Howie: I am here
Jokerette: hey Howie is that you? LOL
Howie: yep
Moosie: Oh Booooooy Howie!!
Howie: oh boy Moosie
Jokerette: Hiya Howie how you doing!
Howie: about *&%# time huh lol
Howie: pretty good was at the post office sorry

Jokerette: what have you been up to, since all stars?
Howie: and EBAY I have some new items going up today and tomorrow
Howie: Since All Stars: apperances, b-day parties, Hollywood events TV Football Players Wives tv show The Loop TV show Crunchy Nut bar Kellogss commercial

Jokerette: myladyamie asks: Hi Howie are you excited about coming to the Reality convention?
Howie: My ladyamie: Yes, I had a lot of fun last year at the convention and I am more excited this year with the anticipation of watching BB-8
Howie: when are we gonna get a WEB Chat ??????? lol
Jokerette: it's goin to be a blast this year!
Jokerette: a web chat??? oh you mean with cameras and all?
Jokerette: when donald trump sponsors jokers lmao
Howie: thanks fro bringing me
Howie: lol
Jokerette: we love you (Jokers is sponsoring Howie for the Reality Convention)
Howie: I love you more
Jokerette: smooooooooch
Howie: thanks for the underwear last year lol
Jokerette: lmao wear it in good health
Jokerette: george looked hilarious with it on his head during all stars. lol
Howie: Gerogeeeeeh had a Jedi soldier cut lol

Jokerette: what kind of things are you selling?
Howie: Ebay??
Jokerette: yeah what you selling?
Howie: shorts from Janies veto, shorts from BUSTO Rant, tank top from Hi and Dry BB-6 Veto autographed baseballs hats and shirts from Janie me and Chilltown
Jokerette: lmao kewl!
Jokerette: what events have you been to?

Jokerette: yennifer asks: howie, is there any advise you can give to someone who actually makes it to the audition interviews? what can they do to help ensure they get on the show?
Howie: Be yourself don't say you want to further your acting modeling music career you want to go in the BB House and strategize and try and win the money they want competitors there is not any one person that has the big brother qualities just like football there is a quarterback running back blockers etc. not 10 quarterbacks a complete team but dont try and act be yourself and it never hurts to b
Jokerette: good advice for real! we have several people who are trying out for bb

Caren: Hi Howie! Can you tell us about your upcoming projects?
Caren: Anthing in the works?
Howie: I want to do some acting tv and commercials but I want to get more involved with meteorology again
Jokerette: oh that would be wonderful
Jokerette: howie the weather man?

Jokerette: Shelley asks: Howie Oh Howie!! You're the best!! Which week did you feel you had to win HOH the most and who would you have evicted at that time?
Howie: bb 7??
Caren: yeah I think so, Howie
Jokerette: yeppers
Howie: I needed it all the time because everyone was coming after the SOV's (BB-6) I wanted to get rid of atleast 1 chilltown member at the time Boogie because he was gonna win an event were Dr. Will was gonna lose but he was still very dangerous
Jokerette: he was for sure dangerous

Jokerette: do you feel like will/boogie threw challenges?
Howie: I thought there was no Chill Town>>
Howie: lol
Caren: didn't we all

Howie: I stayed with Janie a few weeks ago I saw Bo bo I was out with Diane and Marci on thurs
Howie: Janie is great Bo bo is great Marci and diane are great
Howie: I talked to James he's good Dani is good
Jokerette: oh that's good to hear!
Howie: I was out with Boogie and Will a month ago
Howie: lots fun pics on my site

Jokerette: Alexis07 asks: Howie, is it true you have thyroid disease?
Jokerette: my kitty has that thyroid disease believe it or not.
Howie: In October 2001 I was diagnosed with Hyper active thyroid I take the Levoxyl and knock on wood Now I am fine I was losing weight and could not sleep until I took the meds
Jokerette: awwwwwwww good to hear
Howie: thanks
Jokerette: yes i hear that's common but you're better now?
Howie: my siphilitis just cleared up lol
Caren: he's a beefcake now
Jokerette: rofl omg tht's even more interesting

Jokerette: Shelley asks: Howie Howie, Have you met any wild or crazy fans?? What was that experience like?
Howie: I have had some fans follow me around the mall in Tampa
Jokerette: was it scary?
Howie: I had some fans wait out by my car for me but some are like OMG Howie I loved you usually alot of fun
Howie: wat up kay sirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
Jokerette: good to hear! I can imagine they'd get carried away
Howie: it is nt every day you run into the best looking guy in BB history lol
Jokerette: absolutely true!
Jokerette: and the sexiest

