<danibb3> I'm setting up. Give me a moment
<Jokerette> hey dani!!!!
<Kiana> No problem Dani. Take your time. Welcome to Jokers
<Jokerette> this is part of surprise, folks
<Jokerette> we have so many good questions for Danielle!
<danibb3> I can't wait....just give me a couple of minutes
<Jokerette> ok no problem!
<Jokerette> get yourself gorgeous woman!!!!!!!!
<Jokerette> the room is moderated
<Jokerette> whilst dani gets set up
<Jokerette> it won't be long now, crew!
<danibb3> I'm in my business attire
<danibb3> I'm working today
<Jokerette> I bet you look wonderful!
<Jokerette> what do you do, for work?
<danibb3> Okay, lets get started
<Jokerette> ok let's rock this!

<Jokerette> Who would you say will be the most competition for you female wise and male wise out of the other 20?
<danibb3> Will Kirby is an obvious threat because he is Mr BB. Everyone on the list is threat...never underestimate anyone.
<Jokerette> right!

<Jokerette> How will your gameplay change, if you're put in the house this year?
<danibb3> It depends on how the game will change. I will not lie...no need to because will think I'm lying anyway
<Jokerette> roflmao
<Jokerette> so you won't lie this year?
<danibb3> Yes! Unless I'm lying now (tee-he).
<Jokerette> rofol yeppers

<Jokerette> You had probably the best alliance in BB history, do you think there is anyone that you could trust in All Stars, as much as you trusted Jason?
<danibb3> Maybe? It depend who makes in the house. The alliance I had with Jason was based on trust. That is important.

<Jokerette> What food do you think is the replacement for pbj?
<danibb3> I really don't cause I hate PBJ with a passion. It is absolutely

<Jokerette> How do you feel about tuna.. that's what the rumor indicates, for food
<danibb3> No problem. I love tuna, however I did love PB & J...we will see.
<Jokerette> lol

<Jokerette> Are you aware of how strong the BB6 season was as far as fan base? Has this made you rethink your game play against these people?
<danibb3> No. I really won't know I'll do until or if I get into the house.
<Jokerette> we'll vote you in
<Jokerette> you're a player well worth watching

<Jokerette> Did you have a strategy when you were in the house before?
danibb3> Yes. To form a secret alliance and it worked. Never been nominated.
<Jokerette> yes it worked!
<Jokerette> do you have a similiar strategy this time?
<danibb3> Unbelievable!
<Jokerette> yes it was GREAT
<danibb3> I'm sure I'll get nominated this time.
<Jokerette> how can you be sure?
<danibb3> I'm ready for anything. Expect the Unexpected
<Jokerette> wouldn't the winners be the bigger targets? like will, lisa?
<danibb3> Big target on my back. Just call me Dead Woman Walking
<Jokerette> awwwwwwww!
<Jokerette> why do you think you're such a target?
<Jokerette> other than your excellent game play that is
<danibb3> Well everyone is a target and for me to feel I'm not is just plain STUPID!
<Jokerette> lol that's true i reckon!

<Jokerette> Who do you think deserves to be on the list that isn't?
<danibb3> Roddy, Jun, Shannon, Josh (BB3) and of course Jason
<Jokerette> you'll miss jason, won't you!
<danibb3> Absolutely. I can't imagine playing the game without him. I going to miss him terribly.
<Jokerette> awwwwwwwwww

<Jokerette> What does you special person say about you going back in the house?
<danibb3> My husband?
<Jokerette> yah!
<Jokerette> is he ok with it?
<danibb3> My husband is really excited. He is a big fan of the show of course wasn't happy about the ending of BB3.
<Jokerette> I had heard he didn't want you to do all stars? Just a rumor?
<danibb3> Just a rumor. I wouldn't be here if he didn't want me to do the show.
<danibb3> He pushed me to the show.
<Jokerette> good on you
<Jokerette> and good on him!

<Jokerette> You lost to a likable but less active player in BB3. We know you must wish that turned out differently. Do you feel that any particular houseguests went similarly unrewarded in subsequent seasons?
<danibb3> No. All winners should have won the game.
<Jokerette> ok.. yes.
<Jokerette> have you watched other seasons?
Jokerette> and do you watch the feeds?
<danibb3> Yes, I'm a big fan of BB. Love to play game and watch the game. My favorite is BB3, but I didn't like the ending. We were hysterical.
<Jokerette> rofl you were indeed.

