks: Who were you surprised to see make the top 20 list?
James says: I was suprised to see... was surprised nicole wasn't there and will from bb5 wasn't there. I wasn't sruprised by any of them.

<Ette_Lurk> spicier asks: JAMES If Kaysar makes it on the BB7, will you try to evict him as quickly as possible?
James says: lol.. he does good on his own I enjoy talking to kaysar, I hope he hangs around this time.

<Ette_Lurk> GreyHoody asks: did maggie try to use the money to buy friendships back
James says: it got her engaged he says, after 8 years (ROFLMAO) so it worked in some aspect

<Ette_Lurk> DreamAngel asks: James, I know for several years they had pets in the house. Would you or wouldn't you like to have on in the house this year?
James says: I would love to have a pet because...it's the only person I know isn't coming after me!

<Ette_Lurk> Snicky asks: JAMES What twists do you think BB will throw your way this year?
James says: food comp, the food is worse than pbj... I was thinking they're gonna work us to death

***End of phone interview***

<Ette_Lurk> HE IS BACK
<Ette_Lurk> amen
<Ette_Lurk> we got him back
<JamesBB6> First time I've been backdoored from a chat
<Ette_Lurk> me too, James lol

<Ette_Lurk> Michael asks: James, do you see yourself forming any new friendships with members from the previous season this summer in the house?
<JamesBB6> I'm already friends with some people from other seasons, but friendship stays outside w/ Julie.
<Ette_Lurk> right

<Ette_Lurk> Evil_TX_Redhead asks: Do you think you can outwit the likes of Will, Danielle, and Alison?
<JamesBB6> I certainly hope so, but if I lost to them I would know I got out played.
<Ette_Lurk> kewl.

<Ette_Lurk> spicier asks: JAMES How is Sarah doing?
<JamesBB6> Sarah is doing good, she says hi and wishes she could go back in
<Ette_Lurk> we wish she could also

<Ette_Lurk> jeni asks: are u and howie really fighting
<JamesBB6> Howie and I aren't fighting. I jsut want him to own up to making a deal with Maggie when she was HOH. Everyone has owned up to their mistakes except him. I wish I had watched that live feed sooner
<Ette_Lurk> so you did watch live feeds?
<JamesBB6> I stuck up for him on Mancow, when they were trashing Howie
<Ette_Lurk> good!
<JamesBB6> I've watched several of them lately
<JamesBB6> my typing sucks
<Ette_Lurk> see anything interesting?
<Ette_Lurk> so does mine. lol
<JamesBB6> That Deal with Maggie. And all the hatred the SOV's spewed about me... The NH did a great job of manipulating everyone.
<Ette_Lurk> yeppers.

<Ette_Lurk> JGuest198 asks: What do you think you will do differently this time round if voted for BB7?
<JamesBB6> Busto for All Stars!!! so kidding
<Ette_Lurk> lol
<JamesBB6> Win an HOH, chill out some, get drunk, and have some fun
<Ette_Lurk> kewl win many HOHs for us!

<Ette_Lurk> nicki76 asks: do you think janelle would be a strong ally for you in the house?
<JamesBB6> I think she is one of the best and if we trusted each other in there, we could do some damage.... trust being the operative word
<Ette_Lurk> yeppers.. it would be good

<Ette_Lurk> <bbfan17> james why should i vote you and not kaysar
<JamesBB6> You should vote for both of us. It depends on who's style of play you prefer.

<Ette_Lurk> <Bumblfux> Hello and Welcome James. What do you have to say to all the James Haters out there? Non-BB contestants, I mean
<Ette_Lurk> lolol
<JamesBB6> Get a hobby...
<JamesBB6> go outside...
<Ette_Lurk> rofl
<JamesBB6> jump in front of a bus...

<Ette_Lurk> <CHaoZZ> Questoion for james...Does he plan to lay low to fly under the radar?
<JamesBB6> I don't think anyone can "lay low" in All Stars, I would like to lay low to Final 2...
<Ette_Lurk> bet it doesn't work like that tho, with those personalities

<Ette_Lurk> vote4james asks: Besides Sarah, who would you bring into the house that didn't make a spot for the voting process.
<JamesBB6> Nicole BB2, I love her cooking and she's really sweet
<JamesBB6> back to the hobby
<Ette_Lurk> and a follow up from a previous question...
<Ette_Lurk> lol

<Ette_Lurk> Anon1563 asks: Kaysar did not make sequester. Should he be back?
<JamesBB6> That decision was up to the Producers and you the fans

<Ette_Lurk> CMaye78 asks: Do you like people comparing you to Evil Dr. Will?
<JamesBB6> In game play, yes. But I think he was a much better player.
<Ette_Lurk> I don't.

