<Darlene> hi KaysarBB6 is that you?
<KaysarBB6> I'm here
<KaysarBB6> what upppppppppppppppppppppppp
<Darlene> Kaysar...what's the word so i know it's you
<KaysarBB6> where should i type it?
<KaysarBB6> here?
<Darlene> here Kaysar
<Darlene> woooohooo Kaysar!!!!
<Kiana> Hi Kaysar!
<Kiana> Welcome to Jokers again, good to have you back
<Darlene> How are you Kaysar? thank you for coming!
<KaysarBB6> Sorry if i'm a little slow. I'm actually breaking my fast as we speak
<KaysarBB6> it's ramadan and the sun just set on the west coast
<KaysarBB6> glad to be here
<Kiana> That's fine Kaysar, we appreciate you taking the time to chat with us during Ramadan
<Darlene> is it New Year for you?
<KaysarBB6> Ramadan is the time of month when muslims fast
<KaysarBB6> Its been about a week since it began
<Steve3_Dance> Happy Ramadan Kaysar
<Kiana> Are you ready to begin Kaysar? Fans are dying to ask you questions
<KaysarBB6> the new year starts at the end of ramadan
<Darlene> yes...Happy Ramadan Kaysar
<KaysarBB6> Its based on the lunar calandar.
<Darlene> i see

<Kiana> Happy Ramadan Kaysar. Thank you for coming during this time. What is your daily routine since you got home and settled, before Ramadan and during Ramadan?
<KaysarBB6> I was out and about. Networking. I'm back in acting class and loving it!!!!
<KaysarBB6> I am also working on the clothing line
<KaysarBB6> I've got my team in place now and we are developing the line
<KaysarBB6> my cousin designed for Von Dutch
<KaysarBB6> he's on the project as well
<Darlene> Good Luck

<Kiana> Kaysar, who, from BBAS have you become new friends with that will hopefully last a lifetime?
<KaysarBB6> I am friends with all the old cast as usual. And my new friends are Erika, Boogie, Will.
<KaysarBB6> They are nice people

<Kiana> How is your clothing line coming? Will you be busy right up to Christmas?
<KaysarBB6> I am shooting for Christmas. We might have an introductory line by then. but let me tell you... it's not as easy as I thought it would be. Outrageous
<KaysarBB6> I think people are going to be very impressed with what we have come up with

<Kiana> A lot of reports have come in that Will is in constant contact with all the houseguests and tries to influence Real Network chats and other chats through text messaging and calls. Is this true or not?
<Kiana> (to the best of your knowledge)

<KaysarBB6> hmmm
<KaysarBB6> I mean I have never heard such a thing
<KaysarBB6> He calls to ask how i'm doing. and I do so in return
<KaysarBB6> Why would he need to influence people. what is the outcome? lol
<Kiana> Its just another Internet rumor, lol

<Kiana> I know that you want to be an actor. What would be your end goal? What would make you happy? Is there a particular type of role that you want to do? Any preference for film/TV/stage? (Stage seems to be one of the best ways to develop experience.)
<KaysarBB6> I would love to work in television and movies
<Kiana> followup question from fans, have you landed any roles yet?
<KaysarBB6> I think every actors dream is to be given a character with depth
<KaysarBB6> a character that has been developed well
<KaysarBB6> I think I have a lot to offer. I a pretty passionate person inside and I need to get it all out!
<Darlene> lol
<KaysarBB6> I have met with a lot of important people
<KaysarBB6> I won't name names. Its not proper
<Kiana> How exciting

<Kiana> Do you think you made a big mistake not trying harder to win the spider web HOH comp and you shouldn't have trusted Dani & Erika? You knew Janie was on everyones raydar and she couldn't play for HOH.
<KaysarBB6> Yes, I think I should have tried harder. I think I miscalculated peoples loyalties
<KaysarBB6> I thought Erika had my back at that point in the game. I thought we had bonded

<Kiana> If you could rewind one thing in your whole BB experience what would it be and are you now friends with the NH.
<KaysarBB6> I would have played BBAS differently. I would have played more like BB6
<Kiana> There are a few questions related to this...
<KaysarBB6> I would have come out gunning.
<Kiana> I think the fans would've loved that
<KaysarBB6> I would have also tried to not let the death of a close friends family affect me so much
<Darlene> we felt your pain Kaysar and felt so bad
<Kiana> That seemed very tough on you in the house... everyone noticed you were more withdrawn and less excited about the game this season
<KaysarBB6> I made a conscious decision to be on BBAS. I should have been more mentally prepared. Its just hard

