<Jokerette> Lisa how are you?
<LisaBB3> great but this computer sucks!!!!
<Jokerette> let's rock this anyway!
<Jokerette> yes!

<Jokerette> When you were not chosen to enter into the house, what were your thoughts?
<LisaBB3> Personally and unfortunately i don't think the voting had much to do with anything. I think the producers wanted to see "Lisa from BB3 and I'm not her anymore
<Jokerette> why are you not her anymore?
<Jokerette> hell you look just like her
<Jokerette> still gorgeous!
<LisaBB3> Well, I'm 30! I can't keep my mouth shut and just sit there anymore! I would probably have called too many things out!
<LisaBB3> AWWW Thanks!
<Jokerette> what would you have called out?
<Jokerette> anything you've seen so far?
<LisaBb3> all of the "Mr.& Mrs. Smith" allies!
<Jokerette> did you hear about Mr and Mrs Smith prior to the show?
<LisaBb3> yes!!! That Mr & Mrs. thing is ABSOLUTELY TRUE!!! EVERY PART OF IT...however there are other secret alliances in that house that are just as insane!
<Jokerette> What other alliance do you know of?
<LisaBB3> well to be honest, I was part of one of them...but i think it would be better for the fans to wait...don't you?
<Jokerette> no lol do tell!!!!!!
<Jokerette> what alliance were you in?
<LisaBB3> here's a hint...they hardly speak....there's about 4 of them and as far as i know one girl is involved
<Jokerette> damn! I need a bigger hint than that
<Jokerette> unless its the bb6 alliance?
<LisaBB3> let's put it this way, Mar is my best friend. Of course we speak every day, as does he with the other house guest because of housecalls...so study his movements...they're amazing
<Jokerette> so marcellas is one of them!
* Jokerette is behind on all this
<Jokerette> would james be another?
<LisaBB3> only one person from bb6 is involved...unless things have changed secretly since i'm not there anymore!

<Kiana> What do you think of the new PB&J "slop" and what twists would you like to see in the game?
<LisaBB3> i think they could have done better that freakin' oatmeal!
<Jokerette> lol
<LisaBB3> as far as twists....i think the producers should call out all the allies in the house that were started before the show...and watch everyone panic!
<Jokerette> yes i agree!
<Jokerette> the only one i knew of for sure was Mr. & Mrs. Smith

<Jokerette> Lisa, who are your favorites in AllStars and why?
<LisaBB3> my favorite All Stars aren't really in the house...I would loved to have seen Amy in there

<Kiana> From what you say about the secret alliances is it safe to say that most likely the other hgs know about these alliances too--and they are just secret to us?
<LisaBB3> no i really believe that this alliance is completely under the radar right now...parts of the alliance are known and of course have a target on their backs...but there's no way the rest of that secret alliance would ever let them leave the house
<Jokerette> sneaky!

Jokerette> Which All Star houseguest do you feel is doing the best job? Which houseguest do you want to do the best or win?
<LisaBB3> the best job I think would be Will & Boogie...but then again they are playing the same way as last time, as far as being in everyones face as a threat...but no one is doing anything about it!!!!
<Jokerette> would you have put them on block, if you were HOH?
<LisaBB3> i think Nak or Diane will win BB...
<Kiana> Lisa do you have the live feeds?
<LisaBB3> nope i wouldn't put Will and Boogie on the block...(hint)
<Jokerette> oh really?
<Jokerette> oh lala!
<Kiana> The secret alliance is: Will/Boogie/Marcellas and Danielle?
<Jokerette> so marcy will and boogie eh!
<LisaBB3> in live on those damn live feeds...they are way to addicting!
<Jokerette> yes we know.. isn't it awful lol
<Jokerette> marcellas told us on feeds he'd been out to dinner with you...
<Jokerette> was that when it was all setup?
<LisaBB3> mar is my best friend we've been out to dinner 500 times over the past 4 years! I wasn't going to stop talking to him because of all stars...how obvious would that have been!
<Jokerette> lol that's right!
<Jokerette> now about that one female.. would Danielle be with boog and will?
<LisaBB3> i can honestly say no...unless she was picked up because i'm not there...but i REALLY doubt it
<Jokerette> so it would be erika then :::::::flee
<Kiana> lol

<Kiana> Lisa, do you think it wasn't really fair for Toni to essentially seal Diane and Jase's fate in the game, while other secret alliances didn't have that disruption and are allowed to thrive?
<LisaBB3> I think Toni should just stick to her own damn show...and keep her business out of ours
<Jokerette> rofl don't blame you

<Jokerette> Lisa, i was bummed you didn't make all-stars. You are one of my Favs. I was very surpised at some of the People America voted in. Do you think like me, something might've been "fishy" going on?
<LisaBB3> "fishy"? 100% YES....I would love to see those votes for myself!
<Jokerette> indeed!

