<Kiana> Hi Janie, is that really you?
<janie> yes it is really me....
<Kiana> Is Will coming in here too?
<Kiana> Can you confirm that this is Janelle, Taylor?
<janie> I don't think Will will join the chat..lol
<Kiana> almost 200 people here Janelle
<Kiana> we are SO glad you came!
<Jokerette> well hey janie how ya doin!
<janie> email right now Taylor on my sidekicj and I'll email you back
<Kiana> EVERYONE double click my nickname and ask questions for janelle
<Taylor> jsut texted you
<Jokerette> ok here we go!
<Jokerette> so Janelle.. how is life outside the house doing you?
<Jokerette> what are you up to?
<Jokerette> Janie still here? LOL
<Kiana> Janie give us one second to turn off nicknames and the room will stop spinning
<Taylor> yup it's janie
<TheBigSista> wow!
<Jokerette> ok kewl ! Lets rock this!@
<janie> he he would I lie to you guys?
<Kiana> thank you Steve
<Steve3> You're Welcome
<Jokerette> PM =me= your questions for janie.. or kiana
<Jokerette> PM =me= your questions for janie.. or kiana
<Kiana> Janelle!! The internet has waited for a chat with you lol
<Jokerette> yeah this is fantastic
<Jokerette> Janie what are you doing, outside the house?
<janie> I just heard Ct got 3 grand for doing a chat. I'll do one for free just because I love the people at Jokers
<Jokerette> wow awwwwwwwwwwww
<Kiana> We love you sooo much here too!!!!!
<Jokerette> ask her what will said to her on the phone she said he just called her
<Kiana> We already have questions pouring in for you
<janie> Right now I am in Detroit.
<Jokerette> yep tons of questions
<Jokerette> ask her what will said to her on the phone she said he just called her

<Kiana> Janelle the fans are saying you were just on the phone with Dr Delicious - is that true and what did he have to say?
<janie> I just said hello to him that is all. I only spoke to him for like a minute.

<Kiana> Janie, have you watched the Tributes yet, if so, which ones?
<Jokerette> yeah has she watched those killer tributes? LOL theyre great
<janie> Yes I have watched a few. They are very nice. Thank you so much!

<Kiana> Are you able to read what we are pasting to you with all the joins and quits? lol
<Kiana> or double click my nickname
<Jokerette> I have a shitload ki lol
<Steve3> One minute please
<Jokerette> janie ya still here girlie?
<janie> I'm still here...
<Jokerette> lolol we're so glad you are
<Jokerette> it's a good thing! you have a shitload of fans here
<Kiana> this room can fit all your fans

<Kiana> Janie: what did you think about Will denying the grapefruit analogy last night during the Chat?
<janie> sometimes people say things they don't mean
<Jokerette> absolutely

<Kiana> Let's give her a break & ask her if she figured out what to wear to the game yet.
<Jokerette> what game? hehehe
<janie> Oh Kiana!!!! yes please help me.
<Kiana> her boyfriends football game!
<Kiana> Sunday right?
<Kiana> ok no heels is my opinion Janie hehe
<Jokerette> is he a detroit lion? your boyfriend?
<janie> I just want to look Buxom and all...............
<Kiana> you look so killer in just a cute buxomy shirt and jeans!
<Steve3> lol

<Jokerette> You did fantastic this summer - what would you have done differently?
<Kiana> the fans all agree
<Steve3> Janie...we all love you!
<Kiana> Still with us Janie?
<Steve3> Janie is here
<janie> What would I have done differnetley?? Nothing. I almost won....
<Kiana> Yes and we wish you would have!
<Jokerette> yes you sure did
<Steve3> Amen!

<Kiana> Are you planning on going back to your job at Tantra or do have other plans?
<janie> At the present time I am not going back to Tantra.

<Jokerette> you know about Will lurking here and we tell him that she was online lol
<Jokerette> yep Will lurks on JU
<Jokerette> reads your forum :::::flee
<janie> I know Will lurks....

