<JamesBB7> Hello!
<caren> James!!
<caren> Welcome to Jokers Chat!!
<Jokerette> Hiya James!
<JamesBB7> Thanks guys.... it's been a while
<Jokerette> how you been, james?
<JamesBB7> Been good... pretty busy lately. My internet is down for some reason so I had to book over to Kinkos
<Jokerette> oh no! LOL
<Jokerette> so you're in Kinkos now?
<Jokerette> are there fans watching you? LOLLOL
* caren is watching :P~~~
<JamesBB7> Shiat happens... I think someone's sabotaging the chat again... lol
<Jokerette> awwwwwww blessssssss
<Jokerette> well it's all good.. you're here! Let's ROCK this!
<Jokerette> ready for some questions?
<JamesBB7> lets do this

<Jokerette> guantanamojo asks: Did BB have secret cams in the seclusion house that the producers watched for their private amusement?
<swampy> hey james!!!!!!!!
<swampy> welcome good buddy
<JamesBB7> NO, they would have seen us getting along and drunk... not good television for BB.
<Jokerette> good for us tho

<Jokerette> Is there a question that you always hope will be asked, but never is
<JamesBB7> Hey Al!
<JamesBB7> Not really? If I think of something I'll speak it
<Jokerette> ok dok!

<Jokerette> Were/are you angry over Will and Boogie betraying you?
<JamesBB7> Nope, I was waiting for it. Danielle kept assuring me that Boogie was trustworthy... I was more upset that Janey didn't keep her end of the deal. Other than that betrayal is expected in BB
<Jokerette> yes, I'd imagine!

<Jokerette> Did you ever watch any of the clips or tributes for AllStars? Did you see anything in particular that you didn't see when in the house?
<JamesBB7> Obviously... you guys saw my reactions
<Jokerette> you weren't delighted lol
<JamesBB7> I was still answering the will boogie ?
<Jokerette> right
<Jokerette> take all the time you need
<JamesBB7> No clips or tributes that I've watched
<JamesBB7> Where are they?
<Jokerette> all over JU.. I'll get you a link later

<Jokerette> what do you think of the will/janelle thing? LOL
<JamesBB7> In the house and sequester I heard so many things from Will about him not liking her and now they hang out constantly so I have no idea. Ask them... I'm sure they have no problems talking to their fans about it.
<Jokerette> ok now that's interesting!
<Jokerette> they hang out a lot, eh! I didn't know that. rofl
<Jokerette> moving on.. hehehehe
<JamesBB7> I think Will might have been trying to prep us for voting against her

<Jokerette> Do you think it would have been better not to have an AllStars - yes or no and why
<JamesBB7> For the fans, I think AllStars was a bad idea, the whole fun with BB is getting to know new HG's.
<Jokerette> I loved it lol
<JamesBB7> It gave me a summer off so I enjoyed it
<Jokerette> a lot of us really enjoyed it!

<Jokerette> Do you still speak to Danielle? If so, how is she doing?
<JamesBB7> summer off my ass. it's more stressful than anything you can imagine
<Jokerette> I can't imagine
<Jokerette> I don't know how you did it, for real.
<JamesBB7> Dani is doing great! She called yesterday and Amy invited us to her beach house in Fl for 4th of July
<Jokerette> awwwwww
<Jokerette> and amy doing well also?
<swampy> you can't go, the convention is June 30 and July 1
<JamesBB7> She bought a conv Bug -Dani. Amy is so happy with her new Hubby
<swampy> ha
<Jokerette> so good to hear! and yes the convention is June 30th lol

<Jokerette> Do you have any inside info as to whether there will be a BB8?
<JamesBB7> Arnold told me that BB8 Shapiro/Grouchy are contracted through BB8, after that it's up to CBS. So there will be a BB8!
<caren> Would you host anything for BB8 if asked?
<JamesBB7> Yeah the EAD competition...
<Jokerette> roflmao

