<Kiana> Hi Lisa how are you!
<Taylor> Welcome Lisa
<Kiana> Welcome to Jokers
<Jokerette> hey lisa!
<Jokerette> How you doing girl!
<Taylor> please hold, she needs help
<Taylor> this is her first chat, ever
<Jokerette> awwwwwwww bless well we're all here for her
<LisaBB3> Hello!!!!!!!!
<Taylor> you got it!
<Jokerette> hey girl!
<Taylor> Welcome Lisa!
<LisaBB3> OMG!!! how exciting...my first chat!
<Jokerette> this is wonderful
<Taylor> We're glad you have you!
<Jokerette> how is it, you've never chatted!
<Taylor> Lisa, are you still with us
<LisaBB3> I think so!!!
<Taylor> Great!
<Jokerette> there we go!
<Taylor> Can we start on the questions?
<Jokerette> OK I'm going to ask you some questions
<Jokerette> you just type in responses, as you can
<LisaBB3> of course...bring them on!!!
<Jokerette> here we go!

Jokerette> Who from other BB seasons have you already met/talked to? Who that you don't know are you the most looking forward to

<LisaBB3> The only person that I kind of talk to is Marcellas. Although we all see each other at the cast parties. I'm really looking forward to meeting Janelle
<Taylor> oh, did you like Janelle?
<LisaBB3> I loved her honesty and I think she's HOT!!!!
<Jokerette> (you're just as HOT girlfriend!)

<Kiana> What's your favorite color?
<LisaBB3> Purple!!!! It's the main color in both of my tattoos!

<Taylor> Are you still friends with Eric?
<LisaBB3> Eric and I lost contact but I don't have any bad feelings towards him what so ever
<Jokerette> thats a good thing

<Jokerette> Are you very happy to be getting another chance at the game
<LisaBB3> Absolutely! I love this game and am grateful to be considered for the All Stars!
<Taylor> that's great!

<Taylor> Do you have any guess as to what the new food is that will supposedly have the HGs begging for pb&j?
<LisaBB3> NO! And I'm dreading that!!! I loved the PB&J!!!
<Jokerette> lol
<Taylor> haha. that must be scary
<Jokerette> I heard tuna.. do you like tuna?
<LisaBB3> I actually love tuna...but not a week of it!
<Jokerette> LOL

<Jokerette> How does it feel when you know you're being watched 24/7 on the live feeds? are u going to be more aware of the camera this time around (i'm sure you'll get in soo...)
<LisaBB3> By the way...does this chat mean that you guys aren't voling right now?
<Jokerette> lol
<Jokerette> we'll vote after the chat!
<Jokerette> our fingers are ready, believe me
<LisaBB3> I was only aware of the cameras for the first 24 hours that first time. The camera's don't bother me at all, and I'm hoping to be evern LESS AWARE of them this time!!!
<Taylor> haha
<Jokerette> wow.. I can't imagine...
<Taylor> I bet

<Taylor> What was your favorite memory from your season ? (besides winning )
<LisaBB3> Winning the last two comps against both Danielle and Jason that led to my win!
<Taylor> you did great!

<Taylor> Did you watch last season's big brother?
<LisaBB3> I watched some of 6
<LisaBB3> Thanks for your great questions so far! They're different from what was asked of the others...which honestly, were starting to bore me
<Taylor> we're glad not to bore you, lol
<Jokerette> what have you been asked, most of the time?
<LisaBB3> If I can really orgasm with my navel!!!!!!
<Jokerette> roflmaoooooooooo
<Jokerette> I wasn't EVEN goin to ask. lol
<Taylor> I didn't even think to ask that.. heh
<Jokerette> I did
<LisaBB3> well, no I can't....I just really like my navel played with! Just in case someone was going to!
<Jokerette> lol!
<Jokerette> I wish I had your navel.

<Jokerette> First i wanna wish u good luck,hope u get in the house! how do you feel about being the only winner besides will that have the opportunity to be in the house, do you think it will hurt your chances?
<LisaBB3> Will and I are the most likely targets. HUGE TARGETS!!!! but everyone in that house is, We are just the two that need bullet proof vests!
<Taylor> I think you'll do very well

<Taylor> If you can bring one item into the BB house, what would it be?
<LisaBB3> My own private minibar!
<Jokerette> lol!
<Taylor> hahaha I bet
<Jokerette> and a hard one...

