<HowieBB6> hello everyone the force is with us
<Kiana> Hi Howie, welcome to Jokers!
<HowieBB6> any chics here I love chixcs
<Jokerette> tons of women rofl
Kiana is a chick and so is Jokerette
<Kiana> We're ready for you
<HowieBB6> if there are 100 chixs here then that means 200 boobies for me
<Kiana> LOL
<Jokerette> at least lol
<HowieBB6> oh boy Kiana
<Kiana> lol oh boy Howie, I've waited to hear that my whole life
<Kiana> Are you ready?
<Kiana> right off the bat I have an interesting question for you
<Jokerette> had him on phone there lol
<HowieBB6> mommy mommy I wanta a Kiana doll
<Kiana> LOL!
<HowieBB6> shoot
<Kiana> ok ok you got my votes

<Kiana> sith_I_am asks: Do you think it will be possible to trust anyone in BB7?
<HowieBB6> j/k
<HowieBB6> I will trust everyone and beleive NO ONE lol
<Kiana> lol is that possible?
<HowieBB6> with the Force anything is possible your senses can deceive you don't trust them

<Kiana> Everyone wants to know... will All-Stars have a new Jack Shack this year?
<HowieBB6> oh course how can little Howie have any fun without one????? LOL!
<Kiana> LOL

<Kiana> Also... so many people want to know who is your prediction for the new "Busto" this year?
<HowieBB6> www.howiegordon.com check me out later
<HowieBB6> Prediction????? PAIN! LOL!
<HowieBB6> no names that good strategy
<HowieBB6> not instead of that
<Kiana> lol ok

<Kiana> Point202 asks: How is Rachel? Do you keep in touch with her?
<HowieBB6> but Hurricane Howie's winds will be at full force
<HowieBB6> Ray Ray is great she bought her first house moves in this week and still rides horsees even though she should be riding something else??? lol
<Kiana> we're all hoping it'll be Hurricane Season
<HowieBB6> IT is amongst us and I expect Cat never recorder before
<HowieBB6> category Hurricanes
<Kiana> categories never recorded before? Category 7? lol
<HowieBB6> stormy skies above the BB 7 House
<Kiana> sounds fun
<HowieBB6> What Hurricane Howie starts Jedi Howie will finish

<Kiana> JohnnyE asks: Howie if he's still in love with Janie
<HowieBB6> Tons and lots of fun
<Kiana> cant wait!!
<HowieBB6> Janie is a close close friend of mine! Like a sister! But a step sister non-blood related lol
<Kiana> rofl

<Kiana> bb6fan321 asks: howie is the house going to be big enough for you and jase??
<HowieBB6> oh boy Janie mommy mommy I want a Janie doll would I bang her f-yeah
<Kiana> LOL
<Jokerette> bwhahahaa
<Kiana> we're glad you'd still bang Janie Doll
<HowieBB6> The house can hold everyone but Hurricane Howie will eliminate and evict the proper people lol

<Kiana> TexVamp asks: Howie is it true that you and James are not speaking because of a recent chat you had?
<HowieBB6> Jase is hilarious I think we will be buds but who knows??????
<HowieBB6> James is being a baby because he got caught up in his lies and can't think straight! He's my brother and I love him, but family members fight all the time! Hopeuflly we will straighten it out before the house but if not we will get to the bottom of it in VETO competition lol
<Kiana> lol great answer

<Kiana> eve asks: will you bring in your light sabers?
<HowieBB6> My lightsabers will not make it through the metal detectors that BB installed! But with the will of the Force and an HoH or two here! I predict a good chance of Jedi Howie hoisting his sabers for the 2nd consecutive BB Season
<Kiana> yay, we know the force is with you lol

<Kiana> Greenlee asks: Howie, do you see possible romantic sparks between you and Janie if you both make it into the house?
<HowieBB6> Thanks
<HowieBB6> I think the ultimate All Star cast would be Howie, Janie, AShlea, Ray Ray, Jen Jen, Lori, Holly, Dana, Dani, Lisa, Michelle, Allisoon and so on! Oh yea Erika with the right amount of liquor year me and Janie may make a good BB-7 Howie does Janie movie! LOL!
<JediTaylor> Are there any other girls in the list of 20 you'd consider hooking up with?
<Kiana> ROFL!!
<Kiana> I think he answered that Taylor lol
<HowieBB6> ALL of them no f-ing lie
<Kiana> rofl
<HowieBB6> me too ROFL
<Jokerette> at once?
<Jokerette> all at once? hehehehe
<HowieBB6> I'M GETTING a woody