<Jokerette> What is the biggest lesson you take away from the Big Brother experience? What is your favorite memory from each season?
<JamesBB7> Lesson, that it's a TV show with ratings 1,2,and 3rd. then a game fourth. Ratings rule and dictate actions. My fav memories are the real moments with some of the HG, during and after the show
<JamesBB7> getting to know them outside competition
<Jokerette> any specific actions? ruled by the ratings?
<Jokerette> anything that comes to mind, they did just for ratings?
<JamesBB7> all I can say is that when a producer reminds you that "we can change rules at our discretion and it's in your contract" you realize you're powerless. that's about all I can say...
<Jokerette> wow yeah.
<JamesBB7> for 8 more years...
<Jokerette> ok that's intense. lol
<Jokerette> that long?
<JamesBB7> yep...
<Jokerette> holy crap they're serious aren't they!

<Jokerette> If told you had to, which All Star would you take with you on Amazing Race?
<JamesBB7> It'll be in hardcopy first and then paperback
<Jokerette> rofl!
<JamesBB7> I would take... Jase probably
<Jokerette> Jase? whyso?
<Liann> kewl
<JamesBB7> He's low maintainence and would be an awesome partner. He just wants to play, like me
<caren> good point
<Jokerette> he's very physical also yep
<JamesBB7> you need to be low maintainence for that show I think
<Jokerette> how about survivor? Would you do that one?
<JamesBB7> Howie would hit on the girls, Kaysar would try to chenge each country for the better, I couldn't carry Janie's bags and Dani is bad w/ directions
<strkaholic> ROFL
<Jokerette> roflmao!
<JamesBB7> I would do Survivor,
<Jokerette> would you now! You'd be great
<JamesBB7> thanks...
<Jokerette> would you eat bugs?
<JamesBB7> why not, I ate slop and that didn't kill me or George
<Jokerette> rofl true
<Jokerette> Almost every HG has talked about players from BB (all seasons) who they are fans of...which BB players are you a fan of?
<JamesBB7> After AS, they lost their legendary status. I see them as friends and not legends anymore.
<Jokerette> i bet.

<Jokerette> hey I hear you have a new modeling contract..
<Jokerette> what can you tell us about that?

<Jokerette> I hear it's huge
<JamesBB7> I signed with Elite's mens division here in Chicago. It's called Chosen and I've been working a lot thanks to them
<Jokerette> anything we'd know about?
<Jokerette> doing any commercials or the like?
<Jokerette> and elite is huge.. congrats
<JamesBB7> As the jobs get posted I'll put up the photo's but recently I've done. Lands End, Hilton, CPI, Jo Ann Frabrics, I have another catalog on Wednesday
<Jokerette> wow! moving on aren't you.. that's wonderful
<Liann> That's amazing, congrats!

<Jokerette> Would you do BB again ? if so, what would you do differently?
<JamesBB7> Doing BB again... of course. I'll I can do is listen and let peoples actions speak louder than their words. It's all you can do.
<Jokerette> indeed.

<Jokerette> myladyamie asks: Hi james I want to know who do you still talk and see from both bb?
<JamesBB7> I talk to everyone, but the first 3 evicted and Janelle.
<JamesBB7> Even CG, we get along great and I consider him a friend.
<Jokerette> you don't talk to janelle?
<JamesBB7> Nakomis and I spoke on myspace once, but htat was it
<Jokerette> awwwwww i love george yes
<JamesBB7> nope... I tried once, but she's not "ready"
<Jokerette> hmmmmmmmm!
<Jokerette> leads to..

<Jokerette> Alice asks: James, I like both you and Janelle...just wondering...if you regret that you did not play a little harder for the Janie team??
<JamesBB7> I was a dick with the personal stuff
<Jokerette> i doubt that!
<swampy> janie team?
<JamesBB7> The Janie team didn't include me, I tried. After putting up Jase she should have kept her end of the deal and put up Will
<Jokerette> yeah her 'team' on bb
<Jokerette> I can see your point of view.
<JamesBB7> it was a promise to all of BB6 not just me
<JamesBB7> funny how it didn't make the show...

