*** DrWILL (~DrWILL@) has joined #jokerschat
<DrWILL> Ugh, I can't sleep...
<DrWILL> Anyone up?
<Sty> Hey Will..<g> Morning
<DrWILL> Hey.
<Sty> How's things?
<DrWILL> Nursing a head cold. You?
<Sty> I couldn't sleep either..been up since 1am EST
<Sty> awwwwww..sorry to hear that. No cold here..just couldn't sleep.
<Sty> Can you send me something for that? lol
<DrWILL> Something for the temp?
<DrWILL> Like red hot love?
* Stig_IHLBDWIBRB is now known as Stigmata
<Sty> temp would work too.
<Stigmata> wow
<Sty> Woooooohoooooo..now that sounds good..LOL
<Stigmata> guess who has to go to school?
<Sty> Hiya Stigmata
<Stigmata> hey sty
<DrWILL> Um, you?
<Sty> <thinking you might be right Will.
<Stigmata> .... yes. i have to do a monologue, and i found one where i had to cry.
<Stigmata> i started sobbing in less that 30 seconds. so i'm guessing that's the one i'm gonna do
<Sty> Sounds perfect..<G>
<DrWILL> How are you going to make yourself cry?
<Sty> Onions?
<Stigmata> i have to put myself in that place. its the monologue from the crucible. elizabeth's last ocnversation with her husband, b4 he gets hanged
<Stigmata> so i made myself weep.
<Sty> I wish someone would make me sleep..sigh
<Sty> Lets get back to the hot sex bit..<G>
<Stigmata> what time is it where you are... here in NY, its 6:39 am
<Sty> NY here Stigmata..been up since 1am
<Sty> I think Will fell asleep
<Stigmata> ... i went to sleep at 2.
<Stigmata> will is in CA?
<Sty> Last I heard.
<DrWILL> Yeah, Arthur Miller really knew how to draw up emotion, no?
<Stigmata> amen to that. i'm nervous, gotta perform it in front of the class.
<Stigmata> So what you up to, will?
<Sty> I am sure you will do great.
<DrWILL> Yep, in CA. Going to DC tomorrow and then on to Savannah, GA.
<Stigmata> cool. i just guessed.
<Sty> I wish you were coming to NY..any plans in the future?
<Stigmata> don't watch BB much, but i hear you're QUITE the competitor
<DrWILL> Tons of traveling. Canada and the southern US. Aslo going to cuador on a medical mission.
<DrWILL> Sorry, Ecuador...
<Sty> Sounds fun..but you still haven't mentioned NY..<g>
<Stigmata> lol... they ALWAYS forget about NY.
<DrWILL> Just got nack from NYC.
<Sty> pffft..I am upstate Will..no where near NYC.
<Stigmata> .... i am in NYC. lol
<Stigmata> perfecto
<Sty> LOL Stigmata
<Sty> I'm near Syracuse
<DrWILL> If toy see me in upate NY, give me a Thomas Guide and a rental car...
<Sty> LOL..I can do that..<G>
<Stigmata> what's <g>?
<Sty> sorry..<g> is grin
<Stigmata> ooooooo lol
<Sty> <g>
<Sty> So..how's work going Doc?
<Stigmata> i think he died
<Sty> Oh no..
<Stigmata> SDDS... Sudden Doctor Death Syndrome
<Sty> LOL
<Sty> One never knows if he will return either.
<DrWILL> Pretty well. Lots of cool surgeries. Preparing for filming Dr. 90210 which starts next 2 to 3 weeks. Tons of surprises.
<Sty> Nope..he's here..got a 1 second ping on him.
<Sty> Wonderful..I wondered when you would be on it. I can't wait to see it.
<Stigmata> ok i gotta go to school.
<Stigmata> nice talking to both of you
<kindaearlyeh> wow, its too early for this, Im still on my first cup of coffee.
<Sty> K Stigmata..good luck
<Stigmata> Bye, Sty, Bye will
<Sty> LOL kindaearlyeh
<Sty> Take care Stigmata
<kindaearlyeh> Good Morning Doc
<DrWILL> My fist case was approvrd yesterday. We'll film it in a few weeks but I'm not sure when it will air. You'll be able to see the schedule on my new website...www.KirbyDermatology.com which we will ready next week.
<Sty> Ok..kewl. I am making note of that. BTW..when will your other site be up?
<DrWILL> Hello kindaearlyeh
* Stigmata is now known as Stig_IHLBDWIBRB
<DrWILL> I have been told that both sites will be up by the fifth...
<Sty> Kewl
<Sty> What is taking them so long? LOL
<DrWILL> Please don't hold me to that though.
<Sty> I do my own site..and make changes in minutes.
<Sty> I won't..<g>
<paddywagon> Hi everyone. What's the haps?
<Sty> Morning Paddy
<JGuest177> will, who do you want to win the suberbowl?
<paddywagon> Hi
<DrWILL> The medical sie inparticular is more complex and more interactive.
<Stig_IHLBDWIBRB> dr. mcdreamy is on today
<JGuest177> please say Indy
<Stig_IHLBDWIBRB> good luck everyone, especially you will... its gonna get pretty wild right about now
<Sty> I see..well..here's hoping they get it up soon.
<kindaearlyeh> Are you just getting up or havent been to bed yet? Goodness its not even 4 out there yet
<paddywagon> Are we still supposed to pick up what he was throwing down a while back?
<paddywagon> Something about cream and patience? LOL
<Sty> Dunno paddy..not asked..nor plan too..<g>
<DrWILL> Sometimes I'll pull all-nighters after partying at Les Deux. After all, it is truly the hottest club in America.
<paddywagon> Oh well.
<Sty> LOL Doc..maybe one day I will make it there to check it out.
<Sty> Sorry Paddy
<DrWILL> Sounds good.
<bimbolee> Hi DrWill and rest
<Sty> Morning bimbolee
<paddywagon> Hi bimbolee
<DrWILL> So I spoke to another houseguest recently...
<Ksmith4477> Hello DrWill
<Sty> Doc..they are gonna come pouring in soon..LOL
<JGuest177> really, who
<Sty> You did?
<Sty> Wanna tell us who? <g.
<ams06> Heh. It's like 4 AM
<Sty> morning ams06
<DrWILL> Atcually, I speak to this former houseguest regularly.
<Sty> lol..and that would be?
<ams06> Morning Sty. Hi Will..and everyone else
<Candydate> How's Erin?
<ams06> Just saw Boogie's pics with Wilmer
<ams06> looked like a fun time
<DrWILL> This is kond of cool. I think I;ll do this on my web site. I hope we havet the capability to chat.
<Ksmith4477> that would be nice
<JGuest177> Me too Will that would be cool...
<Sty> That would be great Doc..I for one would come to chat. Been chatting for 11 years now..I'm a pro..<g>
<DrWILL> Sorry I'm fading. Getting really tired...
<kindaearlyeh> Hiya bimbolee ...
<JGuest177> I really want to know who you want to win the superbowl!! lol
<Sty> Go get some rest Doc. Come again soon tho..k? BTW..the houseguest..Boogie..right? LOL
<kindaearlyeh> No work today doc?
<paddywagon> Will, so tired you forgot which houseguest?
<paddywagon> LOL
<DrWILL> Chatting for 11 year? A pro? A Pro Nerd Alert!