<Jokerette> Why should we vote for somebody that already won once?
<LisaBB3> #1-most of my money went to charity, and #2, I'm a completely different person. You won't even recognize me as the BB3 winner
<Jokerette> how are you different, would you say?
<LisaBB3> Well, I'm 4 years older, for starters, and when given that prize money last time I was able to smell out my real friends from the fake. I can now smell a phony a mile away!
<Taylor> that's a great quality, it really is
<Jokerette> indeed
<Taylor> where'd you donate your money to?
<LisaBB3> thanks, it actually took a long time to develop!
<LisaBB3> Do friends count? Mostly animal and homeless charities
<Taylor> that's highly commendable!
<Taylor> good on you

<Taylor> Do you currently have a boyfriend?
<LisaBB3> I'm definitely dating!
<Jokerette> good to hear
<Taylor> but no one serious?
<LisaBB3> I'm having a lot of fun
<Taylor> good

<Jokerette> Out of the 20 people nominated, who would you want to go back in the house with you ? and why?
<LisaBB3> The people that I "WANT" to go back in the house would be the "Cowboys" so that there is entertainment...but those aren't the people that I "NEED" in the house!
<Jokerette> lol who do you need?
<LisaBB3> You're killing me here!
<Jokerette> roflmao

<Jokerette> Are you still the princess of darkness?
<LisaBB3> Let's face it, I was no "princess of darkness" in that house. And there are far more "dark princess'" this year...let's just say I have a darker edge!
<Taylor> that's exciting to hear, lol!

<Taylor> Are you and Chiara still friends?
<LisaBB3> We actually had an amazing time together once we left the house, but we've lost contact
<Taylor> that's too bad

<Taylor> You had a romantic relationship with Eric the firefighter from season 3. Would you ever consider a relationship with Eric the firefighter from season 6?
<LisaBB3> Who "CAPPY"? Is this a serious question!
<Jokerette> lol
<Taylor> hahahaha
<Jokerette> i think they meant original eric lol
<Jokerette> no they didn't!
<Jokerette> LOL
<Taylor> yup they meant cappy!
<Jokerette> well that answered that. ewwwwwwww!

<Jokerette> What foods will you be wearing this season?
<LisaBB3> Probably the damn tuna fish! Lol
<Taylor> rofl
<LisaBB3> doesn't that sound appealing?
<Taylor> with lots of mayo so that it sticks
<Jokerette> roflmao i can see that
<Jokerette> a lisa tuna sammich!
<Taylor> mmmm
<Jokerette> chicken of the sea
<LisaBB3> it's a good thing no one has "smell-a-vision"
<Taylor> lol!

<Taylor> What do you think about the rumor that 14 are really going into the house?
<LisaBB3> I think it's a pretty good solid rumor!!!
<Jokerette> I bet!

<Jokerette> In all of the promos the focus seems to be on the peanut butter bikini. What other reasons should people vote for you?
<LisaBB3> because I'm ready to play this damn game, and I'm so much more than that "peanut butter girl"
<Jokerette> yes you are!
<Taylor> damn good reasons
<Jokerette> are you ready to kick ass?
<Taylor> hell yeah!

<Taylor> IF you do not make it, who will you root for to win?
<LisaBB3> I want to say Marcellas and Danielle (of course) but that will depend on who is really playing the game. It is All-Stars!
<Taylor> it sure is

<Jokerette> Lisa thanks for chatting here first of all:) As a former BB winner do you think you be a likely first target??
<LisaBB3> Of course that's what I think! That's why I'm hoping Will makes it in also...that way maybe I'm the second target!
<Taylor> haha
<Taylor> for sure

<Taylor> Who do you think is the best BB contestant ever?
<LisaBB3> I have a few. Danielle, Marcellas, Janelle, Will, and James (...I guess the obvious!)
<Taylor> I'd agree with you on those

<Jokerette> Do u think kayser has a good shot on getting in the house?
<LisaBB3> Does he pray 5 times a day????!!!!!
<Jokerette> I believe he does!
<Jokerette> should give him an edge, I'd say!
<LisaBB3> well, there you go!
<Taylor> lol!
<Jokerette> yeppers.

