<KaysarBB6> hello everyone
<Taylor> Welcome Kaysar
<Jokerette> hey kaysar... You made it
<Jokerette> was your trip long and exhausting?
<KaysarBB6> I haven't made it home yet. I stopped at a Starbucks on the way.
<Lotus> welcome Kaysar!
<KaysarBB6> I had a 2 hour flight delay last night. I was planning on chatting with everyone from JFK international but that didn't work out too well lol
<Jokerette> oh lmao
<Jokerette> i can just see that :|
<Jokerette> oh bless your heart!
<Jokerette> well let's ROCK this!

<Jokerette> jedijanie asks: Hi Kaysar!! We all know that it takes both mental and physical strength to advance in the game, but what do you think is most important?
<KaysarBB6> I think the key is a combination of both. Balance is the key to winning the game. The person who is the most level headed controls the game
<Jokerette> yep.

<Jokerette> Annie asks: Kaysar, I realize you came to Big Brother last year as Mike's partner and didn't really know the game, so.. Have you since watched any of the previous seasons to learn more about the Houseguests elligible to be in the house this season?
<KaysarBB6> I have watched parts of 5 and parts of 2. I have seen all of 3 and 4 though
<Jokerette> learn any strategy from them?
<KaysarBB6> I plan on going through all the of the tapes during sequester
<Jokerette> good plan!
<KaysarBB6> I'm not really looking to learn strategy from the tapes. I'm looking at the games and key moments that may be brought into play as trivia questions in all-stars
<Jokerette> very smart.
<KaysarBB6> thanks
<Jokerette> so do you have a strategy goin in?
<KaysarBB6> Yes
<KaysarBB6> its simple actually
<Jokerette> ?
<KaysarBB6> clear mind
<Jokerette> fit body too lol
<KaysarBB6> I want to keep my body and mind sharp
<KaysarBB6> exactly
<Jokerette> yeppers.
<KaysarBB6> the game is there to tear you down mentally and physically and depending on who you ask... spiritually. Its up to me to battle all 3
<Jokerette> yes it is! and you'll do JUST fine.

<Jokerette> chalbert asks: Hi KayKay! haha Can I call you that Kaysar? Thanks for rescheduling! I'm a big fan. just joined your board. saw you on the Early Show. so a lot people want to know if that chat you had with Will & Howie was real. was that really Will? some people think it was staged but I don't think you would do that.
<KaysarBB6> hey chal. The chat was in fact with the with the real Will. I had my MOD from my board call and set it up. And I followed up with a confirmation. And yes that was the real Howie as well. lol
<Jokerette> was that a real battle?
<KaysarBB6> I was indeed upset about the things he said.
<Jokerette> awwwwwww
<KaysarBB6> I didn't know Will was going to say what he said. There was no script
<KaysarBB6> lol
<Jokerette> ok! I see.

<Jokerette> mrskaysarridha asks: Kaysar if you could bring one thing in the house with you, what would it be and why?
<KaysarBB6> I would bring an extra layer of skin because I think I'm going to need even thicker skin this time around. There is some fierce competition. This is no joke
<Jokerette> this is hard core.
<KaysarBB6> yes
<Jokerette> you'll be up against the best, right?
<KaysarBB6> and thats an understatement lol
<Jokerette> rofl

<Jokerette> chalbert asks: Kaysar how does your family feel about you possibly going back into the house? are they voting for you?
<KaysarBB6> I hope they are voting for me. Otherwise we have a serious problem. My family is nervous because they know that BB is not easy. It pushes a human to the brink on so many levels.
<KaysarBB6> But they are confident that I will do a good job.
<Jokerette> but you made it through relatively unscathed, right
<Jokerette> or did you have issues after you left the house?
<KaysarBB6> I couldn't have asked for a better outcome.
<Jokerette> good.
<KaysarBB6> The issues I had were negligible. They were overshadowed by all the positive experiences
<Jokerette> yay strong fella, you.