<Kiana> Are you sick of the Will questions Janelle? hehe - the fans are asking a zillion of them
<Kiana> The new word on Jokers is "Winelle"
<Jokerette> actually there's another name.. thanelle
<janie> I think Winelle is cute. Remember last year it was Jaysar???? lol
<Kiana> yeah and now Theo + Janelle is Thanelle to some fans lol

<Jokerette> are you starting your own fashion line, janie?
<janie> I would love to start my own fashion line. My slogan is going to be Make it Nice and "who's the bunny now bitch.
<Steve3> Janie...I hope you are not overwhelmed!
<Kiana> yesssssssss!
<janie> nahhhh. I'm not overwhelmed a bit
<janie> I made more than Erika.... yeahhhhhhhh.
<Kiana> WOOHOO!!
<Kiana> you deserved more too
<Jokerette> of course you did

<Jokerette> Janelle are you watching the re-feeds?
<Kiana> Real Player is playing the live feeds over... if you didn't know that
<janie> I will be watching the re-feeds around the Winelle weeks. Gotta see what was going on. lol
<Kiana> lol

<Kiana> Who do you want to do The Amazing race with- A. Will B. Your Mom C.Spehenie Survivor" D all of the above?
<Jokerette> yay Amazing race! Janie would be great!
<janie> I would prefer Kaysar or Will.
<Jokerette> either one?
<janie> yes either one.

<Jokerette> In the house you wore a black knee length dress with a red band. Where did you get it?
<janie> Nanette Lenpore. The dress is called "Bombshell" I believe you can get it at Nordsroms or Saks.
<Jokerette> ty
<janie> Which is the favorite dress that I wore?
<Taylor> I liked the one on the first day the best
<Steve3> I liked the red when you entered the round table
<Jokerette> i liked your bathrobe
<Jokerette> lol

<Jokerette> Your mom mentioned in one of her posts that she tried to bridge the gap b/t you & Diane (and possibly Alison). How'd that go?
<janie> Alison and I defientley made up. we have so much in common. We both did figure skating growing up and Beauty Pageants
<Jokerette> i didn't know you figure skated!
<Jokerette> throw any axels? LOL
<janie> Yes...growing up in Minnesota is all figure skating and Hockey
<janie> not anymore...
<Jokerette> awwwwwww

<Jokerette> and Janie.. thanks SO much for all the shoutouts we sure love ya
<Taylor> hey janie!
<Taylor> omg I loved getting shoutouts
<Kiana> yep, you are the most popular houseguest EVER
<Taylor> I downloaded all of them
<janie> Date night dress was killer huh? The Tiara went so well with it too.
<Steve3> Janelle..Taylor REALLY loved the shout outs!
<Taylor> thanks babes
<janie> That's awesome Taylor!! I knew you'd be watching. xoxoox
<Taylor> I told you I'd watch

<Kiana> You're just so beautiful! Any tips for the ladies on how to be buxom?!
<janie> any tips....love your self and the body god gave you and work it like it's your job and don't take life too seriousley.
<Jokerette> good ones

<Jokerette> Did you get a chance to watch Kaysar live chat tonight?
<janie> did not get a chance to watch Kaysar's chat.

<Kiana> Just a comment--Will said your only mistake in the game was evicting him, I think it was the best move you could have made! Good job!
<janie> that's just Will's ego. Dr. D needs to get over it...lol he is so funny.
<Jokerette> rofl he sure is

<Steve3> Janelle....What do you think of James' behavior towards you? Will you ever be friendly?
<janie> james behavior is dispicable. he whines too darn much. It's really sad actually. I was really sad when I heard what he said about me.
Kiana> Janelle, more fashion tips for the big game this weekend! <pinterm> tell her to wear a team shirt or the team's colors
<janie> for him to say I am Anna Nicole Smith....is rediculous....she's got at least 20 lbs on me.... Just Kidding!
<Kiana> lol Janelle
<Steve3> lol
<Kiana> We love you buxom like that, not skinny-anorexic like Erika lol

<Jokerette> Did she know that Will was downstairs singing Lady in Red while she was upstairs getting ready for the 5-star dinner?
<janie> i miss signing with Will. He was alot of fun.
<janie> ok in order.... "What a Man" Salt n Peppa, Material girl " by Madonna. "Like a virgin" Madonna Just stuff we sang in the shower

<Kiana> (Janelle you have over 500 fans in here, they are already in more than 1 room watching you chat)

<Jokerette> will you ask Janie if she knows Will is on Jokers right now?
<janie> i don't believe Will is on Jokers right now. I'm glad so many people came to my chat. How many were at CT's?
<Kiana> That was real player and we dont have a way to count it
<Jokerette> no idea lol
<Kiana> But Real Player's link wouldnt work so not many of us saw the whole thing

<Jokerette> Ask Janie if Will is afraid that Kaysar is gonna beat him to the punch being her partner on TAR
<janie> no idea...but I'm sure it's crossed his mind.

