[14:35] * Joins: DrWILL (~DrWILL@Joker)
[14:38] <Sidney> hi DrWill
[14:38] <DrWILL> Hi
[14:38] <punkysdog> hello will
[14:38] <Sidney> alot of people were wondering if you were gonna stop by ;)
[14:38] <DrWILL> hello
[14:38] <DrWILL> Yaeh, sorry for my prolonged absence 2026
[14:39] <Sidney> heh I'm sure you're a buy guy... doing ok?
[14:39] <DrWILL> Not sure if anyone cares but my websites will updated very shortly...
[14:39] <Sidney> buy=busy
[14:39] <punkysdog> going to swing by dolce in atlanta when you are savannah?
[14:39] <punkysdog> awesome
[14:39] <punkysdog> getting you myspace back anytime soon?
[14:39] <DrWILL> What is a "buy guy"? A gigolo?
[14:39] <Sidney> I'm sure lots will care!
[14:39] <Sidney> haha no I meant busy guy
[14:39] <DrWILL> Myspace? Not likley...
[14:40] <punkysdog> too much of a pain
[14:40] <DrWILL> Pretty much...
[14:40] <Greenie> just when I think I'm out.. You suck me back in drwill
[14:40] <punkysdog> don't blame ya with the probablems i heard ya had
[14:40] <Sidney> hi Greenie
[14:40] <Greenie> hi sidney
[14:40] <Sidney> here they come, get ready!
[14:40] <Sidney> hi carra
[14:40] <carra> hi
[14:41] <DrWILL> I'll have time to anser questions in Savannah...
[14:41] <shine> hi everyone
[14:41] <shine> hi dr will
[14:41] <carra> HI!!!! Dr. Will
[14:41] <DrWILL> Hi Shine
[14:41] <punkysdog> i would go Will but seeing I am not female I would be out of place at a womans conference
[14:41] <DrWILL> Hi Carra
[14:41] <strkaholic> Hi DrWill!!
[14:42] <Greenie> lol poor punky
[14:42] <carra> i can die now
[14:42] <strkaholic> How's it going?
[14:42] <punkysdog> I might mention it to my sisters they are BB fans too
[14:42] <DrWILL> Out of place?!?!? No way, in the land of the blind a one-eyed man is king!
[14:42] <punkysdog> lol
[14:42] <shine> lol
[14:42] <lisamaria> Hey Dr. Will!!!!!
[14:43] <strkaholic> What are you up to these days?
[14:43] <DrWILL> I have to run. Going to a Laker's game. Boogie is stuck in Atlanta so I'm giving his seats away.
[14:43] <punkysdog> So has jokerette convinced you to do a formal chat yet, or to make an apperence at the convention yet?
[14:43] <punkysdog> awesome
[14:43] <DrWILL> NPH just canceled on me too...
[14:43] <strkaholic> We would love it if you could do a chat here
[14:43] <punkysdog> is he at dolce?
[14:43] <shine> Aww... NPH :)
[14:43] <punkysdog> i should go by and eat there
[14:43] <punkysdog> lol
[14:43] <DrWILL> I'll probably swing by my brother's place and have him go...
[14:44] <JGuest301> are things good for you Will?
[14:44] <JGuest301> are you happy these days?
[14:44] <punkysdog> have fun at the game
[14:44] <shine> Will, come by and chat more often if you can. It's a lot of fun when you pop up around the chat rooms.
[14:44] <punkysdog> Tell Kobe not to score too many points today
[14:44] <DrWILL> If you are really psycho [and well, you probably are :)], I'll be in the first or second row behind the visitor's bench...
[14:45] <shine> lol
[14:45] * Greenie fears for will's life now
[14:45] <JGuest301> good seats!
[14:45] <strkaholic> LOL..not psycho, but we will watch for you...have fun at the game
[14:45] <punkysdog> lol i hope people are not that psycho
[14:45] <JGuest301> are you by Jack Nicholsons seats
[14:46] <DrWILL> Boogie may be at Dolce today but he is opening our new bowling alley, 10 Pin Alley...
[14:46] <DrWILL> Acroos from Jack.
[14:46] <JGuest301> cool!
[14:46] <punkysdog> ah
[14:46] <Sarah> does it have midnight bowling >?
[14:46] <DrWILL> As though I'm on a first name basis with him! LOL
[14:46] <punkysdog> sweet atlantic station right?
