Jokerette: hey Mike!
Boogie: hello ladies
Jokerette: Andie asks: How did you get started in the restaurant business
Boogie: opened a bar called BELLY right be4 big brother 2 on a whim...plunged in
Jokerette: I remember belly's! that was the first one?
Boogie: yes
Jokerette: very popular as i recall, right?
Boogie: yeah bb helped a LOT
Jokerette: I bet!

Jokerette: We hear you're opening 8 new restaurants. Where?
Boogie: 3 in Atlanta just opened and Dallas and Huntsville AL on the way (multiple spots)
Jokerette: woot congrats!

Jokerette: punkysdog asks: any good parties at dolce in Atlanta anytime soon?
Boogie: thanks a lot
Boogie: no just great food service and bowling

Jokerette: What do you think of the strong continued interest in BB7 5 months after the show, for example the Winelle saga?
Boogie: it's all fun...the show is nothing without the fans
Jokerette: how about the whole winelle thing?
Boogie: Will and Janelle feed into it
Jokerette: on purpose do you think?
Boogie: they enjoy the attention

Jokerette: Are you aware that your net cred has gotten strong to quite strong due to BB7 as opposed to BB2. With that said, will you be getting a website and interacting your fans more often or you just don't love us
Boogie: i like the fans but I don't have the time that will and janelle and all the other HG's do
Boogie: yes I am aware you like me more
Jokerette: i can understand that lol

Jokerette: You've said you planned the Erika part of your strategy, a question. How far back had you planned it? Did you know her before you went in the house?
Boogie: yes she came to Geisha House long b4 all stars...we generally enjoyed each other I would have hung out with her and been friends even without the strategy--when she broke up with Josh shortly be4 the show I knew I was in. She's a good person

Jokerette: You said you didn't play Krista, but you did play Erika. What was the difference between those two women, for you?
Boogie: I walked out of the house for Krista...I never would have done that for anyone this time
Jokerette: i understand.
Boogie: i genuinely wanted Krista to win
Jokerette: krista IS special isn't she
Boogie: she's a character!
Jokerette: you didn't want erika to win, did you?
Boogie: OVER ME?!

Jokerette: TonyClaus asks: Erika worked Janelle to get Will evicted. You could have easily prevented this by occupying Erikas time. Why didn't you?
Boogie: maybe Boogie is as good a player as the evil Dr
Jokerette: of course he is!
Boogie: everything happened for a reason
Jokerette: was there ever any doubt of that?

Lydia: I have a question for you Boogie. You were visibly shaken when Janie evicted Will instead of Erica. Do you think you would have beaten either one of them had Janie chosen to evict Erica instead?
Boogie: maybe janelle 4-3 cuz danielle and james hated her...Will: no
Boogie: I would have been playing his legend

Jokerette: suzie asks: How often have you seen Erika since the show? Are you two still friends?
Boogie: seen her a few times....we don't speak

Jokerette: LunaC asks: Paraphrasing Will...women throw themselves at you like frisbees? What's the most memorable or most disturbing way a woman has hit on you?
Boogie: u name's hollywood and there's a million desperate girls trying to get a ahead
Jokerette: any ones stick out for you? crazed fan wise?
Boogie: and it's mostly cuz of BB and the me I know my place
Boogie: I got a lot of death threats last time around
Jokerette: you have to be kidding.
Jokerette: why the hell would anyone death threat you?
Jokerette: that's farking insane.

Jokerette: Have you heard from Chicken George lately? He seems to have cackled off into the sunset..
Boogie: I took him to the BCS game in was a blast...don't have a bad word to say about him GREAT PERSON

Jokerette: If there was one change you could make to BB, what would it be?
Boogie: to the game in general?
Jokerette: yeah
Jokerette: or production or casting or or or lol
Boogie: more contests like the laser/car thing...maybe extend the backyard for more exciting competitions
Jokerette: that was a killer contest wasn't it!
Jokerette: were you at all scared?
Boogie: amazing!
Boogie: no excited cuz I knew I would win