<Kiana> Howie, you sat ringside to the Will / Kaysar chat a couple weeks ago - How was it watching them fight and what's going on?
<HowieBB6> I loved it Dr. Will is relentless very funny and that is why James is mad at me he thinks I did not stand up for Kayser and Janie they both laughted it off while James looked at something to bitch about because how can BB-7 go on without the STar of the show coming back I hope CBS does not cancel if I don't make it back? LOL!
<Kiana> LOL it wouldn't be the same without you - that's for sure
<HowieBB6> I love boobies

<Kiana> jedijanie asks: Big fan here! Have you been working out to get ready for the HOH competitions?
<HowieBB6> I*m in VETO, HOH, BEEFCAKE and Jedi &%$#@ shape!

<Kiana> Bullet asks: How would you feel if BB decided to outfit houseguests with ankle bracelets and had America vote on who gets shocked?
<HowieBB6> 3 hours a day
<HowieBB6> I'm all for it
<HowieBB6> bring it on
<Jokerette> depends on where they get shocked, right?
<HowieBB6> I'm the best looking guy in BB History throw it all at me
<Kiana> yes you are
<Jokerette> yes you are indeedy
<HowieBB6> they will short out if the shock my pee pee
<Jokerette> lol
<Kiana> you're a light saber wielding boobie loving Jedi
<HowieBB6> ab sah fuck ing loot lee

<Kiana> tetris2 asks: Howie, now that Diane and Erika are single, will you try to convert them into Jedis?
<HowieBB6> I will convince them of the JEDI way after I give them a full Beefcake boobie inspection I met Diane for the 1st time the other day and what a piece of ass she is
<HowieBB6> Erika has got it all as well

<Kiana> Who do you think should've been on the top 20 list that wasn't? (Not just chicks with boobies)
<HowieBB6> Savage should have been there! He is an All Star! I thought Kent from BB-2 was hilarious? Holly should have been there! Wow, a lot of people! Josha and Roddy from BB-3 and I'd love to bang Chi-whora and Michelle from BB-4, and Lori from BB-5
<Kiana> LOL thanks for adding guys to the list too Howie

<Kiana> WarEagle asks: Howie, How important do you think it will be expanding beyond the players from your own season and really making an attempt to interact with HGs from other seasons?
<HowieBB6> I'd bang them all and let CBS sort em out
<Jokerette> roflol
<HowieBB6> I interact with everyone Nerd Herders Sovs chill towners, 4 horsemen top's important and I will
<Kiana> good game plan

<Kiana> Lost asks: JediHowie, Brother, Who Passed The Worst GAS in the Big Brother Six House?
<HowieBB6> thanks
<HowieBB6> I passes a lot of gas, Capi passed some powerful loud gas, but James by far hands down bar none has the smelliest ass in BB and Reality TV history! Great question brother Rihie! Hello To TX TRish for me
<HowieBB6> www.howiegordon.com
<HowieBB6> couple plugs lol
<Kiana> You answered this a little earlier but... (Plug away)
<HowieBB6> t shirts light sabrs and votes votes votes lol

<Kiana> Dr asks: Whats your take on Dr Will?
<HowieBB6> Dr. Will is great awesome for BB! I fell off the couch several times watching BB2 because of Dr. Will! There are only two other people in BB History that belong on the show as much as me and that is Janie and Dr. Will. He is for real, smart , hilarious and almost as good looking as me! He is a definite all star no question about it Dr. will can bring it
<Jokerette> yes he can!

<Jokerette> avichaiyl asks: Did you have any idea what an internet audience/fanbase there was when you were on BB6, and if you get chosen for BB7, how will you appeal to us? Will you talk to us while in the house?
<JediTaylor> Does he intimidate you?
<HowieBB6> I knew your were watching but you forget at times how often and how much! I will use the will of the force to communicate with you the internet viewers and the bb gods as much and as often as possible you will be my guidance as Obi won was to luke just guide me the right way shout outs are a BB 7 MUST
<avichaiyl> thanks Howie
<HowieBB6> No one in BB intimates me NO ONE
<Kiana> LOL thanks we look forward to it
<Jokerette> just give a call out to Jokers and all is good lol
<HowieBB6> me too
<HowieBB6> and three

<Kiana> Anon8253 asks: I saw that your profession is now Light Saber Sales on your CBS profile. Makin' lots of money of them light sabers?
<HowieBB6> ab sah fuck ing loot lee
<Sarah> the sales are strong with this one
<HowieBB6> Jedi are not in it for the money they want to expand and institute their knowledge but money $$$ comes wit it great perks
<HowieBB6> enought to chase babes with
<HowieBB6> very strong
<Kiana> that's great to know, should write a jedi black book
<HowieBB6> I m in the works lol
<Kiana> lol

