Kaysar: What up everyone!!!!!!
Jokerette: so kaysar how ya doin
Kaysar: Thanks for having me
Kaysar: I am so sorry
Jokerette: we're glad to have you
Kaysar: I couldn't getnbehid a computer in time
Jokerette: is everything OK?
Kaysar: thanks jokerette. Always great to be here
Jokerette: we worried about you! All is good now
Kaysar: I've sorted it out for now i hope lol

Jokerette: well do tell.. I hear you've been working at Women's shelters?
Jokerette: can you tell us anything about that?
Kaysar: Well yes... well I've been looking into working with a charty when I got out of the big brother house but I didn't knoew what I wanted to do I have a good friend who dedicates much of her time at a shelter she explained to me what she does there I thought it was amazing
Jokerette: that's so kewl!
Kaysar: I'm working on getting certified to take care of battered woman and children and it turns out there are Big Brother fans there
Jokerette: of course there are
Kaysar: so ther ladies that work there make things ingteresting lol
Jokerette: wow lol that's wonderful news!
Kaysar: Corprate office got wind of this and now want me to speak at their yearly benefit dinner
Jokerette: awwwwwwwww
Jokerette: when is that?
Kaysar: So all in all its a great situation
Jokerette: it sounds GREAT, good on you!

Jokerette: Shelley asks: Kaysar, Do you ever meet any overzelous fans or fans that just go bananas
Janiebb6: hello
Kaysar: I've still got some more BB stuff that I want to auction off and donate a portion of the proceeds to them again
Jokerette: that's excellent
Kaysar: I think howie is on the way too! hey janie SOV 3 forever!!!
Jokerette: hiya Janie
Janiebb6: howie is trying to get in
Kaysar: heck yes
Kaysar: Since janie is here... we can talk about a possible project
Jokerette: please do!
Kaysar: janie howie and I have been talking with a company out here in So CAL they work with professional sports teams to create lithographs. They want us to create a professional litograph and make it available to the public
Jokerette: a lithograph of?
Kaysar: howie janelle and I sov 3
Kaysar: its still a work in progress
Kaysar: still working out the kinks
Jokerette: that would be very neat indeed
Jokerette: they're asking what about the fourth sov lol
Kaysar: It would be professional and a great way to capture a moment of BB
Kaysar: who? Dr. Will?
hey Kaysar & Janie!
Janiebb6: hey
Jokerette: James, they answered
Kaysar: LOL. i know. I was kidding
Jokerette: was James ever really a sov? LOL
Kaysar: well I wouldn't mind that at all. He's a friend. but you'd have to ask him if he's a sov
Kaysar: I think he's now part of the evil empire

Jokerette: Shelley asks: Kaysar, Do you ever meet any overzelous fans or fans that just go bananas
Jokerette: Janie that one's for you also
Kaysar: indeed. I've had people nearly rip my clothing lol
Jokerette: you're kidding
Kaysar: no. it happened at the Big in 05 after party
Janiebb6: jedihowie is on under his name jedi howie
Jokerette: Then again, someone mailed krista a dead cat. did you get hurt, kaysar?
Janiebb6: 've met some really interesting fans. everyone has been really positive
Jokerette: that's great!
Kaysar: well she was grabbing my arm wanted to talk to me
Jedi: what up kay sirrrrrrrrrrr
Kaysar: HOWIE!
Jokerette: hey Howie!!
Kaysar: Lets get this party started
Janiebb6: ask questions
Jedi: Hey Jokerette you need a webcam
Jokerette: so Howie, did you ever get a fan who was a little too crazed?
Jedi: they all want me lol
Jedi: yes one stalked me through the mall with my buddies and wanted my phone number
Liann: Like one maybe that gave you her JU thong underwear?
Jedi: yeah that one at the convention lol i was looking at it yesterday and almost put it on
Jokerette: lol

