<QueenAmy> Okay...I'm here!
<Jokerette> OK girl how ya doin!
<Taylor> hey Amy! Thanks sooo much for coming!!
<QueenAmy> I'm great! Great talking with you earlier!
<Jokerette> it was a load of fun
<Jokerette> see all the cheese names in here? ROFL
<QueenAmy> We'll have to do it more when the show starts!

<Jokerette> chalbert asks: Amy the obvious question: do you still love cheese? what's your fave?
<QueenAmy> Oh yes! I'm loving it. Right now, I don't have a favorite...I'm liking a LOT of different cheeses
<Jokerette> I love feta
<QueenAmy> For a wedding gift I got a subscription to the Cheese-Of_the_month club!
<Jokerette> man! cheese galore!

<Jokerette> chalbert asks: hi Amy is there any way we can contact you? do you have a site?
<QueenAmy> www.amycrews.com ..it'll be up and running soon...but my blog is already up!
<Taylor> And don't you and your dog have myspaces?
<QueenAmy> Yes... www.myspace.com/amythequeen Buckie is my first friend on the list!
<Jokerette> what kind of dog is bucky again?
<QueenAmy> He is an Australian Silky Terrier
<Jokerette> awwwwwwww
<QueenAmy> His sister is a Yorkshire and his brother is a Chihuahua
<Jokerette> wow

<Jokerette> Bullet_HK asks: If Marcellas and Danielle are both in the house, who do you think will get on people's nerves first?
<QueenAmy> Well, Marcellas is funny...and Danielle is just GOOD...so....
<Jokerette> Marc is hilarious LOL!

<Jokerette> missal asks: Did BB ask you to be in the top 20?
<QueenAmy> Yes...I said no....after MUCH consideration
<Jokerette> why no?
<QueenAmy> I just got married...hurricane season living on the water...don't really need the money...mean people...
<Jokerette> yeah I hear that!

<Jokerette> chalbert asks: Amy how do you feel about Marcellas now? and him going into the house? did you watch him on housecalls?
<QueenAmy> I have never watched Housecalls, but I think that if Marcellas does Allstars...which I am sure that he will...his dynamic with some of these people is going to be great. I can't wait to see how he reacts to some...I know it will be entertaining.
<Taylor> it sure will!
<Taylor> Have you and Danielle talked strategy to help her in the house?!
<QueenAmy> Well...obviously in my season, my strategy wasn't all that great. I think Danielle will do great!
<Taylor> Are you gonna miss Dani while she's on BB?
<QueenAmy> YEA!
<Taylor> I bet!
<Taylor> but at least you'll be able to see her

<Jokerette> what was your strategy, whilst you were in the house?
<QueenAmy> Actually I just tried to last. Sadly enough, I didn't have much of a strategy. I just wanted to have fun!
<Taylor> you did pretty well the second time around! lol

<Jokerette> if you'd have done all stars, would you have had a strategy this time?
<QueenAmy> Um....yes
<Jokerette> what would it have been? heheheh
<QueenAmy> I would probably acted a little more calm...but the same way I did last time...It worked pretty well didn't it!
<Jokerette> lol yes it did!

<Jokerette> bb7naysayer asks: Could you convince Marcellas to lose the socks with the flip flops? He said it was a sanitary thing, but it is really a fashion faux pas!
<QueenAmy> I know! But that is Marcellas, and if his family couldn't convince him to lose them, no one else could either!
<Taylor> lol!
<Taylor> do you talk to any bb HGs from more recent seasons?
<QueenAmy> And he is germ a phob!
<Jokerette> he sure is. rofl
<QueenAmy> Alison! I love her! And I hung out with Dana in LA and I loved her too...and Will Winkle...and Mike from BB5
<Taylor> well that's fun!
<Jokerette> have you discussed bb7 with alison?
<Jokerette> allison even
<QueenAmy> Not really...just to tell her I'm glad I'm not going to be there.
<Jokerette> lol!

