<Jokerette> Hey Josh! How ya doin!
<BigBrother1Josh> I'm here to let ya'll know whatever I can.
<Jokerette> well that's gonna be fun
<BigBrother1Josh> Hey Jokerette! It's nice to have a face to a name now. Loved meeting ya'll in Nashville.
<Jokerette> rofl I had fun meeting you...
<Jokerette> I enjoyed sitting in your lap LOL
<BigBrother1Josh> Anytime.
<BigBrother1Josh> lol
<BigBrother1Josh> So how should this go?
<Jokerette> let me start with the one question everyone is asking
<Jokerette> I'll just ask you questions
<BigBrother1Josh> Great.
<Jokerette> ready to go?
<BigBrother1Josh> yep

<Jokerette> What is going on with you and Erika?
<BigBrother1Josh> Ok...how much time do you have....lol. Give me a sec to write this out.
<Jokerette> no problem!
<Jokerette> take your time.
<BigBrother1Josh> Erika and I are no longer together. We actually were not an official couple when you saw us in Nashville not too long ago. However, when we are together, it's very hard for us to pretend that we are not very much in love...because we are....
<Jokerette> awwwwwwwwww

<Jokerette> Is the breakup because she's in LA and you're in Miami?
<BigBrother1Josh> The bottom line is that now, we are officially both single. We did break up. We have our reasons that I'll keep private, but I can honestly say that I don't know where life will take us.
<Jokerette> well that's a pity
<BigBrother1Josh> After 5 years, we are very much a part of one another.
<Jokerette> you're a lovely couple to be sure.
<BigBrother1Josh> And don't forget, we lived together for 5 years until my recent move to Miami.
<Jokerette> no i din't know tht!
<BigBrother1Josh> We were living together at the time she did BB4 and had been for a couple of year already.
<Jokerette> I had no idea.
<BigBrother1Josh> I actually filmed her audition tape but we kept it a secret that we were together so she'd have a chance to get picked.

<Jokerette> Did you help her get on Big Brother?
<BigBrother1Josh> When CBS used to come over to film her, I'd jet out the door so they wouldn't see me. I had nothing to do with her getting picked. She got on by her own merits.
<BigBrother1Josh> I will tell you this....
<Jokerette> Wow. OK fair enough.
<BigBrother1Josh> Erika wanted me to be the last person she spoke with this year before going into sequester for the All-Stars. And...
<Jokerette> awwwwwww
<BigBrother1Josh> She asked that I be there whenever she gets out. And I will be there for her...no matter what she does in the house and no matter what happens. I do love her unconditionally.

<Jokerette> Erika still cares a great deal for you. Yesterday she was talking a little bit to Kaysar about the relationship and she was crying.
<Jokerette> so we've seen that, on the feeds.
<BigBrother1Josh> I was on the phone with her when the producers drove up to the house and picke her up. She yelled at them telling them that they were 10 minutes early and they had to let her finish her convo with me.
<Jokerette> wow!
<BigBrother1Josh> Oh...here's another thing.
<Jokerette> by all means
<BigBrother1Josh> I never had a chance to sign a CBS waiver so what she could say in the house is limited.
<Jokerette> I understand.
<BigBrother1Josh> I signed one yesterday and CBS should be receiving it tomorrow.

<Jokerette> Were you asked to do All Stars?
<BigBrother1Josh> I was not asked to do All-Stars. I have many theories of why this was. I'll list them in order of probability.
<BigBrother1Josh> 1. They just didn't want me. I've jumped naked on a trampoline, danced in my underwear, and had a romance with a girl with green hair. There's not much left to see.
<Jokerette> rofl naked
<BigBrother1Josh> 2. They really didn't want anyone from BB1 and they knew that if they included no one that the fans would be pissed. Picking George as the token old guy was the clear choice.
<Jokerette> makes sense
<BigBrother1Josh> 3. Erika was a sure pick. They didn't want to make it a couple thing or ex couple thing.
<Jokerette> also makes sense.
<BigBrother1Josh> All or some of the above could be correct. But one thing is for certain...

