Jokerette: Welcome Marc!
Jokerette: How ya doin?
Marcellas: I'm here!
Marcellas: I'm great!
Jokerette: YAY marc!!!!!!!
Taylor: welcome marcellas
Marcellas: Exhausted.
Jokerette: How is the campaign going???????
Marcellas: Good I hope!
Jokerette: I know it is
Marcellas: I've got a lot of stuff coming up!
Taylor: I bet you're busy!
Jokerette: what have you got coming up!
Marcellas: Crazy. I'll be on Reality Remix this weekend!
Jokerette: we'll look for you
Jokerette: ok let's rock this...

Jokerette: What have you learned from hosting house calls that will change the way you play the game? and of course... if giving the opportunity, would you use the Veto?????
Marcellas: Both of Gretchen's radio shows.
Jokerette: wow
Marcellas: I WILL use the veto. Or not. It depends on the situation...
Jokerette: good onya

Jokerette: Will Boo be joining him, if he goes in?
Marcellas: Nah I'm lying! I'll save myself this time!
Jokerette: you'd best lol
Marcellas: LOL!
Marcellas: I think House Calls just made me realize that it is a game.
Jokerette: I bet.
Marcellas: Not to take it so personally.

Jokerette: I was going to ask, what did you learn from House

Marcellas: And to watch everyone and trust no one!
Jokerette: definately.
Marcellas: And that you should have fun in the BB House!

Jokerette: Were you promised a guaranteed spot in the BB AllStar House? If so, why do you feel you deserve it?
If not, what do you think of the people are guaranteed a spot?

Marcellas: That's what the fans want!
Jokerette: Yes they do!
Jokerette: they want reality!
Marcellas: I was not promised a spot. I've heard those rumors about me, Will, Danielle, Alison, Kay...
I don't think BB had to do that.
Marcellas: I think that's an urban legend.
Jokerette: I don't think so either
Jokerette: we could ask John Platt
Marcellas: I definitely feel the show wouldn't be the same without me!
Jokerette: of course not!
Marcellas: Love John!
Jokerette: he's a character.. love him also

Jokerette: How is he going to react if Cowboy makes it in the house? Will he call Ivette "Evilette"?
Who would be HIS choices for the 12 houseguests?

Marcellas: I don't want to reveal my choices. That would show my strategy. And I do have one.
Jokerette: I bet you do! not even a sneak peak?
Taylor: Do you feel being on HC has helped your game play?
Marcellas: I don't think CB should be there. But that is just because of the game he played last season.
If he can step up to the plate this time and really play then bring it!

Jokerette: Is there anyone you DONT want to see in the house?
Marcellas: I know Drew turned it down on advice of his agents.
Jokerette: for real?
Jokerette: why would they tell him that?
Marcellas: I'd rather have seen Drew or Scott or Adria or Natalie than CB. I think they played harder.
Jokerette: they did play damn hard
Jokerette: why would an agent tell someone not to do BB? I don't get it?
Marcellas: I don't care who makes it in. As far as I'm concerned it's a clean slate. Just come ready.
Jokerette: come with your best game
Marcellas: My agents strongly recommended I don't do it.
Jokerette: you serious? Why?
Marcellas: I never listen. LOL!
Jokerette: bad press?
Jokerette: reality is bad for the career or something?
Marcellas: No I think it has to do with reality stardomm versus real stardom.
There is still a part of Hollywood that looks down it's nose @ reality people.
Jokerette: that's a pity. it really is. it's all valid, imho.

Jokerette: <Bubba> If so: Of the other 19 possible houseguests, if you could bring just ONE of them
in the house with you, who would it be?

Marcellas: But I gotta eat so I look at every offer that presents itself!
Jokerette: absolutely.. and you could win the half mil!
Jokerette: it seems to me, anything that keeps you in public eye is a good thing.
Marcellas: Well reality is a double edged-sword.
Jokerette: some people have crossed over!

Jokerette: soupmonster asks: What do you think this twist is about making the HGs wish they still had PB&J?
Marcellas: I took a lot of unnecessary heat last summer. It became a distraction.
Marcellas: It will be tuna.
Jokerette: TUNA?
Jokerette: what if someone is allergic? ROFL
Marcellas: Whatever it is I'll choke it down and deal! I got bigger things to worry about!
Jokerette: roflmao I bet!

