Jokerette: OK here we go
Jokerette: I have Him on the phone
Jokerette: We'll do it on the phone

Jokerette: JGuest392 asks: 4 George will you bring your Chicken Outfit in the House for BB7? If so, which Planet will you be Blasting Off from? lol
George: the chicken outfit is totally trashed. Today was its last day I Febrezed it too many time and it never worked ROFL.

Jokerette: JGuest446 asks: George, a lot of people didn't catch BB1. In a nutshell, what made you stand out to become an "All-Star"?
George: Why I do is this:
George: I am a unique individual. I can add my comedy to liven things up in the house because after a while, you'll need to laugh. You have to play the game, but also other stuff in there
I bring in whole new character, whole new element. I'll make you LAUGH! It's going to be hard for me because all the other contestants have 6 pack abs, and I'm carrying around a keg!

Jokerette: Jimmy asks: Hey George I am rooting for you so win! lol My question is will you align yourself with the Bb6 cast or Target them?
George: I have no idea what I'm gonna be doing. The bb show to me is total improv. You don't know what's going to happen from moment to moment. That’s what I LIKE about it

Jokerette: Liann asks: *SMOOCHEZ* George. Any idea where the Chicken George has cancer rumor came from? Were you ill?
George: I have no idea, but I'm in fine shape. Everything is OK down there (laughing). It might have been from one of the other AllStars that don't want me to play.

Jokerette: amIsane asks: It being so close to July 6, how are you feeling about possibly going back in? Are you nervous, excited etc..?
George: I am extremely tired right now. I just got done with my tour of the country to get myself in the house.
Jokerette: Tell me about the tour.
George: I did NY, Atlanta, Houston, Chicago, my second hometown Las Vegas, and ended up in LA. I know it's been a long since I've been on the show, that's why I did the tour...I'd really like a chance to compete in the show!

Jokerette: BIGNickT asks: George, you were one of the funniest houseguest of all time. The soda bottle rocket pack and the attempted walkout were some of my favorite moments on BB. Are you going into this season the wacky "Chicken G?
Jokerette: the wacky "Chicken George" of past or are we going to see a whole new George, a "George 2.0" if you will?
George: Listen you're going to see the same ole Chicken George (LAUGHING) He hasn’t changed at all! If anything, he's gotten crazier. BRING IT ON!

Jokerette: Liann asks: Do you have a devious plan to win this time around? Can you give us any clues?
George: George has no devious plans from one day to the next. I don't even think devious stuff. I just roll from the flow. The only thing devious is my cooking and watching me shower naked!
Jokerette: So you're going to shower naked?
George: Yes….I’m going to shower naked. That's enough to cast a vote for me right there!

Jokerette: Liann asks: Who out of the other 19 potentials do you think has the biggest target on their back?
George: Dr Will of course... cause nobody can believe the guy. I thought he'd be a great player but he lies about everything... I don't even know if he's a doctor!

Jokerette: Cajunboiler asks: I didn't watch season one. Can you give us a brief description of how it worked?
George: Different because the American public voted the people off the show instead of inside the house.

Jokerette: MissKIA asks: When did BB approach you about AllStars?
George: It started in early spring. They might be doing an all star cast. Thinking of a reunion at the start.
Jokerette: Did you agree to do it right away?
George: I never pass up an opportunity. I think it's a great honor to have been selected to be on BB AllStar, and totally unexpected.

Jokerette: mamafoxof3 asks: I am a late comer to BB (not until season 4) Tell me about the high points of your season, and what you did that earned you a place as an All-Star.
George: I was able to entertain the audience when things were slow in the house. That happens often. The bb show is one of the hardest shows to do. You have NOTHING to do. You are left to entertain yourself. That's what I tried to do, put myself in the place of a viewer... make the show interesting to watch. And that's what I did.

Jokerette: Sovereign666 asks: What will be your strategy for losing BB7?
George: Here’s the way I see the game: If I'm meant to win, or even meant to make it on the show....I was just proud to be selected as an all star. If that's as far as it goes, I'm fine with it.
What's meant to be will be.

