<Jokerette> hey Jun
<Taylor> Welcome Jun!
<JunBB4> Haha.hey kids
<Taylor> How are you?
<JunBB4> Oh, Taylor!
<JunBB4> Haha
<JunBB4> I'm good
<Taylor> Thanks for coming!
<JunBB4> Oh, Taylor!
<JunBB4> hos before bros is STUPID
<Taylor> I assume you've watched tonight's show?
<Taylor> lol
<JunBB4> Hell yes
<Taylor> what'd ya think?
<JunBB4> fuggin A
<JunBB4> Erika in the Final 2
<Taylor> hahaha
<JunBB4> But there's no one better to go up against!
<Jokerette> Who do you think will win then?
<JunBB4> Boogie
<JunBB4> 6-1
<Jokerette> do you really? heheheh
<Taylor> who will be the vote for Erika?
<JunBB4> Howie
<Taylor> you think?!
<JunBB4> yeah
<JunBB4> for real
<Taylor> I could see that
<Taylor> Were you rooting for Janelle or are you glad she was evicted?
<JunBB4> Rooting for Janelle to win all the way
<Taylor> do you think Erika threw the competition?
<JunBB4> Damn Erika and her campaigning
<JunBB4> Janelle would have one EITHER WAY
<JunBB4> Can't believe Janelle lost Part 2
<Taylor> I agree
<JunBB4> Geez
<JunBB4> Where's everyone else?
<Jokerette> tons of people here
<Taylor> they're silenced lol
<JunBB4> I know!
<Jokerette> we have the room silenced LMAO
<JunBB4> I love you and Taylor
<Taylor> we're gonna ask you some questions
<JunBB4> But let's CHAT!
<Jokerette> or you couldn't see the questions
<JunBB4> haha
<Taylor> then we'll let them go
<JunBB4> k
<Jokerette> yeah lets rock this!
<JunBB4> Let's DO IT
<JunBB4> hahaha

<Taylor> What are your feelings on Erika? (for those who haven't read your blogs)
<JunBB4> I don't like her
<JunBB4> Never did DURING my season
<Jokerette> whyso?
<JunBB4> and still don't
<JunBB4> There's something off about her
<JunBB4> And i go with my gut

<Jokerette> Don't you think its funny that 3 of Erika's boyfriends have all played Big Brother?
<JunBB4> Like I said
<JunBB4> Erika is...
<JunBB4> a Reality Groupie
<JunBB4> Seriously
<Jokerette> lol
<JunBB4> It's so sad

<Taylor> Which of the following houseguests is the most deserving of being a winner? Erik(a), April, Cowboy, Karen, or Bunky?
<JunBB4> Erika
<JunBB4> Even though I don't like her

<Taylor> Do you know what happened with Karen on the Revenge of the Houseguests Blogs? Did you scare her away?
<JunBB4> Yes
<JunBB4> and yes
<JunBB4> hahahahaha
<Taylor> rofl
<Taylor> has she contacted you?
<JunBB4> far far away
<JunBB4> hell no
<JunBB4> she's off in the walking naked
<Taylor> hahahha
<JunBB4> and throwing flowers around her head
<Taylor> what about her did you not like?!
<JunBB4> hahaha
<JunBB4> She's too transparent
<JunBB4> and then doesn't own up
<JunBB4> I hate those people
<Taylor> and you didn't like her lists, I take it. LOL
<JunBB4> I'm no way near perfect
<JunBB4> But i'll tell you that
<JunBB4> Her lists were like discovering you're out of tampons
<JunBB4> like...ugh...damn
<Jokerette> roflmao
<Taylor> that's what we love about you you're honest
<Taylor> hahahaha
<Taylor> Sorry I don't know that feeling

<Taylor> Do you think Erika would have taken Janelle to the final 2?
<JunBB4> No
<JunBB4> Erika would have turned right around and screwed her