<Kiana> Dr asks: Who do you think is the most attractive female that could get on BB7? (You have to pick ONE girl, not Janie)
<HowieBB6> that is tuff but you are ruining my chances if I say one they are all hot but I will try and Bang Lisa first lol
<Kiana> lol thanks for letting us in on it

<Kiana> omyomy asks: well do you like cornnuts?
<HowieBB6> your sense can decieve you don't trust them
<HowieBB6> corn nuts not really why?????????????
<Kiana> Howie, I dont know, fans are obsessed with cornnuts
<Jokerette> we have an op who's really into cornuts (gawd knows why) LOL
<Kiana> might want to try giving them away for votes
<HowieBB6> then I like them too off of boobies
<Kiana> LOL
<Kiana> onto cornnuts?

<Kiana> Anon8253 asks: Who is everyone you keep in touch with? I saw in one interview that you keep in touch with Jen. What is she up to?
<HowieBB6> I talked to Jen Jen two days ago I forgot what she does for a living . But she has a new boyfriend of two months that lives in Texas a few hours from her! She said she will vote for me and she will not really watch BB-7! But I think she will! I still want to bang her! Nice boobies!

<Kiana> Dr asks: Since you want to find a new busto, would you say Bunky is a good option or perhaps Diane? Its probably not cool to make a grown man cry.
<HowieBB6> I talked to BUSTO capi the other day and still talk to sarah and James Janie ashlea ray ray micheal ok next question sorry

<Kiana> Dr asks: What was the most exciting thing you have done since leaving BB6?
<HowieBB6> no comments on who the winds of Hurricane Howie are going to rage on! But he will it is the INEVITABLE
<HowieBB6> sp
<Kiana> ok we understand, can't give away secrets of the Force
<Kiana> Still with us Howie?
<HowieBB6> I did a charity event in VEgas U-Bid to raise money for Huricane Katrina and was at a table with Lance Bass (INSYNC), Emanulle, (Entourga), Joanne, (REB) Wes Brown new basketball movie, Kathy Griffin and surrounding tables were Demi Moore, David 'spade jessica biel cauly mckaulen nick lachey and tons of other celebs all on my pics on www.howiegordon.com
<Kiana> that sounds exciting!
<Jokerette> damn!
<Jokerette> sounds bigtime!
<JediTaylor> Did they know who you were?
<HowieBB6> Some knew me and loved me and others were like who the fuck is he! Nick Lache was in my seat and I was like your in my seat buddy! And he laughed! And I told him I was BB Howie, and he said he does not like or watch reality tv even though he did one himself. I said people told me I look like you and him and his brother did not think so. I said I did not know him on 98 degrees or who they were and he said he did not eithe
<Kiana> lol sounds like a blast
<HowieBB6> but super nice guy really
<Jokerette> what a trip!
<Kiana> I'd bang him
<HowieBB6> tons of fun big blast
<HowieBB6> I might too lol
<Kiana> lol

<Kiana> What do you think the food will be this year since it's not PB&J anymore?
<HowieBB6> as long as it is not tuna or Ice Cream Clam Sundaes because I don't want to throw up everyday! I hope BB is not on this chat? LOL!
<HowieBB6> but your guess is as good as mine
<HowieBB6> RHUBARB lol
<HowieBB6> maybe HAM for James
<Kiana> lol
<HowieBB6> I love boobies
<Kiana> Another guest we had this last week said it was tuna
<Kiana> they love you too
<HowieBB6> then pardon my french but I'm fucked
<Kiana> lol
<HowieBB6> oh boy Kiana I can't wait to bang you
<Kiana> Me either Howie!

<Kiana> HowieisMYjedii asks: Howie what are you going to do differently when you get in the house?
<HowieBB6> do me do me do me do me
<Kiana> do meeee first
<HowieBB6> Jedi: I'm gonna be Howie but that is as far as I'm gonna elaborate so they don't detect the Hurricane on radar
<HowieBB6> chix plus Howie equals HowieWood
<Kiana> LOL

<Kiana> Sov4Allstars asks: Howie, Rachel seemed to help you alot with game play in the house. How will you do without her?
<HowieBB6> I would be stronger with her! RayRay was great! But a Jedi's job is to adjust! And I will, hopefully before I get evicted! LOL!
<JediTaylor> Do you wish Rachel was on the list of 20?
<HowieBB6> ab sah fuck ing loot lee

