Chicken George: I am finally here Hey and hello to all BB fans My java woes are over now I am Java up
Jokerette: oh well done!
Jokerette: So how are you doin?
Chicken George: Everything is going well good to be home miss LV though
caren: BAck in Chicago?
Chicken George: no Rockford IL by Chicago
Jokerette: so you're in rockford?
Jokerette: what you up to there?
Chicken George: I was working at the Tropicana in LV and doing many promotions in the area and on every taxi cab in the city
Jokerette: woot sounds exciting!

Jokerette: BroFan asks: George, share with us where you hang your hat and what you're up to. We love you!
Chicken George: after going to auction school in November I made it back to Rockford
Jokerette: that's neat!

Jokerette: were you doing stand up comedy?
Chicken George: I am still doing comedy but mostly in front of my guinea pig Lola
Jokerette: vegas is missing out!
Chicken George: I am doing great but I have to type for the stand up comedian

Jokerette: Drama101 asks: what were you most shocked about after watching the show?
Chicken George: I wasn't really shocked about any of it I have not watched it yet
Jokerette: none of it? do you intend to watch it, or not?
Chicken George: I didn't watch the first one either it seems to work better for me that way Plus I don't know how to work that DVR

Jokerette: did anyone in the house shock you at all?
Chicken George: Nakomis I can't believe how much muscle she had

Jokerette: TinFoilCG asks: George... first you are the best! Do you regret having a soft heart for Erika's 11th plea?
Chicken George: I didn't I voted for boogie

Jokerette: Drama101 asks: Chicken George were you suprised by the relationship between Will and Janelle in the house? or out of the house
Chicken George: no and no

Jokerette: are you aware of the internet mania about will/janelle?
Chicken George: I am still waiting for Dr to remove my butt hair
Jokerette: he's prolly up for it too
Chicken George: yea

Jokerette: TonyIsASub asks: George did you try your best to win competitions or did you slack off as a strategy?
Jokerette: of course you killed yourself winning the one challenge!
Chicken George: definate strategy but if you know me strategy is not my cup of tea I just wanted my next meal not to be slop
Jokerette: How awful did that shit taste?
Chicken George: Lets put it this way I haven't tasted many flavors of shit but this one rated very poorly

Jokerette: TonyIsASub asks: George did you think there was any cheating going on in the competitions?
Chicken George: no comment
Chicken George: I just know I didn't cheat

Jokerette: Drama101 asks: Chicken George what was your thought of how james acted after loosing that doll veto?
Chicken George: I think he did have a right to be pissed off
Jokerette: of course you saw it close up
Jokerette: did he really have it first?
Chicken George: that is right. no comment

Jokerette: Moosie asks: Chicken George. Hello. I love the Chicken necklace I got on eBay. Will you be auctioning off more of them?
Chicken George: I have a major announcement for tonight
Jokerette: oh really? spill!
Chicken George: I have taken up a new career path
Jokerette: oh yeah? this HAS to be good
Chicken George: I am joing the ranks of Picaso and Michaelangelo
Jokerette: wooot! painting?
Jokerette: Chicken Georgelo?
Chicken George: Check out EBay after the chat of course you will see the first original painting by geogio le chickenlo
Chicken George: It is all about BB all stars and my interpretation of the house guests
Jokerette: you really painted something for real??
Jokerette: this i totally have to see.!
Chicken George: yes and yes
Jokerette: how did you get inspired to paint?
Chicken George: It is a true work of art
Jokerette: oh I have no doubt!
Chicken George: It would really hang well on Julie Chen's wall
Jokerette: I'll just bet lol
Chicken George: She can put it beside her bobble head
Jokerette: can you describe it? ROFL bobble head. I saw that, too!
Jokerette: I'm sure most in here saw the new julie chen bobble head
Jokerette: OMG someone just sent me the link...
Chicken George: it has all the houseguests and their most intermost thoughts
Jokerette: here you guys go
Chicken George: someone is really fast
Jokerette: yes they are. lol
Jokerette: and well done to moosie

Jokerette: Sox asks: During the game, it was hard to tell who you were aligned with. You seemd to be in an alliance with CT and another one with Janelle. Who would you have remained loyal to Janelle or CT?
Chicken George: ct because I needed to keep the chill in the town

Jokerette: Princess asks: Which houseguests do you keep in touch with most since the show has ended?
Chicken George: Boogie, Will, JediHowie, James
Jokerette: they all doing well?
Chicken George: Yes me and Howie should be entering Jedi school shorthly I even go to the same dentist as him
Jokerette: how IS your jedi training going?
Chicken George: Howie says I need to get a bigger light saber
Jokerette: how could he say such a thing!
Chicken George: I will take a pill for that

Jokerette: Moosie asks: CG What other reality show would you want to be on if you could?
Chicken George: America's next Top Model. I know the perfect diet
Jokerette: rofl of course what's that?
Chicken George: It is called Slop only
Jokerette: ewwwwwwwwwww i bet.. how much did you lose, in the end?
Chicken George: 20 pounds but I have seemed to have found them
Jokerette: rofl awwwwwwww
Jokerette: would you do it again, go on slop?
Chicken George: How could you ask me that of course not, but what was at stake at the time it was needed

Jokerette: Sox asks: You seemed to be closer to Erika in the house but you voted for Boogie to win, did Will have a lot of influence and persuade you to vote Boogie while in sequester?
Chicken George: No Will did not influence anyone in sequester. Boogie never lied to me
Jokerette: I see.
Chicken George: Ericka would flip on me all the time

Jokerette: MissyinSC asks: Hey George,I really enjoyed watching you on BBAS, what was the reason you nominated Howie for eviction?
Chicken George: He was my only option at the time
Jokerette: yep, as i recall.