Jokerette: amIsane asks: George, I loved you on BB1, will you do the chicken dance for the camera’s for us here at Jokersupdates to let us know you are thinking of us?
George: Roger that 100 percent (laughing). I even got better at the chicken dance... I added a new move to it and I have a new character….Snoop Chicken Foot the guy on the early show, that was me Snoop Chicken is a rap star I do these days LOL

Jokerette: Jennifer3350 asks: Out of the 20 potential Hgs, who do you think will be the biggest threat to you?
George: Everyone but the women (laughing)

Jokerette: Janellousy asks: George, will your strengths will be the physical competitions, the memory questions, or your strategy?
Jokerette: he's laughing..
George: NONE of the above (howling). My strengths are.. I'll be careful at challenges. My physical strength.. it isn’t my biceps….it's my honkin body!

Jokerette: FriedChicken asks: How do you think you'll do without your wife's dirty assistance if you get into the house?
George: I'll do JUSSSSSSSSST fine cause my wife is still spectacular no matter how you look at it!
Jokerette: Does she wish she was in LA with you?
George: Sure! She misses me... these 8 days have been hard. I've been hitting it hard.

Jokerette: MissKIA asks: Were you disappointed when you saw the changes in BB2 compared to the game you played on BB1? Which do you prefer?
George: I liked the way BB1 was run because it made the audience part of the show, and I loved that…that's why the show THEN was so popular.

Jokerette: NYDream asks: Hello George - the last time you played the game Big Brother was different because America voted, but now the houseguest vote. How do you think this will affect the way you would play the game? What will you do differently if anything?
George: On BB1 I was playing a good game. The only reason I got nommed was outside influences. I am going to play the same game I played the first time. My strategy worked then.
Jokerette: what's your strategy?
George: that's a secret. LAUGHING I don't have a strategy!

Jokerette: FriedChicken asks: Did you conspire with your wife to organize a town vote before you went into the house in season one?
George: I want to get this straight with everybody. When I first did the BB show, I didn't know what it was. They said I had a plan. My only plan was to make sure the grass was cut and my bills paid. We’re not psychics. I really want people to know, I had no idea what I’d gotten into on the first BB show. My wife Teresa is completely innocent. She was a victim of not knowing how TV works and we want you to know we're hardworking people that got involved with TV, we had no idea how it works... but now we do. We were just people from Rockford, IL.

Jokerette: Janellousy asks: George, do you think your slapstick humor will be accepted/appreciated by the HG from BB 2 through BB6?
George: I sure do hope so if I get on, yes I do! With the BB show, you HAVE to have humor in there, or you WILL go crazy. It's a mind game show. That was one way I was able to keep my sanity. I enjoyed myself. I had a good time! It beats working all summer. Sitting in air conditioned house watching people bitch all summer!

Jokerette: FriedChicken asks: Would your wife be upset if you hooked up with Janelle while you were in the All Stars house?
Jokerette: he's laughing so hard….
George: Would my wife be upset.... noooooooooo not at all (howls of laughter). Janelle ain't got nothing on Teresa!
Jokerette: heheheheheh

Jokerette: Jimmy asks: Hey George its Jimmy. I hope you win lo! Umm my question is if you and Howie are together, will you make the feeds 10 times more interesting by doing all crazy things?
George: You got it! And I have a whole suitcase full of props I'm bringing in, forget the clothes. I'm bringing in all my gags so you'll see a lot of me running around in my underwear
Saving it for a surprise!

Jokerette: chalbert asks: George who do you keep in touch with from Season 1? How is Curtis and Cassandra? Do you know how Pugita is?
George: The only person I keep in touch with is Josh! Josh is doing great.. He's in Florida....He finished college! I thought that was really neat. He put his money into college and finished. I was proud of him!

Jokerette: Janellousy asks: George, how will you occupy your time if there are no chickens in the house?
George: Trust me, there will be many other objects I can work with... like last time, aluminum foil or a salad bowl, and I'll entertain ya!

Jokerette: RockinRobinGA asks: question Hi George! You have been my all time fav and I have seen all but last year's BB! Will you bring some hair color with you? Blue? Pink? Orange? A rubber chicken? I am counting on you for entertainment, buddy!
George: Bring it on, I'm ready to go! But I need your vote to get on. I will not let you down for entertaining you this summer!

Jokerette: chalbert asks: George do people you personally know call you chicken George? Does the nickname ever bother you lol?
George: No not in the least bit. No. Because I work at the Tropicana casino in Vegas, they call me chicken. It’s unique, it stands out. I'm stuck with the poultry thing until the day I die. (laughing)

Jokerette: chalbert asks: George how does your family feel this time about you possibly going back into the house?
George: They're more prepared than last time. Now we know what to expect. We actually know what Big Brother is.

