<QueenAmy> Hey Y'all!
<Jokerette> hey amy
<strkaholic> How are you doing Amy?
<Steve3> Hi Amy
<QueenAmy> I'm great!
<QueenAmy> How are y'all?
<Steve3> I am Steve
<Jokerette> you ready for a wild chat? heheheh
<Steve3> I am an Op here
<strkaholic> Doing great here
<Stratos> just fine miss amy
<Jokerette> hangin in! and you?
<strkaholic> looking forward to hearing what you have to say
<QueenAmy> Totally wonderful!
<QueenAmy> Well I'm ready for the chat!!!!!!
<Jokerette> so AMy!!!!!
<Jokerette> do tell...
<Jokerette> what did you hear from danielle?
<Jokerette> before she went in house?
<QueenAmy> Well...I haven't talked to her since she went to LA...and I miss her terribly!
<Jokerette> did y'all discuss strategy?
<Jokerette> she called out to you last night on the feeds
<QueenAmy> What she told me before was that she wasn'tmaking early alliances. She wanted to wait until she got in the housek
<Jokerette> no early alliances?
<Jokerette> and here I thought she hooked up with people.. no?
<QueenAmy> We talked a lot about it...and she was SO playing it to the contract!
<Jokerette> very good.
<QueenAmy> She has friends who have been on the show before....but no actual alliances
<Jokerette> smart chickie

<Jokerette> Were you asked to do BB All Stars?
<QueenAmy> Yes...I went to LA and talked with everyone...but while I was there, I realized that I could not be away from my husband for that long.
<Jokerette> awwwwwwww
<Jokerette> hey before I forget...
<QueenAmy> I cried after 24 hours!
<Stratos> how do you feel when people say you weren't asked?
<QueenAmy> He is TOTALLY my soul mate...not to be Kip on Napoleon Dynamite!
<QueenAmy> Well...why would I lie when CBS knows all?
<Jokerette> lol
<QueenAmy> They could easily rebut me!
<Jokerette> yes indeed
<Jokerette> you said you had some major dirt you could give us once they went in house?
<Jokerette> spill, girlfriend!
<QueenAmy> My attoney saw the contract...and laughed! He is my proof!...Like I really need any anyway!
<Steve3> Curious minds want to know
<QueenAmy> Well....I love Danielle. I love Alison. They are my friends in the house
<Jokerette> is there anything on that contract you =can= discuss?
<QueenAmy> marcellas and I are no longer friends...although I will always have a place in my heart for him
<Jokerette> awwwwwwww
<Jokerette> which takes me to

<Jokerette> Are you upset with Marcellus for making the deal with Janelle to keep Danelle in exchange for Janelle taking him to the end over the other BB6ers? When we all know Janelle would never do that.
<QueenAmy> I love him...he's like the ex boyfriend that won't go away
<QueenAmy> NO! I'm not mad at Marc for that!
<Jokerette> good onya!
<QueenAmy> I am actually glad he did it...Let's see how far Janelle takes the contract on that!
<Jokerette> rofl yeppers
<QueenAmy> A lot changes as the weeks boil down
<Jokerette> indeed
<QueenAmy> Janelle plays a good game. I'm not a fan, but she does a good job!
<Jokerette> not a fan?
<Jokerette> whyso?
<QueenAmy> Well...I have favorites. I have never met her, so I can't say anything bad about her, but she is not my favorite.
<Jokerette> who would be your favorite?
<Jokerette> aside from dani of course
<QueenAmy> BC I went to Ole Miss. Janelle is the typical Ole Miss girl (even though she is a Yankee - no big deal). She'll smile in your face and stab you in the back. Nothing wrong with that. Just not my type of friend.
<Jokerette> I see!
<Jokerette> what do you think of Kaysar?
<QueenAmy> Actually me and my friends will do that...but not to each other
<Jokerette> rofl
<QueenAmy> I like Kaysar more now than I did in the beginning
<Jokerette> what changed your mind?
<QueenAmy> I don't have a strong opinion of him though
<Steve3> Amy....why did you want people to vote Cowboy in the house?
<QueenAmy> He's not being as egotisitc as I though he would be
<QueenAmy> I love Cowboy. He is a great person. He might not be a great BB player, but I love him. He is honest and good. I hope nothing but the best for him...and b/c of his faith. he is going to do just fine!