Jokerette: Moosie asks: Howie Hiya you Beefcake you! Is Sonia coming to Tennessee for the Reality TV Convention?
Jokerette: is sonia your girlfriend btw?
Howie: Sonia is not sure with her schedule yet she is a Travel Nurse it is too far in advance to know I'd like for her to come to the event it will be a lot fun oh boy Moosie
Howie: btw YES lol

Jokerette: Shelley asks: Howie Howie going into the house, what did you feel your biggest disadvantage was? (other than being part of an established team of 4?)
Howie: people new my antics everyone was exposed but I feel I needed to WIN to keep myself safe but I didn't LOL!
Howie: I couldn't beat Georgeeehhhhh
Howie: lol
Jokerette: who could? lol

Jokerette: What do you think of the strong continued interest in BB7 5 months after the show, for example the Winelle saga?
Howie: This isn't I met your grandma or Solitary or some fly by night show. BB is a TV series and an established one going on for years so the fans fall in love with the show and it's cast but It is a very strong following like the FORCE lol but it is cool HARD TO ponser sometimes lol
Jokerette: yes i'd imagine!

Jokerette: What was the most embarassing moment in all stars?
Howie: I don't get embarrassed but I would have to say getting evicted because it was over no fun in that

Jokerette: do you think the whole Will/Janelle thing is strange
Howie: Winelle is a cute subject if they were single then they would be an item but Janie is taken and so is Little Willy
Jokerette: yep i agree with that!
Caren: LOL, little willy
Jokerette: awwwwwwww

Jokerette: what was your favorite challenge this year?
Howie: The Spider Web and Knock someone off his pedastall the 1st HOH event were flashbacks to the awesome events in BB 6 but those were awesome untill I couldnt' hold on anymore lol
Jokerette: spider web was a trip to watch. lol
Caren: you did great in the web! you held on for dear life!
Jokerette: was it hard to hold on?
Howie: Little Willy=Dr. Will
Howie: If I would have listened ??? they said wear long sleeves and I interpreted that as two shirts for the cold like a dumbass beasuse If I would have had long sleeves on then I might have had a shot at winning but My arms were ripped up bleeding stiff neck and it was hard as hell
Jokerette: omg!
Jokerette: I can't imagine.

Jokerette: traveler asks: Could you tell us about a couple of your favorite memories from BBAS?
Howie: Favorite memories: Georgeeeh snoring! Teasing and battling the Doctor! Just hanging with the houseguest was awesome. The funniest thing in my opinion was during the Big Boy gold VETO Georgeeeeh hosted the event and he would say and next is "the Evil Doctor Will" "and the Evil Doctor Will" that cracks me up lol

Caren: Howie, do you have a new reality show in the works?
Howie: just filmed it 3 weeks ago we go out and chase babes and the two guys that read the book the "the game" come in and correct our methods should be on in a few months and should be gteat
Caren: oh, that sounds great!
Jokerette: seriously? chasing women?
Caren: how did the girlfriend feel about that? LOL
Howie: thanks Caren
Jokerette: yeah how did sonia feel about that?
Howie: EBAY Sonia was lol
Jokerette: rofl i bet she was!

Jokerette: bamajen asks: did you get to taste any of Ross's good cooking? Janie says he is a really good cook
Howie: Ross flew me to a Lions vs. Falcons game in Detroit in November and we had room service and restaurants I missed Ross by two days when I stayed at Janies so I have not had the pleasure of Ross cooking for me yet???? But hopefully soon! LOL! Oh boy Big Daddy!
Jokerette: rofl neat! that was great of him
Howie: very nice Big Daddy's dreamy! Yeah he is! LOL! Oh boy Ross!
Jokerette: rofl i bet he is

Jokerette: jedifan702 asks: Howie why at Chicken Georges Jokers Chat there seem to be a bit of amosity toward janelle from CG?
Howie: I did not see Georgeeeehss chat! But I did not think there was bad blood between the two of them Janie and I left George a voice mail in November but I dont know their story I thought they were cool with each other oh boy Janie oh boy Georgeeeeehhh
Howie: why was there something said that stood out??
Jokerette: i don't remember.. you know me but he did seem a bit irked

Jokerette: I hear some cheating was done, by HGs. Did you ever see anyone cheat? (specifically I heard about a veto given in a pillow)
Howie: Jase had a VETO and kind of helped Janie but I don't think it was a difference maker but it was hard to see that day at the Big Brother dump georgeeehh had the dust flying but I dont think there as any cheating everyone was kind of doing there own thing isnt that song lol
Howie: Big brother would have intervened if a rule was broken