Jokerette: soupmonster asks: If you get into the house, will anyone be taking over your spot on House Calls?
Marcellas: And It's kinda glam to not eat and then faint during the live show!
Marcellas: It gurantees you screen time!
Jokerette: bigtime yes!
Jokerette: crap or barf, and you're famous ::::::flee
Marcellas: As far as House Calls my Gretchen is totally capable of handling it alone. I read that ette! tee hee...
Jokerette: lol

Jokerette: Wrennie asks: who do you think is the sexiest player other than yourself?
Marcellas: I think you guys will be pleasantly suprised by the change in format of House Calls this season!
Jokerette: really?
Jokerette: can you give us a hint?
Marcellas: My vote for sexiest?
Jokerette: yeah!
Marcellas: Ooh... Good question!
Marcellas: I liked Justin. I liked his size and he had sparkly eyes and was a wrestler.
Marcellas: I like Jase and James also. I like guys that aren't too hot but hot.
Jokerette: you like Jase???
Jokerette: I met James ... he IS hot lol
Marcellas: Yep. He's hot. That body is insane!
Taylor: If you make it in, will it be the same without Amy?
Jokerette: roflol :::my eyes
Marcellas: I'm in trouble if they are both in! Another Roddy situation!
Jokerette: oh that would be great lol
Marcellas: No. I love and miss Amy. She is funny was funny as hell.
Jokerette: awwwwwww

Jokerette: WarEagle asks: Marcellas, wouldn't it be sweet for you to engineer Danielle's exit this time like she did your's on BB3?
Marcellas: i know.
Jokerette: indeedy

Jokerette: spidyman asks: marc are you going to model your game play after any of the past BB 1st place winners? If so would you like to tell us?
Marcellas: WarEagle honestly I can't let that distract me! Danielle is a great player and it wouldn't be the same without her.
Jokerette: she will play HARD this time! but so will you
Marcellas: I'm going to use elements of a lot of ex-HGs. I think you must.
Jokerette: No evil dr. will tho, right?
Jokerette: Have you met Will?
Jokerette: you still here, I hope? LOL
Marcellas: I've met Will many times! He's awesome. So sarcastic that one. I hope he changes his game this time.
Jokerette: really?
Marcellas: Sorry BB called.
Jokerette: LOL!
Jokerette: and when BB calls... we jump
Marcellas: It's true! The own me already!
Jokerette: yes they do!

Jokerette: Wrennie asks: what will be your BB fashion this season?
Marcellas: Wrennie! Good question!
Marcellas: I've grown up a lot. I'm a suit boy now which doesn't work in the BB house.
Jokerette: awwwwww love to see you in a suit
Marcellas: I'll give you designers. I'm bringing a white bathrobe and I'll still do flips with socks!
Jokerette: so what are you bringing? Can you tell us your item
Jokerette: LOL flips
Jokerette: of course you're bringing that white bathrobe! Who makes it?
Marcellas: I know but I love that! And I hate walking around barefoot! I think it's dirty!
Jokerette: rofl you can get diseases!

Jokerette: Liann asks: While you are in the house, what will your sign be to tell us you are thinking about Jokers? (And don't say the finger LOLOL)
Marcellas: This bathrobe is by Land's End of all places. It's long!
Jokerette: kewl
Marcellas: I'm just going to say Jokers vote for me.
Jokerette: yay
Marcellas: Y'all know how I rool.
Jokerette: we do indeed
Marcellas: Roll! LOL!
Jokerette: we'll get you in there!

Jokerette: coco asks: are you still close to any of the other house guests
Marcellas: Or hey JU!
Jokerette: that would do
* Jokerette all excited now rofl
Marcellas: I'm not close to any honestly. I'm so busy now with work that it's hard for me to keep up with those knuckleheads. I talk to Lisa every now and again. Jason too. Chiara a bit.
Jokerette: good to hear.