<Jokerette> What is your fondest memory in the Big Brother house and what is your most unhappy memory in the house?
<QueenAmy> Oh wow! My best memory is coming back in and winning HOH. My least favorite moment was the week Marcellas and I were up thanks to Roddy
<Jokerette> awwwwwwwww
<Jokerette> who have you kept up with from your season?
<QueenAmy> That was hard. I loved Marcellas, and I hated being up with him
<Jokerette> I imagine
<Stratos> how did you feel the week Marcellas nominated you?
<Jokerette> BTW we had Marcy in chat here, he said he loved you
<QueenAmy> Josh, Roddy, Jason, Danielle, Chiara, Eric, Gerry, Lori,
<QueenAmy> I love Marcellas
<Jokerette> he still wuvvers you
<QueenAmy> I would never doubt that. I love him with the bottom of my heart...even though we don't soeck! I watch him on the show and I get SO sentimental
<Steve3> Amy...do you think that the people who did not enter the house, and were or are in seclusion, may enter the game?
<QueenAmy> Ummm. we'll see. I think that more people may go back in...but I'm not sure who or how.
<Jokerette> good enough

<Jokerette> Amy are you watching the live feeds this year?
<QueenAmy> I have the feeds. I watch them sometimes, but it reminds me too much of being there. I was so bored at times..and I see that with them. I would rather come on Jokers and get the updates!
<Jokerette> yay
<Jokerette> what do you think about Will, seeing him on feeds?
<QueenAmy> And y'all do a great job with the updates!
<Jokerette> why thank you
<strkaholic> Jokers Rocks!
<Steve3> JU is the best!
<QueenAmy> Ya know what... I've met Will. He was nice to me. I know that he has an ego...but several of my husband's friends are doctors. They ALL have an ego. But I think he tops it. If he were that great, he would have a practice making half a million a month like our DR friends. He wouldn't be making fun of internet fans on the show like he is.
<Jokerette> all he does is remove tattoos, I heard
<Jokerette> hardly make a fortune from that, eh?
<Steve3> He is a dermatologist and that is his specialty
<QueenAmy> Yup! But I have a friend who makes $300,000 a month doing LASIK. I don't understand why Will would take that big of a financial cut just to make fun of the internet viewers.
<Jokerette> that's his game! poking fun at us
<QueenAmy> I think there should be a pretty large market for tatoo removal in LA anyway
<Jokerette> you'd think LOL

<Jokerette> Do you know what the mystery food is this year?
<QueenAmy> No idea of the food..but can't wait to find out!
<Jokerette> I heard tuna.. would you eat tuna?
<Jokerette> marcy said tuna, in fact
<QueenAmy> My husband went to grad school at the same school where Will went. My husband says that it makes him ashamed to have gone to Nove
<QueenAmy> Nava
<strkaholic> Wow!
<Jokerette> rofl
<QueenAmy> Nova
<QueenAmy> Damn I can't type tonight!
<Jokerette> your hubby isn't impressed with Will?
<Jokerette> and neither can i
<QueenAmy> NO! My husband said when he watched the first show that he was amazed if Will was even a real Doctor. I told him that he was, and..since my husband deals with DRs in his business, he said that he would never go to him for anything.
<Jokerette> rofl
<QueenAmy> He thought he must be a chiropractor
<Jokerette> lol

<Jokerette> What about Howie, how do you feel about Howie?
<QueenAmy> Well...Howie is not as bad as I thought he would be
<Jokerette> really?
<Jokerette> he does have quite an attitude towards women, Howie does
<Stratos> even with his rants against Nak?
<QueenAmy> He's not being as big of a dork as I thought he would be. He's blending in a way!
<QueenAmy> But I love the relationship with he and Will
<Jokerette> yeah even with his rants about Nakomis?
<QueenAmy> It is TOO funny!
<Jokerette> they are hilarious
<QueenAmy> I haven't seen his rants with Nak
<QueenAmy> But I love her
<QueenAmy> She is smart...and she isn't out to join the "popular" people
<Jokerette> no she isn't

<Jokerette> Amy Who do want to see next to Danielle in the final two?
<QueenAmy> Well...Alison..but that is impossible
<Jokerette> why impossible?
<Jokerette> do you feel she's going?
<QueenAmy> So I'm choosing Diane...for now
<Jokerette> Diane?
<QueenAmy> I know...I've never like Diane a lot. But she and I emailed before the show, and she is totally nice, and a great person
<Jokerette> amazing but good onya!