<bimbolee> DrWILL, did you get the info on Phillip
<Sty> LOL..yeah..but never stuck to my computer like some. I have 11 grandkids that keep me busy..<G>
<DrWILL> Phillip?
<ams06> 11 Grandkids?! Wow.
<ams06> Congrats
<Sty> Thanks..it's 11.5 actually..another one due in July.
<DrWILL> You have 11 grandkids? Are you starting your own soccer team?
<ams06> Awww...that's sweet
<Sty> My kids are baby machines!
<Sty> LOL Doc..sure..wanna join the team?
<ams06> I bet you spoil them rotten
<Sty> I sure do..<g> You can check them out at http://StylersPlace.com
<kindaearlyeh> lol @ soccer team
<Sty> Under "grandkids" of course.
<ams06> What a bunch of cuties
<Sty> Check it out Doc..you will see I am not one of the "nerd alerts!" lol
<Sty> Thanks ams06
<paddywagon> Will, been to willandjanelle.com lately? I went and took a look per your advice.
<kindaearlyeh> we're all nerds
<kindaearlyeh> dont be afraid to admit it
<ams06> I want to get a mic. The karaoke stuff is fun
<kindaearlyeh> even the doc is a nerd
<Sty> shhhhhh kindaearlyeh..lol
<kindaearlyeh> lol
<kindaearlyeh> Im a nerd with a life
<Sty> Yeah..I'm that too..<nods>
<bimbolee> Actually it is Phylipp W.
<ams06> Aren't we all nerds at heart?
<ams06> I'm an Office Junkie nerd
<Sty> Yep..even the Doc over there..lol
<kindaearlyeh> lol
<DrWILL> no thanks. i have enough problems. last thing i need is to be on-line to a site linked to a bunch of kids when the feds show up.
<JGuest177> lol
<ams06> One of the best shows on TV right now
<Sty> HEY! I resemble that!
<JGuest177> lmao!!
<ams06> LOL Will
<kindaearlyeh> lmao
<Sty> <thinks> Should I be offended?
<ams06> anyone see Little Ms. Sunshine?
<kindaearlyeh> lol
<Sty> Nope ams..sorry
<JGuest177> no
<Sty> Hey Doc..you are just afraid you will fall in love with one of my daughters! LOL
<DrWILL> It was awesome! Loved it. Just saw it with a date this past weekend. Great new date flick. Adorable.
<ams06> I'll have to check it out Will thanks
<Sty> Kewl..I will have to check it out.
<ams06> Steve Carell is a comedic genius!
<Sty> Who was your date..? <g>
<JGuest177> I want to see it, think hubby will be mad if I take a new date??
<DrWILL> I'm afraid thattwo of them will fall in love with me.
<kindaearlyeh> lol
<kindaearlyeh> of course
<Sty> LOL Doc..it's possible. Don't most?
<paddywagon> Will, Will, Will...
<DrWILL> What?
<JGuest177> What's not to love?
<Sty> lol..how true <said as she fans herself>
<DrWILL> What's ;ove got to do with it?
<kindaearlyeh> lol
<JGuest177> lol
<Sty> Oh yeah..that's right..you mentioned red hot sex when you first came in..<g>
<DrWILL> Who needs a heart when a hert can be broken?
<kindaearlyeh> oh wow what did I miss
<Sty> I was gonna ask if that was an offer or something.
<kindaearlyeh> lol
<paddywagon> It's okay. I'll keep my lip zipped.
<ams06> LMAO<Sty> lol paddy
<JGuest177> Ok WILL, this is the last time I'm asking.................who do you want to win the SuperBowl???
<kindaearlyeh> Say Chicago Will
<ams06> Who's even in the Superbowl..after the Seahawks lost I stopped caring
<JGuest177> NOO INDY
<ams06> Patriots right?
<Sty> Will is busy planning sex with me JGuest..sorry
<Jill> Was Will here???
<kindaearlyeh> oh my
<JGuest177> Indy and Chicago....go Colts
<kindaearlyeh> Will is here jill
<paddywagon> I hate football. But then again, I'm not American, so forgive me
<Moe> I cant sleep
<ams06> Paddy where are you from?
<Sty> lol paddy
<Jill> At 3:45 Dr. Will asked to chat did he???????
<Sty> Join the crowd Moe..morning
<DrWILL> Superbowl? Who cares? The colts are easily going to win. You only have to watch the last 2 minutes.
<kindaearlyeh> I dont have a stake in this Super bowl the Eagles are out but I want an NFC team to win
<Jill> Dr. Will how are u?
<ams06> I watch for the commercials
<Moe> I watch for the commercials
<ams06> LOL Moe me too<Moe> lol ams
<paddywagon> I won't say. I'm just not from the US. We have a built in bullsh*t meter - that's a clue.
<Moe> did you cut and paste that?
<Sty> You gotta work today Doc?
<Moe> freaky!!
<JGuest177> I care Will, and thanks for the insight>
<JGuest572> \lol
<DrWILL> Jill, you are rather tardy. get in the back of the line.
<Sty> lol
<kindaearlyeh> lmao
<ams06> Nice.
<Jill> lol
<Sty> I had him first Jill..<hands on hips>
<DrWILL> Yeah, I need to go get some sleep.
<Jill> Dr. Will when is the thing u filmed with Boogie going to be on the net????
<bimbolee> DrWill, how do we know that this is really you?
<ams06> When did Kaysar chat...last night?
<JGuest572> will, when are you going to be able to tell us about TAR?
<Sty> Ok hon..sleep well. Hope to chat again soon..even if we are NERDS! LOL
<DrWILL> Any questions?
<Jill> Please Stay
<paddywagon> We've asked, Will.
<kindaearlyeh> because its his jokers name bimbo...he posted on the forum
<Sty> Yes..who was your date..you never answered!
<Jill> answer my question
<paddywagon> The fans were patient.. the natives are now restless LOL
<DrWILL> Oh, just a beautiful you thing. super fun...
<Jill> did u film something with Boogie that is going to be on the net?
<Sty> URG..see..no answer! LOL
<ams06> How was Paris? My sister is going there next month
<addictedtobb> What are you doing up at 4 AM? LOL
<Moe> What is your favorite number?
<Sty> Doc..you don't play fair..LOL We ask..you don't really answer.
<paddywagon> I've heard Superfun! before, must be a lot of superfun young things out there
<kindaearlyeh> some things are private
<Sty> LOL kind...I guess so
<DrWILL> Yep, Boogie and I filed some things that we be on the net shortly. We also sold a show that wull be made into apilot later this fall, I;ve said too much already.
<ams06> prob. better that way considering the way some people trash others..it's horrible.
<Jill> thats awesome
<Sty> Kewl
<ams06> Congrats Will.
<kindaearlyeh> looking forward to it Doc
<Sty> Go get some sleep Doc!
<Jill> we have been waitly impateintly
<Jill> can't get enough of u!!
<paddywagon> I'm going to have to hit the weights... my arm is tired from picking up what people threw down...
<paddywagon> LOL
<YellowRz> Good Mornin' everyone and Dr Will
<Sty> I'm going back to bed too..<yawn>
<paddywagon> Mornin' Yellow
<Sty> Morning Yellow
<bimbolee> DrWill, when is your next conference?
