Jokerette: hey girl how ya doin!
KRISTA_BB2: i am great, how is everyone
caren: glad to see you!
Jokerette: everyone has been all excited about this chat
KRISTA_BB2: thank you
Jokerette: so do tell.. what have you been up to since BB?
Jokerette: anything we should know about in the commercial world?
KRISTA_BB2: trying to stay focused on the business, that are at a hault
Jokerette: which business is that?
KRISTA_BB2: i wa in the process of buying a club and the owners decided not to sell
Jokerette: awwwwwwww sorry to hear.
Jokerette: ok got some questions for ya here we go!

Jokerette: Princess asks: Does your DVD include the Dontcha dance between Boogie and Janelle?
KRISTA_BB2: it's ok, i believe that when it's your time it's your moment, to shine
Jokerette: and it will be, for you
KRISTA_BB2: no i don't think that is on the dvd

Jokerette: punkysdog asks: do you think doing bb was a possitive or negative expierence in your life?
KRISTA_BB2: both
Jokerette: in what ways?
KRISTA_BB2: i really didn't think that the show would take off the way it did and wow
caren: we're all so glad it did though!
Jokerette: it sure did didn't it? Would you say it's more positive than negative, on the whole?
KRISTA_BB2: well, now you can hold charities and people listen instead of well let us think about it. the run with you
Jokerette: which is excellent
Jokerette: what charities do you support?
KRISTA_BB2: it's like you have this new found voice
KRISTA_BB2: st. judes, local paper cancer victims and i also started adopt a grandparents day at our
KRISTA_BB2: local nursing homes
Jokerette: awwwwwwww

Jokerette: OK this is the one you knew you'd get lol Stigmata asks: Hey, my name is Alexandra (NOT alexander lol) I saw on youtube that whole knife thing and was a little confused. because you guys kissed afterwards, were you guys just joking?
KRISTA_BB2: To tell you the truth i really can't answer that. i think it was crazy
Jokerette: it was surely crazy

Jokerette: loveDrDelicious asks: What did you think of the Will and Janelle thing?
KRISTA_BB2: who new
Jokerette: truly lol
KRISTA_BB2: i love both those guys and they are the best players yet
Jokerette: indeed!

Jokerette: punkysdog asks: can you tell us more about your dvd your working on?
KRISTA_BB2: i met will's girlfriend and she was also very nice
Jokerette: awwwwwww
Jokerette: I wonder if they're still together, those two.
KRISTA_BB2: well its just footage after the show of all of us reenacting our roles on the show and some greenroom footage
KRISTA_BB2: and wrap party stuff, funny
Jokerette: I bet it's funny though, isn't it!
Jokerette: yeah!

Jokerette: do you have any advice for those people trying out for bb8?
KRISTA_BB2: wear makeup twenty four and seven! hahaha
Jokerette: what should they do on their videos?
Jokerette: to get them selected?
KRISTA_BB2: just be yourself and don't do any crazy video,s and you will shine
Dreamer: Hey Krista do you have any plans on doing any reality shows in the future?
KRISTA_BB2: like no on the toilet or shower scene's . don't try to remake will or any of the other players just be original
Jokerette: rofl on the toilet.. i wonder if people really DO that lmao
KRISTA_BB2: ha ha that's a good question, my crystal ball says maybe so
Jokerette: ooooooooooh
Dreamer: How bout Laken?
KRISTA_BB2: well it's really a black eight ball that tell's me my future, you know everyone had those when you were a kid
Jokerette: i sure did rofl
Jokerette: does it say anything about TAR? :::::::::flee
KRISTA_BB2: laken is doing great and is making her own name here she is a volunteer at the nursing homes as it's called young at heart
Jokerette: awwwwwww she's a good kid!
Jokerette: are you going to attend the reality tv convention in nashville?
KRISTA_BB2: TAR ? What is tar??? just kidding. no comment on that
Jokerette: roflmao
Jokerette: that would be wonderful
KRISTA_BB2: yes i think i will, if i am not obligated to anything binding me.
Jokerette: woot