Jokerette: We heard from various HGs that BB was fixed to an extent. What do you think?
Boogie: not one bit. If so Janelle or Kaysar would have won
Jokerette: not even the veto thing? the veto in the pillow to janie?
Boogie: pillow?
Jokerette: I heard a veto was in a pillow, given to Janie. Near the beginning.
Boogie: ????
Jokerette: yeah could be BS anyway
MissyInSC: during the first veto comp, jase gave her a veto
Jokerette: that was it missy in a pillow
Boogie: yeah and I gave her one during the doll contest...hg rig all the time but not production

Jokerette: TonyClaus asks: Mike what were your thoughts the night Danielle lost it during the bell ringing episode?
Boogie: " we can get her out" I knew how dangerous she was and she was coming for Will and I. Everything fell into place at the right time

Jokerette: bbfan asks: Hi Boogie, if you were on the All reality star Amazing Race, who would be your partner?
Boogie: c'mon who do you think?
Jokerette: Will I'd guess
Boogie: of course!
Jokerette: have they asked you or can you tell us lol
Boogie: can't say Love to gossip but I can't

Jokerette: 4What was with the jokes about eating out of your ears in the live feeds
Jokerette: rofl the ear question!
Boogie: haters...try living like that with cameras everywhere
Jokerette: I bet. it HAS to be hard, seriously.
Boogie: I had slop in my ear for a month

Jokerette: What do you consider to be your most entertaining moment in the BB7 house? With Will and or without? The DR phone calls or other?
Boogie: the most entertaining moment was after the POV when will and I took all the prizes. Blamed it on Marcellas then laughed in the diary room.
Jokerette: rofl i remember that! damn but y'all were devils great devils lol
Boogie: THANK U!

Jokerette: babybee asks: Boogie, you are a straight shooter and we always appreciate your frankness. What does Will mean when he stated that he will have a Chilltown RINGER on BB8? Can you tell us? LOL
Boogie: we have someone who has been training with us for 2 months...he will be on the show and will rep Chilltown for sure
Jokerette: omg that's excellent lol Will he wear a chilltown tee shirt?
Boogie: no...stealth mode
Jokerette: rofl and you'll tell us after?
Boogie: sure

Jokerette: suzie asks: Mike who surprised you the most AFTER watching the episodes at home?
Boogie: Chix George...couldn't believe he was exactly who he was n the house...simple nice guy

Jokerette: Who disappointed you the most after watching the episodes at home?
Boogie: nobody really...we read everyone perfectly...not one thing surprised me

Jokerette: Was there any extreme anxiety knowing that Will's future game play was balancing on your "Showmance Ability" with Erika, per Will's DR comment
Boogie: no because I knew I had her all along...he was worried cuz he likes to lay it on so thick...I didn't need to

Lydia: Will said you drug him kicking and screaming into BB7 “AllStars.” How true is that REALLY?
Boogie: didn't drag him there but dragged him to stay...he wanted to get his money and bounce after 1 week...I knew if I got him past the sequester point he would turn into a machine and he did!
Jokerette: he really DID want to split didn't he! How hard was it keeping him there?
Boogie: he felt like peeps would come after him but they really didn't
Boogie: 1st 5 weeks hard then he was an animal
Boogie: how did they not nominate us against each otehr

Jokerette: TonyClaus asks: Mike your speech to the jury was it pre-planned or off the top of your head?
Boogie: slightly planned
Jokerette: well done in any case!
Boogie: it was good wasn't it?
Jokerette: excellent YES
Boogie: contest

Jokerette: Mike at what point did you know you had first place?
Boogie: the second I won part 3 i knew I just can see it in my face

Jokerette: TonyClaus asks: mike near the end, before Wills eviction, did you feel like Janelle had gotten to Will and swayed him in her direction?
Boogie: I knew it would be 6-1
Jokerette: you had it NAILED
Boogie: Will never would have screwed me over THIS TIME