<Ette_Lurk> Toddbone asks: what player do you look forward the most going against in physical competitons ?
<JamesBB6> I would have liked to compete against Hardy, Roddy, or Marvin. Maybe Jase

<Ette_Lurk> spicier asks: JAMES do you think that you played better or worse with Sarah in the house
<JamesBB6> I played better with out her, but that was my fault for not giving her more credit

<Ette_Lurk> matdgr81 asks: James, since howie turned against you last season, could you ever form a real alliance with him in the house

<JamesBB6> good question... We'll have to see if we both make the house.
<Ette_Lurk> I hope so!

<Ette_Lurk> chalbert asks: Hey there James is myspace.com/jamesbb6 your real myspace?
<JamesBB6> Yes, that is my real myspace.
<Ette_Lurk> ok, good. now it's out there

<Ette_Lurk> marshmello23 asks: do you forgive the rest of the Sov for being stupid enough to believe the nerds and destroy your alliance and would you trust them if you are back in the house with them for All Stars?
<JamesBB6> I gave them reason to not trust me. It was a numbers game and they gave away the numbers. It hurt all of us not just me. Trust will have to be earned this time, not implied.
<Ette_Lurk> good one.

<Ette_Lurk> vote4james asks: Do a lot of your neighbors now acknowledge you more because of your appearance on Big Brother?
<JamesBB6> It had start to die down, but with the special the other night it has picked up again.

<Ette_Lurk> Rogue628 asks: Aside from swearing on the bible, what do you think was the worst thing you did wrong, and what would you do now if you could go back and change things?
<JamesBB6> Swearing on the Bible wasn't wrong, not telling the team was wrong. I will always believe you SHOULD lie to the other team. Who the hell tells your opponents the truth???
<Ette_Lurk> rofl good point.

<Ette_Lurk> BB7Shrink asks: Of the other 19 potential BB7 houseguests, whose past game do you admire the most?
<JamesBB6> Danielle, she was never nominated.

<Ette_Lurk> Cajunboiler asks: Do you think alliances are already forming?
<JamesBB6> I'm sure they are. A-LIE-Ance thats how it should be spelled.
<Ette_Lurk> roflmao

<Ette_Lurk> Bubba asks: Would you personally rather the weak players left the house first, or the stronger ones?
<JamesBB6> Weak players, why should they win?
<Ette_Lurk> luck?
<Ette_Lurk> which brings us to..

<Ette_Lurk> salohcin asks: do you think winning the game is all about strategy or luck? In Survivor, you can't win without a large amount of

<JamesBB6> I don't watch Survivor, but I know Maggie didn't win with luck. You need some luck, of course
<Ette_Lurk> seems to me, you need to be talented with PEOPLE skills to win,!

<Ette_Lurk> adobostreak asks: do u think you can out-lie dr. will?
<JamesBB6> Wouldn't that be just telling him the truth?
<Ette_Lurk> rofl!!!!!!!

<Ette_Lurk> ICEQUEEN asks: JAMES Are you tired yet of people asking Stategy Questions, since you really can't answer them?
<JamesBB6> No, I like the fact that the fans care so much... so much that the haters even hack the chat
<Ette_Lurk> rofl isn't that amazing!

<Ette_Lurk> ChiliBean asks: Do you think back-dooring should not be possible? It gives a competitor NO chance to stay in the house.
<JamesBB6> I think part of the responsibility of HOH is to havet he balls to compete against there nominations. Even if the House wants you out, if 5 can't beat 1 then they pretty much suck
<Ette_Lurk> true true!
<JamesBB6> their
<Ette_Lurk> OK we thank you so much for your time!
<Ette_Lurk> I am gonna let loose the hounds on you open up your chat
<JamesBB6> done already? I'll answer more.
<JamesBB6> Thanks Everyone