<Jokerette> Amy Who do you think Danielle should team up with?
<QueenAmy> I'm sorry to some of you...but I'm not a big BB6 supporter
<Jokerette> no?
<Jokerette> why not? heheheh
<QueenAmy> B/C I think that they came in with the egos of professionals. And they are no more professionals than anyone ele there
<Jokerette> I hear that.
<QueenAmy> I can say that Will has an ego b/c he deserves to. They don't. None of them won
<Jokerette> true

<Jokerette> In your after-interview for Big Brother 3 you stated that Danielle will win, but you ultimately voted for Lisa. What changed your vote?
<QueenAmy> Emotion!
<Jokerette> emotion?
<QueenAmy> And women often act through emotion. I've learned my lesson.
<Jokerette> awwwwwww

<Jokerette> Amy when will your website be back up?
<QueenAmy> In about 2 weeks! We're working on it. Michael and Will are geniuses! It is going to look great!
<Jokerette> good
<QueenAmy> They do Marc's website too, and I am suprised that he has not shouted out to them
<Jokerette> I think he did
<Jokerette> I thought I heard him say stratos

<Jokerette> How do you think George is doing, in the house?
<QueenAmy> I think that CG is no less than Gerry...and could be more. This is new to him. I want to see how he votes tomorrow night!
<Jokerette> yes me too!

<Jokerette> Do you think Danielle, Alison, and Jase should have made such bold moves so early in the house?
<QueenAmy> If they would have really thought it out and stuck together...they would be RULING this game right now
<Jokerette> what do you think caused their downfall?
<QueenAmy> Jase didn't trust them...and that is human nature. But if he would have really sat by himself and thought about it...that would have been the BEST move
<Jokerette> yes probably!
<QueenAmy> It would have been brilliant

<Jokerette> Strategically, who do you think are in the best spots right now. Obviously, I'm not talking about a pot either.
<QueenAmy> I have to say that the people who are not in the spot light are in the best position
<Jokerette> who do you think is going under the radar?
<QueenAmy> Marcellas, Erika, Diane...they are in a good space right now
<Jokerette> yeppers
<QueenAmy> Radar...I haven't thought about it yet

<Jokerette> Do you think Danielle will play the game a bit more quietly and float for a few weeks?
<QueenAmy> Oh..I think she may just watch her peas and ques if she stays..only for a while..but long enought to get by a few weeks
<Jokerette> do you feel like she's gonna stay?
<QueenAmy> I have NO clue...but I hope so!

<Jokerette> What do make of the so called Mr and Mrs Smith alliance? If it's true should the producers penalizes the participants?
<Jokerette> and I'll make CJ explain if you haven't heard of it lol
<QueenAmy> Oh I knew about it before the show started. I think that they should be penalized for breaking the contrat
<strkaholic> really?
<Jokerette> you heard about it? from who?
<QueenAmy> Yes! You sign that damn contract. It should mean something. Ask Danielle and Nakomis
<strkaholic> Can you elaborate?
<QueenAmy> I can't say from who. But Iknew about it inJune
<Jokerette> who was in the alliance? I missed all this
<QueenAmy> I knew about a lot of alliances. I reported them all to the producres
<Jokerette> can you tell us about any?
<QueenAmy> I guess they liked the drama
<strkaholic> interesting!!!
<Jokerette> tried to get one up on the game, they did!
<QueenAmy> Oh, there were several alliances..involving people who dod not get in
<Steve3> hmmm
<Jokerette> can you tell us about it?
<QueenAmy> Can I have a bathroom break?
<Steve3> yes
<Jokerette> certainly
<QueenAmy> I'll be right back
<Jokerette> we'll shoot the shit whilst you're gone
<Jokerette> OK gang who was in this alliance? Anyone? PM me
<Jokerette> why do I miss all the good shit?
<strkaholic> I missed it too, but I'm not surprised
<Jokerette> ok Ali and who?
<QueenAmy> I'm back!
<strkaholic> Wow..quick :-)
<Jokerette> ok girl!
<Jokerette> almost as fast as moi

<Jokerette> What are your thoughts of how BB presented the show last night. I found it to be one of the funniest and entertaining Big Brother episodes ever shown.
<QueenAmy> I was proud. The producers are great!..But I know the difference
<strkaholic> what do you mean?
<QueenAmy> They show the opposite of what usually happens. It keeps people on pins and needles
<Jokerette> gotcha

