<Kiana> Hi Everyone, Laremy from Real Networks is here to make an announcement. You can double click my nickname to send questions when he is done!!!
<LaremyL> Ok
<LaremyL> after much pain
<LaremyL> and heartache
<LaremyL> and pain
<Kiana> lol
<LaremyL> guess what?
<Kiana> what?
<LaremyL> Oh, wait.. you can't talk back
<LaremyL> K, don't talk back.
<LaremyL> Rowr
<LaremyL> OK
<LaremyL> here goes
<LaremyL> or Ja'il
<LaremyL> depending on your flavor
<LaremyL> against all odds..
<LaremyL> at the last moment
<LaremyL> when you say?
<LaremyL> I'd love to tell you.
<LaremyL> and I will
<LaremyL> right now!
<LaremyL> Thursday, October 26th
<LaremyL> ten days
<LaremyL> from now
<LaremyL> too long, I know
<LaremyL> but that's the deal, that's when they both can make it
<LaremyL> will there be twirling?
<LaremyL> maybe
<LaremyL> oh
<LaremyL> 7pm PT
<LaremyL> 10pm ET
<LaremyL> late night baby
<LaremyL> so we can do all nude. no, just kidding.
<LaremyL> Will + Janelle live chat thurday, OCT 26th at 7pm Pacific 10pm Eastern
<LaremyL> after Grey's, before Greys
<LaremyL> how good is that?
<LaremyL> how relieved am I?
<Kiana> awesome!
<LaremyL> these are good q's
<LaremyL> VERY
<LaremyL> to both
<Kiana> lol
<Kiana> <candys72> Where will the chat be held? Will they both be there together?
<LaremyL> LA baby
<LaremyL> where all the magic goes down
<Kiana> <NSGirl> here's my question for Laremy
<Kiana> <NSGirl> am I still your favorite Nova Scotian???
<LaremyL> together? of course? what am I an amateur?
<Kiana> lol
<LaremyL> NS, you've always been, always will.
<Kiana> <SCOMER> Will he hit them with the tough questions? Or have they made restrictions?
<LaremyL> so q's go to askbigbrother@real.com
<LaremyL> of course plenty of people know other outlets to me
<LaremyL> those will work too... but organization is easier through the email
<LaremyL> we need hard hitting stuff
<LaremyL> because this will be it
<LaremyL> the finale
<LaremyL> the culmination
<Kiana> Did you see the question above?
<Kiana> Any conditions, or can you be tough?
<LaremyL> no conditions
<LaremyL> gloves off
<Kiana> <nanoflower> will there be anyone else there (like Boogie/Erin)
<LaremyL> softball, then destruction
<LaremyL> no one else there.. well..
<LaremyL> maybe Joe Vance
<Kiana> <Tavie> Is Will doing this so he can get his Myspace back? LOL
<LaremyL> he's everywhere
<LaremyL> I want to ask Will about myspace.. but I'm pretty sure that's not his goal
<LaremyL> lol
<Kiana> lol well a followup.... similar q
<Kiana> <Mitchell1074> ask........HAs he spoken to will or will's PR agent, and will he ask aout the myspacenappin?
<LaremyL> for the record
<LaremyL> I have had an easier time:
<LaremyL> getting into college
<LaremyL> bringing about world harmony
<LaremyL> me? have I spoken to Will's PR?
<LaremyL> tough to book a deal without that, so yeah
<LaremyL> and I'll ask nappin for sure
<Kiana> <nonigirl> do you think that they are going to break our hearts and announce that they are just friends?
<LaremyL> easier time: running a marathon
<LaremyL> and I've never run one.
<LaremyL> wow... who knows.. maybe?
<LaremyL> that would certainly make my job fun.
<LaremyL> ok, another hour to fill here..
<Kiana> lol
<LaremyL> what's your favorite color?
<Kiana> <OttosMom> Laremy - I soooo love you. Thanks. Did you talk to both of them?
<Kiana> <OttosMom> Is Joe Vance Emoryman?
<LaremyL> BTW Janie's is green
<Kiana> <OttosMom> Laremy - Thank you. I will pay for my subscription again to see it.
<LaremyL> lol.. paying da bills
<LaremyL> Emoryman is unknown to me
<LaremyL> I mean, I know him
<LaremyL> but I don't know who he is
<Kiana> He is not you or Joe Vance?
<LaremyL> also, the myspace napper I'd like to know
<LaremyL> He's not me
<LaremyL> for sure
<LaremyL> I'd bet against Joe too
<LaremyL> not Joe's style imo
<Kiana> Myspace Napper... PM Kiana (me) here in chat or email Laremy at askbigbrother.com - he wants to talk to you
<LaremyL> someone guessed Theo but I can't see that either
<LaremyL> do I?
<LaremyL> do I want to talk?
<LaremyL> I just want to bask actually
<Kiana> you do
<Kiana> lol
<Kiana> <SCOMER> Any idea about his relationship with EB2XWOFLOM? Are they still together?
<LaremyL> because when I went home Friday I thought we were done for
<LaremyL> it wasn't official, but right on the edge.
<Kiana> Yes I can vouch that you have worked LONG and HARD on this interview...
<LaremyL> no idea on EB2XWOFLOM.
<Kiana> and that you thought it was dead in the water
<LaremyL> we were like 4 seconds away from doom
<LaremyL> I was telling people 20%
<LaremyL> which just proves one thing
<LaremyL> I'm an idiot.
<Kiana> lol
<Kiana> well you're not as smart as your mailman or me... but you're not an idiot
<Kiana> <chatterbox> an hour long interview? or longer?