Jokerette: peachesfla asks: Krista what did you mean by your first clue about Erika not getting played by Boogie
KRISTA_BB2: ha, Well she played her game and no emotion was involed. she is a really nice girl and we are friends, i will leave it at that, hint hint

Jokerette: loveDrDelicious asks: Do you still talk to people from your sesion of Big Brother
KRISTA_BB2: yes i sure do
KRISTA_BB2: monica, hardy, sheryal, boogie,
Jokerette: how is boogie doing?
Jokerette: and monica
KRISTA_BB2: also kaser, and a alot of other reality peps
Jokerette: you know everyone
caren: I hope Sheryl is doing better also
KRISTA_BB2: he is doing good, he is a great business guy and really good hearted

Jokerette: babybee asks: Hey Krista, love ya. What's with the "clues" thingy?... Will you be supplying a cheat sheet on your web sight for all us "clueless" cipher challenged fans? LOL
KRISTA_BB2: he just doesn't show that to many people, but he is a good soul
Jokerette: he is yes
KRISTA_BB2: sheryl is doing fine, she looks FAB
Jokerette: she really does!
KRISTA_BB2: her body looks like a twenty year old, you would never guess that she had cancer.
Jokerette: glad to hear she's 'clean' these days indeed
Jokerette: Do tell, I hear your best friend Boo is doing Survivor, can you tell us how he got into survivor?
KRISTA_BB2: i think she should be a cancer rep
Jokerette: she should indeed! into real estate, she was.
KRISTA_BB2: Boo has always wanted to be on the Apprentice, and i am assuming after not getting on that
KRISTA_BB2: sent his video to the world. haha that's just Boo
Jokerette: good for him!
Jokerette: He owns a bar, right?
KRISTA_BB2: yes, he has a bar on the bayou that is named flo'z after his mom
Jokerette: awwwwwwww
KRISTA_BB2: the bar is in portbarre la.
KRISTA_BB2: 10 miles from opelousas
Jokerette: good for him!
Jokerette: is he a nice guy?
KRISTA_BB2: everyone knows Boo and we all go to his bar on the weekends in the summer.
KRISTA_BB2: texasholem, dj's and boat rides
Jokerette: sounds like a good time

Jokerette: cjj3 asks: We've recently heard that a contestant on Top Chef was attacked by a reality television fan. Have you ever been or felt threatened by a reality junkie?
KRISTA_BB2: oh my good he is a great guy and i hope he wins it all, you guys will love him. i couldn't
Jokerette: we'll all root for him!
KRISTA_BB2: tell you how much he deserves it, he is just all around good. couldnot happen to a better person
Jokerette: sounds wonderful. I hope he got really far.
Jokerette: I know you can't say more
caren: is Boo on Fiji cast?
KRISTA_BB2: yes i had to put a protective order on a lady that mailed me a dead cat.
Jokerette: WHAT>???????????
KRISTA_BB2: she was stalking me at the radio station
Jokerette: but omg a dead CAT? why would she do THAT
Jokerette: I hope she's in jail now.
KRISTA_BB2: she was a nut and hated me for being on the show, i guess it just overwelmed her mind. that was nuts
Jokerette: woah

Jokerette: Flu asks: How do you feel Erika played the game in BB7? Do you think she deserved second place?
KRISTA_BB2: at first fans would try and get into the bathroom stalls after you it was wild, but remember we are from small towns
Jokerette: lol that's scary!
KRISTA_BB2: i really think janelle was the best competor
Jokerette: yeppers me too.
KRISTA_BB2: james was great as well
Jokerette: he's a good guy isn't he, James

