<Jokerette> Nakomis?
<nako> hey
<Jokerette> Nakomis.. if you're ready to start, type Let's Go!
<nako> let's go!!!
<Jokerette> hey nakomis
<Jokerette> how are you doing, girl?
<nako> hey how you doin
<Jokerette> really excited to have you here!
<Jokerette> What have you been up to since leaving the house?
<nako> rock on happy to be here
<Jokerette> good to have you
<nako> um working on my house art and work
<Jokerette> good enough! do you have a link to your art?
<nako> i have it on my myspace for work
<Jokerette> ok I see.. ok let's rock this!
<nako> k

<Jokerette> Who do you think has played the best game this season?
<nako> will and boogie
<Jokerette> do you really?
<Jokerette> not janie per chance?'
<nako> yea they are totally playing off of people this year
<Jokerette> they're doing good!
<nako> janie is doing good to but those two rock
<Jokerette> yes they do indeed!

<Jokerette> Did you have a pre game alliance and do you think Will and Janie had one?
<nako> um im not sure.... you can only guess
<Jokerette> for sure

<Jokerette> Do you keep in contact with Cowboy?
<nako> some times we need to talk about alot and i don't think we are ready yet
<Jokerette> really? Glad to hear you talk
<Jokerette> is it good to have discovered a brother?
<nako> yea it is but the way we met sucked
<Jokerette> how so?
<nako> well we met on a show where stabbing people in the back is the norm......
<Jokerette> yes true

<Jokerette> Did you like the slop twist this season, or the PB and J? Both seem horrible!
<nako> pb&j is waaaaaaaay worse than slop
<Jokerette> you think? LOL
<nako> yes most def
<Jokerette> they're begging for pbj in there now lol

<Jokerette> If you could vote right now ,with all that you know and have seen, to evict one person from the BB7 house.. who would it be?
<nako> prolly dani i don't know that
<nako> is a good ?
<Jokerette> yep twas!

<Jokerette> Do you and Diane or any other BB 5 members still talk?
<nako> diane is the only one
<Jokerette> how is diane doing?
<nako> good she is happy to be out too, she has alot of strong feelings about the show though
<Jokerette> anything you can share?
<nako> not really i don't want to spread rumors
<Jokerette> ok fair enough!

<Jokerette> What is your take on the game so far, and whould you have left Chilltown in the game this long?
<nako> well when i was in the game i saw them going far but i never saw both of them in the house this long, yes they are only in the house for each other
<Jokerette> it's amazing no one has booted them, isn't it?
<nako> tell me bout it
<Jokerette> would you have booted them by now?
<nako> i would have tried
<Jokerette> and succeeded

<Jokerette> Did you have an alliance before coming into house?
<nako> no, i didn't want the unfare advantage, even though it seems most of the people this year had one
<Jokerette> yes i'd say so!

<Jokerette> If you had been on the jury, who would you like to see in the final two, of the current remaining houseguests?
<nako> another hard question......um personaly janie or will just cause i like them as people, game wise hard choice

<Jokerette> What do you think of the Will and Janie thing? For real or showmance?
<nako> i don't think so.... Janie really was bugged by Will at first and i think it is an act
<Jokerette> i agree
<Jokerette> do you watch the feeds?
<nako> no feeds but i watch the show when i can
<Jokerette> did you see Will compare her to Seabisquit? ROFL
<nako> NO! wow not nice...... but funny
<Jokerette> too funny lol

<Jokerette> I was wondering what you used to do your hair this year in house
<nako> punky dye the same dye i've used for 8 years it good stuff
<Jokerette> yeah it works well

<Jokerette> Do you think there really was a "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" alliance?
<nako> no i've asked her out side the house and she still says no but then again who knows
<Jokerette> true that!

<Jokerette> If you could be stranded on a desert island with either Howie, Will, or Marcellas, which would you choose, and why?
<nako> will because for being the nag he is on the show alot of it is "good t.v"
<Jokerette> rofl very true~ he is a pisser, isn't he?
<Jokerette> did you get along with him?
<nako> he seems that way
<Jokerette> yeppers
<nako> yea he's a good guy

<Jokerette> Do you wish that Cowboy would have been in the house with you? It would have given you at least one Alli in the house.
<nako> yes and no, it would have given me an ali but every one told me in the house it would have just put me more at risk for eviction not like not having him there helped
<Jokerette> hadn't thought of that.

<Jokerette> What one former HG that wasn't selected would you have liked to have been included in BB7?
<nako> marvin or lisa
<Jokerette> lisa woulda been fun.. but marvin woulda been a BLAST!