<Jokerette> Hypnotoad asks: Kaysar, a poll of 7000+ people is showing your in the lead of the men, 2nd Howie, 3rd Dr. Will. How would you feel if James didnt get Americas Vote?
<KaysarBB6> I believe that all the potential houseguest deserve to be on that list. The producers made this decision and it is one that I respect. What it boils down to know is whether the public likes their particular gameplay and what they bring to the table. I cannot express my opinions so close to the game... lol

<Jokerette> <dtd2> Kaysar I have been voting like crazy for u and I enjoyed seeing you on the Early Show this morning. What was it like to be on the "It List" for so long and be stunned that you were probably the most popular player ever
<Jokerette> that "it list" was hilarious for real woman who ran it was PISSED. roflmao
<KaysarBB6> Thank you...I can't put into words the experience that I have been blessed with. But, I will try.... When I first found out that I was in contention to be placed on the "It List" I was stunned. I was in utter disbelief.
<KaysarBB6> then when I made it on and then made to 3rd place my heart dropped
<Jokerette> I thought it was marvelous
<KaysarBB6> I never thought I would ever beat out Johnny Depp for the 1st place spot
<Jokerette> we were sooooo proud of you!
<KaysarBB6> I was on the list for over 3 or 4 months
<Jokerette> we voted like hell. roflmao
<KaysarBB6> lol
<KaysarBB6> yes. And the lady who was running it was upset
<Jokerette> that woman was sooooo pissed. HAhahahha!
<Jokerette> yes she was. rofl
<KaysarBB6> they had to purge the list to get me off
<KaysarBB6> lol
<Jokerette> lol list killer

<Jokerette> Kaysar4BB7 asks: Kaysar, other than BB6, which is your favorite BB season thus far?
<KaysarBB6> I thought season 3 was good. From what I saw, they managed to play a fairly clean game and yet there was action, gameplay and suspense. I respect that.
<Jokerette> I liked YOUR season the best.
<KaysarBB6> Granted people choose to play the game by lying etc but there is no need to hurt others
<Jokerette> nope
<Jokerette> but i figured your season went right down to the wire.. good vs evil lol
<KaysarBB6> It most certainly was

<Jokerette> Kaysar4BB7 asks: Do you stay in touch with people from BB6 and has anyone changed SIGNIFICANTLY?
<KaysarBB6> I speak to Janie, Howie, James, Sarah, Mike
<Jokerette> has anyone changed after the game?
<KaysarBB6> the other day Ray Ray called and left a message... got to call her back
<Jokerette> awwwwwww
<KaysarBB6> and Beau sent me a myspace message. Need to get back to him
<KaysarBB6> has anyone changed...? hmm
<KaysarBB6> I don't think so. I think they are all the same
<Jokerette> good to hear.
<KaysarBB6> or I'm not close enough to judge

<Jokerette> <dtd2> Kaysar do you think houseguests from season 1 and 2 will be at a disadvanage because in season 1 it was a completly different game and in 2 the only way to stay was to campaign for themselves. Do you think they will be able to adjust?
<KaysarBB6> yes considering I went into the house without any prior knowledge to the game
<Jokerette> and you did really well.
<KaysarBB6> all they have to do is wipe the slate clean and start over without any preconceived ideas
<Jokerette> I'm sure they've watched other seasons.
<KaysarBB6> Anyone can play this game, not everyone can play it well and win
<Jokerette> truer words!

<Jokerette> Kaysar4BB7 asks: Do you have a crush on Janelle?
<KaysarBB6> lol. No I do not. I can see why people may think that. I haven't watched all the tapes from BB6 but I have seen some of the archieved footage on the net. Her and I bonded in the house. But we are only friends. You grow close to someone when you know that you are in danger and there is only one other person you can trust.
<Jokerette> I bet.
<KaysarBB6> What people say was a closeness. They mistook it as a love connection
<Jokerette> they did indeed.

<Jokerette> lisa asks: how has the big brother experience changed

<KaysarBB6> I have changed very much in a very short period of time. I believe I've been forced to grow as a person. I think I take more responsibily for my actions. I am more of a man. lol
<Jokerette> awwwwwww
<KaysarBB6> I think that is because I have been forced to grow in the public eye now
<KaysarBB6> So I want to put my best foot forward
<Jokerette> you will I'm sure!