<JGuest177> That's great Will
<YellowRz> This is a little early for a chat LOL
<Ksmith4477> getting ready to go to work
<kindaearlyeh> tell me about it...lol...
<JGuest177> I wish I could see you at a conference....come to Indy Will!!
<Sty> Morning Ksmith
<DrWILL> Thanks for the chat eeryone. I haveto get some sleep. Any last Q?
<kindaearlyeh> Im feeling better though, Ive finished my first cup of coffee
<Sty> Anytime Will..thanks to you! Sleep well
<JGuest177> goodnite Will, thanks for stopping by....
<ams06> What did you like better AllStars or S2?
<Sty> <not asking another question..lol You avoid answers
<Moe> would you answer it?
<kindaearlyeh> Goodnight Will, have a great day, thanks for the brief chat
<paddywagon> Last question: Have you lost that lovin' feeling?
<Jill> are u going to chat later today???
<bimbolee> Dr. Will, I will resend the info on Phylipp
<DrWILL> Thanks Vivian
<kindaearlyeh> oxymoron...goodnight, have a great day
<YellowRz> You haven't been to bed Dr Will?
<Sty> Wow..
<Sty> What is going on?
<YellowRz> yes, K chatted last night
<Sty> Someone is posting the chat..sigh
<ams06> WTF.
<Sty> WTF!
<kindaearlyeh> what are you doing dali
<DrWILL> DC then Savannah
<Sty> Thanks dali..WTF!
<kindaearlyeh> WOW
<ams06> dali WTF was that? Just scroll up
<bimbolee> how come everything is being repeated
<paddywagon> Will, do you want to tell us the question to ask you'll answer?
<Moe> dali, not nice
<Sty> dali copied/pasted it all in here.
<YellowRz> I thought I was losing it or still asleep
<kindaearlyeh> lol
<ams06> LOL Yellow
<Jill> Dr. Will are u going on TAR?
<ams06> hallucinating
<Sty> unreal
<JGuest572> Even if you can't tell us yet if you are going on TAR, WHEN will we know?
<DrWILL> Baby, baby, I get down on my knees for you...if you would only love me, like you used to...
<Moe> jill, i dont thinks hes gonnas answer that
<Sty> <smacks Doc
<paddywagon> Will, I see...
<YellowRz> Dr Will what do you think about Kaysar saying you were NOT on TAR...K said he is the one that's locked and loaded???
<Sty> Are you gonna tell us something or not? LOL
<bimbolee> and to think I wass going to run to the library eary this morning, I would have missed this chat
<Moe> will, they are so going to spin that
<kindaearlyeh> Oh Will ...you know the trouble you are starting...lol
<kindaearlyeh> you do that on purpose dont you
<ams06> LOL...crap. Nobody post this chat LMOA
<ams06> *LMAO
<paddywagon> He does everything for a reason anyway, he knows what he's doing.
<bimbolee> he's loving every min. of it
<Sty> LOL Someone will ams..you know it.
<YellowRz> love it when Will sings
<kindaearlyeh> *sigh*
<Sty> So will..what's the news? Gonna spill anything or not? <g>
<ams06> Shit..I can see the tributes now that will come out of it
<ams06> hehe
<paddywagon> Sty, there's no point
<kindaearlyeh> lmao ams
<@caren> DrWill
<Moe> thanks will, keep it going
<Sty> lol paddy..in someone posting..or him spilling news?
<paddywagon> Sty, what do you think?
<Sty> LOL
<prada> Kaysar said that? Please don't let it be true. I want Will on TAR, not Kaysar
<Sty> It's way to early for me to be thinking..trust me.
<kindaearlyeh> lol
<paddywagon> Kaysar's a boob... sorry Kaysar fans LOL
<ams06> I think Kaysar was just joking
<Sty> lol
<ams06> is he doing the Dodge thing with Janelle?
<Sty> Kaysar loves getting things going.
<kindaearlyeh> I like Kaysar but he is not TAR material
<bimbolee> I'm a big fan of Kaysars, but really prefer Will on TAR
<Moe> that was fun
<Sty> <wants Will too <addictedtobb> Gotta get ready for work but thanks for chatting! We miss you when you are not around
<YellowRz> Kaysar was on a roll last night
<Sty> Take care addicted
<Jill> Dr. Will can u tell us anything about TAR?
<ams06> maybe they can have two teams Boogie/Will and Janelle/Kaysar
<Sty> Is the chat posted anywhere?
<ams06> that would be awesome
<YellowRz> he was laughing and couldn't stop talking about Will
<Sty> LOL..so Kaysar loves Will too? <g>
<prada> Why? What else did he say?
<paddywagon> All I know is, Janelle shouldn't order chicken nuggets while online, baddddd things happen LOL
<janierocks1> Who doesn't love Dr. D?
<Sty> LOL paddy..now I'm scared.
<ams06> Oh man paddy I was there when she did that
<paddywagon> Mmm hmmmm
<@caren> Sty: the chat is not posted yet, I will make an official post in a bit.
<Jill> Dr. Will how was Paris?
<Sty> Ok caren..thanks hon
<ams06> oh wait nevermind I thought you were talking about when she ordered take out
<ams06> and gave out her phone number on accident
<+DrWILL> Okay, once and for all, RE: TAR. Kayser may get on the show...and monkeys may fly out of my but! The casting department told me that he was not being considered at this time but that he may be considered in the future. There is serious interst in other houseguests. Those houseguests may be reviewing all of their option prior to making a decision. I work slowly...like a ninja. Honestly, everybit of info I have received has indicated that
<Sty> Ohhhhhh..I saw that..lol Not kewl
<ams06> and everyone in chat was like Janelle audiooo....nooo...
<paddywagon> Chick Nuggets + wine + pissed offness = baaaad chucky like things
<ams06> LOL Will those are some fightin' words!
<Sty> So..should we take that as a yes..you will be on? <wink>
<@caren> I've gotta get ready for work, Love ya Dr. Will come back soon
<paddywagon> See Will? LOL baby steps... it's not that hard
<bimbolee> Thanks DrWill for the info on TAR
<Sty> Take care caren..have a great day!
<Moe> lmao,m monkeys
<janierocks1> Locked and loaded!!!!
<ams06> paddy what happened with the chicken nuggets?
<Sty> LOL..I can just picture that Moe
<ams06> was this last night?
<Jill> we want DR. WILL on the TAR!!!!!!
<YellowRz> I hope you get on Will...I really do
<JGuest572> love you will -- want you on TAR!
<Sty> I won't watch it if he's not on it. It will be boring as hell..LOL
<kindaearlyeh> Janie ordered chicken and didnt like them, she called to complain and when they asked her phone number she said it outloud, she thougt her audio was off
<prada> I second that Sty
<Sty> Oh wait..I never watch it anyway..<snicker>
<paddywagon> ams06, Will was singing, Janelle was happy and then she went offline to get her chicken nuggets and JediJanieJewellery came back with a face (and 'tude) on her that could curdle milk
<ams06> I kind of agree. Love Kaysar, think he's very nice to look at..but zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
<Moe> lol sty, me either
<YellowRz> Kaysar said you wouldn't be a good competitor because you can't win but honestly I think you would be better than him at eating nasty bugs and stuff lol
<Sty> lol
<Sty> Kaysar smaysar
<+DrWILL> Just honest words: I know for a fact that some individuals are being considered. Some of those have prior commitments, shooting schedules, businesses to run, etc. Here is the bottom line: TAR is about the interactin between two team members, Please ask yourself, in your heart of hearts, which two former BB houseguests would make a good choice from a casting perspective.