<Jokerette> How do you feel about Bunky hosting housecalls? (P.S. I don't think he has the live feeds.)
<LisaBB3> is he the new host?
<Jokerette> not sure lol
<Jokerette> i know he might be

<Kiana> Is it true you hung out with Boston Rob one night and he was trying to hit on you? Did you hear that Boston Rob and Amber are breaking up. Any interest in dating him?
<LisaBB3> oh, my goodness!!! how the hell did that one get out!! Yes, he did and it's actually quite a cute story! I had no idea that they were breaking up! But i don't really think he's my type...i don't know him that well
<Kiana> Can we know details? hehe
<LisaBB3> we were at a charity event, on a bus...someone had a little to much to drink that afternoon, and when he looked at me on the bus, the bus jerked and he fell on the floor! poor thing!
<Jokerette> roflmao

<Jokerette> How do you like the myspace page I created for you
<Jokerette> that would be Haylie who created the myspace page for you
<LisaBB3> I LOVE IT!!! I THINK IT"S BEAUTIFUL!!! To bad i don't know what to do with it!! Did you know that the background looks like the tatoos that i have!!
<Jokerette> awwwwwwww
<Jokerette> glad to hear
<Haylie> Yes i did Lisa. I will pm you the info and help you with if you want
<LisaBB3> thanks Haylie!

<Jokerette> What are your feelings on Chicken George?
<LisaBB3> I think he is truly adorable! I just don't think that this is the game for him.
<Jokerette> yeppers.
<Jokerette> do you think Kaysar made a mistake by nom Nakomis and Diane this week??
<LisaBB3> absolutely!!! I still don't understand the reasoning behind that one!!! there are so many other fish to fry!
<Jokerette> me too!

<Jokerette> We have to know. How has your life changed since winning big brother 3?
<LisaBB3> my life is great...although i will admit i was a little thrown off by the attention that getting a big check all at once can cause.

<Kiana> What do you think of how Janelle is handling herself this year compared to last year?
<LisaBB3> i feel bad for Janelle! I think she is great!...but i think that BB has pushed her as their "it" girl sooooo hard that it is going to work against her being as good as she is
<Jokerette> awwwwwwww

<Jokerette> Can you tell us who the new Lisa is and what are your plans for the future?
<LisaBB3> i have to say that i love the woman I've become...i am comfortable voicing my opinion, am stronger and more independent than i was 4 years ago...and my plans for the future? I want to get some of my books published....fall in love....and have baby
<LisaBB3> i'm not getting any younger you know!
<Jokerette> yes you are you're as gorgeous as ever!
<Jokerette> btw I just got my own book published at long last! If I can do it, you can. www.catLeDevic.com
<LisaBB3> wow...congrats...and good luck...it's so hard, but let's hope it's worth the journey!!|
<Jokerette> ty
<Jokerette> it's huge for me lol

<Kiana> What do you think about how Marci is playing the game at this time?
<LisaBB3> i think mar is playing some what smart...he knows that he is "protected" but he is coming across as a floater to thosed who don't know that he's in an alliance.
<Jokerette> right.

<Jokerette> You mentioned you gave alot of the money you won to charity. What charities do you support?
<LisaBB3> OMG! Did you read my response on the message bored about that subject! I was sooo mad! Some...(not ALL...Will!) went to Animal Avengers...Operation Smile...a homeless charity in Rochester to feed the homeless there and every homeless person in LA

<Kiana> Lisa: followup to Marc's secret alliance - you said someone from BB6 was in it. We know the 3 guys are Marc, Boogie and Will. Is the BB6 person Janelle?
<LisaBB3> opps i was wrong...there's 4 guys (sorry)...Janelle? well I will say that she was a maybe about 2 weeks before the show started
<Jokerette> rofl oh boy!
<Jokerette> 4 guys huh
<Kiana> So that means James
<Jokerette> so James is in it!
<LisaBB3> nope ....i will tell you that it's not James...but don't be surprised if he has an agreement with someone in the house besided the 6ers also!!!!!
<Kiana> omg it is Kaysar? lol
<Jokerette> oh really!
<Kiana> Secret alliance - fake chat fight with Will...
<LisaBB3> REALLY!!!
<Jokerette> yep we saw all that!
<Jokerette> so now we know
<Kiana> thank you Lisa

<Jokerette> Who would you be most afraid of and least afraid of in the house and why?
<LisaBB3> Danielle, Danielle, and Danielle! (wait ....kiana...you have no idea!)
<Kiana> do tell!
<Kiana> LOL
<Jokerette> and Danielle eh!?
<LisaBB3> i knew that Dani would be after me...but now that I'm not in the house and have been paying attention to all the horrible things that Amy has been saying about me...well, they are best friends!
<Jokerette> Amy has been saying bad things about you? Where?
<LisaBB3> well, i don't think her chat here was very nice, and she has been posting on other sites
<Jokerette> sorry to hear ! (especially the one here, i don't even remember what she said!)
<LisaBB3> She's not saying bad things about me as a person...just game wise
<Jokerette> oh i see

<Jokerette> Who would you be most afraid of and least afraid of in the house and why?
<LisaBB3> well, i would not be afraid of Chick George...but the rest of the crew are all all-stars in my eyes...but definately Dani!
<Jokerette> yep she's good!