<Jokerette> punkysdog asks: will you make a guest apperence on bb8 if asked?
<JamesBB7> If asked with $$$ yes... maybe? It's a ways away
<Jokerette> understood
<Jokerette> they'd better pay you rofl

<Jokerette> ords asks: which experience did you enjoy more, big brother 6 or big brother 7?
<JamesBB7> BB6, cause it was new. BB7 came way too quickly... It was a whirlwind
<Jokerette> i bet it was hard for those of you in bb6...
<Jokerette> doyou think it was harder for bb6 than the other seasons?
<JamesBB7> emotionally yes, we were still talking about BB6. Other seasons had time to detox
<Jokerette> do you think if it had taken an extra year for all stars..
<Jokerette> that you'd have personaly gotten further?
<JamesBB7> things might always have been different... I have no clue, but I would have at least had some sanity
<Jokerette> i bet. blesssss

<Jokerette> Kelbee asks: so James, what is your favorite big brother site of them all and who is your favorite admin,
<Jokerette> lolol
<JamesBB7> Are you kidding???
<Jokerette> rofl
<Kelbee> lol yes
<JamesBB7> I hate all of them...
<Jokerette> easy question!
<JamesBB7> lol
<Jokerette> i'm tellin. roflol

<Jokerette> punkysdog asks: Do you miss Atlanta?
<JamesBB7> Yes, being there for my Birthday was great. I miss Miami more right now, but I'll be there EOM for another job and shoot so I can get my fill
<Jokerette> kewl

<Jokerette> JackIsBack asks: how old are you
<JamesBB7> 31
<Jokerette> young!
<JamesBB7> 20 in my head
<caren> does live get better at 30?
<Jokerette> you and me both rofl
<caren> err, life
<JamesBB7> Hell yes, I really feel like I'm in my prime
<Jokerette> good!

<Jokerette> Alice asks: has the calendar come out yet and where can i buy one??
<JamesBB7> The calender was launched 10/16/06 and you can buy one on my website or myspace
<Jokerette> woot ok.. what calender is that?
<JamesBB7> the "sexiest men of reality tv"
<Jokerette> and are you shirtless in it
<JamesBB7> yes..
<Jokerette> omg you're kidding lol that's great!
<Jokerette> who else is in it?
<caren> you definitely belong in that calendar
<Jokerette> indeed!
<JamesBB7> they asked me to shoot again for next year
<JamesBB7> fun times in LA
<Jokerette> woot congrats

<Jokerette> JediLaura asks: Hey Jamesy Wamesy! Are you finally willing to admit in front of all these nice people that Howie is much smarter than you ever gave him credit for? And also, please tell us about some of the upcoming modeling gigs. Will there be acting gigs in your futre as well? Thanks James!
<JamesBB7> Howie IS smarter than I thought, but also a whole lot crazier...
<Jokerette> howso? LOL
<JamesBB7> His time here in Chicago was a blast. He drove the other bartenders nutz and my cocktail waitresses where like "how did you live with him?"
<Jokerette> roflmao i can see y'all right now
<Jokerette> how is sarah, btw?
<Sarah> I am great, how are you ? ::flee
<JamesBB7> Sarah and I think the hawks should EAD and worry about their own lives... her sister sandy gets married on Saturday and we can't wait. sarah has to give a speech and is really nervous
<caren> LOL
<Jokerette> awwwwwwwww
<Jokerette> tell her she'll be fine...
<JamesBB7> Sarah is doing really good.
<Jokerette> I did a radio show with her, she was great at that!
<Jokerette> if she can do radio, she can do a wee speech, tell her lol
<JamesBB7> She's going to read me the speech later, so I'll let you know
<Jokerette> ok!