<Taylor> How do you think you will feel if you are playing against Danielle again?
<LisaBB3> Well, I don't think there's any if about it, we'll just see how that game unfolds

<Jokerette> "What do you think of James.."
<LisaBB3> He's obviously a great player, and a tuff game player
<Jokerette> yeppers he sure is

<Taylor> Do you know Producer John Platt? Is he HOT or what?
<LisaBB3> He's definately a cutie!!!
<Taylor> lol
<LisaBB3> John...stop monitoring my chat!!!!
<Jokerette> roflmao
<Taylor> hahaha that is quite possible

<Taylor> Do you think people from the same season will stick together or try to mix it up as much as possible?
<LisaBB3> I think it's natural for some people from some seasons to stick together....but this is a different game
<Jokerette> indeed!

Jokerette> If it was you and Will in the end, who do you think the contestants would vote for?
<LisaBB3> Well, me of course!!! He doesn't need the money...he's a doctor!
<Jokerette> LOL!
<Jokerette> and you're better lookin
<Taylor> haha! that'd be neat winning again

Taylor> Do you think the game has changed a lot since your season?if so, does that scare you?
<LisaBB3> The game has changed 100%! My season was mostly played with people's feelings, "Following their hearts"...I think it has become more about the actual game
<Taylor> for sure
<Jokerette> the game is all!

<Jokerette> If you and Will are in BB7 Together, Do you think you two would Team Up ?
<LisaBB3> I'm not sure about the me and Will thing...everything is a possibility I guess
<Taylor> yup.. you never know til you get in the house

<Taylor> If u go in the house who will you miss the most
<LisaBB3> I'll probably miss my brother the most...we have become really close since we are adults now
<Jokerette> awwwwww

<Jokerette> For this week of campaigning, did you get a stipend or were you expected to have to cover any costs associated with your campaigning?
<Jokerette> if you can answer that one.
<LisaBB3> Nope, that one came out of my own pocket! It was really important for me to get my hometown's support!
<Jokerette> good on you!
<LisaBB3> I even made my own banners!!!!
<Jokerette> awwwwwww kewl!

<Taylor> Would you ever consider co-hosting House Calls with Marcellas for BB8?
<LisaBB3> Of course I would!!! We would be amazing on that together!
<Jokerette> awww yes you would!

<Jokerette> Do u plan on visiting new jersey to get some votes? i will get everyone in new jersey to vote for u.
<LisaBB3> well I honestly just got back to Cali, and I only have a few more days. (Which has to be spent cleaning my place! I'm a slob!) But I hope you can get them to vote anyway!
<Jokerette> they'll vote!

<Jokerette> OK girl, we sure thank you for coming to chat with us...
<Jokerette> how was your first chat? LOLOL
<Taylor> thank you so much Lisa!!
<LisaBB3> WAIT!!!! That's it!? I'm having to much fun! I think I'm liking this chat stuff!
<Jokerette> oh you should stick around....
<Taylor> yes, stick around
<Jokerette> I am now going to open the room... so EVERYONE can talk to you
<strkaholic> Thank you Lisa!!!!
<Jokerette> so hold on... cause this is a wild ride. LOL
<Taylor> thank you so much lisa
<LisaBB3> WAIT....isn't this where it get's evil?
<Taylor> yes
<Jokerette> no
<Jokerette> LOL
<Taylor> lol
<strkaholic> LOL
<Hypnotoad> lol
<TheBigSista> nah they will behave!
<Jokerette> that's why we have ops! No evil!
<Kiana> we kick evil-doers
<LisaBB3> great thanks a lot! Feed me to the sharks!!!
<strkaholic> fast
<Taylor> no the ops will take care of the evil
<Taylor> it just gets fast!
<Jokerette> OK LOL here we go!