Jokerette: BIGNickT asks: George, breast, thigh, leg or wing?
Jokerette: hahahah he's laughing...
George: Always the breast! Always the breast! The thighs ain't bad either!

Jokerette: Chicken_Kiev asks: Do you think it would be easier in the house if they cast a few more older and wiser Hgs?
George: Yes, and that's why I hope I'm selected. I am the oldest player, but I am able to adapt well with younger people…it's one of my strengths. I like young people. I like old people. I am just as crazy as a 20 year old, if not a lot more! (Laughing)

Jokerette: Liann asks: Do you like practical jokes? If so, can we feedies look forward to what you come up with? (Remember to be real sly and not let anyone catch you tho!!)
Jokerette: Laughing...
George: Got it, I understand!

Jokerette: Is there something you can do to let us know you're thinking of Jokers?
George: how's about I give you the J sign on my fingers? I will wear the tee shirt (JU) Ette sent me.

Jokerette: Liann asks: When you get back in the house can you please, please, please can you wear socks and flip flops around Marcellas?
George: Laughing.. I like Marcella’s! I'll get along good with him! I don't think he'll want to use my bathrobe though. (Laughing) Me and Marcellas, We're like Oscar Madison and Felix Ungar. Should be a great combo….the totally ODD couple!

Jokerette: amIsane asks: Do you have any regrets about your BB season?
George: NO! What is meant to be is meant to be. No, BB opened up a door for me. I am very, very grateful to the BB show. It changed my life.
Jokerette: How?
George: I was a hot tar roofer before BB. I was an improv team now, done stand up comedy, baseball announcer, had the flagship show for AMC ... and my most recent job was announcer, promoter, entertainer for the Tropicana Casino, Vegas

Jokerette: Liann asks: Do you like corn nuts and if so do you prefer original, BBQ, or Ranch?
George: (Laughing) All of the above! Look at the size of me! Anything to do with nuts is ok with me!

Jokerette: Liann asks: When you win BB7, what will you do with all that moolah?
George: Pay off some bills! I sold my car to finance the trip…the promotion tour…One thing I'm going to definitely do is buy myself an automobile.
Jokerette: (awwwwwwww)
George: I am going to start a chicken rescue fund!

Jokerette: Steve3_Dance asks: George, did you really think there was money buried in the garden?
George: No….just I was so bored I was occupying my time... but you NEVER KNOW!!!!!!! Laughing hard

Jokerette: memyselfandi asks: 4 George, what do you think of the Heaven and Hell theme for the house this year? How could BB make being trapped in the house with all these crazy people and cameras on you all the time a "heavenly" experience for you? ;-) LOL
Jokerette: he's laughing...
George: Bring it on, I can adapt to anything!

Jokerette: Rock asks: What new animal would you like this year if there are no chickens?
George: I am bringing in one of my specialty items… the singing monkey. We call him Little Georgie the Singing Monkey. It was a promotion gift from the Tropicana. I went in there an promoted them and as a gift I got one. Even kinda looks like me! My wife always called me Curious George. (Laughing)

Jokerette: Evell asks: are you going to try and blast off in the shower again?
George: I just want to blast off into the house first!

Jokerette: bbfan asks: Who are you looking forward to being with inside the house?
George: Marcellas, no doubt. I'd love to meet Dr Will. I want to see if he's the real deal. I want to see if he's even a doctor. (LOLOL)

Jokerette: Zanken asks: Did you realize when those banners were going up that they would change the same like they did in season 2?
George: Yes…because any outside influence affects the show and that's the only info you have to work with. I worked with Air Banners. Me and Gerry *banner dude* are best of friends.
On season 2, I loved working with people who called in (to the banner dude) and getting their opinions on the show. That's how I met Ette :-) It was all positive.'
Jokerette: what was your favorite banner?
Jokerette: He helped dude who flew them, in case I didn't make that clear
George: Live long and prosper. (banner)
Jokerette: George says that sums up life.

Jokerette: Liann asks: if you could take one person from any BB season (not on the list of potentials for this year) who would it be and why?
George: I really like Josh because Josh is a team player. Could be an advantage. I got no beefs against anybody.

Jokerette: canadian_guy asks: George, What are your motivations for entering the house this season? Money? Fame?
George: I don't do this for the fame. Yes, the money would be nice, but I do this because I enjoy what I'm doing. Not many people in their life get to do what they enjoy... I enjoy entertaining people. I am a blessed man. And I love beans

Jokerette: Thank you George!!