<LaremyL> my maildude is a genius
<LaremyL> hour
<LaremyL> maybe a few over using my interviewing skillz
<LaremyL> thank God Will is there..
<Kiana> Why?
<LaremyL> He'll talk forever
<Kiana> lol
<Kiana> <Axxia> Does Joe Vance also represent Janelle?
<LaremyL> Nope
<LaremyL> Janie Reps Janie at this point I think
<Kiana> He represents Boogie and Will right?
<LaremyL> unless something happened last week to change that
<LaremyL> Yep.
<Kiana> <zzziiinnnggg> Laremy, was the deal made while Janie was in LA?
<LaremyL> no
<LaremyL> it was just made
<Kiana> <luvinbb6> Did he tell them both that the other would be there? LOL
<LaremyL> and for the record if one of them backs out I will leave the country
<Kiana> LOL
<LaremyL> you will need to travel to Zimbabwe to find me and yell.
<Kiana> They are aware each other will be there, right?
<LaremyL> they know they are together
<Kiana> And is Erin banned from the studio (please)?
<LaremyL> I can't see a way EB would be there
<Kiana> <nanoflower> Can you make sure there is plenty of alcohol in the green room before the interview starts so both Will and Janelle are properly lubricated for the interview.
<LaremyL> but I'm not sure I can ban people
<LaremyL> no joke
<LaremyL> I hope I don't slur
<Kiana> lol
<LaremyL> no, only kidding
<Kiana> <nanoflower> Is this in preparation for the Will/Janelle running of TAR (should start first of November)?
<LaremyL> if it was that would be HUGE
<Kiana> Oh good question coming up...
<LaremyL> but I have no official confirmation of that
<Kiana> <OttosMom> Will you use video evidence to help them remember?
<LaremyL> at least audio
<LaremyL> video might prove problematic given the live aspect
<LaremyL> but def audio
<Kiana> audio of? Or is that a secret...
<LaremyL> oh, it gets real secretive from here on out as to what the interview will have
<LaremyL> but I can tell you it will be different
<LaremyL> better
<LaremyL> bigger
<LaremyL> more
<Kiana> awesome!
<Kiana> <candys72> What was the biggest problem for them to do it? One of them holding out? Scedules?
<LaremyL> I plan to have a lot of fun with them, let's say that
<LaremyL> schedules were SO nasty
<Kiana> <OttosMom> will you come do a chat at Jokers after and tell us the real scoop?
<LaremyL> that's the basic reason it took so long
<LaremyL> real scoop is always tough because of the line that can't be crossed
<LaremyL> I can give opinion, but what is said to me in private is private
<Kiana> but you'll come to jokers to give us your observations?
<Kiana> We always love having you here
<LaremyL> Yeah, I think the interview is too late for me to make it back to Seattle so I'll hit up Joker's
<Kiana> That will be a huge night... winelle AND laremy
<Kiana> can we handle it?
<LaremyL> lol
<Kiana> <Chinelle> Kiana, does Laremy know if Will & Janie saw each other while she was in LA
<LaremyL> my 4 fans will be in da house
<Kiana> lol
<LaremyL> as far as knowing I can only reference the alleged naters thing with the sidekick phone
<LaremyL> and for those who don't know what the heck I'm talking about there, sorry
<LaremyL> to complicated to get into
<LaremyL> but I don't know for sure.
<LaremyL> I'll ask though.
<LaremyL> that's for sure.
<Kiana> Can you explain what the naters sidekick phone thing is?
<LaremyL> lol
<Kiana> in summary
<LaremyL> Nate in chat said he got a new sidekick
<LaremyL> Will too..
<LaremyL> and then someone said "um, were you guys all together"
<LaremyL> no answer
<LaremyL> I haven't confirmed this by the way
<Kiana> ahhhh
<LaremyL> so don't come down on me
<Kiana> interesting
<LaremyL> this is from a myspace tip
<Kiana> Ok can we reiterate date/time and news again please for latecomers?
<LaremyL> we need Naters in for a chat
<LaremyL> ok, one last time..
<LaremyL> for all the fans out there
<LaremyL> Will + Janelle together Live RP superpass chat, Thursday, October 26th at 7pm pacific, 10pm eastern
<LaremyL> sorry about the lateness, but that's when they were free.
<LaremyL> we good?
<LaremyL> last Q?
<LaremyL> or everyone adios?
<Kiana> no one more
<LaremyL> k
<Kiana> <zzziiinnnggg> Laremy, your fan base is strong to quite strong!!! We love you here at Jokers! Can we start sending in our questions for the chat?
<LaremyL> absolutely. askbigbrother@real.com works
<LaremyL> other ways work too.. but more work for me.
<Kiana> Well thanks for the announcement and the quickie chat Laremy The fans are going crazy on the board already
<LaremyL> If we've talked you can use the other channels.. but go easy on me.
<LaremyL> Yeah buddy.
<LaremyL> living the dream
<Kiana> I will open the room so they can adore you, but you can always hide in private if it gets too crazy
<LaremyL> Hey Kiana?
<Kiana> yes?
<LaremyL> THANKS!
<Kiana> yw!!
<LaremyL> and thanks to Joker's as well.
<Kiana> thank YOU!
<LaremyL> big love there
<Kiana> we love you back
<LaremyL> one more thing
<LaremyL> there will be a further annoucement on this chat
<LaremyL> can't say what
<Kiana> awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
<LaremyL> but want to tease it a bit
<LaremyL> not a huge deal, but a deal
<LaremyL> by next week for sure, by next monday say
<LaremyL> not a huge deal for this crowd, but maybe for others
<LaremyL> bye bye!