<Kiana> Do you feel that the flirtmance got in the way of you playing your best game?
<janie> the flirtmance helped me. I mean i made it to final three for a reason. If i would have won the last HOh, I am very confident that I would have won. It might of even been unanamious.
<Jokerette> yes you would.

<Kiana> Which TAR are you being considered for? The next taping? (next Spring, or Summer?)
<janie> Spring.
<Kiana> yayy!
<janie> Keep sending them requests to get me on please!!!!!!! I would do really well at TAR.
<Jokerette> yes.. there's a thing out there to get you on tar

<Jokerette> Did you know if Will was going to keep his promise and share the Banana bread with you?
<janie> Oh course I knew that. Believe it or not I know Will had my back towards the end. They were going to choose me over Scrubika

<Kiana> How does it make you feel knowing that in 15 minutes time you have over 500 fans pop in to chat with No notice lol?
<Steve3> lol
<janie> I think it is awesome that over 500 fans are here. How many were at Chilltowns?????
<Kiana> We havent had chill town chat here yet!
<Kiana> their interview last night, was all on real player
<Taylor> Janie we don't know.. their chat was somewhere else and it didn't say how many were there
<janie> where was there's and how many people showed up? Just curious...
<Kiana> I have no idea what that means above Janelle
<Kiana> janelle: we all had to click a link on RealPlayer.com's site and they didnt tell us how many watched the video chat.
<Taylor> it was at Real Player's website
<Jokerette> theirs was on realplayer.. Gawd knows how many showed up... not as many as here i'm sure lol
<Taylor> they didn't say how many showed up

<Kiana> Ask Janelle about the guy claiming to have pics of her and Will in Malibu
<janie> pics of Will and I in Malibu....scandalous.
<Kiana> Are there really pics of you and Will????
<Jokerette> you and will were in Malibu?
<janie> not sure. i hope not.
<Kiana> LOL
<Jokerette> what were you doing in Malibu lol

<Kiana> more fashion advice: wear hot boots, mini jean skirt and a lions jersey
<janie> it's cold in Detroit. I just don't want to look like a huge dork.
<Kiana> You, look like a dork? IMPOSSIBLE lol
<janie> the problem is all the wardrobe I have is from the BB house.
<Kiana> You set fashion trends all over, people are ordering off the same websites as you to find all your same clothes
<Kiana> Wear your cute yellow pull over with that cute purple tank top and jeans

<Jokerette> What went down with Will's Girlfriend after the show - were you and her able to be friends or is it kinda awkward?
<janie> I did not speak to EBWofFLOM
<Kiana> lol the fans are loving that you know about EB2XWofFLOM
<janie> I'm going to set some stuff up on my site. I'm going to make cute shirts with my favorite sayings on them....." Make it Nice" and " Who's the bunny now bitch" with little bunny's all over the shirt just like my p.j.'s
<Jokerette> kewl

<Kiana> What does "Baby, Make it nice" mean? Where did that come from?
<Kiana> speaking of "make it nice" hehe
<janie> It's a saying that I have. Whatever I do I try and make it nice.

<Jokerette> What was her single best day in the house this year?
<janie> So many to choose from. Uummm winning the first HOh. Season 6 making an alliance. Date Night. When Neil Patrick Harris came. Long walks with Will.....Late night talks with Kaysar. Eating ice cream at 4am.
<Jokerette> awwwwwww

<Jokerette> Will she be singing with Will any time in the near future?
I thought there was no chilltown tell her she is 10 times more beautiful then Erin!!!!