<Jokerette> How did you wind up doing BB in the first place?
<QueenAmy> I auditioned as a JOKE! Never thought I would really make it. One of my friends dared me to do it!
<Jokerette> you're kidding!
<Taylor> I'm glad you did it!
<Jokerette> someone dared you?
<QueenAmy> Nope! I was SO shocked when I got the call!
<Jokerette> how did that go down? LOL
<Jokerette> what did your friend say who dared you?
<QueenAmy> She went to the audition and dared me to come down and meet her
<Jokerette> dang!

<Jokerette> Stinkytoad asks: You have been promoting Danielle to re-enter the house. Why, what can she offer?
<QueenAmy> I love Danielle. I want to say that we don't agree on all of the HGs. She likes a lot of people that I don't. I'm meaner than she is!
<Taylor> Danielle rocks doesn't she
<Taylor> would you cohost house calls if given the chance (since marcellas will probably wind up being on bb) ?
<QueenAmy> I think she can offer a good interesting game!
<QueenAmy> Not if it meant staying in LA for 3 months
<Jokerette> lol
<Taylor> haha

<Jokerette> avichaiyl asks: Who have you voted for, for BB7?
<QueenAmy> Danielle, Alison, Dana, Cowboy....he is a sweet kind person

<Jokerette> pittsburgh24 asks: Amy we know you turned down AllStars but do you think you made the wrong decision?
<QueenAmy> Nope! Not for one minute!
<Jokerette> rofl

<Taylor> JGuest931 asks: Did you keep watching the series after the season you were in?
<QueenAmy> I did keep watching. I love the show, and I love to see how different people play it
<Jokerette> do you watch the feeds?
<QueenAmy> Never have...but I might be tempted this year....
<Jokerette> this year should be KILLER!

<Jokerette> FrodoLass asks: How do you think BB3 compares to seasons 4 -6? Do you think you guys had more fun?
<QueenAmy> Oh I think so!
<QueenAmy> I think we had fun! I haven't seen the same level of fun on another season...they may have had fun, but I just didn't see it. We were a close group!
<Jokerette> you really were.

<Jokerette> avichaiyl asks: Congrats on the marriage! How did you meet Mr. Right and did he see you on BB3?
<QueenAmy> I met him through the president of the local NBC affiliate. He never saw the show, but since he works in the media, several of his friends did.

<Taylor> Cajunboiler asks: How's married life?
<Taylor> that's great!

<Jokerette> Bullet_HK asks: Would you rather be locked in a house with Howie or Holly?
<QueenAmy> Holly...because I have met her, and she was really sweet.
<Taylor> she is sweet isn't she
<Jokerette> yep she is

<Taylor> chalbert asks: Hi Amy again! what are your hobbies? what movies/tv are you into?
<QueenAmy> Howie seems really funny, but I haven't met him
<QueenAmy> I watch a lot of Lifetime...and reas a lot of books. I spend a lot of time on the beach and out in my boat. My husband likes to drive me around in the Porsche and scare me to death
<Jokerette> awwwwwww

<Jokerette> visaliakid asks: Of all the potential HG who (if they make it in) has an advantage over the others on the list to win BB7
<QueenAmy> Ohhh. I can't even begin to think about it until I watch the first 3 shows
<Jokerette> rofl i can see that.

<Taylor> guantanamojo asks: If you could make one change about BB , what would it be?
<QueenAmy> I would change the new veto thing! And back to back HOH
<Jokerette> let them have back to back HOH?
<QueenAmy> Yup!
<QueenAmy> Especially for Allstar
<Taylor> I agree!

<Jokerette> visaliakid asks: Amy if she thinks 13th and 14th entrants will be decided by comp. If so, what kind?
<QueenAmy> Ohhh...just like y'all, I have tried to figure that out. But to no avail. The producers are super smart. I think they are going to make in interesting!
<Jokerette> i bet.

<Jokerette> bb7naysayer asks: Let's cut to the chase, which players have already formed alliances?
<QueenAmy> Well i can't say...except to say that Danielle has no alliances going into the house...but I'm sure others do.
<Jokerette> I know you're right
<QueenAmy> Danielle is taking her contract very seriously
<Jokerette> good on her!