<kindaearlyeh> Oh sorry ...talking about two different things....
<Moe> will, what time do you have to work at?
<Sty> YES!! Janie and Will!
<JGuest360> Will & Janelle
<paddywagon> Will and Boogie?
<paddywagon> Janelle and Kaysar?
<Sty> It's in my heart..so MUST be true..LOL
<JGuest360> Will & Boogie
<paddywagon> Am I missing anyone?
<JGuest910> dr will and janelle of course
<Jill> Will and Janie!!!!!
<Moe> erica and boogie?
<Sty> ewwwwwe
<ams06> Honestly I would say the best competitor Janelle...and the best strategist You.
<Sty> Erica and Boogie? LOL
<YellowRz> Will and Janelle, Will and Boogie, Janelle and Boogie or
<ams06> although Janelle and Boogie would be kind of cool too
<Sty> Spit it out Doc..
<bimbolee> It better not be Erica
<ams06> but no Boogie/Erika
<JGuest360> Howie & Chicken George? LMAO
<paddywagon> Howie and a set of unattached boobies he could carry around in a case?
<ams06> LOL paddy
<Jill> Dr. Will when does taping begin????
<kindaearlyeh> lol paddy
<Moe> lol
<YellowRz> I think Erika would try very hard but she just isn't TV attractive
<+DrWILL> There are a number of interesting combinations...I'm not loosing any sleep over this.
<JGuest572> we are!
<paddywagon> You shouldn't, Will.
<ams06> Howie and his big boy stuff...boobies....no way.
<Moe> no, we are not!
<Sty> Doc..you have a pretty tight schedule.....how can you do it?
<YellowRz> I wouldn't either, Will.....whatever happens, happens
<paddywagon> ams, Howie and his booby talk is long played out. He's one note.
<YellowRz> No, not Howie
<Sty> Agreed paddy
<ams06> Love Howie..but the soundbytes get annoying
<JGuest360> lol
<YellowRz> love Howie but that show needs some major concentration
<ams06> Sonia is a sweetheart though.
<Sty> enough about boobies..I prefer red hot sex..<wink>
<paddywagon> Sonia is a baby. But c'est la vie.
<+DrWILL> Please understand that no final decision has been made but those of us in the know are not alowed to discuss it further. In fact, for the record, this is all speculation.
<paddywagon> Noted, Will.
<ams06> I can't believe Howie has an actual normal gf LOL.
<ams06> Alright Will.
<Jill> alright
<YellowRz> of course, no problem
<Sty> Come on Doc..give me a twirl and tell us that hint is true..LOL
<JGuest360> ok will, we love specualtion
<YellowRz> who else from BB would be good on TAR....Drew?
<ams06> but just so you know..people are going to spin this stuff like CRAZY.
<Moe> if you tell you will have to kill us, understand
<YellowRz> Monica?
<paddywagon> What isn't speculation, Will. And just so you know, despite my questions, I'm a fan of yours.
<Jill> Why is Kaysar talking so much about it then??
<Sty> Monica? LOL
<kindaearlyeh> Patience
<Sty> ok kind..<will be patient..<g>
<kindaearlyeh> lol
<ams06> I think james would be good on TAR as much as I don't really care for him
<YellowRz> Kaysar mostly talked about TAR and his business a little
<Sty> LOL I never chat in here..so how patient is that? I was just in here due to being up since 1am
<lifesong> Hey Dr. D - are you still getting asked for twirls in airports??
<ams06> Is he still doing the actor thing?
<paddywagon> Who cares about Kaysar in this chat, DrWill is in da house, foschizzle
<JGuest360> lol paddy
<YellowRz> NO, not James....can you imagine the name calling he would do if his team got lost....no I don't want James
<kindaearlyeh> Okay ...lets not push it... I could not watch James on TV again
<Sty> OMG..James?
<Jill> DiD Ian go to the game with u Will?
<ams06> LOL Yellow...he would provide good TV though
<lifesong> James....ICK!
<kindaearlyeh> Can you imagine listening to him whine all around the world
<kindaearlyeh> No thank you
<Sty> James and good TV do not go together..LOL
<Jill> Do u still talk to James?
<Moe> no thanks
<ams06> He would be like OMGz I was harmed
<kindaearlyeh> lol sty
<JGuest360> lol kindaear
<kindaearlyeh> lmao ams
<+DrWILL> Well, honestly, I think he thinks he can drum up a fan base to influence the producers. No one has been given a green light but cuts were made long ago. I guess I wish the producers were more fothright so some wouldn't hold onto a unlikely dream. Just my opinion and nothing more as I sincerely wish the best for everyone.
<YellowRz> ams...there would be 5 mins of beeping, James would be cussing so much
<Sty> Thanks for that Doc
<paddywagon> Will, I COMPLETELY AGREE with you about people being forthright
<ams06> LMAO. The harm incident will go down in BB history for me
<Sty> We can all hope tho..right?
<ams06> thanks Will for the info
<JGuest246> Is will here?
<hunter> hi will
<JGuest572> is Boogie still in the runniing?
<Sty> lol ams..for sure.
<umm__> hi everyone...hi Dr. Will.....we miss you
<kindaearlyeh> of course it will ams
<+DrWILL> Boogie? yes
<Sty> morning umm
<JGuest246> WE MISS YOU
<Jill> Does Boogie have a shot?
<kindaearlyeh> and Wills diary room was priceless
<Jill> thats cool
<+DrWILL> Yes.
<paddywagon> I like Boogie.
<Jill> we miss Boogie too
<ams06> Boogie grew on me
<hunter> how are you will
<ladycaid> Boogie was hysterical
<JGuest360> Will, people are going to take this info and run w/ it!!
<JGuest246> Boogie have a shot at what?
<lifesong> It'd be nice if Boogie would come chat with us sometime
<Sty> hmmm..if Boogie is in the running..does that mean you "MAY" not pair up with a certain blonde?
<Moe> hi hunter
<Jill> Tell Boogie he's not hated! lol everyone likes him
<YellowRz> Boogie grew on me too....wasn't a fan till really after the show
<paddywagon> sty, probably depends if she's still being superfun!
<ams06> He really had some great moments
<Sty> LOL..true
<ams06> and glad he won over Erika
<Ghost> Can you tell Boogie to come chat too
<umm__> love boogie, his round table speech was awesome!!!
<Jill> So do u talk to James anymore?
<hunter> hi moe
<kindaearlyeh> yes umm it was
<YellowRz> Boogie has a chat tomorrow
<JGuest360> Boogie is chatting Wed @ bblane
<Ghost> Are you and Janie still friends?
<kindaearlyeh> he certainly deserved the win
<paddywagon> James is a royal putz! Sorry James fans
<ams06> I agree kinda
<kindaearlyeh> agree paddy
<lifesong> holla paddy
<paddywagon> Kindaearlyeh, he's NOT Superfun!
<Ghost> Is Kaysar gonna be on TAR with Janie?