<janie> thank you for telling me I am 10 times more beautiful. That makes me feel. better lol
<Jokerette> awwwwwwwwww
<Jokerette> well tis true
<Steve3> It is
<janie> Ross is awesome. the nicest sweetest guy in the world. Very funny too. I love to play video games with him and chess. We have fun together. You shouldn't talk badley about someone you don't know!
<Jokerette> absolutely true.
<janie> Meridith....Eat a Dick!
<Kiana> We'll help turn the tide so they start loving Ross
<Jokerette> hey are people being rude? I'm sorry!
<Kiana> They want her with Will, thats all
<Jokerette> If we catch them, we'll ban them!
<Steve3> Janelle...ignore the pm's

<Kiana> Do you know of all the crap Jase talked about you? (The rap songs, etc)
<janie> Jase is a loser that has a complex with taller strong women. Just like Cappy....they are very similar.
<Kiana> lol
<Jokerette> rofl janie
<Kiana> He knows you know the truth (Holly)

<Kiana> Heard rumors that if a HG received an addtional prize their stipend was reduced. Please ask Janie if this is true or if whe ended up in a bettter position than Erika.
<janie> Meridith.....get a life and eat a dick!!!!!!
<Jokerette> that one was answered.. she made more than erika
<strkaholic> Meredith is now gone Janie
<Jokerette> meredith is long gone.. strkers booted her ass
<Kiana> Ignore your pm's Janie
<janie> I made five grand more than Erika!! Thanks to you guys!
<Jokerette> yay
<Kiana> woohooo!!
<Jokerette> EXCellent
<Kiana> You won first place in the hearts of ALL fans
<Kiana> you are one of THE most popular reality show contestant ever I believe

<Jokerette> Could you ask Janie how many bathing suits did she bring to BB7 and how many dresses?
<janie> I brought in 3 bathing suits and about 8 dresses.

<Jokerette> Did you know that Will told Boogie the day before you evicted him not to hurt her and that he adored her.
<janie> Aggghhh...that is so sweet! See that's the Will I know.....
<janie> Look BITCH. How much do you weigh? I have no sponsors....It was a fucking joke. My boyfrind is not a "sponsor" if you piss me off again I will leave.
<Kiana> OMG who is pm'ing that to you Janelle??
<Kiana> dont leave!
<Jokerette> janie who is saying this to you?
<strkaholic> Who is that Janie??
<janie> -meredith-
<Jokerette> Let us know... we will kick them out
<strkaholic> I have alread kicked her
<strkaholic> ignore your PM's Janie
<Jokerette> i killed her.. she's gone
<Kiana> She is no longer on the server... we are sorry about that
<Kiana> She is just struck with JANELLOUSY
<Kiana> another word all over Jokers
<janie> thanks. what a brat! You guys would gain wieght if you were in that house too. I'm still a size 6! That is not fat! I'm on a diet plan and working out with a personal trainer. In two weeks I'll be back to normal.
<Jokerette> you are fucking tiny.
<Kiana> Hell yes we'd gain weight. You are beautiful. You are FAMOUS and well loved. Ignore the bitches full of janellousy.
<strkaholic> You are perfect Janie..don't let the idiots get to you
* Steve3 says Janie is hot!
<Kiana> A lot of us eat when we are nervous and most of us would be 3x your size 6 by the end of summer LOL

<janie> I have some questions for you guys. What were your favorite things that happened on the show? or live feeds?
<Kiana> You and Will, the last 3 weeks!
<Jokerette> ok folks.. send me your answers
<strkaholic> Everytime you won a comp :-)
<Jokerette> Date Night!!!!
<Jokerette> trampoline days
<Jokerette> Janie getting humped by CG during the birds and bees contest
<Jokerette> OMG!! date night... I don't think I slept much that night! LOL!
<Jokerette> I loved her and will walking and talking...and the step brother and sister story
<janie> That trampoline was fun! I love feeling like a little kid again in the house. lol
<Jokerette> I loved watching trampoline... and i loved the whispering '
<Kiana> The fight she & Will had in the shower. It was hilarious.
<janie> I have no idea what happened in the DR.......? We were in there numerous times.
<strkaholic> I loved watching Janelle fight to stay in the house! She's amazing. Also when her and Will got close the feeds were great!
<Kiana> The incest stories when you were walking with Will~
<strkaholic> FAvorite thing, "Who's the bunny now, bitch!"
<strkaholic> fav thing: when janie won the redo HOH comp and ran over and howie picked her up! so cute and touching!