Jokerette: Shelley asks: Would you have really shared the "banana bread?" IE: would you have split the money if Janelle had stuck to the plan she and Will made up taking the three of you to final 3?
Boogie: yep but she bailed so it didn't happen...and when I say "split" I mean invest in various business endeavors in an equitable fashion

Jokerette: I was probably the Only net fan of the "LOD", LOL!! Were you and Will ever really serious about that alliance?
Boogie: I was more serious than him...I trusted James WAY MORE than Will ever did...Will found him threatening...I think he would have been loyal actually. We knew it was corny by the way
Jokerette: it was hella fun to watch lol
Boogie: great alliance "stopover"

Jokerette: Rock-CT4Life asks: CT RULES You guys are Hilarious!!! .. I am so glad you won, and now you and Will are both Champs!!... I wanted to ask if you already had that Party for your fans you promised b4 going to the BB house?!!? And if you did, have another one
Boogie: the party was if the fans voted me in (they didn't to no surprise of mine) but I had SEVERAL parties after the big win anyway

Jokerette: JGuest642 asks: Live feed viewers never got to see the infamous "food fight" on the night of the half-way party. What can you tell us about the food fight? Were lap dances involved?
Boogie: oh I didn't know that! can't believe that didn't make it...that's production for ya. Should have made CBS too
Jokerette: was it good?
Boogie: disgusting...took 2hrs to clean up

Jokerette: TonyClaus asks: Mike was there anyone you regretted having to eliminate?
Boogie: i regretted James a LOT...Danielle too but she HAD to go

Jokerette: Mike did you expect the alliance with james and Danielle to last longer?
Boogie: maybe a couple weeks longer but not more than that...I trusted them a lot. Will didn't

Jokerette: Rock-CT4Life asks: Mike, was Danielle mad at you and WIll after for winning all the prizes and making her go to solitary confinment during that one veto competition?
Boogie: she didn't know and by the time she did she was over was like 6 weeks later u gain perspective at that point

Jokerette: Shelley asks: Boogie if you had been forced to use the "special power" who would you have put up on the block at that point in the game?
Boogie: I wanted to get Janelle at that time but couldn't...decided it was best to work with her rather than against her
Jokerette: be a trip if you'd ditched her tho lol what would will have said? think he'd have been ok with it?
Boogie: he wanted her out at that point right be4 we dumpED HOwie

Jokerette: Did any Diary Room moments surprise you? Have you watched all the episodes? Some HG's have not.
Boogie: I have watched every one and the only thing that surprised me a bit was Jase..thinking we threw him under the bus
Jokerette: he sure did
Boogie: thought more would have
Jokerette: lol you were THAT good
Boogie: all stars were predictable
Jokerette: i guess! lolol

Jokerette: Did you ever find out what happened to your cookies and hamburger helper?
Boogie: haha...will and his doll friend ate em

Jokerette: Were some of your mood swings strategy or were people really getting on your nerves and you just wanted to leave?
Boogie: the moods were's tough in there. I can be moody in real life too
Jokerette: can't we all lol

Boogie: hey missy you talk to Rich abt the Litho of Chilltown?
MissyInSC: Hey Boogie, I sure did, sounds like it's gonna be awesome!
Jokerette: any more news about the litho?
Boogie: just shot it yesterday at Les Deux
MissyInSC: that's it? that website?
Jokerette: woot! what did it come out like or do you know?
Boogie: yep...nobody knows about it yet...jokers EXCLUSIVE
Jokerette: we'll look into it!

Jokerette: What do you think is the future of reality TV? Here to stay or gone by the end of the decade?
Boogie: here to stay....too cost effective

Jokerette: I heard a rumor that there may be a BB7 reunion show, ala Real World style. What do you know?
Boogie: doubt it. Couldn't afford Chilltown

Jokerette: are you coming to the convention in Nashville?
Jokerette: can jokers sponsor you?
Boogie: don't even know about it
Jokerette: I will email you later lol
Boogie: ok

Jokerette: yoyonyc asks: Which experience was more fun, BB2 or BB7? How come?
Boogie: BB7...r u kidding?! I played this time...last time I fxxxxxed around. Oh yeah and the $$$$ and the car and the trip