<Jokerette> 3 parter to my #1 pick for best BB player in BB history: 1. Have you ever read Machiavelli's "The Prince"? 2. If you have, did you deliberately use it as your playbook? 3. Whether you have or you haven't, will you read or re-read it and use it in :your strat for BB7?
<danibb3> How can you forget Marc with chicken livers or Eric sleep talking. Amy's wonderful one-liners.
<Jokerette> or neeeeds roflmao
<Jokerette> i can see you right now. lolol!
<danibb3> Um that would be a "no." for questions. I can't plan game until into house.
<Jokerette> good decision.

<Jokerette> Is there anyone of the Allstar's that you could relate to, that might be a potential ally for you?
<danibb3> Yeah, like I'm going to tell you that. "Danielle is waving to all the Top 20 lurkers."
<Jokerette> rofl yep!

<Jokerette> Do you think the house will be divided very fast?
<danibb3> It depends who is HOH, who is nominated, who wins POV (if there is one) and is the first evictee.
<Jokerette> any ideas on who first HOH might be?
<Jokerette> just as a guess?
<danibb3> Hopefully me.
<Jokerette> indeed!

<Jokerette> How did you feel when you got out of BB3 that people were angry because of you DR sessions? Personally, I thought they were hilarious and got a kick out of them. I took them as your humor and not so serious
<danibb3> Interesting I did ask Lori why I lost the game? And she said it was because of my dr sessions.
<Jokerette> awwww.
<danibb3> I questioned, "Was I that bad?" She responded, "Yes."
<Jokerette> no you wern't. you were funny!
<Jokerette> didn't they see the humor in it?
<danibb3> That is why the game was changed. Let us call the Dani rule. Um still going to keep it real in the dr.
<Jokerette> good to hear!
<danibb3> It is funny when it's not you that I'm talking about. I totally understand why they were hurt, but I am human and express my feelings.
<Jokerette> you did well.
<Jokerette> you made wonderful watching.

<Jokerette> If you could design a tailor-made comp, what would the comp be, and would you prefer it as an HOH, Food, or Veto comp?
<danibb3> Basketball comp for me. Or if we had to eat something disgusting for HOH (ie Haggis)...then you can see who really wanted HOH
<Jokerette> ewwwwww would you eat bugs?
<danibb3> For HOH? Hell yeah!!!!!!
<Jokerette> yay dani!!!!!!!!

<Jokerette> Dani do you think that people from more recent seasons could have an advantage over you because they have experienced the themed twists and also have competed in the newer version of the veto competition?
<danibb3> Absolutely. James is the Veto King. I hope they change the 6 finger rule. Nakomis was genius for that plan. However it is horrible to loose the game. I will not backdoor anyone.
<Jokerette> fair enough!

<Jokerette> Do you think egos will collide if Howie and Will are both in the house?
<danibb3> Is a pig pork? There will be a lot of egos this year. It is All Star. Let me just say I'm very humble and I don't count my chickens until they hatch. I'm very relaxed this year. I expect worst and that will be my humble pie.
<Jokerette> rofl this will be a BIG game, this year.

<Jokerette> There will be other house guests from your time on Big Brother, will you all try to come together to get further in the game?
<danibb3> Good question. Everyone is saying that Kaysar, Janelle, Howie and James will be in an alliance, but you won't know until we get into the house. I would hope everyone is keeping their option open. I foresee people that were friends not being after this game. It is going to get U-G-L-Y!!!!
<Jokerette> yes it is! the uglier the better. lol
<danibb3> Just for the fans.
<Jokerette> yep it would be a devil, being in there.

<Jokerette> Does it upset you when you read mean things that people write about you, or have you developed pretty thick skin?
<danibb3> Jimmy Crack the Corn....I don't care. I have a very thick skin.
<danibb3> Just don't insult my family. That is an automatic whoop ass.
<Jokerette> yep! don't blame you there.

<Jokerette> Danielle you dont know how happy it made me to see you as a candidate for All-Stars. My question for you is - What was your most favorite memory durning your season ?
<Jokerette> Mine was 'neeeeeeeeds' roflmao
<danibb3> The day we made ghetto burgers. We were giddy with laughter. Roddy was talking to his burger. Lisa made awesome caramelized onions. Marc was jumping up and down and screaming "Take the fries out, D!" It was hilarious.
<Jokerette> awww lol!
<danibb3> Yeah the "Needs."
<Jokerette> funniest thing ever!