<Jokerette> What did you think of the Will/Janie romance?
<JunBB4> Will/Janie = not real romance
<Taylor> I agree
<Taylor> pure strategy
<JunBB4> yup
<JunBB4> yeah, they flirted but wasn't real

<Taylor> Were you surprised the 2nd part of the HoH was so "strength"-oriented? Definitely didn't favor Janie.
<JunBB4> AND they shouldn't have had Erika read the rules
<JunBB4> Boogie had more time to put the winners in order
<JunBB4> I didn't like that
<Taylor> but do you think that that was the hard part of the challenge?
<JunBB4> Robert and I in season 4 read the instructions at teh same time
<JunBB4> NO way, but it's an advantage
<Taylor> Janelle's a big BB fan, and I'm sure she knew the winners
<JunBB4> The physical challenge could have gone either way
<JunBB4> like fear of heights might have hindered someone
<JunBB4> Boogie's balls were probably getting crushed
<JunBB4> etc.
<Taylor> yup, all true
<JunBB4> I just didnt like the rules part...
<Taylor> I understand completely
<Taylor> and agree

<Taylor> Were you asked to be on BB?
<JunBB4> YES
<JunBB4> Was not chosen for Top 20
<Taylor> did you turn it down?
<Taylor> wow!
<JunBB4> Everything happens for a reason
<Taylor> were you bummed out?
<JunBB4> It just wasn't meant to be for me
<JunBB4> I was bummed out at first
<JunBB4> I'll be really hones
<JunBB4> I had already made my plans
<JunBB4> Then was told I wasn't in the Top 20
<JunBB4> I said this to them though:
<Taylor> really? what were your plans?
<JunBB4> Oh well, I have to spend a summer in the best city ever...my NY
<JunBB4> or something like that
<JunBB4> And they were like:
<JunBB4> YES, that's why we love you, you'll be fine
<JunBB4> And I am
<Taylor> lol well that works out well!
<JunBB4> Hell yeah
<Taylor> what were your plans?
<JunBB4> PLUS I got to rip apart people I actually know
<Taylor> when is that not fun? LOL
<JunBB4> Well I was gonna win first of all
<Taylor> of course

<Taylor> Who were you planning on going after? what about alliances?
<JunBB4> I was going to go after WILL
<JunBB4> Then Danielle and Ali
<Taylor> smart ideas lol
<Taylor> are you surprised Chill Town stayed so long
<JunBB4> Every week I couldn't understand WHY Gizztown was still together
<JunBB4> You HAVE to break up strong alliances
<Taylor> you think they played a good game though?
<JunBB4> There's was unbreakable
<Jokerette> amazing wasn't it? what were they thinking?!
<Taylor> they weren't, lol
<JunBB4> GREAT game playing on their part
<Taylor> I agree

<Taylor> How did you feel about Janelle evicting Will?
<JunBB4> Janelle's eviction of Will was beautiful
<JunBB4> Well executed
<JunBB4> Shit
<JunBB4> That's why I love her
<Taylor> are you at least proud of Erika for convincing her?
<JunBB4> but ultimately it hurts her
<JunBB4> Yeah, yeah...Erika's lucky she got through to her in time
<JunBB4> Otherwise, she was OVERDOING it
<Taylor> lol
<JunBB4> A la Dana
<Taylor> do you consider her a "floater"?
<JunBB4> Erika's not a TRUE floaters
<JunBB4> Marcellas is
<JunBB4> And George
<Jokerette> didn't get them far, did it?
<JunBB4> George got far enough because he had more going on than Marcellas
<JunBB4> Marcellas' game was sad
<JunBB4> I don't care how much he disagrees with me
<Taylor> he was too hated to be a floater, marcellas was