Jokerette: wifey asks: Marcellas, Which of the other potential houseguest needs a makeover the most?
Marcellas: I really don't keep up with the ones fromother seasons.
Jokerette: too many of them, no doubt.
Marcellas: Ooh! Chicken George! CB's western thing is kinda Brokeback Mountain so it's okay.
Marcellas: nakomis too...
Marcellas: Dr. Will should address that ink.
Jokerette: lmao i'll buy nakomis.. ya can't change george.. can ya? heheh

Jokerette: CMaye78 asks: What is the best and worst part of being in the BB house?
Marcellas: the best part was talking trash all season. sitting around playing cards and telling stories. i loved that.
Marcellas: getting to know the hgs
Jokerette: having fun
Marcellas: I want it to be fun. I hated last season.
Jokerette: why hate last season?
* Jokerette thought it was the best ::::::flee
Marcellas: I loved it coz you'd never seen anything like that but I couldn't have lived there.
Jokerette: yeah, i'd buy THAT lol

Jokerette: Zanken asks: Is there a possibility you'll trust someone and form an alliance or do this on your own?
Marcellas: BB3 rocked the house. The highest rated and the gold standard.
Jokerette: yeppers
Jokerette: BB3 for sure!
Jokerette: but behind bb3, last season was tops, i thought.
Marcellas: I'm gonna try not to trust this time. I gave my trust away my season and got clowned. This time I'm putting myself 1st.
Jokerette: YAY
Jokerette: no more mr. nice guy?
Marcellas: I agree ette about 3 and 6.

Jokerette: Iluvmarcellis asks: hey marcellis i lyuv ya and voted for ya like 50000 times.... whats ure favorite store?? Mine is AEROPOSTALE
Marcellas: No I'm still all about respect. I'd never call anyone a bitch but I will remember there can be only one winner.
Jokerette: indeed
Marcellas: He Iluv! I'm a Club Monaco boy. And I love Bloomies. And now I love H&M and Forever 21.
Jokerette: Bloomies rules

Jokerette: MsByrdie asks: Hi Marcellas, you're the reason I started watching BB! My question: Would you go back on your word, if you thought it would get you ahead in the game? Would you feel sorry about lying if you did?
Marcellas: I'm more of a designer guy. I shop @ their stores.
Jokerette: wish i had a designer. "|
Marcellas: Hi MsB! My word is very important to me. @ the end of the day if you lie you a liar and i don't like that.
Marcellas: But I am competing for a ton of money!
Jokerette: there is THAT
Marcellas: Situational ethics.
Jokerette: rofl yes of course
Jokerette: gotta be wise! gotta PLAY!

Jokerette: CMaye78 asks: who is your favorite BB guest from all the seasons (not including yourself) :-)
Marcellas: And it's a game. I wouldn't lie to any1 like I was lied to but a tiny lie? Um mm...
Jokerette: rofl yep
Jokerette: that big lie was too damn much.
Marcellas: CMaye! I Love Diane, Allison, Janelle, James, Lisa, Hardy. Those are my big players. As far as how they played their games. If you mean as a person...
Marcellas: R u waiting for more from me?
Jokerette: lol no

Jokerette: kellykelly1004 asks: why have you said that Jason turned on you when really it was Danielle? Do you still dislike her?
Jokerette: and a hard one lol

Marcellas: Jason was as much a part of my alliance and every decision made about me as Danielle was. No, I never intended to take little baby J to the end but we all promised each other we would get to final 3 and then all bets were off.
Jokerette: right.

Jokerette: nikki3 asks: one of the things I like best about Marcellas is that he is clearly intelligent, Do you have formal education? And if so, what did you study?
Marcellas: I never disliked Danielle. It takes a villain to make a hero. Danielle and in part Jason created me.
Marcellas: It's the same with the Fiendsheep last season.
Jokerette: interesting point of view!
Jokerette: fiendsheep.. roflmao
Marcellas: If they weren't so horrid we wouldn't have loved the SOV 654321 so much.
Jokerette: true enough!
Marcellas: I said that during House Calls though no one remembers that.
Jokerette: i do sorta.