<Jokerette> Do you feel that you, Jason, or Marcellas was most responsible for Marcellas leaving?
<danibb3> Good question. Hmmmm...
<danibb3> Hmmm,
<danibb3> Hmmm,
<danibb3> Wow, I'm speechless.
<Jokerette> lol
<Jokerette> now, there's a sight!
<danibb3> Next question

<Jokerette> Do you think everyone will act differently than their first time knowing how closely they are watched by us?
<danibb3> I think in the beginning everyone will be on their best behavior, but we are human and let the drama begin.
<Jokerette> and do you forget the cameras?
<danibb3> You do forget cameras. Remember how my hair was decent in the beginning and then getting "crackish." How can we forget about the bandanas. I didn't know if I was Blood or a Crip. So ghetto
<Jokerette> rofl!

<Jokerette> Have any of the hgs on with you shown any regret for not voting for you? They really did look petty in my eyes for not acknowledging that you clearly played the game the BEST!
<danibb3> Only Amy. They had every right to make the decision and there is nothing you can change about that. I'm good and content with Lisa being the winner.
<Jokerette> she did a good job.. not as good as you!

<Jokerette> Are you going to have to quit your job this time or will you get a leave of absence?
<danibb3> She did! People won't give Lisa credit. She kicked our butts in the Final HOH. You gotta credit when it's due.
<Jokerette> yes that's true!
<Jokerette> I think it's because people feel she hung on coat tails for so long
<Jokerette> and you were blatantly out there.
<danibb3> I got a leave of absence. Lucky for the fans, because I wouldn't be doing All Stars unless I still had my job.
<Jokerette> good thing then!

<Jokerette> Out of the 20 possible BB Allstars, whose game did you admire/hate most?
<danibb3> Like Lisa said, "It was a fun ride." She rode all the way to the bank with $500g's
<Jokerette> yes she did! she's a class act, that one. As are you.
<danibb3> Will Kirby
<Jokerette> he was a trip, wasn't he!
<danibb3> He was an absolute trip. James winning the POV..outstanding. Janelle keeping it real...outstanding. Kaysar's "I sealed your partner's fate." Outstanding. Alison's winning all the comps and kicking butt....outstanding.
<Jokerette> couldn't choose

<Jokerette> What will your sign be for the jokers internet viewers - so we can see you are thinking of us?
<danibb3> You tell me.
<danibb3> What do you want
<danibb3> Picking my nose?
<Jokerette> roflmao
<danibb3> Scratching my butt
<Jokerette> scratch an ear!
<Jokerette> and we'll know
<Jokerette> scratching your butt works too ROFL
<danibb3> Okay. I'll scratch for you. I'm scratching my ear now for votes.
<Jokerette> yay we'll all scratch for you!

<Jokerette> There are too many BB6 players and too much hype for them. Do you feel they need to be taken out first?
<danibb3> We have a lot of hgs from other seasons. I'm not thinking about game until I get into the house.
<danibb3> Last question, so make it good!
<Jokerette> right.
<danibb3> I have to get back to work
<Jokerette> ok

<Jokerette> How long did it take you to realize you wanted to do BB again?
<danibb3> Is that your final question?
<Jokerette> that's it I reckon!
<Jokerette> I have a ton more
<Jokerette> that and the real reason you're doing bb again...
<Jokerette> fame? money? experience?
<danibb3> It took me a very long time, because I didn't want to do it. The fans should thank my parents and husband for changing my mind.
<Jokerette> thanks parents and hubby then!
<danibb3> Experience. I don't want to be famous. The money is not why I'm doing it. One word...REDEMPTION!!!!!!
<Jokerette> redemption?
<danibb3> Please send me all questions via email at daniellebb3@hotmail.com. I promise to answer them.
<Jokerette> OK will do!

<Steve3> Dani....I am so happy you are in the Top 20, and I hope you make it in the house. Thanks for coming!
<Kiana> Thanks for coming by and good luck Dani!
<TheBigSista> Bye Dani and good luck
<Taylor> Thank you so much for coming Danielle!!!
<Jokerette> and we thank you for chatting!
<danibb3> Wait until I get into the house, you will understand.
<Sarah> Thank you, Danielle
<TanoLurk> Thanks Dani!!!
<Jokerette> I am gonna open the room for you now
<DressageRider> Thanks for coming Danielle
<Hypnotoad> good luck!
<Kiana> Dani we'd love an exit interview after you get out of the house?
<danibb3> Hugs and Chocolate Kisses.
<Jokerette> so your fans can say goodbye