Part 2

<+DrWILL> Oh, I'm so tired...not sure I can twril anyone tonight...
<Onaf30> Dr. D you going to Work today???
<Jill> Don't Leave
<lifesong> tease!!
<kergles> no the feeling DOC
<bimbolee> TWRIL ME
<Onaf30> Please!!!!!
<YellowRz> you must be tired Will...cause it is morning
<Ghost> Twirls DrWILL
<Sty> LOL Doc..try..I have been up longer than you!
<ladycaid> oh well its the thought that counts
<Jill> this is my first Dr. Delicious Chat
<+DrWILL> Just not sure i have twrils in me...
<ams06> LMAO @ the begging for twirls
<Ghost> mine too~
<Jill> its been awesome
<kindaearlyeh> mine too jill
<kergles> awww POOR doc
<Jill> your dreamy
<Onaf30> Just twril me then!!!
<YellowRz> just hold up your hand and we will all take turns
<Sty> talk to Janie lately? How's she doing?
<Jill> Will u be back soon????
<kergles> we will twirl u then
<+DrWILL> Spoke last night.
<bimbolee> Well, then giving you a TWRIL
<Sty> Great..she doing ok?
<ams06> do patients ever call you Dr. Delicious? Does that weird you out?
<sas> pick up your spirit!
<Ghost> I hope she is doing OK
<hunter> is it twrils or twirls
<allstargamer> Hi Will
<lifesong> A DrWILL without a twirl is like Boogie without Hamburger helper!
<kergles> lol
<Onaf30> Or Cookies
<Jill> We haven't heard from u in so long
<kergles> that was funny *****
<kindaearlyeh> she was in her chat the other night ghost ...she is doing great
<CaraJay> no boogie cookies here please
<kergles> ya she looked good
<Onaf30> LOL, cara
<MissChriss> yeah, twrils to you Will, Im out!
<ams06> LOL Cara. Those things have scared me for life..if you know what I mean.
<kergles> boogie grows on ya
<Jill> IS BBAS going to be on DVD Will???
<Moe> lol cara
<Ghost> Boogie was funny. They edited him to be kinda mean on the show
<+DrWILL> stretching...
<kindaearlyeh> now thats a sight .....
<kindaearlyeh> mental picture....
<+DrWILL> straining...
<kergles> imagination mmmmmmmm
<lifesong> Boogie doesn't get credit for being as smart as he is
<Sty> lol
<Sty> straining to remember how she is?
<Onaf30> can you stand??
<+DrWILL> twisting...
<kergles> dont strain to hard doc
<YellowRz> my minds eye is having fun right now lol
<ladycaid> lol
<+DrWILL> standing...
<lifesong> (sigh)
<Sty> Wooooooooohooooooo..twirls
<kergles> oohhh twisting can hurt
<Jill> lolol
<ams06>'s like the livefeeds
<kindaearlyeh> lol
<ams06> but not
<Ghost> no don't leave
<Sty> <waiting for it
<YellowRz> as long as you don't yawn
<Onaf30> Don't break anything, we need you ready for TAR!!!
<Jill> Don't go
<bimbolee> he's getting reading to give us twirls
<allstargamer> you guys are crazy! back to work. have fun! take care mr. kirby!
<ams06> hey allstar
<kergles> bye allstar
<sas> perfect
<CaraJay> getting dizzy
<kindaearlyeh> see ya allstar
<+DrWILL> TWIRLS FOR EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
<YellowRz> lol ams
<Ghost> crazy, cause we are so happy dr will is here
<lifesong> :thud
<ladycaid> thanks
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