<Jokerette> Please ask: If she and Will will remain good friends outside the house?
<janie> Yes will remain friends with Will and Boogie outside of the show.

<Jokerette> What does your boyfriend feel about your relationship with WIll in the house
<janie> well since my boyfriend had the live feeds and saw some stuff online......he was really jealous...but still wanted to work things out. He keeps on saying.....gosh it looked like you two were in love. I told him it was just a game....
<Jokerette> awwwwww "
<Kiana> awww he sounds like he was really attached
<Taylor> glad he is working it out.. it was just a game
<Kiana> Im glad Ross didnt get mad at you that we figured out his name too! lol
<janie> he was obswessed all summer long! He was always watching the feeds. The thing he is most mad about is the hot tub incident...? I have no idea what he is referenceing to.?
<Jokerette> I'm not sure either.. and i watched the feeds
<Jokerette> oh wait
<Kiana> Janie: people took screen caps of Will touching you "there" with his foot and you called him out
<Kiana> I think that's what it was
<janie> The shirts are from James Pearse.
<Jokerette> when you tried to kiss him in the hot tub remmeeber?
<Jokerette> went underwater?
<Jokerette> maybe he saw that?
<Jokerette> of course you were just playing around!
<Kiana> yeah it was all up to interpretation
<janie> don;t know what he saw....but he sure didn;t like it. How did you guys figure out who he was anyway? I thought I was very vauge about him. cuz I didn't want the haters bringing up stuff from his past.
<Jokerette> people are sneaky and smart around here.. i think you alluded to his team, his age
<strkaholic> His Birthday :-)
<Kiana> LOL the fans are ridiculously smart
<Taylor> his birthday sealed the deal.. after people already thought it was him (not sure how)
<Kiana> yeah his bday
<Jokerette> right his birthday
<janie> agghhhh. the Halloween birthday. ok. that makes since.
<Kiana> He didnt get mad though?
<Kiana> that we figured out who Big Daddy was lol
<janie> he was hurt by what he saw yes.
<Kiana> awwwww
<Kiana> everyone needs to make it up to you guys then

<Jokerette> Ask Janie if she got her green camo hat back from Will
<janie> Yes and I will be selling it on ebay. xoxo

<Kiana> Janelle, did you know every POV comp all the fans would light candles for you to win? (they'd light candles on a web page)
<Jokerette> awww
<Jokerette> candles and janelle vibes too... hundreds in chat all praying for pov.. seriously
<janie> that is so sweet! my mother told me that! you guys are the greatest really....
<Kiana> I did too... embarrassingly

<Jokerette> Why did she let Erika borrow so much of her stuff?
<janie> Why? because I felt bad for her. She looked bad and I thought I'd cheer her up.
<Taylor> lol Janelle you made my summer so stressful, worrying about your safety in the house. And you did great! I'm so proud of you
<Kiana> A lot of us were worried and crying with you the night Howie was evicted. We want you to know we were really thinking about you and glad Dr. D cheered you up
<janie> Thank you Taylor!!!!!!!!
<Jokerette> yes i too am so very proud of you... we all wanted you to WIN seriously... everyone in this chat
<Jokerette> and all 30000 on the board
<janie> I'm so glad Dr. D cheered me up that night. it was very knid of him
<Jokerette> he IS a kind man I think, don't you?
<Kiana> We dont think that part was game at all either :P
<Taylor> that was a hard night to watch
<Kiana> Or was he trying to soften the blow If Erika told you bad things he had done? lol

<janie> Will wants to join the chat. How does he do it Jokerette?
<strkaholic> Wow
<Kiana> go to jokersupdates.com and click CHAT
<Jokerette> Janie....
<Kiana> tell him to tell you what nickname he wants
<Kiana> so we look for him
<janie> I just did
<Jokerette> tell him to go to www.jokersupdates.com and click CHAT
<Jokerette> tell him to use WillBB7
<janie> Please kick funnyface out. She is talking shit to me and being a typival hater
<Kiana> what is her nickname Janie? I see no funnyface
<Taylor> funnyface?
<strkaholic> I don't either
<Taylor> funnynurse?
<Kiana> she's gone
<strkaholic> Ignore your PM's Janie
<Jokerette> yep girl... they're not supposed to pm you!