<Jokerette> Would you have done it, if asked?
<BigBrother1Josh> Even if I had been asked to do it, I would have never left my job for the summer. I'm very happen with where I am in my career. Although, I would have loved to been in the BB house. I'm the only person that personally knows everyone in the house before going in.
<Jokerette> I see.

<Jokerette> Have you kept touch with any of the Season 1 castmates other than George, and if so what are they up to today?
<BigBrother1Josh> I have close ties to many. I believe Erika is in a very good spot to win. More on that later...
<Jokerette> excellent
<BigBrother1Josh> I hadn't heard from any of my cast members in years. Honestly, I was the one person that would have stayed in touch with everyone...
<BigBrother1Josh> but people took that game very personal because not only were they voted out...they were voted out by America...based strictly on their personalities. That's a tough blow to take.
<Jokerette> I'd imagine.
<BigBrother1Josh> so...
<BigBrother1Josh> The last person I had seen was Eddie. He came to L.A. We went out for drinks (imagine that) and I also put him in a fishbowl christmas music video. Very cheezy...very fun.
<BigBrother1Josh> Then, not too long ago...
<Jokerette> awwwwww I miss Eddy!
<BigBrother1Josh> I had heard the rumor that George had cancer. I tracked him down just to make sure he was OK. He was obviously...well...other than being half man half chicken.
<BigBrother1Josh> We exchanged a few emails and all was fine and dandy.
<Jokerette> rofl we heard that rumor also.
<Jokerette> George wasn't happy about that rumor!
<BigBrother1Josh> Other than that...I heard Jamie is a Seattle broadcaster
<Jokerette> And Brit? Anything at all from Brit?
<BigBrother1Josh> and that Curtis is married......to a woman.
<Jokerette> roflmao
<BigBrother1Josh> and Brit I heard was in casting in L.A. still.
<Jokerette> good on them all
<BigBrother1Josh> Jordan is teaching private lessons somewhere.....
<BigBrother1Josh> ...I'm just kidding...their completely public.
<Jokerette> Private lessons?
<Jokerette> ROFLMAO
<BigBrother1Josh> they're completely public
<Jokerette> ROFLMAO
<BigBrother1Josh> they're completely public
<Jokerette> what kind of lessons? hehehehe
<BigBrother1Josh> I killed my own joke with a misspelling.
<BigBrother1Josh> They involve a song called, "I'm in love with a stripper".
<Jokerette> rofl
<BigBrother1Josh> I have no idea where the others are....but I would have picked Mega to be in the All-Star house had it been me. Now that would have stirred things up.
<Jokerette> indeed
<Jokerette> he's a hair too political for them.. might have got along with James tho

<Jokerette> Do you have the feeds?
<BigBrother1Josh> I have the feeds but have no time to watch during the week. I watch an hour or so on the weekends. Funny enough, I read all of the JokersUpdates to give me a reacap of the day and what's going on.
<Jokerette> yay good to hear!