Jokerette: Rabbit asks: Your original goal going on Big Brother was to shake the Muslim stereotype by portraying a kind, decent Muslim. Do you think you have succeeded?
Kaysar: Well I had to objectives. 1 was to show non-muslims a better portrayal of muslims and show there is a distiction and the second message was to muslims to give it our all to turn it all around, be proud and confident, do more to be model citizens We have more to offer than what we appear to be

Jokerette: TonyClaus asks: Did you put any trust in Danielle at all?
Janiebb6: I didn't
Janiebb6: didn't put ANY TRUst into dani
Jedi: hey mikey and ray ray and Janie and ashlea and Howie what up kay sirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
Jokerette: hey Will
Kaysar: lol
Jokerette: old home night lmao
Jokerette: can chicken george be far behind?
DrWILL: Alright, alright, alright...the big dog is here...let's get this started!!!
Kaysar: Can someone please dangle a food pass and get george in here please
Janiebb6: hi Will!!!

Jokerette: cjj3 asks: It seems like many BB houseguests to some extent know other houseguests before the show is actually cast. Is there a reality tv show group of actors who try out for shows such as BB to secure television exposure?
Sarah: Kaysar's chat has been hijacked
Jokerette: lol
Kaysar: Ok big dog...haha
Jedi: oh boy Janie oh boy Kaysar
DrWILL: I have a plane to catch and the only reason i showed up is because i heard my girlfriend was here...HOWIE!
Kaysar: don't say hijacked. not cool. lol
Janiebb6: we are such dorks for all doing a chat. together
Kaysar: yeah no kidding. this is very dorky
Jokerette: but kewl

Jokerette: Rabbit asks: After 2 seasons of Big Brother, the fame, the notoriety, the swooning fans, if you had the opportunity, would you give that all up for a chance to go back to how things used to be?
DrWILL: yeah, I liked being broke.
Jedi: I will be near the old sequester house tonite
Kaysar: not at a chance. The experience is irreplaceable
Jedi: what up little Willy?
DrWILL: Does this thing have audio?
Janiebb6: no it doesn't
DrWILL: I'd like to sing...
Janiebb6: me TOO!
Jokerette: sing away
Jokerette: Would any of you do another all stars? (no audio sorry)
Jedi: ALL STARS for sure I'd get rid of Chill Town lol
Jokerette: rofl now you say that!
Janiebb6: i made it through the wilderness...
Jedi: but I am an honorry member now lol
Jokerette: of course you are!
Kaysar: I don't think I'd do BB again. It's very taxing
Jokerette: I would imagine so.

Jokerette: Monkeys asks: Kaysar, why did Will say that Monkey's will fly out of his butt before you are on TAR? I thought that couldn't be discussed but Will sure seems to know something. Are you picking up what he is putting down?
Kaysar: Oh well that's news to me Thanks Will
Jedi: self agradizement
Kaysar: I think the only Monkey that will be crawling out of my butt is will
Jokerette: now, there's a visual.
Kaysar: LOL

Jokerette: PeekaBoo asks: Does Janelle want to do TAR with you?
Kaysar: Well it completely Janelles decision
Kaysar: but I think Janelle and I have natural chemistry. Its the real deal not edited for the TV viewers

Jokerette: TonyClaus asks: Did you think You were going to beat Chicken George in the veto comp that your hair was cut off in?
Kaysar: All I have to say is I was playing for the team and the big Chicken earned my respect and the respect of all the viewers that day we discounted him so early in the game but that man has heart
Janiebb6: just call me angel
DrWILL: ...just touch mt cheek before you leave...
Janiebb6: just call angel
Jokerette: next thing you know, we'll hear whispering ::::::::::flee

Jokerette: Janellousy asks: Kaysar, will you be in Philadelphia with Janelle for the GM commercial?

DrWILL: I have questions for the fans...
Jokerette: lay it on us will!