<Jokerette> Did you have the option of participating in the "Revenge of the Houseguests" blog?
<LisaBB3> i'm not sure what that is
<Jokerette> meither lol

<Jokerette> Is the real Mr and Mrs Smith Erika and James?
<Steve3> Sista..you missed it
<LisaBB3> No...i don't know anything about Erika and James being together...i know the Mr & Mrs. to be Diane and Jase...with Ali

<Kiana> Do you think that there is any way since you didn't make it in, that the secret alliance fell apart?
<LisaBB3> no the secret alliance had a back up person for everyone who wasn't a "sure thing"
<Jokerette> oh really?
<Jokerette> was anyone in it who also didn't get into house?
<LisaBB3> yup...it is going to be quite amazing if they make it...and if they disclose it!
<Jokerette> you don't think anyone else will disclose?
<LisaBB3> no...just little ole me
<Jokerette> Amy sure didn't say anything! Was she in it?
<Jokerette> and bless little ole you lol
<LisaBB3> "thanks for rubbing it in"
<Jokerette> rofl
<Jokerette> awwwwwwwwww would never do that!
<LisaBB3> no amy wasn't a part of anything
<Jokerette> yeah, that's what she said even

<Jokerette> Was there anyone besides yourself who didn't make the show and hsould have - and anyone who shouldn't have made the show?
<LisaBB3> I think Monica should be in that house! She was so great while we were sequestered...i am still having a hard time figuring out why Erika is in there, though
<Jokerette> evidently erika isn't the female in your alliance lol
<Steve3> Lisa...I really wanted Monica also
<Jokerette> dammit I for sure thought she was!
<LisaBB3> monica soooo should have been in there...could you imagine her and dani getting into a fight!! Oh, so much fun!
<Jokerette> rofl yep!

<Jokerette> Who was your backup person?
<LisaBB3> well, if i tell you my backup person wouldn't i be giving up the female...or one of them
<Jokerette> noooooooo
<Jokerette> no you wouldn't be giving anything up
<Kiana> You gave up 4 of the alliance, why not the rest?
<LisaBB3> ok....one is on the block and one isn't
<Kiana> WOW
<Jokerette> oooooooooh
<Kiana> so there are 6 people in this alliance?
<Kiana> 4 males/2 females?
<Jokerette> diane or nakomis!
<LisaBB3> review the chat...i didn't give up 4
<Jokerette> 3 right?
<Jokerette> Marcy... and who else kiana? Will and boogie right?
<Jokerette> and we thought kaysar?
<Kiana> Marc/Will/Boogie/Kaysar - and 2 females
<Jokerette> do we have it wrong?
<LisaBB3> i know that another girl was highly considered
<Jokerette> ooooooh I bet it's nakomis
<LisaBB3> kaysar? Absolutely not kaysar
<Jokerette> she is very bright player!
<LisaBB3> honestly
<Jokerette> ok that takes kaysar off... so i think marcy boog will and nakomis
<Kiana> Then it has to be James or Janie
<Kiana> you said it wasn't Janie lol
* Jokerette could be getting confused. LOL!
<LisaBB3> nope already said it wasn't James..but he does have something else going on that the other HG don't know yet
<Kiana> we think James and Dani are together
<Jokerette> who would James be with? other than Dani?
<LisaBB3> i think that that would be brilliant...but the others have already thought about that
<Kiana> Lisa, I think you have us more confused than you did in the beginning LOL
<Jokerette> rofl we can review the chat!

<Jokerette> for now, we've probably taken enough of your time...
<Jokerette> we sure thank you for this highly informative chat
<Jokerette> I am gonna open the room....
<Kiana> Thank you
<Steve3> Thanks!
<LisaBB3> i told you i would have been a better player this time around...and everything i'm saying is reaaly the truth!
<Jokerette> I know others have tons of questions for you!
<LisaBB3> thanks guys!!!!
<Jokerette> yes you tell the truth, we know that
<Jokerette> ok opening the floodgates and thanks so much... we'd love to have you BACK soon!