<Kiana> amIsane asks: Howie, you beef cake Do you already have an idea who you would "like" to align yourself with in All Stars?
<HowieBB6> She's an All Star player for sure
<Kiana> You gotta give us one little bite of strategy
<HowieBB6> I have a great Idea I love and trust all of you but I do not know who is chatting, listening or viewing! I don't want to give the SITH any advantage over me! If you know what I mean??
<Kiana> yes the Dark Lords could be watching, gotcha

<Kiana> naynerz asks: Howie, how old are you... REALLY?
<HowieBB6> Hard to detect the dark side clouds everything
<HowieBB6> over 20 and under 50 a true Jedi never relinquishes that true POWER is better concealed
<Kiana> ok you can whisper it to me later
<Kiana> lol
<HowieBB6> I'm bangable no matter what age I am
<Kiana> that's all that matters
<HowieBB6> I still bang my demo 18 to 23

<Kiana> Josh asks: Howie are you bisexual?
<HowieBB6> ab sah fuck ing loot lee

<Kiana> sith_I_am asks: how can you be a jedi when jedis are celibate?
<HowieBB6> Yes, I have banged two chix at once and have banged a chix with a nother guy before!
<HowieBB6> I'm am exercising and changing the religion just like the bible and other religions have been revamped over time much better for the Jedi the Jedi Order and the Jedi way lol
<Kiana> lol great answer, you are leading the reform
<HowieBB6> never banged a dude but if you fix one toilet that does not make you a plumber

<Kiana> Cajunboiler asks: Do you feel you were sometimes a little too rough with the insults on April last season?
<HowieBB6> It is just a game even though everyone forgets at times! But BUSTO did her job and Hurricane Howie did his! No, I think a stronger hurricane should have been present! No one dies here! Just someone gets a little wealthier! It it should be me ! LOL! BUSTO called me theother day to tell me her dad wants to beat me up! But she said Howie is just being Howie! So let is slide pa pa!
<JediTaylor> Howie are you still studying to be a meteorologist?!
<HowieBB6> I will go on to become the most well known meteorologist EVER yes I love it
<HowieBB6> it is the JEDI way

<Kiana> thechrisdude asks: Do you still hate Ivette?
<JediTaylor> We can't wait!
<HowieBB6> I always loved Ivette! She and I got a long in the BB-6 House! She chose to exhile herself from me when I did not vote for her! She should have been nicer to RayRay! Big mistake! She wouldn't even acknowledge me at the VH1 Big in 05 event where I sat right next to her!
<HowieBB6> not even
<Kiana> She didn't acknowledge you?
<Kiana> wow

<Kiana> Tiffany asks: what is the first thing you want to do when you get back into the house?
<HowieBB6> would not say a word to me and I stuck my light saber right in her face lol
<Kiana> LOL
<Kiana> it's hard to ignore you Howie
<HowieBB6> Kick some ass get some sun eat some good food I'm on a strict diet right now to get ripped for TV but some nice hot tub boobie time sounds good right now
<Kiana> lol
<HowieBB6> do me do me do me do me do me

<Kiana> TexVamp asks: What are you doing to campaign yourself into the house? (besides this chat)
<Jokerette> do me first!
<Kiana> i will i will i will
<HowieBB6> I was in Vegas on Friday and BB followed me around for 3 hours campaigning while I was telling Vegas baby Vegas vote me back and tell you about someones great rack Newspaers fox reality remix radio chats anything and everything www.howiegordon.com
<Kiana> Will you be surprised if you don't make it back in?
<HowieBB6> Do you guys think I have a good shot at getting into the house??
<Kiana> Hell YES
<Kiana> There will be a riot if you don't
<Kiana> I think you should be the Big Brother mascot every year, personally lol
<HowieBB6> If I don't make it back in then CBS made one hell of a bad business decision! I think they would have to cancel the show if the star is not there!
<Kiana> LOL
<HowieBB6> a riot for sure

<Kiana> tetris2 asks: Would you make out with Cowboy to save yourself from eviction?
<HowieBB6> ab sah fuck ing loot lee I will make out with him anyway
<Kiana> eww
<HowieBB6> oh boy Kiana

<Kiana> naynerz asks: Howie, would you share your light sabers with Will
<HowieBB6> after I bang you though

<Kiana> oh boy Howie - OK!
<HowieBB6> Yes,I'm looking forward to dueling with the great Evil Dr.!