<Jokerette> Who do you see winning bb all stars?
<QueenAmy> I have ZERO clue at this point. But I am afraid that it will suck when it comes to the winner. It has before
<Jokerette> suck why?
<Jokerette> do you think all the good ones will get booted?
<QueenAmy> I feel like some of the people who have won were total dissapponitments
<QueenAmy> So I can't spell
<QueenAmy> Sorry
<Jokerette> such as who?
<Jokerette> meither lol
<Jokerette> who was a disappointment and how?
<Jokerette> she is I can't spell it either
<QueenAmy> Damn! I wanted Janelle to win last year. I wanted Alison to win. I wanted Danielle to win...after the fact. I think that BB2 did the best job of voting for the best player

<Jokerette> Would you label Maggie as one of those dissapointments?
<QueenAmy> Well...I wasn't happy about it. I think that since BB3...except for BB5... people have voted too emotionally
<Jokerette> I see.

<Jokerette> Marcellas has often said that Diary Rooms in Big Brother 3 did not "lose" the game for Danielle. In your after-interview part 2, you say that after viewing Danielle's diary room sessions you weren't going to vote for her. Do you think that Danielle's diary room sessions are what cost :her the game, or is Marcellas right and the BB3 house just didn't like her?
<QueenAmy> I would have voted for her if it had not been for the DR. I'm not saying that she would have won, but the vote would have been closer
<Jokerette> right
<QueenAmy> I firmly believe that Danielle won that
<Jokerette> yep me too

<Jokerette> Amy what did you think of the first pov competition and do you think those are the types of competitions we can expect for the rest of the show?
<QueenAmy> I think these comps are going to be hard. But remember that Dani was 2nd in both...and she lost the BB3 comps on PURPOSE
<Jokerette> I forgot that...
<strkaholic> Were you surprised Lisa did not make it in?
<QueenAmy> People think that she can't compete. I disagree
<Jokerette> evidently, if she threw those, she can!
<QueenAmy> NO! I knew that Lisa wouldn't make it in...unless the producers REALLY wanted her
<strkaholic> Really...why?
<Jokerette> why wouldn't lisa make it in, as gorgeous as she is?
<QueenAmy> Yeah..but she never added any entertainment other than the thong.
<Jokerette> rofl
<QueenAmy> And don't let people fool you. Even without her vote to come back into the house, I would have made it anyway
<Jokerette> yes indeed!
<strkaholic> Sounds to me like the HG's were pre-determined by BB regardless of the vote..

<Jokerette> Amy do you think its Fair that Will gave Medicine to the BB7 HG's.
<QueenAmy> I was unaware that Will was giving out pills...but I highly doubt it based on what I know about the producers
<Pootie_Tang> is that my Amy?
<Jokerette> do you think that bb contestants were predetermined by the producers?
<QueenAmy> Even though I have heard otherwie..from them...I can't help but think they had a LOT to do with it
<Jokerette> it wouldn't suprise me
<QueenAmy> Hey Stratos!
<Jokerette> they're a sneaky lot aren't they
<QueenAmy> I love you!
<Jokerette> awwwwwww
<Stratos> love you too!
<QueenAmy> Well..they are supposed to be sneaky. It is all part of it
<Jokerette> indeed

<Jokerette> Which of the two nominees would you like to see evicted this week?
<QueenAmy> I am upset about the noms. They are my only 2 friends in the house. It is double edge sword with me. If Alison stays, she will slaughter Janelle. If Danielle stays, I think she will last longer than Alison will
<Jokerette> why dani last longer?
<QueenAmy> Because she won't let her emotions run away with her
<Jokerette> right!
<strkaholic> very true!
<QueenAmy> Ali will seek revenge..HARD CORE
<QueenAmy> Which would be great to watch
<Jokerette> yes it would

<Jokerette> OK girl... we sure thank you for your time!
strkaholic> Thank you AMY!
<QueenAmy> Thank you!
<Jokerette> I have taken enough of your time, woman!
<QueenAmy> Well, I love y'all!
<Jokerette> I am going to open the room so peeps can talk to you...
<strkaholic> We love you and hope you will come back!
<Jokerette> you ready for the onslaught? LOL
<Jokerette> we want you back YES!
<QueenAmy> Okay..it usually goes a bit crazy.