<Jokerette> Who do you think is in the best position to win the season?
<BigBrother1Josh> Erika....shall I give you the reasons?
<Jokerette> indeed!
<BigBrother1Josh> This may take a while because I have to talk about all the houseguests...give me a minute.
<Jokerette> more the merrier.
<BigBrother1Josh> 1. Jase: I'm good friends with him. I think he's a great guy and so does Erika. They auditioned together (practiced together) at the Kill Reality auditions and also became friends that way.
<Jokerette> didnt know that!
<BigBrother1Josh> 2. James: I'm also friends with him and he knows that he was my favorite player from his season. In Nashville, Sarah and James spent the majority of their time with Erika and I & we all had dinner twice.
<BigBrother1Josh> I'm also living in Miami, where James is from.
<Jokerette> did y'all set up an alliance?
<Jokerette> you and erkia and james?'
<Jokerette> erika even
<BigBrother1Josh> No direct alliances were ever set up with Erika.
<Jokerette> interesting. She seems close with Kaysar in there
<BigBrother1Josh> 3. Howie: He was also in Nashville with us. He just likes hanging with Erika and I. And of course...he loves a woman with nice boobies.
<Jokerette> he does indeed
<BigBrother1Josh> 4. Kaysar: We were at Kaysar's house right after he got off BB and he was also on my radio show. I think Erika relates to Kaysar because she's in tight with the BB6 crowd and knows that Kaysar is not a loud mouth spilling the beans about everything. She was a big Kaysar fan like many others during his season.
<Jokerette> she's in the alliance with sov 4 I think?
<BigBrother1Josh> 5. Boogie: Erika is friends with him in L.A. and often goes to his restaurants.
<BigBrother1Josh> Janelle: She is the best friend of my best friend's girlfriend. Follow?
<BigBrother1Josh> Kaya is my best friend.
<Jokerette> rofl sure
<BigBrother1Josh> His girlfriend is Janelle's best friend in Miami.
<Jokerette> oh that's a small world then!
<BigBrother1Josh> Janelle and I hung out quite a bit at the club where she worked.
<BigBrother1Josh> Erika also went in there with me and spent a night chatting with Janelle. She and Janelle also spoke before going on the show.
<Jokerette> excellent.. she knows EVERYbody
<BigBrother1Josh> Will: He knows me from way back. He was one of the first people on the site I created called RealityStars.com. He's never met Erika before going in, but I don't see him making her a target because of Boogey.
<BigBrother1Josh> Marcellas: Erika and he have been friends in L.A. for years. Enough said.
<Jokerette> wow!
<BigBrother1Josh> hmmmm.....
<Jokerette> so she does have a great chance.
<BigBrother1Josh> Diane: Apparent enemy. No good reason. Just seems that way.
<BigBrother1Josh> Nakomis: Neither one of us knew her.
<Jokerette> why so Diane?
<BigBrother1Josh> Danielle: Erika used to work with Jason on The Amazing Race. Danielle hung out at our house in L.A. and we all went out.
<Jokerette> she's a good egg.
<BigBrother1Josh> George: She doesn't know him and he doesn't know her...but I saw that in one of your chats here that George said he thought I'd be the best player to take into All-Stars that didn't make it because I was a team player. i hope that helps Erika.
<Jokerette> yes me too
<BigBrother1Josh> So....with all that being said.....
<Jokerette> altho I haven't seen them talking (others in here may have tho)
<BigBrother1Josh> We still know that this game changes on a dime. Who knows what will happen...but I still think she has a great shot.
<Jokerette> I do too!
<BigBrother1Josh> Sorry that took so long.
<Jokerette> it was perfect

<Jokerette> As Big Brother evolved, the first season has often been "the forgotten season". What do you think about the Big Brother game now, and which incarnation of Big Brother do you think is better?
<BigBrother1Josh> Let's face it...Big Brother 1 sucked on many levels....but let me break it down for you.
<Jokerette> please do!
<BigBrother1Josh> The producers at that time had no clue what they were doing. Reality TV as we know it was just starting.
<BigBrother1Josh> Most Importantly.....
<Jokerette> infancy
<BigBrother1Josh> The show aired 6 days a week. No show is on that often. They had 12 hours to edit raw footage and make it into something watchable. That was an impossible task.
<BigBrother1Josh> Thus, you ended up with long boring conversations without fancy editing and great music.
<BigBrother1Josh> But I will say this....
<Jokerette> it made for great feeds
<BigBrother1Josh> The BB1 cast was by far the smartest of all the casts. I will venture to say (a guess) that the IQ scores were well above the average of the others. I thought this was true even for people that appeared to be somewhat screwed up, like Jordan.
<BigBrother1Josh> This worked to the disadvantage of production.
<Jokerette> how so?
<BigBrother1Josh> The producers were often times outsmarted by the cast members.
<Jokerette> do tell?
<BigBrother1Josh> I wish you could have seen the diary room convos with the producers.
<Jokerette> can you tell us some?
<Jokerette> as an example?
<BigBrother1Josh> I can tell you about one of mine.
<Jokerette> please
<BigBrother1Josh> They were pissed off about half-way thru because I seemed to have gotten quiet, unopinionated, and somewhat shutdown.
<Jokerette> somehow, I don't remember you like THAT lol
<BigBrother1Josh> I told them too bad. I saw that the outrageous people that couldn't bite their tongue were getting booted like crazy and they couldn't do anything about it. I was playing to win. I had been in the house too long and if they took me out I'd raise a massive stink.
<BigBrother1Josh> I rekicked in the wildness when i felt that it was strategically wise to do so during the end.
<BigBrother1Josh> I was very calculated the entire season.
<Jokerette> I bet!
<BigBrother1Josh> I did my best to make sure that it didn't seem thought out. Thus, you'd never think a drunk guy was thinking the entire time.
<Jokerette> lol
<BigBrother1Josh> I notice patterns....
<BigBrother1Josh> Here is an interesting one...
<BigBrother1Josh> I noticed this while in the house and based my game play on it.
<Jokerette> what?
<BigBrother1Josh> The first two people kicked out were both Leos
<BigBrother1Josh> The next two kicked out were both Virgos
<BigBrother1Josh> The next two kicked out were both Libras
<Jokerette> ok, that's flat weird.
<BigBrother1Josh> At that point...the only people that remained in the game were....
<BigBrother1Josh> Me and Eddie (both pisces) and Curtis (Sag) and Jamie (Cancer)
<Jokerette> strange indeed
<BigBrother1Josh> I told Eddie that we were both going to win or we were the next to go.
<BigBrother1Josh> And i will tell you this....
<Jokerette> ?
<BigBrother1Josh> on day one when we walked in...we all felt there was no way in hell we could beat a guy with one leg that lost his leg to cancer when he was eleven.
<BigBrother1Josh> Just turns out...I happened to like Eddie better than anyone in the house, Britt included.
<Jokerette> awwwwwwwww
<BigBrother1Josh> I also think that George was making a strategic move in sticking with Eddie.
<Jokerette> that brings me too..