<Jokerette> MsByrdie asks: Hi Amy, you and Marcellas are my favorite houseguests to date! My question: Since you are not slated to be on All-Stars (at least, not that we know of!), who do you think has the best chance of getting into the house this season, either by votes or producers picks?
<QueenAmy> Ummmm...that is a big number. I think that Janelle, Kaysar, Danielle, Marcellas, Alison, Will and Boogie are in. That is all that I can say I feel certain about
<QueenAmy> And George

<Taylor> bb7naysayer asks: do you think some of the top 20 shouldn't have been included? If so, who?
<QueenAmy> Well I can't say that until after the show starts!
<Taylor> lol of course!

<Jokerette> <dtd2> amy when you were being sequestered for season 3 before you were voted back into the house did you know what was going on
<QueenAmy> Yes...well I knew I was being sequestered. I knew NOTHING about what was going on with the show.
<Jokerette> was that spooky?
<QueenAmy> I knew that I MAY have a chance to come back, but I didn't know how
<Jokerette> wow
<QueenAmy> Oh it was fun!
<Taylor> I was so glad when you came back!

Jokerette> visaliakid asks: Amy "What is your opinion of Howie? Is he too over the top for you?
<QueenAmy> No...I think he was entertaining...but I didn't watch BB6 as much as I've watched the other seasons

<Taylor> <JU> KaitisMommy asks: Amy, who was your favorite on BB6 and why? What about your least favorite of BB6 and why?
<QueenAmy> I liked Kaysar & Janelle and James...not a big fan of Maggie and April
<Taylor> me either, lol
<QueenAmy> And I likes Michael

Jokerette> <dtd2> amy do you know what happens after one minute if you dont leave the house after being evicted
<QueenAmy> No...they just told us to leave. I know Marcellas took his time, but who could blame him...after the shock he...we ALL had when he left!
<Jokerette> lol awwwwwwww
<Jokerette> that must have been quite a moment, for you... when he left...
<Jokerette> how did you feel?
<Taylor> it was quite a moment for all the viewers, that's for sure
<QueenAmy> I was SHOCKED beyond belief!
<Jokerette> you didn't think YOU were going, did you?
<QueenAmy> Yup!
<Jokerette> rofl awwwwwwwwwwwww
<QueenAmy> I was already planning to eat sushi that night!
<Jokerette> lmao

<Jokerette> visaliakid asks: Amy "What is your opinion of Howie? Is he too over the top for you?
<QueenAmy> I think he is entertaining, but I didn't watch BB6 as much as I watched the other seasons

<Taylor> _dancingbliss asks: Amy, tell us about the diary room experience. How long it takes, what kinds of questions they ask and is it like a therapy session?
<Jokerette> good one!
<QueenAmy> I LOVED the DR! It gave me a chance to say what I wanted...and boy did I ! They ask really vague questions...but with someone like me, they got juicy answers
<QueenAmy> And sometimes I would go in later begging them not to air what I had said earlier
<Jokerette> do you recall anything you said in the dr, that wasn't filmed? shown?
<Taylor> I bet!
<QueenAmy> No...they aired all of the mean stuff!
<Jokerette> rofl

<Taylor> MsByrdie asks: Do you still eat PB&J or did BB wear you out on that?
<QueenAmy> I haven't eaten it since the one week I HAD to eat it on bb

<Jokerette> whatshisname asks: Amy, Who should we vote in?
<QueenAmy> Give me one second! I'll be right back!
<Jokerette> k
<QueenAmy> I'm back! Vote for Danielle!
<Jokerette> lol

<Jokerette> Cricket asks: Who did you tell Danielle not to trust?
<QueenAmy> No one! Danielle and I have different views on several people, so we have really not talked very much game.
<Jokerette> fair enough.
<Jokerette> <dtd2> amy what it like to work on the yes dear episode and did you have fun
<QueenAmy> I had a great time! Everyone was SO nice. I had a cold, and Dr. Will volunteered to call me in a scription, but I was feeling better by that point, so I said no
<Jokerette> awwwwww

<Jokerette> guantanamojo asks: Have you watched any of the international versions of BB & if so you you like any of them more than