<Jokerette> Janie, Will smelled your lavendar pillow before he left. What did you have in your hands after he was gone, that looked like a vile of some sort?
<janie> I have no idea what I was smelling......
<Taylor> lol

<Kiana> Hi Will!
<Taylor> welcome will!
<WillBB7> ?
<Jokerette> hold on a minute..
<strkaholic> Welcome Will!!!
<Jokerette> will is that you?
<WillBB7> Yep
<janie> Hi Dr. D!
<WillBB7> Hey
<Jokerette> welcome to jokers
<Kiana> The fans are going crazy
<strkaholic> you guys have made their night!!!!
<WillBB7> This is super freaky, right?

<Kiana> Can you confirm or deny if there will be an all-stars Chilliam and get that outta the way? lol
<Kiana> that's what 2000 private messages are asking
<janie> I'm sure.... Will did you hear about Winelle? I find it hysterical.
<WillBB7> baby make it nice
<Kiana> lol
<WillBB7> Winelle?
<Kiana> and Thanelle (They are trying to hook Theo up with Janelle too)
<strkaholic> LOL
<janie> I ALWAYS make it nice.....
<Kiana> mmmmm room alone maybe? hehe
<janie> Will, did I ever meet Theo?
<WillBB7> The original highway to heaven; 7 to 7...
<WillBB7> Nope, we was at Les Deux with me Monday...
<janie> She's got open like seven eleven and yes it's me that he's always choosing...
<janie> oh...someone said I had met him or something.
<WillBB7> With him I'm never losing and he knows that my name is not Susan...
<Kiana> sing Shoop while you're at it Janie
<janie> What a man what a man what a mighty good man...
<WillBB7> Life is a mystery...
<WillBB7> Everyone must stand alone...
<janie> I co sign that...
<Kiana> shh ette, they're having a moment... rofl
<WillBB7> I hear you call my name...
<janie> And it feels like......home...
<WillBB7> YEAH!!!!
* Kiana applauds

<Jokerette> I was wondering which personality books janie would recommend? or other books in general?
<janie> Personality books....ummm. no idea...

<Kiana> Will, please for once tell the truth...you know you are crazy about Janie...admit it!
<Kiana> Are you guys still here?
<Jokerette> i bet they're pming... cyber whispering
<Kiana> lol
<janie> Ok he had to go.
<Jokerette> tell him thanks for coming
<Kiana> mistery was at the Les Deux party too
<Kiana> she just came in, she posted pictures
<Kiana> Thanks for coming Will

<Jokerette> Who does she think would have won BB if it were her and Will at the end?
<janie> Do I think I would have won with Will in the end. Maybe...but it didn't matter because we had the banana bread
<Kiana> Janie over 850 fans
<Jokerette> lol
<WillBB7> Janelle would have won...
<Jokerette> you think, will?
<Taylor> that would have been the best final 2 ever
<strkaholic> I agree..the best F2 ever
<janie> aghhhh....no you would have. You'll always be the best player in Big Brother history....
<Jokerette> you were pretty popular, will
<Jokerette> it would be a draw
<strkaholic> Very popular..played the game perfectly
<Kiana> Some people disagree with you Janelle and say YOU are the best player lol
<janie> yeah probably..who knows
<janie> We play the game completely different.
<Jokerette> yes you did
<strkaholic> but look how far it got you!!!
<Jokerette> it got both of you far really.
<Jokerette> and it won boog the game.

<Kiana> Did Rosie get to talk with you backstage on The View?
<janie> Yes she did...It was really funny. She came back into the dressing rooms and started yelling "where's my Janelle" she talked to me for a while then spotted Boogie and told him how mean he was.
<Taylor> Rosie loved you Janelle.. she actually only wanted you on, alone.
<Kiana> lol
<Kiana> cbs made her take boogie/erika too
<janie> yeah I know. How funny.