<Kiana> Do you think Mike deserved to be in the final 2? Why or why not?
<Kiana> Are you still with us Kaysar?
<Steve3> Must be a long answer...lol
<KaysarBB6> Well. Mike delivered a better final speech. And it was will who contrived the chilltown plans in the house but it was boogie who executed. Although it appeared to be more sensationalized on television. Those 2 played an exceptional game
<KaysarBB6> I think boogie deserved to win. Erika did pick up the pace towards the end, but I feel in the eyes of the other houseguests it was too little too late
<Kiana> I think we all agree with you there

<Kiana> Will Janie, Howie and you, maintain a friendship with James, after his behavior in AllStars?
<KaysarBB6> I think BB brings out the worst in all of us. Its hard to cope with what goes on in that house. All in all I think janie and howie are good people. Most of the time people are put in such extreme situations
<KaysarBB6> ah yes. and of course James
<KaysarBB6> James is a good guy.
<Darlene> LOL
<Kiana> Do you think all 4 of you will remain friends?
<TheBigSista> yay kaysar!!
<KaysarBB6> I can see where he was coming from
<KaysarBB6> well I speak for myself.
<Jokerette> he was an emotional player, right?
<KaysarBB6> I will be friends with all of them
<KaysarBB6> I believe is emotional. yes

<Kiana> Did you have a secret alliance/agreement with Will before going into the house?
<KaysarBB6> I spoke to Will before the house.
<KaysarBB6> To set up a chat on my site to drum up controversy before the show
<KaysarBB6> talks of alligning together came up
<KaysarBB6> before the show
<KaysarBB6> and again during the show
<KaysarBB6> before the show I told him that I'll see
<Kiana> We all noticed that Will would change his story as to whether that REALLY was him at your chat or whether it was his brother too lol
<KaysarBB6> during the show I told him that I can't
<Jokerette> he told us that chat was setup, right?
<KaysarBB6> I had a team
<KaysarBB6> LOL. yes the chat was embellished

<Kiana> Everyone would love to see you & Janelle on TAR, what's the progress on that happening?
<KaysarBB6> Janelle told me that TAR expressed some interest in seeing us on there together
<KaysarBB6> its up to the fans
<KaysarBB6> they have to let it be known that that is what they want
<Darlene> Oh good!!! we'd love to see you both on TAR!
<KaysarBB6> so lets make it happen!!! start writing!!!
<Kiana> Another TAR question Kaysar... I think the fans really want it

<Kiana> Kaysar, I hope to see you on TAR with Janie! She said that she doesn't know how to drive a stick shift. Do you? It's an important skill for TAR!
<KaysarBB6> I can drive stick. Not too well but I can!
<KaysarBB6> Heck. I'll practice...
<Kiana> lol
<Kiana> that's a good idea!
<Kiana> they have a lot of strange cars in TAR sometimes
<Darlene> it's not hard once you get the hang of it

<Kiana> What are your thought's on Janelle's BF? IS he okay with the two of you (Janelle) being close friends?
<KaysarBB6> Well I think he should be okay with it. There is nothing to be not okay with. I don't think he perceives me as a threat

<Kiana> Kaysar who do you think was the first to break off from the s6 alliance?
<KaysarBB6> I think it was James. Thats just my opinion. Some may think it was Janelle.
<KaysarBB6> I think Janelle was making side deals but she was still for S6
<Kiana> Another TAR question...

<Kiana> What can we do to expidite you and Janie getting on TAR?
<KaysarBB6> Start a petition. call the people in charge of TAR. email them
<Kiana> okay so all those former Winelle fans, start a new petition right?
<Darlene> would this be for TAR 11 then?
<KaysarBB6> I believe so.

<Kiana> If you could change one rule or facet of the bb game, what would it be?
<KaysarBB6> Let me think
<KaysarBB6> hmm
<KaysarBB6> I would make it more condensed.
<KaysarBB6> less waiting around.
<KaysarBB6> more action
<Kiana> I think fans would echo those sentiments!
<Kiana> 4 hours waiting for veto is ridiculous lol
<KaysarBB6> make it 1.5 months
<KaysarBB6> twice a year
<Kiana> YES, twice a year

<Kiana> Are you still friends with Michael, your partner from BB6?
<KaysarBB6> Yes we are stil friends.
<KaysarBB6> He's a very nice guy
<KaysarBB6> besides. He helped me get on the show to begin with.