Jokerette: mamapors asks: Do you ever hear from Michael Donnellan? What is he up to?
Kaysar: Mike is in Dubai working I hear he is having a blast

Dreamer: Quendiva26 asks: Can we all put the rumors to rest now since you are all here together and finally announce that the TRUE BB supercouple is... Will and Kaysar? LOL!
DrWILL: Yep. Busted. I'm dating Kayser.
Kaysar: Hahaha Will did you spill the beans
Jokerette: it's that whole monkey thing.
DrWILL: Yep, we are totally gay. Not a little gay either...really gay.
Jokerette: rofl will!
DrWILL: You got it. We bought a pet monkey and he lives in Kayser's ass.

Dreamer: yennifer asks: what would you suggest for the audition video for someone applying to be on the show?
Jokerette: yeah, if you guys could comment on what would be a great video for people to make to get into BB?
Kaysar: Well I never made a video
Jokerette: how did you get chosen?
Jokerette: for that matter, how did Dr. Will get on BB?
Kaysar: BUT. If I was to make a video I would say... Be original and be yourself. Don't try hard. The camera is a lie detector. Unless you are Dr. Will. Then you can lie as much as you want
DrWILL: Totally lie. Duh.
Kaysar: Micheal put my name on a list and they called me
Kaysar: it was that simple
Jokerette: wow

Dreamer: SFBaychic asks: Do you guys think there is a possibility of more than one BB team on TAR?
DrWILL: nope.
Jokerette: no?
Kaysar: Dr. Will runs CBS
Jokerette: of course he does! does that mean he's engaged to julie chen?
Kaysar: No idea. What does that mean William

Jokerette: janie what is the best thing to do under pressure and you feel like you have to leave in the game, what makes everything change
DrWILL: Where is Howie? Howie, save this chat!
Jokerette: totally unsure.. sharing monkey space? LOL

Jokerette: Pattycakes72 asks: DOes Erika have any say in the casting of any of you guys on TAR?
DrWILL: Nope.
Jokerette: erika does have a say on casting, doesn't she?
DrWILL: Yep.
Jokerette: unsure if she does tar tho.

Jokerette: Leatherface asks: will how long did it take you to see that the BB6 people had no idea how to play the game and were way over there head in BBAS ?
DrWILL: Did you watch the show? I said, "they didn't know what was going to hit them" on the very first episode.
Jokerette: you did indeed.
DrWILL: It wasn't even fair. Chill Town told the producers we were going to win weeks before the show was even cast.
Jokerette: oh really!

Jokerette: Stigmata asks: Has life changed for you guys since you've been on BB? Any former enemies that are itching to be your friend? and former friends that are itching to be your enemy? Are there people that are mad at the decisions you've made? How has your life changed, if at all?
DrWILL: Stigmata, i expected more from you. This question is borning. I'm not answering it. Try again.
Kaysar: Yawn
Jokerette: lmao
DrWILL: Yawn is what the views did with what you gave them.
Kaysar: lol

Jokerette: juicyfruit asks: Will where will you be in Memphis March 10th...what venue? It is my birthday present to come see you!!
DrWILL: Awesome! Can't wait to see you there! Memphis is going to be a blast! I've never been. Where should i go?
Jokerette: beal street
Sarah: Peabody... see the ducks Graceland... see Elvis
Jokerette: heard it's the best for blues.
Sarah: Rendevous.. eat ribs
Lydia: Barbeque is great!
DrWILL: The Peabody? Isn't there one in every city? Why not just go to Olive Garden?