Jokerette: Moosie asks: What do you think about Alison taking over for Shapiro this year? Do you believe that there will be big changes? What would you like to see on Big Brother 8 (besides me - Moosie) ha ha
Jokerette: I think it's interesting grodner is taking over! I hadn't heard that.
Howie: Arnold was awesome so is Allison big changes no the show has been successful for a reason why change it if it aint broken so it should be similar with some twists I would like to see some better comps like the BB-6 days
Jokerette: like that car comp.. that was kewl wasn't it!
Howie: no eating crap lol or Ice Cream Clam Sundaes or SLOP lol
Jokerette: rofl
Jokerette: get rid of slop? Or keep slop?
Jokerette: did you like the slop idea?
Howie: sorry I couldnt type I had a booger stuck on my finger SLOP it served its purpose all stars were all on pb and j at one time so going back to pb and j for new cast members should be cool SLOP sucks LOL
Jokerette: I bet it does! poor george

Jokerette: RhiannonSkyLove asks: howie if he wants to take a walk on the wild side
Howie: You mean DUDES????? Hey, if you fix one toilet it doesnt make you a plumber

Jokerette: Elle511 asks: Are you still studying meteorology? I'd love to see you on my tv doing the weather someday. I think you'd be great. But you'd have to live somewhere where you get freak snow storms to make it interesting. :-)
Howie: I am going back into Meteorology this summer or the Fall at the lastest but you will see me on TV doing the Weather in the near future for sure
Howie: thanks
Jokerette: congrats.. do you know Harrison? Sheryl's bb2 son? He also is doing the weatherman thing.. tampa i think?
Howie: Harrison???? I don't know him!

Jokerette: Jiga asks: How do you feel about other houseguests coming out complaining about how the producers rigged everything so Janelle would win. Do you feel they are justified in trying to take away in Janelle's victories of winning competitions.
Howie: Janies popularity worked against her! She won fair and square! The events are not rigged! Julie Chen inadvertently called Janie out in the volcano event with Erika and Boogie. She should not have been eliminated if BB would have changed it then they would have been accused of favoring Janie so it was not in her favor in the END
Jokerette: why do people think it was rigged for janie, do you know?
Howie: she won all the time it is kind of unbeleivable but she is that GOOD

Jokerette: jedifan702 asks: Howie do you think all the players from bb7 have decompressed yet or are some taking a little longer to?
Howie: I decompresssd pretty qucikly this year because probably it was the 2nd time around I did not decompress going into All stars but I think everyone is back to business as usual except for James he is still the VETO King walking Red Carpets and getting on Magazine covers lol
Jokerette: rofl good for him tho!
Jokerette: what magazing was he on the cover?
Howie: James seeeeee wamesssss seeeeyy
Howie: a Milwaukee Magazine and some other local ones he won Best Looking Reality Star of 2006 and did the calendar as well
Jokerette: when evidently YOU are the best looking of course! How did that happen? heheheh
Howie: Do I really have a small pee pee? Yeah, but you know who it satisfies? "ME"!
Howie: I should have been on the Calendar as well oh well
Jokerette: of course you should!
Howie: no problem

Jokerette: Liann asks: What is one question you wish everyone would quit asking you?
Liann: Prolly that one now Ette
Jokerette: roflol proly
Howie: I don't mind any questions about BB I mean the questions Howie are you gay get old but I could give a rats ass lol
Jokerette: lmao people ASK you that no shit?
Howie: do I still love the Doctor?
Howie: yep no shit

Jokerette: jedifan702 asks: Howie could you give us a discription of the food fight and what everyone was doing? I wish we could have seen that
Jokerette: yeah i wish we could have seen that also! sounded like a hoot.
Howie: WE got cake and pizza for the half way point we ate and relaxed then Will started throwing cake on people getting it all over everyone I was gonna go workout and in the backyard Will threw cake all over me then I started chasing him and boogie with pizza and cake and throwing it on them next I knew there was cake and pizza everywherre boogie fell by the pool
Jokerette: rofl!
Jokerette: did boogie get hurt?
Howie: Boogie and Me we both were hurt not badly though

Jokerette: jfan asks: Howie how did you break Janelle's tv?
Jokerette: I didn't know you broke her tv. LOL
Howie: at her house? It was not working when I got there Ross bought an "X" Box and broke it not me Janie blamed me? lol
Jokerette: rofl I have no idea!
Jokerette: OK we sure thank you for this chat.. stick around a minute..
Jokerette: so everyone can say a quick bye to you
Howie: no problem any time
Caren: Thank you Howie, you are awesome!!
Jokerette: we sure enjoyed having you for sure!!!!!!!
Howie: thanks caren