<Jokerette> Do you think you could have made it next to either of these final two had you been on All Stars?
<JunBB4> I think the only person who liked Marcy's game play was Amy
<Taylor> lmao
<JunBB4> YES
<Jokerette> so do i
<JunBB4> Yes, snakeEyes
<Taylor> you would of done great
<JunBB4> And i'm not just talking out of my eyes
<JunBB4> Janelle wouldn't have done it if it wasn't to her benefit as well
<JunBB4> Even Les Moonves couldn't win against Will

<Jokerette> If it were possible would you take Julie's place next year?
<JunBB4> I have the wit to go improv

<Taylor> I know that you dislike Julie Chen immensely, can you explain why? Curious mind here
<JunBB4> Julie's a homewrecker first of all
<JunBB4> Any which way you cut it, you don't go after a married man
<JunBB4> Let it die first WITHOUT you
<JunBB4> She's VERY fake
<JunBB4> And I am too, but at the end of the day, even the people I'm fake to know it
<Taylor> hahahaha
<Jokerette> but you're gooooooood lol
<JunBB4> She genuinely DOESN'T care about BB

<Taylor> Does Julie Chen dislike you as well?
<JunBB4> Yes
<JunBB4> Hahahaha
<Taylor> really? how do you know?
<JunBB4> I don't care though
<JunBB4> I've been informed several times that I will not be in Julie's Will
<JunBB4> Hahahaha
<Jokerette> lol

<Steve3> Jun..who do you still keep in touch with from BB4?
<JunBB4> Dana and I were texting just a minute ago
<Taylor> lol!
<JunBB4> Jack just left me a voicemail, hahaha...
<JunBB4> That's it though
<JunBB4> Everyone else is L A M E
<JunBB4> Nathan's still trying to make it out in LA
<JunBB4> Which is FINE
<Taylor> no luck?
<JunBB4> But sometimes you have to depend on other things
<Steve3> Nathan thought he was an All Star
<JunBB4> Ali's SCARY
<Taylor> hahahaha
<JunBB4> YEah, Nathan thinks his pubes ar allstars too
<Steve3> lol
<Jokerette> rofl
<Jokerette> how is ali scary?
<JunBB4> I know he says only good things about me now
<JunBB4> But shit, I can't hold back
<JunBB4> He's a good kid, Nathan though
<Jokerette> famous pubes and all
<JunBB4> Ali's one of those leeches
<Jokerette> lol
<JunBB4> Think teeny bopper movie
<Jokerette> scary movie?
<Taylor> hahahah

<Jokerette> Do you think Janelle evicting WIll was a mistake?
<JunBB4> NO, Janelle couldnt have won against Will so why not eliminate one person you can't beat?
<Taylor> agreed
<JunBB4> And Will would not have taken Janelle either

<Taylor> Are you still a investment manager in New York City?
<JunBB4> I'm still on Wall Street
<Taylor> did I hear you got a promotion?
<JunBB4> After the show, I was offered a position in Professional Development
<JunBB4> Which means it's less reponsibility, still great money
<Taylor> congrats

<Steve3> What did you think of this years competitions....i dont think they were not All Star quality?
<JunBB4> There were only a handful of great competitions
<JunBB4> Food comps are always a little lame, esp when it's the house competing as one unit
<JunBB4> And there were too many technical problems

<Taylor> Who do you think should get the $25,000 America's choice award
<JunBB4> Chicken George will get it
<Taylor> not Janelle??
<JunBB4> I dont think so
<Taylor> I think Janelle will
<Taylor> I'm gonna vote for her
<JunBB4> I thought so too...but I think George will get it
<JunBB4> Like Rupert
<JunBB4> kinda
<JunBB4> sorta
<JunBB4> hahaha