<QueenAmy> I've never seen the other versions

<Jokerette> amy why do you think that cbs usually doesn't show big brother interacting with the houseguests while in the International versions he plays a key part I would think that would be one of the cool parts of big bro so that viewers can see there really is a big brother and it is called that other then for the book 1984
<QueenAmy> Well, we really did interact with 'Big Brother", but I don't think that showing it would make the show better than it already is

<Taylor> Amy out of the 20 HG who do you think would but heads the most
<QueenAmy> I think it is going to be "Battle of the Bitches" on the girls side and "Battle of the Egos" on the boys side
<Taylor> LOL
<Taylor> that'll make for a great season
<Jokerette> who has the biggest ego, do you think?
<Taylor> and who is the biggest bitch?
<QueenAmy> Well...of all the men, I think Will has the biggest ego..but he also probably the most worthy of having it
<QueenAmy> And I can't even begin to pick out the biggest bitch
<Jokerette> lol!
<Taylor> hahahaha

Jokerette> nikki404 asks: is it true you get payed to be in the house?
<QueenAmy> Yes...but I can't say how much or I'll break contract
<Jokerette> ok fair enough

Taylor> JGuest557 asks: What is your favorite moment from BB3?
<QueenAmy> When I was crying and threw the glass of water
<Jokerette> I don't recall that..
<Taylor> lol that was your favorite?
<Jokerette> why did you pitch the water?
<QueenAmy> I am dramatic...so was that scene
<Taylor> it sure was.. lol
<QueenAmy> I also loved when I came back and won HOH
<Jokerette> you're wonderful for the drama! it's why we wish you were back in!
<Taylor> didn't the show it on the wednesday casting episode? the water throwing I mean
<QueenAmy> Yup!
<Taylor> hehe
<Jokerette> you know my shitty memory

<Jokerette> ULookmahvelous asks: who does she feel has the best chance to win this year
<QueenAmy> I can't say until the show starts. I promise I'll dish when they are locked up. Will is setting me up a chat here...that is when I'll tell all
<Taylor> can't wait!

<Taylor> do you regret voting for Lisa over Danielle to win? Do you feel that Lisa deserved to win?
<QueenAmy> YES! I regret it! I really wish I would have voted for Danielle. I really think Lisa did a great job of riding coat tails, but I think Danielle PLAYED everyone better
<Jokerette> yeppers.

Jokerette> <dtd2> Amy do you wish that the public could voted to evict and have the hoh nominate one person and then everyone else vote and whoever gets the most votes get nominated and then after the gpov the nominees face the public vote
<QueenAmy> No...But I think that America's Choice should get a vote in the finals
<Jokerette> yea!
<Taylor> that'd be neat

<Jokerette> Rich asks: Who should cohost HouseCalls?
<QueenAmy> Well...I'm not sure. Marcellas seems to think Gretchen can handle it...and I think maybe he is right
<Jokerette> have you been approached?
<QueenAmy> I've never watched it, so I'm not really sure
<Jokerette> a bunch of us think YOU would be great
<Taylor> you would rock

Jokerette> nikki404 asks: Amy there is a rumor on realityrumor.com saying you are pregnant is there any truth to that?
<QueenAmy> I have not been approached. I could not live in LA for the summer and miss HURRICAAAAANE season
<QueenAmy> I'm not pregnant. I want a little girl named Mimsie...in a few years
<Jokerette> awwwwwwwww k
<Taylor> mimsie. that's cute!

Jokerette> Jecka asks: based on their previous game play, out of the top 20, who do you imagine would be in the top 5
<QueenAmy> Well..once again, I can't say until I see who gets in the house
<Taylor> okay.. that's fine!

<Taylor> Kitty04 asks: Amy, do you think we should vote for HG because of their personalities, previous strategies, or entertainment value?
<QueenAmy> I liek entertainment value!
<Taylor> me too, lol

<Jokerette> <dtd2> do you think that rumor about you only get 500 votes is true
<Jokerette> I think on cbs voting, they're talking about
<QueenAmy> Yes...I think CBS has a way to avoid the autovoters
<Jokerette> I agree.
<QueenAmy> I have voted 1000 times...on 2 computers
<Jokerette> lol

<Jokerette> FrodoLass asks: How old is your younger brother now? I bet he's growing up.
<QueenAmy> He will be 17 in 2 weeks. He has a myspace page too...he's on my friends. He is so cute!
<Jokerette> good!