<Jokerette> LunaC asks: James, if you could meet one person, who would it be and why?
<JamesBB7> alive or in the past?
<Jokerette> either?
<Jokerette> lets say the past
<JamesBB7> I would like to sit down with Schopenhauer and really pick his brain and get into some of his theories.
<Jokerette> interesting!
<JamesBB7> Neitzsche went crazy so I figure he couldn't help me..
<Jokerette> lolol
<Jokerette> wouldn't be much of a help no
<Jokerette> back to a fast bb q...

<Jokerette> Ashley asks: you called janelle dumb for trusting chill town, but then you trusted chill town. how do you explain that?
<JamesBB7> simple, at that time I didn't realize how deep her alliance with them was. CT was responsible for all of BB6 and Marcy. People she was alligned with. If she had put up Will and not thrown the Veto Comp for Boogie, breaking her promise to me. The game would have been very different. They wanted me gone from Day one, and she knew it. I figured if you can't beat them, join em.
<Jokerette> they saw you as a huge threat, right?
<JamesBB7> I told Dani several times they were taking their "girls" to the end. I feel like they did, but each week the only threat is really the HOH or whoever is in their head.
<caren> Did you feel bad for Erika?
<JamesBB7> I did... and still do for the way the finale was scripted to make her look bad, she was single and could do whatever she wanted.
<Jokerette> i agree. bless her heart. good soul.
<JamesBB7> she wasn't cheating on anyone, she genuinly liked Boogie

<Jokerette> Moosie asks: Having spent 2 summers in a row in the Big Brother house, what are the plans for this summer? Are you going to miss being there again?
<JamesBB7> I'll probably watch the show, but if I can't watch the feeds the show will be worthless since I won't know the truth. I guess I'll be reading updates every 5 minutes.
<JamesBB7> oh yeah, lots of beach time
<Jokerette> good to know you'll be on ju reading updates :::::flee

<Jokerette> cantwaitbb8 asks: James, do feel that you were betrayed by CT?
<JamesBB7> or JAMESBB6.com
<Jokerette> right!
<swampy> hahahaha....bb fans don't do beach we turn ghostly white and don't come out til october!!!! hahahahahahahaha
<Jokerette> www.jamesbb6.com is his home
<caren> that is why i take vacations in december :P
<Jokerette> lol swampy! that's the truth
<JamesBB7> I only felt betrayed by Janelle. CT you know is always up to something. They had their claws in everyone. They did a good job of turning people on each other.

<Jokerette> cantwaitbb8 asks: So what did you think of a fellow BB HG winning the Big in "06 Reality Award?
<JamesBB7> I thought it was good for her. Suprising since we have 1/3 the audience of some of the big shows. So she must have done a really good job
<JamesBB7> It was good for all BB
<Jokerette> you ALL did a really good job.
<Jokerette> it was a superb show, as everyone will tell ya

<Jokerette> BBLaner asks: Will you be attending the Reality TV convention in Nashville this year?
<JamesBB7> Really quick, thanks to all you guys for making such a hit.
<JamesBB7> I will be there in Nashville!
<Jokerette> woot!

<Jokerette> chels_bbl asks: are you still with sarah?
* swampy faints
<swampy> joke
<Jokerette> lol swampy
<JamesBB7> sorry Swampy...
<Jokerette> what have I done? OLOLOL
<JamesBB7> Sarah left me for acircus midget and in living in a traveling circus somewhere in Mi.
<Jokerette> roflmao
<Liann> rofl
<honeySC> james, please put this rumor to rest once and for all
<Jokerette> bb is like a stationary circus
<caren> oh dear, i hope you get to visit
<JamesBB7> it's an imposter that keeps posing for pics with me.
<Jokerette> rofl
<Jokerette> ok understood!