<+DrWILL> If I went on, and that is a big if because of my shooting schedule and prior committments, i'd say the possibility of my partner being blonde is...strong to quite strong!
<ams06> nobody knows Ghost.
<kindaearlyeh> lol definitely not
<JGuest572> lol
<hunter> will come chat in janie's chatroom we miss you
<Ghost> Blonde Bombshell blonde?
<umm__> Will do have a date for your new website reveal?
<Jill> YEA
<JGuest360> that would be great will
<Ghost> YAY
<Ghost> which blonde though?
<JGuest572> you are such a tease
<Sty> Oh wait..
<paddywagon> Would that be a Janelle shade blonde or your Little Miss Sunshine date Blonde?
<kindaearlyeh> ::bangs head on desk::
<ams06> LMAO
<Sty> Boogie is blonde too!
<kergles> so drwill you gonna do anything special in edmonton
<kindaearlyeh> its gonna be a long week in the internet world
<kindaearlyeh> lol
<janierocks1> DR WILL.............How 'bout BUXOM???????
<kergles> debating if to go
<Ghost> I'd prefer Janelle on TAR with Will, sorry boogie fans
<Ghost> and definitely prefer them over Kaysar
<bimbolee> Is Boogies' hair blond? I thought I saw a recent pic of him with it being blond
<hunter> HI KERGLES
<Sty> yeah..would it be a Boxom blonde perchance?
<kergles> hi hunter
<kindaearlyeh> hi kergles
<Jill> WHen is it going to be filmed??
<Moe> hi kergles
<Jill> Spring or Summer?
<ams06> Jill I think sometime in June
<kergles> hi everyone
<Ghost> Kaysar would bore me to tears and he gives Janie bad advice
<paddywagon> Kergles, I thought you said do 'anyone' special in Edmonton?
<kergles> much love
<ams06> I agree Ghost.
<lifesong> Will - are you going to be back on Y&R?
<+DrWILL> Let me ask you a question: If you were casting TAR who would you choose from BB? Take a secound and think this one out. You've gotten a good look at everyone and your job is to produce the most interesting team. Please be honest...
<kindaearlyeh> I have to agree ghost...even though I do like Kaysar
<kergles> will i do no dr.WILL NEEDS TO
<YellowRz> I think Kaysar really wants to go on TAR with Janelle...she may be able to get him to eat bugs lol
<paddywagon> Will and Janelle.
<hunter> leave poor kaysar alone,lol
<ams06> Janelle's instincts in the game were usually quite good..esp. with the Danielle thing..but Kaysar talked her out of it
<JGuest360> Will and Janelle
<Jill> Will and Janelle
<ams06> and Yes Will I would
<kergles> MIND YOU I COULD GO SHOPPING AT West edmonton mall
<ladycaid> Boogie and Will
<JGuest572> I know you're pushing for you & boogie, but sorry, it's got to be you & janelle as the best
<Sty> Ok..ok..I agree Chilltown was great..but can't blame a woman for wanting to see you with someone else..right?
<Ghost> and if it isn't Janelle and Will than Boogie and Janelle
<JGuest572> (but I'll take you & boogie too)
<+DrWILL> I take no offense. I just want to see what you guys think...
<kergles> isnt it late for the Doc to be up
<umm__> i would choose will and janelle or you and boogie
<paddywagon> I'm in production, it's about numbers and pizzaz... so yes, Will and Janelle...by the refeeds... if we're going by aired show.... hmmmm
<Ghost> just no Kaysar please
<bimbolee> It has to be with Janelle or with Boogie, either would be great
<YellowRz> Will and Janelle or Boogie and Janelle
<ams06> If you can win comp. I would love to see you on the show
<Jill> U and Janelle made BBAS
<Sty> I would prefer Boxom..but will settle for Chilltown..how's that? LOL
<+DrWILL> I'll give a name and you say yes or no:
<CaraJay> Oh AMs06
<+DrWILL> Scott Long
<kergles> I want to know about Edmonton
<umm__> no
<bimbolee> no
<Jill> no
<lifesong> superfun!!
<ladycaid> no
<Moe> no
<hunter> NO
<kindaearlyeh> Janelle, Will, Boogie any combination ....but Janelle has got to be on..dont care who she is paired with as long as he/she is good
<JGuest360> no
<YellowRz> no
<ams06> NO
<Sty> Who is that? LOL
<Ghost> Dr. Will I will see you in Richmond!!!!!!!!!!!
<Moe> janelle with anyone
<CaraJay> no
<+DrWILL> Marcellas?
<ams06> I think he was on Surreal Life
<ladycaid> no
<umm__> nooooooooo
<Sty> NO!
<bimbolee> no
<ams06> oh hell no
<prada> no
<YellowRz> NO
<CaraJay> no
<Jill> Hell No
<hunter> HELL NO
<Moe> NO
<YellowRz> LOL
<Ghost> please god no
<kindaearlyeh> HELL NO
<Jill> Hate Marci
<kergles> no marcellus borrringggggggggggggggggggggg
<JGuest360> no
<+DrWILL> James?
<CaraJay> no
<JGuest603> no
<Ghost> Marcellas is fine, when he is off my TV screen
<bimbolee> no
<Sty> NO!
<ams06> if the robe made an appearance I would die
<YellowRz> no
<umm__> nooooooooooo
<kindaearlyeh> NOOOOOOOOOOO
<Jill> YUCK
<JGuest360> no way
<ladycaid> no way
<prada> no!!!
<hunter> OH HELL NO
<lifesong> no to scott long and marcellas
<Ghost> NO JAMES!
<JGuest572> hate james, but he would be interesting
<paddywagon> Marcellas is a major joke, sorry Marcella fans
<kergles> hunter lol
<Ghost> James is fine, when my TV is on MUTE
<lifesong> definately NO James
<+DrWILL> Diane?
<kindaearlyeh> lol ghost
<bimbolee> no
<JGuest603> no
<CaraJay> boring
<kindaearlyeh> Diane is boring
<JGuest360> sorry, no
<JGuest572> no diane
<kergles> ya he is annoying that one
<lifesong> no diane - boring
<ladycaid> no - Diane is boring
<Sty> no!
<prada> no. boring
<Jill> Too Boring
<Ghost> diane, who's diane/ j/k
<hunter> OH OH HELL NO
<umm__> no, sorry
<+DrWILL> Kayser?
<YellowRz> hmmmmm...maybe.,,
<umm__> no
<kindaearlyeh> boring
<JGuest360> no
<CaraJay> dito
<lifesong> no kayser
<JGuest603> no
JGuest603 was kicked by JButler (Stop repeating yourself!)
<prada> no
<Sty> no!
<ladycaid> hell to the no
<kergles> kayser cute but no
<JGuest572> love kaysar, but....
<ams06> maybe Kaysar
<Jill> nope couldn't handle it lol
<Ghost> Kaysar.................I'd fall asleep
<JGuest360> kaysar is too "methodical"
<umm__> love kayser but no
<Sty> OMG..stop with the kicking..grrrrr
<paddywagon> Who the hell is Scott Long?
<YellowRz> I think K would be attractive on the TV but really do nothing good
<lifesong> lol paddy
<Ghost> Kaysar gives Janie bad game advice
<kergles> skid wear
<Sty> LOL paddy
<ams06> Paddy he was on BB5
<bimbolee> Gee I got kicked out for repeating "no"
<iheartwillkirby> did i miss will again?