<Jokerette> Which houseguest annoyed you the most?
<nako> yea
<nako> this year and my season jase
<Jokerette> whyso?
<nako> he is just one of those people who get off ragging on people and that's not cool he started off good this season and just got weird again
<Jokerette> was a bit on the bizarre side lol
<nako> yea

<Jokerette> What did you think about how James played this season?
<nako> i thought that he played good but he was just too trusting of chill town
<Jokerette> yeppers

<Jokerette> What are your thoughts on Janelle's gameplay? Is it "luck" like some people say, or is she genuinely good at the game?
<nako> well she is super agressive at comatitions and she has a good head on her shoulders, i think she can play but she makes it look like luck
<Jokerette> yep i'd agree
<Jokerette> would you ever have teamed up with her, do you think?
<nako> she is smart yes oh hell yes
<Jokerette> you'd have torn it up!

<Jokerette> Did you expect to be evicted so soon?
<nako> yea two girls on a rampage, um yes and no when everyone brings up my use of numbers on my season every day you know they are thinking bout getting you out
<Jokerette> indeed

<Jokerette> banks asks: Did the season 5 people ever decide to team up at all?
<nako> yes but just for like 2 seconds um jase still held a grudge and i didn't want the negative feedback
<Jokerette> don't blame you there!

<Jokerette> If you were still in the BB house, who would you trust the most?
<nako> Janie hands down

<Jokerette> Who do you think should win the game now?
<nako> jani or will i guess i had a ? like that earler and it is a hard one to answer
<Jokerette> yeah that's right.. my bad lol

<Jokerette> We all know you would have won an HOH if you stayed in the game longer! So who would you have targeted? any names?
<nako> at that point james and boogie i think....
<Jokerette> which woulda been wise
<Jokerette> this next is a folowup

<Jokerette> How come nobody in the house has seen Will as a threat at all? The guy won last time and everybody ignores him again, this year.
<nako> yea it's the same story from 2 i don't get it.....he's just lucky i guess
<Jokerette> pissy

<Jokerette> I want to know what prompted Nakomis to go back on Big Brother after she clearly figured out that the producers don't care about the contestants feelings or their mental wellfare?
<nako> hmmmm, well even though the prod. seem to be cold, i got to meet some of the greats that bb has ever seen, and the money yep the money was nice too
<Jokerette> that's excellent

<Jokerette> Are you surprised George made it as far as he has?
<nako> YES! people never want to vote out the nice guy though.....
<Jokerette> ain't it amazing? You reckon he'll make it to final 2?
<nako> yea....i do, but if he does he got there on his own
<Jokerette> yep for sure.

<Jokerette> After playing the game twice now, if you were able to produce a BB season what changes do you believe are worth making?
<nako> if i produced a bb i would throw more mental twists in there like figure out the puzzle and get a prize or food, so that you would have to keep strong people in the game to get stuff
<Jokerette> what do you think of the compeitions so far? too easy for all stars?
<nako> yea not too happy with them, but they seem to get the job done you know
<Jokerette> one way or another

<Jokerette> Do yout hink you'll keep in touch with any of the S7 house guests after the show is over?
<nako> i hope so kaysar was cool so was janie and james all good people, we'll see though
<Jokerette> yep
<Jokerette> do y'all actually have fun in that house? Or is it for show?
<nako> some of the time it is fun some of the time there is sooooo much down time you wanna scream
<Jokerette> i bet!

<Jokerette> Do you watch other reality tv shows? If so, which?
<nako> when i have the time i watch race and hells kitchen

<Jokerette> What did you think about the bb6 alliance?
<nako> it was a power house and kinda unfare but the fell apart in the end if they would have just stuck together it would have been bb6 reruns
<Jokerette> lol
<Jokerette> what did you think about Howie?
<nako> howie is ok but when i found out all of the stupid untrue things he said about me it just made me sad that some people can be led so easily.... i don't know he seemed ok but dosn't like me much and that is his choice
<Jokerette> awwwwwwwww
<Jokerette> his loss

<Jokerette> Did you see the petition to get you on dancing with the stars? if so, what do you think about it? would you do it?
<nako> um..... i can't dance to save my self.....i would prolly break my leg if i did it
<Jokerette> lol i'd like to see you in it

<Jokerette> Why do you think you were nominated so early?
<nako> people knew that if i put my mind to something it would happen and i think that freaked them out
<Jokerette> right.. you were powereful and smart, is what it was. imho.

<Jokerette> What do you think of BB contestants trying to make it in Hollywood?
<nako> eh.... it's their choice but it is pretty foolish, i'm not an actress and would never try but that might be a dream of theirs.... i just think that reality tv would hurt you more than help you, unless you become an investor like boogie and will

<timmydownawell> If you had to have a 'showmance' with one of your fellow BB7 players, who would it be?
<nako> none of the people hit me that way, not really from my side of town

<timmydownawell> Do you think will is jealous of season 6s popularity. They were all America's Choices but he was a producers pick!
<Jokerette> boogie said he was jealous...
<nako> no i don't think will cares too much, i mean he dared people not to vote for him and he got it
<Jokerette> true that

<Jokerette> What color is your hair is now?
<nako> road cone orange no yellow but i did cut it short
<Jokerette> wow! I'd like to see a pic of you