<Kiana> Will you show him the Jedi way?
<HowieBB6> Forever the dark side of the force has dominated dr wills destiny but we will see???
<Kiana> I think you're right

<Kiana> Do you think any of the Sov will make it back into the house this year along with you, and if so, who?
<HowieBB6> I think they ALL including Ivette (producer pick) have a GREAT shot at getting back in! But who am I to figure this all out? I'm just a JEDI

<Kiana> Is Ivette back in the house for sure, you said she is a producers pick?
<HowieBB6> I think she has a great chance as a producer pick I really do believe

<Kiana> Howie, how do you feel about Erika?
<Kiana> other than her bangability

<HowieBB6> I'd bang her in two seconds flat
<HowieBB6> oh sorry
<Kiana> lol
<Jokerette> roflmao
<Jokerette> do me do me do me!
<HowieBB6> I think she is a great competitor and is great for Big Brother
<HowieBB6> I will
<HowieBB6> great tv

<Kiana> MarbleCheese asks: Howie will you streak around the yard for use this year?
<HowieBB6> ab sah fuck ing loot lee it would be no fun with out a streaker
<Kiana> Howie, great question coming up...
<HowieBB6> I'v got the best body for the job lol

<Kiana> confusedinar asks: Howie if you could give any of the houseguest Star Wars personas, what would they be?
<HowieBB6> Will: Lord Sidious/Emperor James: Lord Vader Janie: Princess Leia Kaysar: Luke Howie/Most powerful Jedi Ever Capi/Yoda lol
<Kiana> lol

<Kiana> freddiecat asks: has pepperoni forgiven you?
<HowieBB6> I have not talked to Pepperoni before! BUSTO never mentioned peppers feelings ! But I will stop by if I make my way to Texas in the near future!
<Kiana> you just got the dog lovers votes lol

<Kiana> confusedinar asks: Howie, what is the one thing you hope to see in the new Big Brother house that you had last season?
<HowieBB6> I love dogs and especially pussy
<HowieBB6> cats
<Kiana> LOL
<Jokerette> meow
<HowieBB6> the COASTERS table great game but I did not see it in any photos
<HowieBB6> here kitty kitty

<Kiana> jessihugh asks: howie do you have a myspace page?
<HowieBB6> bb6howie
<HowieBB6> www.howiegordon.com
<Kiana> do you have myspace.com/howiegordon ?
<HowieBB6> howie wood if he could lol
<Kiana> lol
<HowieBB6> www.myspace.com/bb6howie
<Kiana> thanks

<Kiana> Wrennie asks: How often do you plan to use the Jack Shack?
<HowieBB6> a lot more then last year because the day I jerked it in the bathroom I won HOH that day. It brings me good luck! LOL!
<Kiana> LOL

<Kiana> Shark asks: Howie Do you have a favorite music band?
<HowieBB6> U2, Rod Stewart, Air Supply, the Monkees, The Beatles, Hall and Oates, Rightous Brothers oldies and top 40 Billy Squier
<Kiana> love billy squire
<Kiana> I bet your favorite song is "the stroke" lol
<HowieBB6> stroke and my kinda lover
<Kiana> lol
<Kiana> want to sing it for us?
<HowieBB6> my hhh kinda loverrrr my kindaahhhhhhhhh loverrrrrrrrrr my kindddddddahhhh l loverrrrrrrrrrrrr
<Kiana> lol
<HowieBB6> errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
<Kiana> thanks, that was beautiful
<HowieBB6> I'm beautiful

<Kiana> JediWill asks: Would you use Nakomis' nipple clamps on any of the ladies in the BB7 house given the chance?
<HowieBB6> oh course you really have to ask after I bang Nakomis then I will ask her for the clamps lol

<Kiana> avichaiyl asks: How much pre-show strategizing is going on between the hopefuls? Do you think this will help or hinder you in the game?
<HowieBB6> you mean alliances a lot but who knows BB throws the best of the best in twist remember this is all stars the best of everthing will be in the game
<Jokerette> you'll do fine!
<Kiana> that sounds like fun
<HowieBB6> thanks jokerette oh boy

<Kiana> Krystal asks: Howie, could your love for boobs destroy in you in the house?
<HowieBB6> No a JEDI knows how to stay and remain completely focused
<HowieBB6> on the boobies at hand lol
<Kiana> lol
<Jokerette> you are
<JediTaylor> Thanks for the chat Howie!
<Kiana> We would love to have you back after the house?
<HowieBB6> thanks jokerette

<Kiana> Would you do us the honor of coming back?!
<HowieBB6> I will be back for sure!
<Jokerette> smooooooch
<Jokerette> excellent
<Kiana> yay!! Bring Janie Doll with you
<Kiana> The crowd wants to talk to you now
<JediTaylor> Best of luck in the house Howie, we'll be rootin for ya!