<Jokerette> Janelle, please share with us one of those whisper sections with will?....lol
<janie> Sorry that top secret. xoxo
<WillBB7> Can you guys keep a secret?
<Jokerette> and will too if you're here lol
<Jokerette> we sure can lol
<Kiana> We wont tell a soul...
<janie> we do not whisper on the phone.....
<Taylor> lol

<Jokerette> Janie, what did you have to remember about august 22?
<janie> What's August 22nd?
<Jokerette> not sure?
<Jokerette> never mind. lol
<Taylor> was that when you guys were in the DR for like 2 hours?
<Taylor> people made a big deal outta it
<Kiana> Yeah Will traced the number 22 on your hand also... we see all lol
<Jokerette> It was the DISCUSSON.. when they disappeared inthe DR for over 2 hours
<Taylor> It was immediately following the date night, they brushed their teeth and put bunny balm on, and went in the DR alone, gone for 2 hours!
<Jokerette> right!
<janie> We were just talking
<Jokerette> ok lol
<janie> we were! I swear!
<Kiana> we believe you
<Jokerette> and whispering too no doubt! too cute

<Jokerette> To will, has he seen the different tributes about him and janie on his myspace ?
<WillBB7> I have a myspaceaccount?
<Jokerette> lol you do indeed
<Kiana> Nancy and Sandy Polley say you have a myspace account lol
<Kiana> with a ton of tribute videos linked on there
<Jokerette> many of which were made at JU by a pile of romantics
<janie> will I want to be on your friends list. NERD ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
<Kiana> lol

<Jokerette> Janelle, Did you at any time think of joining up with Danielle? I think the two of you would have RULED that house!
<janie> No I never thought about joining up with danielle.
<Jokerette> why not?
<janie> Didn't trust her.

<Kiana> Will I know you're not really answering questions right now but... people are really wanting to remind you that grapefruit = your relationship with Janelle. :P
<Kiana> Oh and Apple = the money aka banana bread
<janie> I think Will left the chat.
<janie> that's funny.
<Jokerette> his lil name is still here. lol
<Kiana> lol
<Jokerette> we'll pretend he ain't here!
<janie> ok fine..
<Kiana> Yeah I just threw it out there in case he peaked back in
<Taylor> JAnelel did you see that you were on Star magazine's website?
<Kiana> you are #1 ahead of Angelina Jolie apparently?
<Taylor> lol saying that you are now dating a guy from survivor
<Jokerette> oh that's right! burton, isn't it?
<janie> yes someone emailed me the picture. It's very funny. I don't even know Burton that well at all. We were just taking pictures together. The article was really funny.
<Jokerette> yep!

<Jokerette> To both Janelle and Will, biggest mistake you made game wise?
<janie> biggest mistake.....ummmm none.
<WillBB7> I made just one mistake this Summer...Goodnight everyone.
<Jokerette> what's the one mistake, will?
<janie> getting on this chat!

<Kiana> Janelle did you hear the buzz around the net how you are Super Fun and they will refer to EB2XWOFLOM as classy and poised based on a quote by Will for TV Guide?
<Jokerette> rofl yep
<Kiana> LOL
<Taylor> I'd really really love to stick around... but I've gotta be up in a few hours.. thanks for coming Janelle, and Will too.
<Taylor> Janie I'll call you sometime soon!
<Kiana> bye Taylor

<Jokerette> Tell Janie Erin's pictures are missing on Will's myspace. They have tons of Janie and WIll stuff tho'
<Jokerette> if will were still here, i'd ask why erin's pictures went missing
<Jokerette> Janie, did he tell you?
<janie> I'm going to bed too! Goodnight everyone!
<strkaholic> Goodnight Janie!!!
<Jokerette> night janie
<strkaholic> Thanks for coming!
<Sarah> Thank you so much
<Jokerette> and thanks so much for coming
<Kiana> bye Janelle, thank you for coming. WE love you!!!
<Jokerette> let me open the room....
<Jokerette> to let everyone say goodnight
<janie> xoxooxox Thanks guys! xoxoox