<Taylor> Do you think this season was a let-down as far as the producers go? No real big twist, No real America's choices, most interactive season ever?
<JunBB4> I think they DEFINITELY wasted some All-Star seats
<JunBB4> And yes, there should have been more fan participation
<Taylor> who would you have replaced, and with who?
<JunBB4> Aside from spending money on text messaging
<JunBB4> Geez
<Steve3> Good question, Taylor
<JunBB4> I would have taken out Erika, Boogie, Marcellus and Howie for sure
<Taylor> who should have been there?
<JunBB4> Me
<Steve3> Jun...that is half the jury...lol
<JunBB4> Nicole
<JunBB4> oh, hahaha
<Taylor> I think you, nicole, hardy and roddy
<JunBB4> Roddy, just so I could sleep with him
<Taylor> haha
<JunBB4> I like Roddy
<JunBB4> I likeeeeeeeeeeee
<JunBB4> hahaha

<Taylor> What do you think will be Erika's best plea for the 500K?
<JunBB4> She did what she had to do, it's just a game
<JunBB4> that's what she will say
<JunBB4> hahaha
<Taylor> haha

<Taylor> What would you have thought about the slop diet? Is it worse than PB&J?
<JunBB4> Probably, just because of the consistency
<JunBB4> Maybe I would have LOST weight
<JunBB4> hahaha
<JunBB4> They had us taste a bowl of it before we did the food comp a couple of weeks ago
<Jokerette> ewwwwwww
<Taylor> was it horrible?
<Jokerette> yeah what did it taste like?

<Steve3> What do you think of Howies behavior on the show this year and his behavior in the sequester house?
<JunBB4> Howie is like
<JunBB4> weird
<Taylor> haha
<Jokerette> booooobies lol
<JunBB4> I can't believe someone like him exists
<JunBB4> Like Bigfoor
<JunBB4> bigfoot
<Taylor> you wouldn't be friends with Big Boy in real life?
<JunBB4> hahaha
<JunBB4> I don't know WHEN you get the real Howie
<JunBB4> What is the real Howie?
<Steve3> Jun...are you going to the wrap party?
<Taylor> I think that is the real howie
<JunBB4> He tries too hard
<Jokerette> you dont think its an act for the cameras?
<Taylor> lol
<JunBB4> Because when he's not trying, he's just a slab of meat
<JunBB4> hahaha
<JunBB4> nah
<Jokerette> did we ask you...
<Jokerette> if you could showmance anyone in there, who?
<Jokerette> if anyone?
<JunBB4> I would showmance with Janelle
<JunBB4> That's about it
<JunBB4> hahahaha
<Taylor> LOL
<Jokerette> good taste lol
<Taylor> have you met her?
<JunBB4> No, I haven't met Janelle
<JunBB4> Would like to
<Taylor> I'll get you her number
<JunBB4> But won't go to finale for it
<Jokerette> no finale eh?
<JunBB4> Ask me anything guys
<JunBB4> I will give you an answer
<JunBB4> Mwahahahaha
<Taylor> how was it being a duge at the food comp?
<Taylor> lmao
<JunBB4> Food comp ended up stupid
<JunBB4> geez

<Jokerette> What do you think of Marcellas' behavior in the food comp. that you hosted about him saying he created the waffles not Janelle and trashing her?
<JunBB4> I didn't get to really witness that
<JunBB4> I think he's done worse things
<JunBB4> He's horrible
<JunBB4> Yelling at Howie that all he does is talk about how good looking he is
<JunBB4> UM, and YOU MARCY?!
<JunBB4> Hahahaha
<Jokerette> lol yep
<Taylor> LOL
<JunBB4> I was like, what?!

<Jokerette> What did you think of Danielle this season? really?
<JunBB4> Danielle SUCKED at first
<JunBB4> Got SOME of "Dani" back
<JunBB4> But never got it
<Taylor> she came on too strong
<Taylor> at first
<JunBB4> She lost it along the way...4 years is a long time
<JunBB4> She NEVER quite got it back
<Taylor> but you've gotta admit.. she'd good
<JunBB4> Oh, she's phenomenal
<JunBB4> But not 100%
<Taylor> yup