<kergles> bimbolee
<JGuest572> he's still here
<ams06> me too bimbolee
<umm__> ok i have to go ....but i miss you will you are awesome...bye everyone
<Sty> nope ihear..he's still here.
<Moe> me too
<Ghost> No will is here having fun with us
<JGuest360> he's still here i heart
<+DrWILL> Janelle?
<ams06> I blame it on James
<iheartwillkirby> oh
<JGuest360> yes
<CaraJay> could handle it
<Ghost> YES!!
<Sty> take care umm
<paddywagon> Thanks ams. Shows you how much of an impact he makes on me then.
<ams06> YES!!!!!!!!
<YellowRz> YES
<Moe> Yes!
<kindaearlyeh> YES
<JGuest572> yes , yes, yes with you!!!
<prada> yes
<Sty> YES!!!!
<Jill> YEA
<lifesong> YES!!
<bimbolee> yes, YES
<kergles> Janelle would be cool
<kindaearlyeh> OF COURSE JANELLE
<Ghost> duh
<iheartwillkirby> yes what?
<ams06> Janelle would kick ass
<hunter> jk
<paddywagon> Janelle if she doesn't order chicken nuggets between legs!
<Jill> Janelle would be AWESOME
<Sty> To Janelle being on TAR with Will..lol
<Onaf30> hello, good morning
<iheartwillkirby> oh
<iheartwillkirby> yeah
<YellowRz> interesting how we are all pretty much agreeing
<JGuest572> you need to woo her back, will
<kindaearlyeh> Janelle with anyone good
<kindaearlyeh> love ya will
<ams06> I agree kinda
<+DrWILL> Chilltown?
<ladycaid> yeah Marcellas is fine when I don't have to see or hear him
<kindaearlyeh> Will with anyone good
<Ghost> It's kind of like Paula and Simon
<Moe> no
<JGuest572> yes, CT second best
<bimbolee> YES
<CaraJay> yes
<lifesong> yes
<Sty> YES! <second choice> LOL
<iheartwillkirby> or boogie
<hunter> noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
<kindaearlyeh> CT okay...as long as Janelle is on too
<Onaf30> Chilltown for TAR yeah!!!!!!!
<ams06> yeah i'm down wih chilltown
<kergles> dr will how do you find the time to do everything
<ladycaid> yes
<YellowRz> yes, my 2nd choice would be CT
Jill was kicked by JButler (Turn caps lock OFF!)
<lifesong> um...is janelle in chilltown? lol
<JGuest087> second choice over will and janelle
<Moe> lol
<ams06> LOL lifesong
<Sty> lol lifesong..isn't everyone?
<Ghost> she has an honorary membership
<Sty> <is in chilltown!
<kergles> anyways back to edmonton
<CaraJay> no howie?
<hunter> that would be everyone in the house
<JGuest360> chilltown would be good
<ams06> Okay for casting purposes..the best would be Janelle and Will...they are both pretty to look at
<ams06> incredibly charismatic
<kindaearlyeh> great gamers!
<ams06> and would provide for the most interesting TV
<kindaearlyeh> for me TAR is about the game
<YellowRz> never thought about Diane on TAR...maybe she can be on with Boogie
<JGuest360> they do make good tv
<hunter> weren't they all chilltown
<Ghost> Are you and Janelle still friends?
<kindaearlyeh> and they would be great at it
<paddywagon> I suppose Janelle. She could use her pink thing to try to cut glass in a comp... oh wait....
<Ghost> would you do TAR with her
<JGuest572> will + janelle = hotness synergy, the sum is greater than the parts
<bimbolee> brb, gotta get a cup of coffee and check on the snow
<ams06> and from a strictly game point of view..I think are the best fit
<+DrWILL> So there you go. The answers you gave a very similar to what the CBS casting team has led some of us to believe.
<Onaf30> Would love to see you and Boogie,
<ams06> Kaysar would bring Janelle down..and second guess everything
<Sty> Ok.. very kewl! That means I am watching TAR next season..LOL
<hunter> huh
<lifesong> how on earth did scott long even get on the list? lol
<Ghost> yes and Janie's instincts were usually right and then Kaysar would talk her out of it
<Sty> You should feel honored!
<JGuest572> yay
<Onaf30> So nothing confirmed?
<ams06> exactly ghost
<kergles> scott can be funny
<YellowRz> I think Janie wold do great on that show with Colby
<kergles> bit gross
<kergles> but funny
<hunter> scott looks gay
<ams06> she was so dead on about Danielle...and then Kaysar managed to talk her out of it
<kindaearlyeh> Well if they are going to decide based on what the fans want..Janelle and Will it will be ...hands down
<ams06> about James/Danielel working together
<+DrWILL> What will happen? I honestly don't know. My schedule is being worked on in the next few weeks and we'll see if we can come up with something that works for everyone.
<Ghost> Dr. Will, can I give you a twirl when I see you in Richmond?
<ams06> *Danielle
<kergles> surreal life and the skidder wear
<kergles> brb
<MissChriss> hi Will
<ams06> Scott Long is a tool of epic proportions
<Ghost> yes, PLEASe, we want to see you on TV again
<iheartwillkirby> yes
<Sty> Sounds wonderful Doc..how are things between you and Janie? <had to ask ya know>
<Onaf30> I think either Will or Janelle with differnet team mates, maybe family members?
<lifesong> fingers still crossed for Will and Janie on TAR. How about Boogie and Joe Vance too?
<kindaearlyeh> James and Daniel ..all we would hear about is BB2, BB6 and allstars
<joanned> hey dr wik
<YellowRz> You must work for a great company that understands needing time off like you do
<JGuest360> Dr Will, I think you should stop now.....worried about what people are going to say
<Ghost> I hope you can work it into your schedule. You might win $1M
<paddywagon> Hey Will, you mentioned it earlier. Who was THE former houseguest you talk to regularly?
<kindaearlyeh> they dont have anything else to talk about
<+DrWILL> Worst case secenario I'll be on Dr. 90210 and I hope you like the cases I present.
<kindaearlyeh> Howie
<Onaf30> Ghost, you going to Richmond, me too
<kindaearlyeh> is my guess
<kergles> DRwill come to BC I dont want to fly to edmonton
<CaraJay> When?
<Moe> thats the point guest360
<paddywagon> I'll watch, Will.
<Onaf30> Can't wait either way, Dr. Will
<ams06> Naters would be cool too..but he won't do it
<Sty> I am sure we will..now you gonna answer anything else? LOL
<kergles> come to VANCOUVER
<Jill> u should come to SEATTLE
<iheartwillkirby> ill watch
<kindaearlyeh> I dont watch it..but I suppose I will now
<Ghost> Yes of course I will be there, and I'm bringing my school's pep rally
<lifesong> Will - are you going to be back on Y&R?
<kergles> seattle would be doable
<Jill> would u consider coming to SEATTLE?
<kindaearlyeh> Got to get my Dr. Will fix
<paddywagon> Will, Naters said you hooked hiim up with a dermatologist? How'd your cupid skills work out?
<JGuest360> That's not a bad worst case scenario
<ams06> Seattle would be awesome
MissChriss was kicked by JButler (Turn caps lock OFF!)