<Kiana> Does Kaysar hang out with Howie a lot?
<KaysarBB6> yes he does
<KaysarBB6> lol
<KaysarBB6> I think they get along VERY well
<Kiana> lol
<Darlene> lol

<Kiana> How do you feel about every single person in the house getting duped by Will?
<KaysarBB6> I think Will played a good game. I think the show made it look worse than it actually was. Will plays things up for the camera
<Kiana> I think live feeders believe he duped everyone too lol
<KaysarBB6> hahahaha
<KaysarBB6> well I think the feeders know best
<Kiana> (we do) hehe
<Darlene> yup...we saw it all
<Darlene> lol

<Kiana> Would you consider doing any other reality shows, or any sort of television in the future (aside from TAR)?
<KaysarBB6> I'm working towards a career in acting
<KaysarBB6> I would not do anymore reality
<Kiana> I think they wonder if you'd ever be the next Bachelor or something lol
<KaysarBB6> I would consider TAR
<KaysarBB6> thats it
<KaysarBB6> but I'm done
<Darlene> you would bungee jump Kaysar?
<KaysarBB6> bungee hump?
<Darlene> or leave that to Janelle?
<KaysarBB6> i mean jump
<Darlene> not hump...jump lol
<KaysarBB6> I would do it in a heartbeat

<Kiana> Do you find it amusing/annoying when fans on the message boards try to pair you up with others from BB? (romantically)
<KaysarBB6> yes it is funny.
<KaysarBB6> Because I don't look at them in that way. I think I need a simple girl. Not a BB girl. lol
<Kiana> lol
<Kiana> You aren't saying BB girls have too many issues are you Kaysar?
<KaysarBB6> LOL
<KaysarBB6> not at all!
<KaysarBB6> umm. I'm saying...
<Kiana> lol nice recovery!
<KaysarBB6> next question
<Kiana> LOL

<Kiana> As a Middle Eastern and Muslim, my family is from Iran, I think it's great that you are able to break down stereotypes and ignorance by being true to yourself. I just wanted to say thank you.
<KaysarBB6> Well sara. I just prestented the other side
<KaysarBB6> through the help of many people out there we did it together

<Kiana> Is janelle really the sweetheart she appears to be in the house?
<KaysarBB6> Janelle is very sweet. And funny. She is good company when she is relaxed and mellow
<Kiana> Is she different to hang out with when she is in competitive mode?
<KaysarBB6> My laptop batter is about to die. We have 8 min!!! lol sorry
<Kiana> ok!! np
<KaysarBB6> Well I think you caught a glimpse of that when we were sitting on the red couch in the yard
<KaysarBB6> She is actually a big dork
<KaysarBB6> thats what I love about her
<Kiana> She is seemingly really down to Earth
<Darlene> lol that's cute!
<Kiana> I think that's why America loves you both so much

<Kiana> Do you think Janelle and Will are tired of the Winelle facination? They have not tried to kill it
<KaysarBB6> well. either they like the press
<KaysarBB6> or
<KaysarBB6> they like each other
<Kiana> lol
<KaysarBB6> you decide
<Steve3> hmmm
<Darlene> hmmmmmm
<Kiana> that doesnt help kill the Winelle obsession rofl
<KaysarBB6> but then again I saw Will and Erin together a couple weeks back. They looked happy

<Kiana> Janelle says she can't eat gross stuff on TAR. Can you?
<KaysarBB6> I can!
<KaysarBB6> but it has to be Islamic
<KaysarBB6> hahaha
<Darlene> lol
<Kiana> lol uh oh
<Kiana> you guys might be in serious trouble then

<Kiana> Before your battery dies Kaysar, is there anything you'd like to tell us about or promote?
<KaysarBB6> umm
<KaysarBB6> well
<KaysarBB6> Go to my site
<KaysarBB6> www.kaysaronline.com
<KaysarBB6> read my blogs
<KaysarBB6> and you can find me on myspace
<Kiana> Will your clothing line be available there as well, soon?
<KaysarBB6> www.myspace.com/kaysarridha
<KaysarBB6> yes. you will find info about it there
<KaysarBB6> the clothing company will have its own site
<KaysarBB6> we are trying to do it big
<Kiana> Great, well we appreciate your time Kaysar and we'd love to have a chat with you again sometime. Thank you for coming!! Let us know what your site is when it is finished.
<Darlene> Kaysar you're a LOST fan right? Psyched for tomorrow night?? Will you be watching?
<Steve3> Thank you Kaysar.....Good Ramadan!
<Kiana> Im going to open the room up for everyone's comments...
<KaysarBB6> I'll be watching
<KaysarBB6> thanks for having me
<KaysarBB6> always a pleasure
<TheBigSista> your welcome
<Kiana> We enjoyed it, and the fans have some things to say too
<Darlene> thank you so much for coming Kaysar...we REALLY appreciate it