<Taylor> Janelle and Will spent 2 hours in the diary room..what do you think they were doing?
<JunBB4> They were probably being stupid
<JunBB4> They CAN televise that stuff you know
<JunBB4> They were probably seeing a dermatologist together
<Taylor> lmao
<JunBB4> Ali and Nate saw dentists
<Taylor> did they really?
<Taylor> why?
<JunBB4> Because they were crying about cavities from PB&J
<Taylor> oh geez
<JunBB4> You didn't see me asking for Jenny Craig!
<JunBB4> hahaha
<Taylor> did they not brush their teeth?! LOL
<Taylor> hahahaha

<Jokerette> What do you think of the way Will played Janie?
<JunBB4> I think it lasted as long as it could
<Jokerette> really?
<JunBB4> Will KNEW when to leave people alone and when to be with them
<JunBB4> He shouldn't have had that hottub fight
<JunBB4> It turned off Janelle SO bad
<Taylor> she was pissed! LOL

<Jokerette> Do you think they has any feelings left for him now?
<JunBB4> I think she admires him for a few things
<JunBB4> But I don't think she wants to be with him
<Jokerette> I think it was all bs lol
<Taylor> me too
<Taylor> they were bored

<Taylor> Do you think it was fair that so many season6 ppl were chosen for the show?
<JunBB4> NO
<JunBB4> Haha
<JunBB4> Not at all
<Taylor> who shouldn't of been there, from season 6?
<JunBB4> Kaysar
<JunBB4> Howie
<JunBB4> I LOVED Kaysar
<Jokerette> I was going to ask you how you felt about kaysar
<JunBB4> But he wasn't a NECESSITY
<JunBB4> Maybe politically
<JunBB4> I really like him
<Jokerette> what did you think of his game play?
<JunBB4> he broods
<Taylor> he was there cuz america loves him
<Jokerette> janie also
<JunBB4> Because they're not scared of him
<Taylor> Janie was there because she was so well loved AND she kicked ass
<JunBB4> Because Janie crushes every blonde joke

<Jokerette> Why doesn't BB have points for POV and HOH comps so that the final 2 is 50% points then 50% jury
<Jokerette> good idea eh!
<Taylor> what do they mean by points?
<JunBB4> Because people like me...
<JunBB4> I didn't want to vote out Robert
<JunBB4> So I had Ali do it
<Jokerette> smart too
<JunBB4> And so on
<Taylor> playing behind the scenes
<JunBB4> Which Erika did with Janelle

<Taylor> Do you think it was fair that Janelle got to play again on the HOH re-do when she went out on a wrong answer and not due to the buzzer malfunction?
<JunBB4> EVERYONE should do redos
<JunBB4> It's a domino effect
<Taylor> I agree
<JunBB4> Every little change affects everyone

<Taylor> Do you think the show was rigged for Janelle?
<JunBB4> NO
<JunBB4> It just looked like it
<Jokerette> good question...
<Jokerette> Jun do you think BB is rigged at all?
<Taylor> agreed.. clearly it wasn't or else she'd still be n the house
<JunBB4> NO
<JunBB4> they can't
<Jokerette> game show rules right?
<JunBB4> They truly are watched closely
<JunBB4> yes
<Taylor> but do you think it's rather unfair at times?
<JunBB4> YES
<JunBB4> But EVERYTHING happens for a reason
<Jokerette> what did you think was unfair?
<JunBB4> It's not like they call people in and break a toe to give them a disadvantage
<Jokerette> rofl no
<JunBB4> But they know what peoples' strengths and weaknesses are
<JunBB4> There is a BATTERY of psych exams
<Jokerette> I do think they can slant certain comps, don't you?
<JunBB4> But Janelle happens to dominate both mentally AND physcially
<JunBB4> I'm definitely mental
<Jokerette> yes she does.
<JunBB4> Hence my "wins" in BB4
<Jokerette> the dr will of your season? LOL
<JunBB4> You just have to choose wisely
<Jokerette> and be sneaky?
<JunBB4> Will fucked up
<Jokerette> LOL
<JunBB4> He threw so many
<Jokerette> he sure did this time
<JunBB4> hHe couldn't win when he wanted
<JunBB4> Hahaha
<JunBB4> He broke a thunb!
<Jokerette> lol
<JunBB4> thumb