<Jokerette> eeyore asks: do you think everyone in the top 20 is

<KaysarBB6> Its not for me to say who deserves to be there or not. I don't know them. If I was to say yes or no then that would imply that I think I am deserves whereas they are not
<KaysarBB6> and thats not cool.
<Jokerette> well said.
<KaysarBB6> I think the biggest mistake a person could make is to underestimate the opposition
<Jokerette> that would be deadly, yes.

<Jokerette> AllStarWill asks: do you think it's right that you get a third chance at this while others only will get it twice?
<KaysarBB6> I think it is fair only if people believe I have more to offer
<Jokerette> which, evidently, they do.
<KaysarBB6> If someone can continue to bring forth something to the table then why not
<KaysarBB6> the # shouldn't matter
<Jokerette> nope indeed
<Jokerette> it's HOW you play the game. not #

<Jokerette> chalbert asks: Kaysar would your future wife have to be Muslim (or converting to Muslim) or would you ever marry someone who wasn't

<KaysarBB6> I would marry someone who is not muslim
<KaysarBB6> I want a woman who has faith though
<KaysarBB6> a stong sense of faith and spirituality
<Jokerette> made a lot of ladies happy there.
<Jokerette> lolol

<Jokerette> Reality4Me asks: Do you think you have a huge target on you since you were given a second chance already last season?
KaysarBB6> Well. That is something that is not my concern. Houseguest drive themselves to the point of utter unsanity thinking about targets and potention lies, alliances, and other things that don't matter.
<Jokerette> nope
<KaysarBB6> Let them think those things. While I remain focused
<KaysarBB6> lol
<Jokerette> focus is vital!

<Jokerette> ihateeric asks: kaysar, is it true you have a secret alliance to go to the final two with allison and are you really dating a girl named destiny...that's what i heard
<KaysarBB6> LOL! Ok, I have never spoken to Allison in my life. And if I had a secret alliace, it's not much of a secret now is it!
<KaysarBB6> As for this mystery girl...
<Jokerette> roflmao
<KaysarBB6> One day I had to excuse myself from my chatroom over at my site.
<KaysarBB6> I said....
<KaysarBB6> bye everyone.... I have a date with destiny
<Jokerette> HahahahHA!
<KaysarBB6> its a common phrase
<KaysarBB6> well
<KaysarBB6> as you can see
<Jokerette> oh that's choice.
<KaysarBB6> people took it the wrong way and ran with it
<Jokerette> roflmao!!!!!
<Jokerette> so much for darlin destiny.

<Jokerette> OK, as usual, Timmy wants to know do you eat cornnuts
<KaysarBB6> Cornuts???
<KaysarBB6> LOL
<KaysarBB6> I used to when I was in elementary school
<Jokerette> rofl he's our aussie OP (i have no idea what they are)
<Jokerette> omg you DiD!
<KaysarBB6> now I have to watch my figure. there is a lot on the line
<KaysarBB6> love handles are not cool
<Jokerette> rofl indeed there is
<KaysarBB6> lol
<Jokerette> nope never!

<Jokerette> CMaye78 asks: Do you think you can get along with Dr. Will in the house? What up Kaysar!
<KaysarBB6> What up CMAYE! I'm not sure about Dr. Will. I'm going to try to love everyone and trust no one. If that makes any sense. Will seems 2 faced, then again I don't know him. I can't make that call. And the same goes for the rest of the cast
<Jokerette> keep one on your back

<Jokerette> Reality4Me asks: Were you at all hesitant to agree to go back into the house this season? Why?
<KaysarBB6> Not at all. I did have some butterflies in my stomach though because it's tough. Your life is on hold for 3 months while you undergo extenuating circumstances
<Jokerette> indeed
<KaysarBB6> but in the end the love for the game outshines it all
<Jokerette> yay
KaysarBB6> love always prevails right? lol
<Jokerette> yes indeed!