<Jokerette> Ringo asks: James I watched the show and I believe you are a republican, do you ever have any desire someday to run for a public office of some kind.
<JamesBB7> It is a desire of mine. I prefer grassroots stuff, since you can really make a difference that way, but I do aspire for Public Office one day
<JamesBB7> one day...
<Jokerette> yeah!

<Jokerette> Shelley asks: James you said you were surprised that Janelle turned on you... but wouldn't you have turned on Janelle if the situation was reversed and you had the opportunity to vote her out?
<JamesBB7> I'm keeping a list for the CIA to "eliminate" when I make it up high.
<Jokerette> rofl!
<swampy> are you not a liberatarian James?
<caren> I told you you were my favorite BB guest, right James? *hides*
<JamesBB7> I'm not talking about not voting for me. She didn't vote for me in 2 seasons so why start now. They betrayal was when she threw the Veto Comp for Boogie and broke her promise to BB6 to nominate Will and Boogie. I put up Jase b/c her was gunnning for her and Dani. Everyone in BB6 promised me they would nominate CT if I put up Jase. She didn't, she didn't even nominate Will after he lied about not voting out Howie.
<JamesBB7> I am a libertarian
<JamesBB7> sorry Al..

<Jokerette> noved asks: How is CG? What;s he been up to since BBAS?
<JamesBB7> CG is looking for work back in Ill. He wants to be near his family. He has been in LA, but realizes just how much he misses his beautiful family back home
<JamesBB7> He finished auction school also
<Jokerette> awwwwwwwww
<Jokerette> auction school? excellent...
<Jokerette> he isn't doing the casino thing any more?
<JamesBB7> he's a character
<JamesBB7> nope..
<Jokerette> he truly is
<Jokerette> I thought he was totally into that casino thing. ah well!

<Jokerette> JGuest666 asks: James what happened with this so called punking after the Vh1 awards that Janelle talked about?
<JamesBB7> punking?
* swampy say sorry to interupt, but it is my bed time, I want to thank my good buddy "Ette" for hosting this chat and James for being the upstanding fella he is by coming to do this chat. Night all!
<JamesBB7> Nite Swampy!
<Jokerette> smooch swampy
<Jokerette> and night!
<Jokerette> see you at the convention
<swampy> Don't forget to talk convention it will be huge this year
<swampy> night
<JamesBB7> punking?
<Jokerette> not sure what is meant by that
<Jokerette> shit, I was hoping you'd know. ROFL
<JamesBB7> I don't know most of the time what Janelle is talking about since she takes all the stories from these idiot drones and believes them
<caren> punking is pranking...
<caren> like the show 'punk'd'
<JamesBB7> I understand that but saw no cameras or Ashton

<Jokerette> TonyClaus asks: James did you think you might have spread yourslf too thin with alianses with Dani,CT and S6?
<JamesBB7> Yep... They came and went. But it's more detailed that that. I gave each one a fair chance till their ACTIONS spoke differently. Kaysar lying to me about his nominations irked me, but it was the actual breaking of the promise to us by Janelle when I knew they had no use for me.
<Jokerette> ok i have more on the 'punking'
<Jokerette> <globe> Janelle said that Will and her called James on 3 way. James didn't know she was on the line and said some rude things about her.
<Jokerette> <globe> that's the "punking" thing that person was talking about
<JamesBB7> I have like 5 minutes before KINKos closes
<Jokerette> ok dok..
<Jokerette> i want to close this then...
<Jokerette> so your fans can say a proper goodnight...
<caren> Thanks you James!!!!
<JamesBB7> I said I didn't think she could have one when AM IDol has like 40 million viewers and we have 9 mil
<Jokerette> they've waited all night long to do so
<Jokerette> lol
<Jokerette> James we really thank you for the chat. it's been great!
<JamesBB7> I'll doi this again shortly since I feel like I kinda cheated some people from their hate and questions
<Jokerette> awwwwwwwwwww lol