Dreamer: BubbleToes asks: How did Will and Boogie's game play change or stay the same in BB7 as compared to BB2?
KRISTA_BB2: Mike went in that house to win, and will his his boy so of course will was going to help mike out, but mike layed low and played a different angle
Jokerette: do you think will would have taken it, if he could?
KRISTA_BB2: this time, watching other season's made the game easier, our season there was no game to look back on, or even how we were being portraied
Dreamer: Do you think that Mike had any real feelings for Erika?
KRISTA_BB2: no , i think will just likes the game and he is very good at it

Dreamer: loveDrDelicious asks: do you think Will and Janelle planned for her to evict him so Boogie could win?
KRISTA_BB2: I really don't know, but if he did his feelings about his best buddy ran deeper . the names he called her
KRISTA_BB2: were WOWing
Jokerette: yes indeed!
KRISTA_BB2: BUT A game is a game
Jokerette: and he played well, boogie did.. imho
KRISTA_BB2: No janelle is to competitive to throw anthing, that girl is good
Jokerette: she really is one hell of a competitor.. joy to watch.

Jokerette: Katahdin asks: Hi Krista! As a teenager I was a lobster fisherman, i've always always wanted to try crawfish and never have. I recall your crawfish feast on BB. Where should i go for great crawfish if im ever in lousiana?
KRISTA_BB2: She was one of the strongest playes that i have seen in a very long time
Jokerette: yeppers i'd agree.
KRISTA_BB2: well ozzy on survivor was also great
Jokerette: and cute too
KRISTA_BB2: they have crawfish everywhere, at flo'z on the weekends, and ray's closed down so take your pick there everywhere
Jokerette: I love those spicy hot crawfish
KRISTA_BB2: I don't think anyone could of beat ray's
Jokerette: yummmmm
KRISTA_BB2: i cried when i heard he sold it
Jokerette: lol awwwwwwwww

Dreamer: Krista do you have a special someone in life right now?
KRISTA_BB2: YEA, kinda but we live in different states, so just dating around
Jokerette: long distance relationship?
KRISTA_BB2: well not even much of that lately either, haha
Jokerette: awwwwww lol

Dreamer: Stigmata asks: how do these shows work. i see people in different outfits talking to the camera in a diary room. about a situation. and they are all emotional. but the actual situation is like a different day. it sounds like a wierd question but i've always wanted to know how they do that. lol
KRISTA_BB2: It's the wonderful world of editing
Jokerette: yes i'd imagine.
KRISTA_BB2: something you say in the diary room shows up on day 55 when it was day2
KRISTA_BB2: Just watch closely and you can catch it. i can spot the editing right away now on any show.
caren: they spin it to make the situation look the best, right?
Jokerette: or for the drama, i'd imagine?

Jokerette: Pattycakes72 asks: sorry, hit enter to fast...Being a veteran of the show, do you agree that "the house" changes your core personality so much that it is ok to blame some really despicable actions on it? I alays hear the newer players say this after the fact and it annoys me. Thanks!!
Jokerette: lol theres two for ya
KRISTA_BB2: well pattycakes, being in a house with the same routine and people every day gets to you, but it really doesn't change who you are just the things you might need to change about yourself
Jokerette: did you see anything you needed to change?
KRISTA_BB2: so the negative's are pointed out it's up to you to make a change
Jokerette: it has to be hard!

Jokerette: gluedtothetv asks: Did you do anything to help your friend Boo get picked for Survivor? Did you give him any advice for his application/video?
Jokerette: I really hope he wins the damn thing
KRISTA_BB2: No , i did not help Boo, he to hard headed!haha but being on and island should be easy , he's from the bayou!
KRISTA_BB2: I Think he sent the same video to every show,
Jokerette: what did he do in the video, do you know?
KRISTA_BB2: he's so funny,
KRISTA_BB2: well, we talk all the time and i just told him to stand there and say hi america. haha and then he threw a napkin at me. hahah
Jokerette: rofl

Dreamer: Do you have any juicy gossip you'd like to share about the BB7 finale or after party?
Jokerette: ooooh good one dreamer!

Jokerette: Oh wow, please tell her that no one has ever answered that question as well as she just did and thanks!