Jokerette: nikki3 asks: one of the things I like best about Marcellas is that he is clearly intelligent, Do you have formal education? And if so, what did you study?
Marcellas: My major in college was English with a theatre minor. My second year i was discovered by 3 model agents and the rest is history as they say.
Jokerette: 3 agents!
Marcellas: One of my biggest regrets is I didn't finish school.
Jokerette: awwwwww. what was the first thing the agents did for you?
Marcellas: yes one of the women who found me waiting tables in a restaurant also discovered Cindy Crawford years earlier.
Jokerette: wow.
Jokerette: What possible twists might be coming up, do you predict?
Marcellas: My 1st model booking was for Family Dollar!
Jokerette: lol that's great
Marcellas: i'd never shop there!
Jokerette: heheheh
Marcellas: My mom still has that poster!
Jokerette: I'd love to see it!
Jokerette: you should have it on your site
Marcellas: I think they are going to up the money @ some point.
Jokerette: do you really?
Marcellas: I also think there will be 14 HGs.
Jokerette: we asked Platt.. he said, not unless it came out of his salary lol
Jokerette: 14 would be good!
Marcellas: The 8 that don't get voted in will compete and 2 will come in.
Jokerette: wow

Jokerette: <Bubba> Of the other 19 possible houseguests, if you could bring just ONE of them in the house with you, who would it be?
Marcellas: Platt? Bullpucky. They were going to do it last year. Why not this year? When the stakes are so high.
Jokerette: Oh I agree! perfect time for a million.
Marcellas: Good question Bubba. Hm mm...
Marcellas: I can't answer it though. It might tip my hand strategically.
Jokerette: rofl smart.

Jokerette: Liann asks: If you get into the house with Howie can you hide his light saber just to make him mad please And like do it over and over again!
Jokerette: LOL!
Jokerette: ok I'm gonna ask a repeat...
Jokerette: but many didn't see the answer.

Jokerette: PsychoJason asks: Who will host House Calls this season. The press releases said you were staying on as host, but what will that do to the show now?
Marcellas: I'll throw that damn ridiculous thing over the wall. And I'm not Busto. Excuse my I mean April. She isn't in the game so I should show her respect. I'm not April. Howie will sit down and shut up.
Jokerette: rofl I'll PAY to see that
Marcellas: LOL. I'm looking forward to playing with Howie. he is the most liked a season 3 player.
Jokerette: he's a hell raiser... y'all will have FUN!
Marcellas: I'm hosting House Calls from the diary room. That's a JU exclusive.
Jokerette: kewlies lol
Jokerette: you could actually do it, too. rofl

Jokerette: MissyinSC asks: If voted into BB Allstars, Who is the first person you would like to see voted off?
Marcellas: I can only say I don't wanna be 1st to go! That would suck! I'd be jobless.
Jokerette: you won't be first. nohow, no way.

Jokerette: NJcathie asks: Marcellas what made you decide to go back into the house?
Jokerette: good question, that un!
Marcellas: NjC!Hi!
Marcellas: Um mm... BB is a huge part of who I am. It changed my life. I love the show, the format. For me it's so much more than a rality show. It's a social experiment. For all the gruff I take i'm proud to be a part of it.
Jokerette: and quite a part of it you are
Marcellas: Thank you.

Jokerette: MissyinSC asks: Why should we vote you back into BB Allstars?
Marcellas: Why? Hm mm... Let me run down why. Fell in love with a gnome, adopted an inflatable shark and named him Huck, got seduced in the hot tub by a straight guy, won HOH twice, won the coveted Golden Power of Veto while channeling Catherine Zeta-Jones in Entrapment and didn't use the GPoV resulting in my live eviction when I was the front-runner to win $500,000. Oh and I'm the only House Guest host Julie Chen ever slapped upside t
Jokerette: it cut off at Oh and I'm the only House Guest host Julie Chen ever slapped upside t
Marcellas: That's a brief synopsis of who and what I am.
Jokerette: and it's well said. for real.
Marcellas: The head! Not ass!
Marcellas: LOL!
Jokerette: rofl good we got THAT straight. lol
Jokerette: OK I know...

Jokerette: we've spent a lot of your time...
Jokerette: I thank you for this excellent interview....
Jokerette: and I am going to open the room to the hordes, are you ready? LOL
Marcellas: I played that game! I laughed cried pouted and preened. My diary rooms were priceless, I'm the cutest Black guy ever on the show...
Jokerette: you really were
Marcellas: There's a million reasons!
Marcellas: LOL!
Jokerette: a million and one! cause you're marc, primarily!
Jokerette: OH and can we please have an exit interview, after you win BB All Stars?
Marcellas: Thanks ette! Yes you may open the floodgates. I'll try to keep up!
Jokerette: ok will in a sec
Marcellas: Thanks all y'all for coming!
Jokerette: you'll let us interview ya on your way out after you win, right? hehehee
TaylorBBA: Thanks for the chat Marcellas!