Jokerette: blackknight asks: HG's do you ever forget the cameras are on you in the house? any funny moments when you did?
DrWILL: Janelle, flirt with me.
Jokerette: that would be a bitch, those cameras.
DrWILL: I can't type and talk on the phone at the same time.
Sarah: what good are ya then ?
Jokerette: I do it all the time
DrWILL: Where is Howie?
Janiebb6: Ok Will.....
DrWILL: Hey Baby...
DrWILL: It's not a song...
Jokerette: have y'all physically seen each other, you 3?
Janiebb6: willl
DrWILL: Crazy like a fox!
Janiebb6: yeah you are
DrWILL: Like we are telling you. Psycho. Just kidding you aren't psycho.
DrWILL: She is totally psycho.
DrWILL: Damn, I ment to say that, not type it.
Lydia: Don't take it Janie
DrWILL: I wasn't calling Janelle psycho, psycho.
Jokerette: which is a good thing rofl

Jokerette: maeve asks: What are your thoughts on withdrawing troops from Iraq?
DrWILL: Yeah, like we are qualified to discuss the geo-political climate.

Jokerette: maeve asks: Other than TAR, are you actively pursuing any other Reality shows?
Jokerette: so are you doing any other reality shows? how about dramas? any more soaps?
DrWILL: No one is actively pursuing TAR. Don't you pick up anything I put down?
Jokerette: yep i caught that!
DrWILL: Soaps are pending.
Jokerette: which ones, can you mention?

DrWILL: Jokerette, I'm calling you out.
Jokerette: rofl that wouldn't be a first!
DrWILL: I thought we were cool...
Jokerette: and now?
DrWILL: I read an interview from nearly a year ago where you bad-mouthed me...
Jokerette: awwwwwwwwww!
Sarah: never !!!
DrWILL: I'm serious. I was hurt.
Jokerette: sorry... tell me the interview
DrWILL: I'm much more sensitive then you realize.
Jokerette: I am very positive about you
DrWILL: All I have ever done is try to give entertaining reality tv. Is that a crime?
Jokerette: nopers of course not!
DrWILL: If so, lock me up cause I'm guilty!!!!
Jokerette: that's partially your job
Jokerette: and imho you do it very well! GREAT tv.
DrWILL: Okay, I forgive you. Let's flirt joketette!
Jokerette: twirl me then ROFL
DrWILL: Now you are talking dirty to me...
Jokerette: tell me more about these soaps you're going to do!
Jokerette: I caught one, finally (not a soap person)
DrWILL: Well, Y&R is pedning. Just can't fit in. They want a comittment... Is the chat still going on?
Jokerette: and you don't have the time?
DrWILL: Or just us?
Jokerette: nope chat is ongoing rofl
DrWILL: I have to pee. Give me a minute.
Jokerette: go ferit

Dreamer: Shelley asks: Question for all of you, how hard was it to re-adjust to "normal life" after leaving the house the second (or in Kaysar's case the 3rd) time around?
Jokerette: oh kaysar, you still here?
Kaysar: Yes I am here. How can I be of service
Jokerette: other than monkeys? ROFL
Jokerette: are you also doing shows like soaps? or commercials?
DrWILL: Janelle is so bored she is painting her nails.
Kaysar: I don't come equipped with monkeys
Jokerette: rofl good to know
Kaysar: hah
DrWILL: She'll tell me the answers and I'll type them for her. Is Howie lost?

Dreamer: JGuest737 asks: Are any of them going to the Convention this year?
Jokerette: yes kaysar.. you considering coming to the convention this year? Will, how about you? we'll sponsor you guys, you want to come
DrWILL: Convention?
Jokerette: convention.. Reality Con in Nashville TN
Kaysar: I haven't decided yet
Jokerette: somehwere around July 1 (date tbd)
Kaysar: Nashville correct?
Jokerette: yes
DrWILL: That's not a real convention. When more "stars" tahn fan show up it isn't a convention.
Jokerette: it was a blast last year. yes it wasn't huge
DrWILL: Seriously. Come on. Let's all be honest for once.
Jokerette: we're hoping for a better turnout this year!
DrWILL: A blast? I highlt doubt that. Janelle said only 10 people were there.
Lydia: If you came Will it would be huge
Jokerette: it would be great kaysar as well!
DrWILL: Yeah, 11 people would show.
Jokerette: lol 12
Kaysar: Yeah. It's not impressive
DrWILL: Oh, my bad. Janelle said she wasn't there and has no idea how many where there.
Jokerette: I am not sure I went during afternoon... fairly good turnout

Jokerette: MissyinSC asks: when you have the time, what TV shows do you enjoy watching? And if you watch Greys Anatomy what do you think of the recent drama?
DrWILL: Janelle likes to watch Heros and AI. Just FYI. Why am I typing that?