[14:46] <JGuest301> lol
[14:46] <punkysdog> i was wondering when that was going to open
[14:46] <Sarah> I miss Don Carter's
[14:46] <DrWILL> Midnight bowling? Yep...and KARAOKE!!!!
[14:46] <shine> Do you call him Boogie when you're talking to him in real life too?
[14:46] <JGuest111> When does it open Will??
[14:46] <Sarah> woo hoo
[14:46] <DaleJrfan> hi guys
[14:46] <misti> hello room and dr will
[14:47] <DrWILL> of course I call him Boogie. Duh.
[14:47] <joanned> hey dr will
[14:47] <JGuest111> LOL
[14:47] <SFBaychic> lol
[14:47] <loveWILL> Hi Misti!!
[14:47] <shine> lol
[14:47] <joanned> whatsup
[14:47] <loveWILL> Will can we get a twirl!!
[14:47] <JGuest111> Will can you tell us when your website is coming up??
[14:47] <punkysdog> i am glad you guys decided to open some decent places here in Atlanta
[14:47] <joanned> can i have a teirl?
[14:47] <BBFan2> Hi everyone I'm new. Is doctor delicious on?
[14:47] <Sarah> Will, people are asking about the status of your site... got any news ?
[14:47] <joanned> twirl
[14:47] <JGuest111> yes he is
[14:48] <DaleJrfan> we all need twirls- we missed you
[14:48] <kelli351> Hi Dr Will
[14:48] <Applebutta> hi everyone!
[14:48] <misti> hi
[14:48] <JGuest111> We've really missed you!
[14:48] <kelli351> its about time you came back. We need to hear you sing in Janies again!!
[14:48] <DrWILL> If you live in Atlanta, and you didn't hear this from me, Wilmer Valderama is having his birthday party there tomorrow night. They are pretending it is private but it is actually open to the public. The code word is ..."CHILL TOWN". Tell Boogie i sent you...
[14:48] <BBFan2> Sweet!
[14:48] <Starr> Will..where have you been?
[14:48] <DaleJrfan> lol will
[14:48] <shine> sounds like fun
[14:48] <misti> lol
[14:48] <JGuest301> you are the best Will! :)
[14:48] <punkysdog> lol
[14:48] <Sarah> via Joker's, of course
[14:48] <Applebutta> i'll fly down on my private jet
[14:48] <JGuest111> Nope, not in Atlanta, but sounds like fun!!
[14:48] <punkysdog> yah and i would look like a fool will
[14:48] <Onaf30> Hey, Dr. Will, looking forward to seeing you in Richmond!
[14:48] <punkysdog> :0
[14:49] <Sarah> plug and plug alike
[14:49] <punkysdog> ;)
[14:49] <lovewillkirby> Heuy DrWill
[14:49] <Starr> Will you be at this party?
[14:49] <BBFan2> Wish I lived in Richmond...
[14:49] <kelli351> Dr Will, can you come sing in the pond again soon?? We miss you there!!
[14:49] <DrWILL> Okay, I have to run. See you in Savannah hopefully....or Richmond... or TN... or Canada!
[14:49] <JGuest111> We love you Will, hope to see you in Edmonton
[14:49] <punkysdog> if i was famous i wouldn't want normal folks around either
[14:49] <JGuest301> see ya Will!
[14:49] <bbfan12> Hey Will you are awesome!
[14:49] <BBFan2> Luv u, doc!
[14:49] <lovewillkirby> BYe DRWill
[14:49] <JGuest111> Canada Rocks!!
[14:49] <punkysdog> later Will
[14:49] <DaleJrfan> any last minute twirls?
[14:49] <Onaf30> Bye, see you soon!!!!!
[14:49] <Sarah> ciao
[14:49] <Starr> Come back soon...
[14:49] <JGuest111> bye Will
[14:49] <misti> that was short
[14:49] <lisamaria> see you in edmonton!
[14:50] <JGuest111> Love you !!
[14:50] <joanned> bye dr will
[14:50] <ariel> Hi Dr. D. Hope you come back soon.
[14:50] <lovewillkirby> see you in Memphis!!!
[14:50] <strkaholic> Thanks for dropping in..have a blast at the game!!!
[14:50] <bbfan12> Much love Will from your fans from Canada!
[14:50] <DrWILL> TWRILS FOR EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[14:50] <JGuest111> Thanks Will
[14:50] <JGuest301> You are our fav!
[14:50] * Quits: DrWILL (Quit: My Webchat Closed. )