<Jokerette> How does it feel to have Janelle regard you as her favorite player?
<nako> it was awsome cause she is a bad ass player and that means alot to me
<Jokerette> )

<Jokerette> Do you feel that if Jani makes it to the final two that she will win the respect votes since everyone was gunning for her?
<nako> i hope she will, she can't be caught and deserves the votes
<Jokerette> i think so too

<Jokerette> Do you think some fans take their obsessions too far with some of their comments about the other HG's?
<nako> no, and yes alot of the comments i've read about the show are totally false.... and no because you really never know what is true with that place
<Jokerette> unless you've been in there, right?
<nako> eh even then you don't really know
<Jokerette> lol

Jokerette> Are the people in the house just playing a part as Jase said they were on House Calls?
<nako> some of the people put on a show for good tv but i didn't but jase boogie and will seem to
<Jokerette> lol yeppers

<Jokerette> Isn't it against the rules to split the $ or even talk about it? Seems like lying has gotten to a contractual level now? Are you into that?
<nako> not at all.... but people do get desperate in there
<Jokerette> i'd imagine

<Jokerette> Were you aware that Janelle was trying to save you the week you were evicted or were you surprised to see that after being evicted?
<nako> no she said she was trying to help me and i trusted her if i had stayed in the house we would have gone far together
<Jokerette> yes you would totally!

<Jokerette> Do you think that Boogie and Will are going to turn on one another?
<Jokerette> (boogie wants to keep erika, will wants to keep Janie)
<nako> i don't know early in the show i would have said yes but now that they have everyone where they want them they will stay together till the end
<Jokerette> i bet you're right.. but what about boog/erkia will/janie?
<nako> the other players are just pawns to them
<Jokerette> do you think that might split them up? the girl factor?
<Jokerette> the female factor lol
<nako> eh, not with 500.000 in play
<Jokerette> yeah you got a point.
<Jokerette> but they offered to split it with the girls?
<Jokerette> on the feeds.. they offered to split with both janie and erika
<nako> yea, but micheal promised me money cause he kicked me out but that was just game talk
<Jokerette> wow I'd forgotten that! so he never came out with the bucks?
<nako> nope
<Jokerette> turd. lol

<Jokerette> Will just said Nakomis' downfall was that she was quiet and laid back and she rallied no support for her Do you agree?
<nako> yea kinda but i did go to the s6 cause diane had chill town, but they tried to strong arm people into the votes that hurt me more than helped
<Jokerette> strong arm? how so?
<nako> following people around asking them who they where voting for and then tring to get them to vote nakomis.... people got tired of it
<Jokerette> i'd imagine...

<Jokerette> Did you eat at boogie's restaurant when you split? Would you ever? LOL
<nako> no i was supervised, but yea i still wanna chill with them after the show ends
<Jokerette> kewl

<Jokerette> What is it like to have no privacy for the most private moments we all have in a day?
<nako> horrid!
<Jokerette> rofl i'd imagine
<nako> like jail but wose
<nako> worse
<Jokerette> going to the bathroom hadda be a bitch?
<nako> yea
<Jokerette> i can't imagine. rofl

<Jokerette> What do you think of the Boogie/Erica showmance?
<nako> um, it could happen oooooor it could just be buying more time in the house
<Jokerette> (cause we're all pretty repulsed here) LOL

<Jokerette> what do you think of boogie?
<Jokerette> mr romance? ROFL
<nako> to each their own, boogie is the typical night life type o' guy but other than that he has his good points
<Jokerette> what good points?
<Jokerette> did he make you laugh
<nako> um...... he likes beer, and likes sushi, but really he was funny and likes fun
<Jokerette> i bet

<Jokerette> Hey Nakomis, I'm from Toronto... it was nice to hear you think fondly of us up here in the Great White North... any plans yet with your art school plans?
<nako> not yet i think i want to get my pre reqs here and then move up north for art school....
<Jokerette> what is your art media?
<nako> graphics, paint, pen and ink, and prisma colour
<Jokerette> kewl
<Jokerette> we'd love to see it

<Jokerette> Do you think the game is tainted in anyway, such as the people in the house saying that the producers want Janie to win?
<nako> no it is all up to the players..... she just rocks the house in comps. and will throws everything, boog just dosn't win and dani tries not to win i think to not get noticed
<Jokerette> I agree! OK one last one. hehehehe

<Jokerette> You are someone who has tremendous spirit..we think of you kind of like kaysar..what are your thoughts of him
<nako> kaysar was awsome some of the best conversations i've had in a while i had with him he is smart and funny, he just needs to work on eye contact
<Jokerette> awwwww good to know!
<nako> yep

<Jokerette> OK we sure thank you for coming to us tonight....
<Jokerette> stick around, gonna open the room...
<nako> no problem
<Jokerette> so everyone can say good night
<nako> k
<Jokerette> thanks a million! hold on, here come the hordes lol
<timmydownawell> We're going to open chat now, please feel free to hang around for a little while and chat