Dreamer: Ingping asks: Kaysar if he's still pursuing the lead in "The Kite Runner?"
DrWILL: Janelle wants to know what the kite runner is?
Kaysar: Negative. I believe they went with an afghan to play the role to preserve authenticity amongst other things
DrWILL: An Afghan? An Afghan?
Kaysar: Its a novel by Khalid Husseini Its a great read
Jokerette: were you up for lead, kaysar?
Kaysar: Yes
DrWILL: Oh, the nationality. I thought you ment the sweater. My bad.
Jokerette: wow. gonna do it?
DrWILL: You guys want me to call up Boogie?
Jokerette: sure. bring him on.
DrWILL: LOL. I cracsk emylf up.

Jokerette: kaysar are you still taking acting lessons?
Kaysar: Well I think that opportunity has passed. I'm sure there will be others.
DrWILL: Actually, Boogie will yell at me if he knows I am at this chat.
Kaysar: Yes I am. And loving ever moment. It's a fun experience
Lydia: Tell us more Kaysar
Kaysar: About my acting classes?
Jokerette: sure! what do thye have you do?
Lydia: yes
DrWILL: This is Boooooooring. Okay, let's blow this out. for the next 30 seconds i'll answer any question. GO.
DrWILL: Okay. Nevermind.
Jokerette: rofl as IF
Kaysar: Yes lets not talking about classes not that interesting

Kaysar: Is Boogie still in A town?

Jokerette: Princess asks: Can you explain what happened with you and Will the night of VH1 awards when you were both on your chat at 3am?
Jokerette: what was that all about?
DrWILL: Janelle says "it never happened".
Jokerette: fyi, this is like herding cats. roflmaopeeeeeee
DrWILL: Like hearding deaf cats.
Jokerette: indeed!

Dreamer: JGuest184 asks: DrWill his blonde partner will be Boogie or Janie?
DrWILL: "Partner"?
Dreamer: For TAR
Kaysar: is this considered blowing it out yet?
Jokerette: yes if you had to choose
Jokerette: rofl kaysar
Kaysar: because i'm ready
Jokerette: this is called, herding cats!!!!
Kaysar: lol oh ok we are still on hearding cats gotcha I'm trying to keep up
Jokerette: bb q
Lydia: We are 500 lbs with cats
Jokerette: big ass cats
Kaysar: frightening meowwww

Jokerette: K9Mom asks: I'd like to know what suggestions each of them have to improve the next season of BB
Jokerette: there's a good q if you could improve on bb, what would you do? say, if you could produce.
Kaysar: well for starters 1 million grand prize thats a given
Jokerette: yes. agreed. at least as much as survivor. do you think survivor is harder than BB? or vice versa?
Kaysar: I think BB is mentally more taxing whereas Survivor is physically tougher
Jokerette: would you do survivor?
Kaysar: I would have to train for entire year lol
Jokerette: no friggin DOUBT I think personally, BB is the more taxing

Kaysar: anyhow. I gotta run thanks for having me!
Jokerette: we thank you for coming
Kaysar: Sorry I have to cut this short
Sarah: thanks for coming kaysar
Jokerette: I'd like to open the room...
MissyinSC: Thanks Kaysar
Kaysar: loved the chat
Jokerette: so everyone can say goodnight
Lydia: WE love you Kaysar
Dreamer: Thanks a million, Kaysar!
Jokerette: yes a wild chat.
Lotus: thanks Kaysar! always good to see you!
Lydia: We love you Will, Janie