<YellowRz> I'm exicited to see you on Dr 90210
<Onaf30> Have u already started filming Dr. 90210
<iheartwillkirby> how about new york lol
<kergles> but Vancouver would be better
<kergles> lol
<Ghost> ARen't the race tracks in kind of a hillbilly area of Richmond?
<+DrWILL> Y&R is up in the air. I may be back for a small stint but not ure at this time.
<Moe> lol kergles
<Ghost> but i'm still going
<lifesong> Thanks
<Jill> ARe u going to be on the TYRA Banks show?
<paddywagon> Will, are you shooting a Dodge commercial?
<kergles> aww well keep us informed
<Sty> one sec..brb
<lifesong> lol paddy
<Jill> Will u do anymore appearances beside the ones schelude??
<kindaearlyeh> well that one doesnt matter to me...lol..I dont do soaps
<MissChriss> Will, will you be scheduling any east coast appearances?
<+DrWILL> I've filmed 3 segments for Dr. 90210 but I didn't love any of them. We are going to start shooting again in a few weeks.
<Onaf30> Did Boogie enjoy the party in ATL?
<kergles> i guess its worth staying up my 1st doc chat
<YellowRz> Y&R is going thru some major storylines right now...if you came on you may have to kill someone to get air time LOL
<kergles> cool
<JGuest360> Oh, you're always you're worst critic....I'm sure we'll see it differently
<Ghost> when is Dr. 9021o coming on? The ones you will be on?
<Onaf30> Would you fly someone out to do a procedure or only locals?
<lifesong> Interesting - do you get to sign off on what they use for Dr. 90210?
<+DrWILL> Tyra Pending, Dr. Phil is Pending. Not shooting the car spot in Philly.
<bimbolee> I'm sure all ofus will watch Dr. 90210, I know I will
<YellowRz> I was really hoping to see Howie get botoxed
<lifesong> ooooooh - Dr. Phil!!
<Ghost> Yay! Dr. Phil
<CaraJay> Dr. Phil
<paddywagon> Shame, Will. I'd heard you were at one point.
<bimbolee> LOL, Yellow
<Ghost> I love Dr. Phil
<JGuest572> I'm in philly; what's happening in philly?
<Onaf30> Dr. Phill would be fun
<Ghost> who's in philly?
<paddywagon> Though, it is Dodge.
<JGuest360> DR PHIL?
<Jill> Will the segments u filmed for Dr. 90210 be on the show next year??
<kergles> I enjoy howie especially him trying t o say ny name
<Ghost> i thought he said Dr. phil not philly
<+DrWILL> I'll be on season 6
<ams06> cool
<Onaf30> A Dodge Commerical
<Jill> when will that premiere??
<MissChriss> Jguest, janelle shooting car commercial in philly thurs
<kergles> is that on in Canada
<kindaearlyeh> Janelle is going to be in Philly Thursday?
<Jill> We all can't wait!!!
<ams06> yes kinda
<MissChriss> Will - are you coming to philly or nyc for any appearances?
<Moe> its on E kergles
<kergles> thanx
<kindaearlyeh> Were did you get this info
<Ghost> It's a southern tour right?
<@caren> did dr will take off?
<ams06> she said it in one of her chats
<MissChriss> janelle said in a chat
<Jill> Will u consider coming to Seattle for a conference?
<ams06> two days ago I think
<ladycaid> hey send - didn't see you here
<Jill> Will u do more conferences??
<YellowRz> Will, come to Texas....we want to visit with you down here...you have ao many fans in Texas
<sendarelli> hi lady
<kergles> no VANCOUVER BC
<kindaearlyeh> Oh I didnt hear that she said specifics
<lifesong> Will - has Chilltown pitched any new shows lately?
<+DrWILL> I have got to get some sleep. Anymore questions?
<CaraJay> Colts or Bears?
<kergles> i live in CHILLIWACK
<Ghost> what about the internet show you and boogie are gonna do? when is that coming?
<Onaf30> What were the procedure from Dr. 90210??
<MissChriss> yes, any east coast appeances
<kindaearlyeh> wish I knew where, I could stalk her...lol JUST KIDDING!
<paddywagon> Will, are you going to sing in Janelle's chat room or willandjanelle.com again?
<Jill> Please stay
<YellowRz> sleep....at 5am
<JGuest572> lol
<paddywagon> (sorry, had to give it one last try )
<MissChriss> tell boogie i said hello
<JGuest572> thanks for the great chat will
<YellowRz> don't leave...we have missed you
<Jill> Will u come chat again soon?
<ams06> LOL kinda..I'm sure somebody has figured out where she will be
<lifesong> lol - I'm in Nashville - already slept and have the kids on the school bus, lol
<kergles> aww Dr.WILL
<Ghost> thanks for chatting with us nerds
<ladycaid> thanks for coming, you are always entertaining
<ams06> and called up the dealership or soemthing
<Onaf30> Get some sleep, come back to chat!!!!!!!
<Ghost> we love you here
<Sty> ok..back. I miss anything
<sendarelli> thanks for coming
<Jill> we have really missed you!!!!
<kindaearlyeh> oh good lord ams your probably right
<iheartwillkirby> thanks for coming will
<lifesong> Thanks for chatting Will - we miss you when you're not around!
<Sty> Huggggs Doc..thanks for the chat.
<CaraJay> nice talking to you have a good day!!
<Jill> When will u be back?????
<kergles> damn
<MissChriss> well come back soon, i have to go to work and you're going to sleep, LOL
<lifesong> Twirls?
<kindaearlyeh> thanks for the chat Will...have a nice rest
<Ksmith4477> will, you still love us right lol
<kergles> be back soon
<Nix87> Thanks for chatting, you're a sweetheart
<hunter> Come chat in janie's chatroom we won't bite
* Sty waits for her twirl
<bimbolee> Goodnight DrWill and don't forget to give us twirl before you leave
<YellowRz> have ppl stopped mailing you stuff?
<Jill> canu stay aliitle longer????????
<JGuest572> a twril, you mean
<kindaearlyeh> one can only hope yellow
<Ghost> does Boogie think the fans are nuts?
<Jill> Will u do more appearances????
<YellowRz> oh god, I hope so
<ladycaid> We are nuts
<Ghost> he never comes out to play
<kergles> still think u should come to BC
<JGuest360> Go to sleep Will, but not before my twirl!!
<kindaearlyeh> a lot of the fans ARE nuts
<ladycaid> See you in Savannah
<kindaearlyeh> not me of course
<kindaearlyeh> lol
<iheartwillkirby> well i got to go i wish i couldve been in here longer
<kindaearlyeh> Im a nerd though
<iheartwillkirby> bye
<ams06> laidycaid..yes we are nuts LOL
<JGuest360> by iheart
<Onaf30> Of course not Kinda..
<JGuest360> bye i mean
<Jill> Will u do any appearances on the WEST COAST?????
<Sty> Sleep well Doc..hope to see you again soon.
<kindaearlyeh> ciao Dr. Dreamy
<+DrWILL> I'll post more appearances on my website when it is done next week.