Jokerette: Hellataz asks: are you saying Janelle got played cause there was emotion involved?
KRISTA_BB2: no i don't think janie got played,she is a solid player and maybe for a second she might have got off track but she put the puppetmaster out!
KRISTA_BB2: no one but her can ever say that!
Jokerette: true!

Jokerette: babybee asks: Krista have you heard if any of the All Stars thought the BB7 game was rigged in favor of any one house guest?
KRISTA_BB2: yes, i have heard those rumors of that, but i have no clue.

Dreamer: Princess asks: please answer the question about any juicy tidbits from the wrap party!
Jokerette: rofl yes
Jokerette: we need dirt!
Dreamer: Lots of dirt!!
KRISTA_BB2: it's just a really fun dvd and i don't think i will sell it . i am thinking of putting it to be played for everyone
Jokerette: put it on your site?
Jokerette: yes good idea!!!!!!!
Jokerette: Jokers for sure would visit for that.. just post and let us know!

Jokerette: Weezey asks: Krista, Does Boo have a girlfriend or is he seeing anyone?
KRISTA_BB2: not quite sure yet but i will keep everyone informed
KRISTA_BB2: i no he
Jokerette: lol
Jokerette: you're typing like I do, now lol
KRISTA_BB2: No Boo is dating , i am not sure if he has found that special someone yet, but
KRISTA_BB2: he has been laying low due to the media
Jokerette: he sure is cute
Jokerette: just dating around?

Dreamer: Hellataz asks: when will the wrap party footage be on your site?
KRISTA_BB2: i am having it worked on now so, soon i hope
Dreamer: Super!

Dreamer: loveDrDelicious asks: What do you think about whispering and twirling? Please answer this question!!!!
Jokerette: roflmao
KRISTA_BB2: explain that to me
Jokerette: Will and Janelle
Jokerette: he whispered to her all the time...
KRISTA_BB2: thats there nic names
Jokerette: and twirled her.. very romantic
Jokerette: I think they're asking..
Jokerette: do you see any real romance between Will and Janelle?
KRISTA_BB2: Oh i think he whispers to avoid the producers from hearind, the twirling i am not quite sure
Jokerette: rofl it's all romance
Jokerette: do you think their romance was real?
KRISTA_BB2: maybe, i am not sure. ithink maybe because they are being seen together but i didn't see them really hanging out at any of the parties
Jokerette: kewl

Jokerette: OK we've taken up so much of your time!
Jokerette: I can't thank you enough for this chat....
KRISTA_BB2: maybe you should ask shannon that question? or erin b
Jokerette: I'd like to open the room so everyone can say goodnight
myladyamie: Thanks Krista you are awesome!!!
Jokerette: lol erin for sure
MissyinSC:Thanks KRISTA_BB2 for chatting
Liann: Great chat Krista! Thanks for joining us tonight and will you be joining us this year at the Reality TV Convention and annual Joker's BBQ? I wanna party with you!
caren: Thank you Krista!
Lotus: you rock Krista!! Vicks should have given you a commercial deal.
KRISTA_BB2: well , before i go let me ask you guys a question?
Lydia: Thanks Krista we love you!
caren: of course!
Jokerette: sure ask away
Jokerette: it's your turn for sure
Jokerette: everyone in chat, listen up! Krista has a question
KRISTA_BB2: do you feel as if the live feeds are always correct?
Lydia: no I don't
caren: nope, we miss a LOT
KRISTA_BB2: and do you think that
MissyinSC:I feel they let us see what they want us to see
caren: exactly, Missy
Lotus: i t hink the feeds repeat themselves much more now than ever, ex. Cam 1 and 3 are the same
Liann: oooooooh, good question! I personally think that just like in editing a tv show they pick what they want us to see
Lydia: I think they edit alot
KRISTA_BB2: you as fan's are getting enough credit, because with out you there rating would be done
Jokerette: everyone, get ready to answer than question for krista.. you ALL watch the feeds. I know, I do too!