<Jokerette> Did you really tell Erika that George was a better player than he lets on? What makes you think that?
<BigBrother1Josh> George is extremely calculated and every ounce of every move is a show to pretend he is dumb.
<Jokerette> really?
<BigBrother1Josh> Did you know that George owned two homes and a boat before going into BB1?
<Jokerette> nope had no idea
<BigBrother1Josh> George also did not screw up the map challenge in our house. That wasn't an easy task.
<Jokerette> he seems very bright to me, but I know him so I'm prejudiced
<BigBrother1Josh> I don't think George is well educated, but I also think he's a bright guy.

<Jokerette> Josh although you have not played the new format do you think that it works better or do you think that the old would have been better if Shapiro and Grodner had done it instead?
<BigBrother1Josh> oh....that's what I forgot to say about BB1...
<BigBrother1Josh> The bad casts of my season were: Jamie, Cassandra, and Karen. If you had taken all the others and put them in the Game of BB2 to BB6 there would have been physical violence across the board.
<BigBrother1Josh> It would have been something to watch. I think the new format is much better.
<BigBrother1Josh> Although...I still think there is too much downtime in the house.
<Jokerette> Cassandra would be ineresting in All Stars
<BigBrother1Josh> There needs to be constant challenges.
<Jokerette> yes. they seem bored shitless
<BigBrother1Josh> I really didn't get bored in there. But then again I found entertainment at the bottom of a beer can and somewhere between a stripper and a rave chick.
<Jokerette> rofl yeppers

<Jokerette> How do you think the allstars would behave if they new eviction was Americas Choice?
<BigBrother1Josh> Hmmm...
<Jokerette> they would be different methinks?
<BigBrother1Josh> I think they'd be pissed. Well, they'd be pissed if they new they were an asshole or a bitch. The rest would rejoice and say, "Ahh, sucks to be a dick, doesn't it?"
<Jokerette> rofl
<BigBrother1Josh> knew...not new
<BigBrother1Josh> sorry..trying to type fast.
<Jokerette> you're doing just fine

<Jokerette> I know we've taken up a lot of your time...
<Jokerette> we're going to open the room so people can say hello to you...
<Jokerette> I sure thank you for spending your time with us
<BigBrother1Josh> Open the gates!
<BigBrother1Josh> Thank You!
<Jokerette> ok and come back some time!
<Jokerette> we love ya
<BigBrother1Josh> I'll hang for awhile more.