<Jokerette> tetris2 asks: Amy, was the man you married the first person you ever dated?
<QueenAmy> No...but the only person I have ever said, "I love you" to.
<Jokerette> awwwwwwww romantic
<QueenAmy> And that was after knowing him for a week!
<Jokerette> what?
<Jokerette> really?
<QueenAmy> Yup! We knew immediately
<Jokerette> how did he propose?
<QueenAmy> We have a friend who owns an island. We started talking about how stressful weddings are. Then he said that the ideal wedding would be on that island...small and perfect. Then he asked me if I would marry him on that island. I said yes. We didn't have it there though b/c it got SO big. He ha designed my ring himself and had it made. He said it looks like a crown b/c I am a queen! He is an ANGEL!
<Jokerette> awwwwwwww blesssssssssss!
<Taylor> how sweet!
<Jokerette> he's a cutie from your photos
<QueenAmy> It is big and beautiful!
<Jokerette> yep i saw the pic! enormous

<Jokerette> timmydownawell asks: Do you like cornnuts? Do you think they should have cheese flavoured ones?
QueenAmy> I used to eat cornnuts years ago!
<Jokerette> rofl that made timmy's day

<Jokerette> bb7naysayer asks: You were great on bb. Don't you think the hgs that just have fun will be remembered longer then the "strategists"?
<QueenAmy> Welll.it depends. A lot of people look at strategy. I like the fun though. Marcellas talking to himself was fun and CLASSIC!
<Taylor> it sure was!
<Taylor> rofl

<Taylor> JGuest9123 asks: amy, what would be your guess, supposing there's actually gonna be 14 players (based on the rumors), about how the last two are gonna get into the house?
<QueenAmy> Ohhh.I've heard that there will be a competition, but you never know with Arnold and Co. They are Super Smart!
<Taylor> that would be fun
<Jokerette> do you have any idea what the new twists could be?
<QueenAmy> Yeah, but they did that with my season. I think it would be fun if it were a total suprise!
<Jokerette> surprises are good
<QueenAmy> No idea about the new twist...but I can promise they have got them!

<Jokerette> Krystal asks: Do you ever see Drew Daniel?
<QueenAmy> Um...no. I have met him once. He and his brother were nice

<Jokerette> Jase_BBallstars asks: Did you get contacted about doing allstars? And if so, why did you say no?
<QueenAmy> Yes...because I just got married...didn't want to leave during hurricane season ( it is fun down here)...don't need the money...mean people
<Jokerette> right

<Jokerette> _dancingbliss asks: Congrats on your wedding! Who from BB was there and where did you honeymoon?
<QueenAmy> Danielle & Jason! Chiara and Ali tried to make it, but were busy. We went to Petit St. Vincent www.psvresort.com It was HEAVEN! THE most perfect honeymoon spot on earth!
<Taylor> sounds great!

<Taylor> CMaye78 asks: who all have u voted for?
<QueenAmy> Danielle, Alison, Dana, Cowboy

<Jokerette> KaysarIsTheBest asks: Amy, they keep replaying THAT LOOK that you had when Marcellas was voted out after not using the Veto. What were you really thinking at that moment? :-) Were you happy you were still in? Or sad?
<QueenAmy> I was suprised. I was happy to still be in, but I was also ready to go home. I hated to see Marci voted out over me. I loved him.
<Jokerette> yep we loved you both!
<Taylor> you guys made bb3 sooo much fun!

<Jokerette> OK ! We sure thank you for chatting with us....
<Taylor> thanks sooo much Amy!
<Taylor> we can't wait to have you back this summer
<Jokerette> I am gonna open the floodgates so people can talk to you directly
<QueenAmy> Thanks!
<Jokerette> we'll see you again after the show starts, queen amy!
<Jokerette> batten the hatches, room OPEN!