Jokerette: Moosie asks: What did your girls and family think of the show and how you did with Chilltown?
Chicken George: Lets put it this way my daughter's boyfriend show up with a CT shirt when he came to LA.

Jokerette: This next one is for Teresa. janine asks: Theresa. Season one you wanted Brittany gone...How about this year? Who did you want CG to put up?
Chicken George: I definately had my opinion but this time I totally stayed out of the show.
Jokerette: what was your opinion?
Chicken George: Of course I saw it differently because I was on the outside but after the end I wish Erika would of left sooner
Jokerette: really? why erika?
Chicken George: She defeated him in the last POV and she never stayed true to George

Jokerette: pups_ asks: What were you really thinking the night of Dani's doorbell episode? Love ya, Georgie! You're okayyyy!!
Chicken George: I was hoping the doorbell would break

Jokerette: Princess asks: ok CG give us the dirt on Will and Janelle...sounds like you know whats up!
Chicken George: Total showmance just for TV
Jokerette: no reality to it?
] Chicken George: no none what so ever
Jokerette: that's gonna crush a few folk
Chicken George: I could of had a showmance with Marcellas

Jokerette: Temple_Infidel asks: George, I know you had the time of your life in that house, both in 2000 and 2006, but can you also see how the set-up could be psychologically dangerous, especially with the way Shapiro revamped the show in 2001? (By the way, I'm the same guy who raised this in the Q&A in New York in March 2001, to a panel of six of you.)
Chicken George: BB is a very gruelling show for myself and for my family. It is a lot easier for the single folk
Jokerette: But I bet it's hard on all of you... aren't there shrinks available after?
Chicken George: This time yes and was very helpful
Jokerette: all that slop could give anyone a complex
Chicken George: and serious gas

Jokerette: do shomances work, do you think?
Chicken George: Yes showmances do work because you have 2 instead of 1

Jokerette: Moosie asks: Did you have fun dying Howie's hair and have you done any hair design or dye jobs since?
Chicken George: Yes I had fun but I am a beauty school drop out

Jokerette: BroFan asks: George... any offers from the music industry for your "rap" talents?!
Chicken George: Yes I talk to P Diddy everyday
Jokerette: I bet.
Chicken George: No I will not bet

Jokerette: Moosie asks: CG are you going to go to the Reality Convention in July in Nashville, and maybe bring some of your artwork?
Chicken George: yes I will be there and hopefully I will bring another Monet
Jokerette: yes indeed! I'll see you there (get you at airport. lol) You and the monet both.
Chicken George: I hope it is not too hot for the bird suit
Jokerette: rofl the chicken suit!
Jokerette: are you bringing teresa?
Chicken George: She doesn't like to travel with foul
Jokerette: you'll go over big at the barbeque

Jokerette: BroFan asks: Since we think the world of you, what can your loyal admirers expect of you in the future. We would ove to see more of the "Slop Master"!
Chicken George: You never know where I will appear at next have you seen my DSL commercial?
Jokerette: DSL?
Chicken George: I did a DSL commercial for Time Warner
Jokerette: well good onya! Where did it show?
Chicken George: We are not sure if it has aired yet but is only in certain cities.

Jokerette: Princess asks: If it was Boogie and Janelle as the final two, who would you have voted for?
Chicken George: Boogie no doubt
Chicken George: By the way Teresa loves his restaurants

Jokerette: peb asks: When you were HoH and were considering nominating Will, were you going to try to get him voted out of the house?
Chicken George: no because boogie had the secret power
Jokerette: oh that's right!!

Jokerette: Sox asks: what do you think of Janelle and did you enjoy playing BB with her?
Chicken George: Yes and she was alright Sure would not want to box her

Jokerette: WillKirbyfan asks: Hey George what was your favorite day in the Big Brother house?
Chicken George: Christmas in July I am still using the Santa suit

Jokerette: speaking of boxing.. who would you box? if we set that up (talking about a boxing event at convention, guys)
Chicken George: LOL Diane
Jokerette: rofl she might be wicked! have a helluva right hook or something!
Chicken George: She is smaller than my daughter I could fart and knock her out

Jokerette: WillKirbyfan asks: What did you think of the day when the guest that kept ya'll awake by the phone calls
Chicken George: I slept right through it

Jokerette: vegasbroad asks: Georgie, is James really a good guy outside the house?
Chicken George: He is very apologetic and sends me flowers when he gets a chance

Jokerette: Moosie asks: How big were the changes for you from BB1 to BB7? Anything that you wished were the same?
Chicken George: Huge changes Liked the airplanes and making homemade beer
Jokerette: was the food better bb7 (slop aside?)
Chicken George: Yes the food was alot better in BB7 not as many restrictions

Jokerette: WillKirbyfan asks: Did BBAS change your life at all and if so how?
Chicken George: I have added some really good friends to my life and the opportunities are endless

Chicken George: I have to go for now and thanks for a wonderful chat-please check out EBAY
Jokerette: smooooch george
Jokerette: we thank you for chatting!!!!!!
Chicken George: I will keep you posted where and when smooches back
Chicken George: you are welcome my pleasure !