<Jokerette> helloworld asks: Who are you hoping gets back in the BB house? And by the way, you are a very intelligent man, and handsome, too, I must say.
<KaysarBB6> thank you. I hope that some good competition gets in that house. I also hope people I can somewhat trust are there too. Thats all I can say

<Jokerette> jedijanie asks: I read a quote from you on next weeks TV guide that stated that the producers told all of you that America will have more say this time than ever before. Do you mean once u get into the house?
<KaysarBB6> right. IF I am graciously voted back in
<Jokerette> we're workin on that
<KaysarBB6> you are far too kind
<Jokerette> you have a ton, a ton, of fans.

<Jokerette> PrissyKrissy asks: Kaysar, do you think it's ok to lie a little this time around?
<KaysarBB6> I think I will have to bend the rules that I have set for myself to play this game. I'm not sure what that will entail. I guess I'm going to have to see what is thrown at me. There are some things I will not waiver on. I guess it all depends. I would love to play the game without lying. I know one thing for sure. I will try hard to play the game without hurting or humiliating others
<Jokerette> but if it came right down to you lying or being evicted... ?
<KaysarBB6> I think negotiation will come first.
<Jokerette> well said.
<Jokerette> ain't gonna corner you, am I. ROFL
<KaysarBB6> I can slip through your cracks lol
<Jokerette> oh baby baby! heheheeh

<Jokerette> <dtd2> Kaysar when do you go into sequester and when do the houseguests enter the house and for those who dont get in will they have to stay in sequester until like july 7th so people dont know who is in and who isnt
<KaysarBB6> dtd I most definitely cannot answer that question. We will be gone VERY soon. Thats all I can disclose
<Jokerette> k.

<Jokerette> KingKayRules asks: Kaysar, if you were in the jury during BB6, who would you have given your vote to win?
<KaysarBB6> I have heard this question many times. I would quit BB and tell them to keep the money. lol
<Jokerette> rofl!!!!
<Jokerette> yeah!
<KaysarBB6> kidding. I think I would have thrown up a couple of times then flipped a coin
<Jokerette> roflmao
<Jokerette> I liked answer 1 better
<KaysarBB6> lol

<Jokerette> helloworld asks: Hi Kaysar! If you are put back in the BB house, what will you do differently?
<KaysarBB6> Hmmm what will I do differently. EVERYTHING. No one wants to see the same thing twice. That's just boring.
<Jokerette> amen!

<Jokerette> upton asks: Out of the 20 possible houseguests, who do you think will be the toughest competition?
<KaysarBB6> Its hard to tell. When Michael Jordon and Magic Johnson return to the NBA after retirement everyone thought it was going to be the greatest thing ever! BUT... it was not. I can't tell until the game starts. SO put me in coach!
<KaysarBB6> Did that make any sense? hahaha
<Jokerette> is half of starbucks lookin over your shhoulder?
<Jokerette> oh yes.
<Jokerette> I have this vision of you with a ton of fans over one shoulder lol
<KaysarBB6> thankfully no
<KaysarBB6> lol
<KaysarBB6> but that was the scene in NYC
<KaysarBB6> it was awesome. Team Allison jumped ship and took pics with me
<KaysarBB6> lol
<Jokerette> was it really? LOL
<Jokerette> now THAT is funny!
<KaysarBB6> lol
<KaysarBB6> we had a great time

<Jokerette> OK... we sure thank you for your time!!!!!
<Jokerette> you have been a great chat, we're so glad to have you!
<KaysarBB6> Always a pleasure
<Jokerette> I am gonna open the room so the folks can talk to you directly
<Jokerette> you ready for the floodgates? LOL
<timmydownawell> ok by me ette
<Taylor> Thank you so much Kaysar
<KaysarBB6> I hope to seal some panter's fate's this summer
<KaysarBB6> lol
<Taylor> lol!
<Jokerette> yes indeed!
<KaysarBB6> that was sooo cheesy. sorry
<KaysarBB6> lol
<Jokerette> kick ASS in there, kaysar!