<Jokerette> Don't you think the game would be better if HOHs were allowed to compete the following week?
<JunBB4> YES, it would be better
<JunBB4> Or at least grant them SOME sort of protection
<JunBB4> But hey
<JunBB4> oh well

<Jokerette> Do you think Erika will take over Maggie's place as most dispised houseguest now?
<JunBB4> Nah...
<JunBB4> Maybe as the anorexic chick
<Jokerette> i wuvvers erika lol
<Taylor> is maggie really the most despised HG ever?
<JunBB4> I think it's more Jennifer
<JunBB4> But Maggie won so she's more in the spotlight
<Taylor> I agree
<Jokerette> oh good point.

<Jokerette> What did you think of the coup d'etat? was it a waste of time just like the volcano??
<JunBB4> Coup D'etat was cool but just not used
<JunBB4> Poor Volcano
<JunBB4> It never even erupted

<Taylor> What'd you think about Janelle "harming" James in the POV comp with the dolls?
<JunBB4> If Janelle harmed James then I never took it up the butt
<Taylor> AHAHAHA
<Jokerette> lol
<JunBB4> Take what you want from it
<JunBB4> Hahaha
<JunBB4> Sorry mom
<JunBB4> "Oh, you soo bad"
<Taylor> hahahahahaha
<Jokerette> roflol

<Jokerette> Do you think Erika will ever speak to Boogie again after she sees all the tapes and reads the feed updates?
<JunBB4> "soooooooooo disgusting you know?"
<JunBB4> Erika will want to have his baby
<Jokerette> i say she's gonna shit
<JunBB4> She will do it
<JunBB4> Then it would be BBB
<Jokerette> you think even after she sees him calling her scrubica?
<JunBB4> ugh
<Jokerette> lol
<JunBB4> Yeah, trust me, if Boogie wants her, she'll succumb
<Jokerette> I say she's gonna murder him
<Taylor> she told me she wants to name her kid Taylor
<JunBB4> No one gives good prostate like Erika
<Jokerette> lmao
<JunBB4> Oh, Taylor
<JunBB4> Erika fans have been emailing me
<Taylor> saying what?!
<Jokerette> i bet lmao
<JunBB4> But I dont' care

<Taylor> Do you think the viewers should have a percentage of the vote?
<JunBB4> No, no viewer voting
<JunBB4> It skews the game
<Jokerette> no going back to bb1?
<JunBB4> NO!!!!!!!!!!!
<Jokerette> it's a purist bb for sure, no?
<JunBB4> It would get taken off the air
<Jokerette> true
<JunBB4> If anything, someone can write a book about it
<JunBB4> But not TV

<Taylor> Erika has fans???
<JunBB4> Hahaha, yes Erika has fans
<JunBB4> You guys watched Last Comic Standing?
<Jokerette> hell yes
<Taylor> I didn't
<JunBB4> Josh Blue
<Jokerette> lol
<JunBB4> or whatever his name was?
<Jokerette> the one with the disease?
<Taylor> the winner?
<JunBB4> All the post-up phase people have hope when they see Erika
<Jokerette> rofl
<Taylor> lol
<JunBB4> If you are post-up out there, I didnt mean to offend you
<Jokerette> lol

<Jokerette> ok we sure thank you.. time to open it up
<Jokerette> so you'll see the hordes
<Taylor> thanks Jun!!!
<JunBB4> I'm out kids
<Jokerette> you ready for the onslaught?
<Taylor> this was hella fun
<JunBB4> Good night
<Jokerette> night girl
<JunBB4> I will be back!!!
<Steve3> Nite
<Taylor> good! come back
<Steve3> Please come back