<ams06> but not the tribute making, baby corn sending type
<Ghost> BB is a hidden addiction. I contain my nutiness
<Jill> THAnk u
<JGuest360> Thanks Will, can't wait
<Ghost> to my keyboard
<kindaearlyeh> oh did I say that wrong
<kergles> night will
<hunter> you still have a website,lol
<+DrWILL> No last questions? I'm surprised...
<Onaf30> Thanks for chatting!!!!!!!
<Ghost> thanks will! bye
<Jill> What do u think of Krista posting all the sudden????
<YellowRz> Was France beautiful at Christmas? Did it snow?
<kergles> drwill
<Sty> You gonna answer it?
<kindaearlyeh> lol you missed them all doc
<Moe> lol
<paddywagon> Oh Will, we've asked ones you don't want to answer. You won't answer
<MissChriss> Thanks will for the timeframe on the website!
<lifesong> how is Ian?
<Sty> How is Erin? <g>
<Onaf30> Did you already talk about the Laker game?
<Jill> Does Krista know what she is talking about????
<JGuest360> Who is the houseguest you've been speaking too??
<+DrWILL> I did a grammer check on Krista's chat and my compurt vomited.
<Ghost> LOL
<YellowRz> oh yeah...how was that Laker game?
<Ghost> LMAO
<kindaearlyeh> lmao
<paddywagon> Will, How's Janelle?
<JGuest572> lol
<ams06> LMAO
<lifesong> LMAO
<Moe> lol
<MissChriss> LOL!!!
<JGuest360> lmao
<Onaf30> LOL
<Sty> KIK
<sendarelli> lol
<Sty> er LOL
<YellowRz> LOL
<Jill> Have u talked to Krista recently????
<kergles> aww Drwill
<CaraJay> LOL
<hunter> yikes
<Sty> damn fingers
<ladycaid> LOVE it
<Ghost> I just spit out my water
<Jill> too funny
<JGuest572> I thought you bb2ers stuck together?
<Onaf30> Poor Krista!
<ams06> who was the most annoying HG in Allstars?
<+DrWILL> Lakers was awesome. My patient owns the team so i get great seats.
<kergles> lucky u
<bimbolee> Thats' great
<JGuest360> Wow, that is awesome
<MissChriss> Will you show up at Boogies chat?
<Jill> your so cool
<kindaearlyeh> nothing like a good laugh this early in the morning...thanks for that doc
<Sty> How is Erin? <again>
<YellowRz> and of course you saw Jack!!!
<Onaf30> Sorry, I'm glad they lost, I hate the Lakers..
<Jill> Did u go to the Golden GLobes???
<paddywagon> How's Janelle? Is she 'chilly'?
<MissChriss> everyone saw Jack, like 50 times, lol
<ams06> me too Onaf. Go Kings!
<+DrWILL> I sit directly across from jack.
<YellowRz> who did they play?
<lifesong> please give our "What up"'s to Joe Vance
<Ghost> How's Joe Vance?
<Sty> lol
<kergles> that would be cool
<JGuest360> What a sight!!
* Sty gives up
<YellowRz> oh how cool...love Jack
<hunter> Erin is fine thanks for asking
<kindaearlyeh> lol hunter
<Sty> <smacks hunter
<JGuest360> lol hunter
<kergles> so back to edmonton - boogies is suppose to go to
<kergles> right
<hunter> so is scout
<Jill> Did u attend the Gloden Globes?
<MissChriss> i think he was the only celeb they kept showing
<+DrWILL> Edmonton should be a blast!
<Onaf30> Is anyone joining you in Richmond?????????/
<Ghost> IF we got to vote, he'd attend
<kergles> so will it be worth me flying there
<+DrWILL> We've never been there and we need some people to take us out.
<MissChriss> The east coast could be a blast too Will!!!!
<Onaf30> Tell Boogie to come!!!!
<Ksmith4477> going to richmond
<Ghost> I voted for you 10 times for America's choice
<paddywagon> Who's 'we' Will?
<JGuest360> Oh I know some people DrWill
<kergles> us CANADIANS are friendly
<ams06> Oh no Dr. Will. Don't you remember Howie's Canadian stories? LOL
<hunter> sty why did you smack me that hurt!!!!!
<paddywagon> You and Boogie?
<Ghost> but my roommates 10 votes for Janelle cancelled mine out
<kergles> come to BC
<kergles> or AB not too bad
<Jill> COME to SEATTLE!!!
<lifesong> when is Memphis? anybody know?
<Jill> Or BC
<bimbolee> I prefer Ohio
<Moe> its always about canada isnt in kergles
<kindaearlyeh> Philly would be good!
<Jill> Have u ever been to Seattle Will?
<kergles> Vancouver is beautiful
<MissChriss> yes kinda!
<Jill> Vancouver or Seattle would be awesome
<pittsburgh24> Paradise Mom would be perfect tour guide - she's not the least bit crazy either
<kergles> then im only a hour away seriously i live in chilliwack
<ams06> aww..pitts is right. Pmom is great
<Jill> Where is the bowling alley opening up at???
<pittsburgh24> Paradisemom is great
<kergles> yes it is moe lol
<sas> come back DrWILL
<Jill> is it in LA??
<ams06> it's in Atlanta Jill
<Jill> oh
<Jill> thanks amso6
<ams06> there are pics on wireimage of Boogie and Wilmer from last night
<YellowRz> Did you do this much traveling before BBAS?
<kergles> whistler is nice too
<kindaearlyeh> whos going bowling
<kindaearlyeh> lol
<lifesong> Will, have the fans settled down some or are you being accosted by crazies in the airport?
<Sty> oops...sorry Hunter..I was afk for a sec. I smacked you..er..hmmm..for fun? I can't member honestly..lol
<kergles> lots of sites to see in BC
<sas> we love you in Houston
<Ghost> Will , would you do dancing with the stars???????
<Moe> and good weed too
<ams06> Will how many crazy PM's do you get in a day...actually in an hour?
<kergles> yes bc bud
<kergles> lol
<+DrWILL> If you would like me to appear in your city you can contact Southern Shows. I have a great relationship with them and they are so fun to work with. GA, TN, VA, and Canada have all been booked. I was alreay in FL...
<kergles> not that i would know lol
<Moe> lol
<kergles> hehehe
<Jill> okay will do!!!
<Onaf30> Raleigh would love to see you!!!!
<Ghost> canada is southern?
<Sty> For some reason..I don't think "Southern Shows" would be in NY.
<kindaearlyeh> Will please tell me you are not still getting baby corn?
<Moe> or in the NW
<MissChriss> thanks for the info Will about Southern shows. gotta go to work. have a good day
<hunter> come to dallas
<YellowRz> Southern Shows?? ok, I will contact them about Texas
<kergles> Gawd its like 5 here
<CaraJay> same here gotta go to work how about twril?
<kergles> i really should try and go to sleep
<dazelite> I met you in Jax Will and it was superfun
<Moe> i got 2 hours of sleep, thats all i really need
<Ghost> I have off from class today
<ladycaid> Gotta go to work soon
<kergles> im good at 4
<Jill> Have u talked with Krista recently?
<sas> Have a nice day
<kindaearlyeh> kergles arent you supposed to be getting ready for our daily workout
<kergles> is DR still in the house
<kergles> kegels
<kindaearlyeh> ..over in the pond
<kindaearlyeh> lmao
<kergles> lol
<Jill> What do u think of her trying to sell DVDs?
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