Jokerette: JGuest642 asks: What did you mean when you said during your RealPlayer chat that Will and Janelle were made for each other? (was your truth serum kicking in?)
Boogie: cuz they both like to manipulate members of the opposite sex

Jokerette: WillKirbyfan asks: Do you plan on going on another reality t.v. show? If so what?
Boogie: Will and I just sold a show to some major producers...can't say much but you know their shows. Chilltown will be back
Jokerette: that's seriously great
Boogie: thx
Jokerette: wish you could say more!
Boogie: me2

Jokerette: gracie asks: What do you really think of Erin Brodie?
Boogie: she's a fun exciting successful gal...hope Will marries her

Jokerette: JGuest514 asks: so to make this clear, you think will and janelle purposely fed the winelle situation to keep fans interested?
Boogie: yeah of course....they love the attention

Jokerette: would you consider doing the bachelor?
Jokerette: you'd be great lol
Boogie: yeah but they would never ask me
Jokerette: why not! you're sexy, you're single you're young.. why not!
Boogie: one of the producers from BB2 is an exec on there and she knows I'm too much of a real bachelor to fall in love just yet. Will should be!

Jokerette: rifan18 asks: boogie what is that new project you are doing with rob cesternino
Boogie: I'm not doing anything with him...great guy of my favorite survivor contestants ever

Jokerette: Rockstar72 asks: Boogie are you dating anyone now? And if there a chance you might be in Memphis with Will? And would you date a girl that might have recently turned 34?
Boogie: I'm totally single but won't be in Memphis with Will...we r going to be in Edmonton in April doing an appearance though
Jokerette: how long will you be in edmonton? and what else will you be doing there?
Boogie: 2 and out nobody gets hurt....maybe autographs and partying

Jokerette: Elle511 asks: I've heard you don't speak to Erica now since the show, but do you think you might have been friends, or even dated, if neither of you had gone on allstars since you said you got along beforehand? (waves to Boogie)
Boogie: we definitely would have been friends and probably hooked up...kind of a shame

Jokerette: JGuest0506 asks: Boogie, have you kept up the workout routine since coming out of the house? You looked great by the end of the show
Boogie: no still the cardio but backed off the weights...don't have the time in my real life

Jokerette: KentsMole asks: Mike, what's your favorite memory of BBAll Stars ? you played a great game !
Boogie: thanks and I would have to say winning the car for my mom...we r from a small town in NH and when I won that in front of all our friends and family it was amazing....that and walking out that door as the ALL STAR CHAMPION
Boogie: never forget it
Boogie: still can't believe it
Jokerette: you did it!

Jokerette: Pattycakes72 asks: Hi Boogie, what do you think of these "players" saying the game is rigged? Haterade or just plain poor sports? thx
Boogie: poor sports. Most of the producers HATE CHILLTOWN
Jokerette: roflmao Why?
Boogie: we saved their boring show
Jokerette: why would they hate you lmao
Boogie: cuz we get it and like to tell them how to do their jobs...they would rather have pawns

Jokerette: Shelley asks: Boogie what's the first thing you wanted to do after leaving the house?
Boogie: see my friends...get my blackberry back!

Jokerette: Moosie asks: Boogie of all the former Big Brother House Guests besides Will, who would you see as your toughest competition in the game?
Boogie: Danielle....luckily I kept her on my good side till we evicted her...she's sick at that game that's why I became close to her early...she scared me the most

Jokerette: lisalisa asks: who is your favorite reality show contestant [not will or himself or erin brodie]
Boogie: good question...Boston Rob/Rob Cesternino/Richard Hatch love Survivor

Jokerette: <aldav> mike you deserve the win---why in the hell didn't they get rid of one of you in the first 4 weeks
Boogie: NO IDEA....we were good they sort of tried
Jokerette: not hard enough lol
Jokerette: OK mike we thank you for this chat!
Boogie: thanks...get the CHILLTOWN LITHO!!
Boogie: only 500 are going to get made