<Kiana> Welcome to Laremy's chat... Real Network Interviewer... lol
<Kiana> For those of you who dont know, Laremy is the interviewer on the real network video chats of the houseguests
<Jokerette> hey laremy
<LaremyL> hey Jokerette!!
<Kiana> Laremy should we moderate the chat and take questions for you too? LOL
<Kiana> Do you guys want me to moderate the chat and take questions for Laremy, if he wants to? For real?
<Kiana> Laremy are you game?
<LaremyL> yeah kiana
<Kiana> I stopped chat for a minute so you can talk lol
<LaremyL> if you like
<Kiana> That would be cool!
<LaremyL> I'll try and answer as best as I can.... but just my opinion
<Jokerette> your opinion would be great
<LaremyL> Jokerette, you hanging in there?
<LaremyL> want me to kidnap scout and sent to you?
<Jokerette> yeah Laremy.. really hard tho
<LaremyL> I'm so sorry
<Jokerette> what/who is scout?
<Jokerette> thank you so much
<LaremyL> the little dog
<Kiana> erin's dog
<Jokerette> awwwwwwwwww
<Jokerette> oh!
<Kiana> it's a cutie
<Jokerette> Laremy, have you spoke to erin yet?
<LaremyL> he can't be that far away. I think Will stalks me.
<Jokerette> I bet he does lol
<LaremyL> I spoke to her during the Ctown chat..
<Jokerette> did she have anything interesting to say?
<Jokerette> yes me too!
<Kiana> We are having a spontaneous chat with Laremy - Real Network interview for the houseguests~~~

<Kiana> Laremy, were you buying anything Will said and if so what?
<Kiana> sorry
<Jokerette> lol
<Kiana> lol
<LaremyL> was I buying what Will said?
<LaremyL> is that the Q?
<Kiana> LOL
<Jokerette> yeah did he seem to be telling the truth?
<LaremyL> wow.. um...
<LaremyL> does he always seem honest to you?
<LaremyL> I mean.. I think he'd tell you that.
<Jokerette> not to me he sure as hell doesn't lol
<LaremyL> let's say he's very good at answering how he wants
<LaremyL> unlike honest janie.
<Jokerette> The one time we interviewed him.. he was dead quiet
<LaremyL> he loves controlling the interview too
<Jokerette> which was amazing, no? lol

<Kiana> Did you sense any fllirtation when Will called Janie before her chat?
<LaremyL> lol..
<Kiana> yes we really want to hear about that Laremy
<LaremyL> umm..
<Kiana> Does Winelle live or not?
<LaremyL> I think it does.
<LaremyL> that's my opinion.
<Kiana> OMG you started a bunch more discussion threads
<LaremyL> I know..
<LaremyL> curses
<Kiana> lol
<LaremyL> I want to be able to tell people "no"
<LaremyL> seriously
<LaremyL> because I want an answer too.
<LaremyL> but I think you'd have a tough time watching Janie's interview..
<Kiana> He has tried to control each interview, in what way?
<LaremyL> and say she wasn't avoiding something.
<Kiana> We agree with that
<LaremyL> He answers what he wants
<LaremyL> when he's there
<LaremyL> and he talks to all the HG's
<LaremyL> when he's not
<Jokerette> personally.. I think Janie is for sure into Will. Vice versa, I'm not so sure.
<LaremyL> good call
<LaremyL> I would agree more one way than the other

<Kiana> Does Real have any of the previous season live feeds saved somewhere and any chance of ever seeing those again like this years refeeds?
LaremyL> on the feeds, I think yes.
<Kiana> Do you think they will ever replay them again?
<LaremyL> Not so solid on the tech side, but I know they still exist for sure.
<LaremyL> do you think there would be interest?
<Jokerette> Why did real decide to replay the feeds? It's a great idea
<Kiana> yes there would be interest
<LaremyL> on previous seasons I mean
<Jokerette> yes there would be interest for sure
<Kiana> People live die and breathe for BB in these parts
<Jokerette> indeed

<Kiana> Does Will act towards Erin like he did towards Janey in the house?
<LaremyL> no.
<LaremyL> but keep in mind.. 90 minutes of time spent with them.
<LaremyL> so I mean.. you know..
<Jokerette> hard to tell?
<LaremyL> the "Staring" contests with Janie
<Kiana> yeah but any... "eye flirting"?
<Jokerette> did he whisper to erin
<Jokerette> yeah flirting!
<Kiana> Eye flirting or whispering?
<LaremyL> I'm pretty sure we've all not seen much of that in all of life
<Kiana> LOL
<LaremyL> I know I havent
<LaremyL> you?
<Jokerette> not me no
<LaremyL> that's what was so appealing.. the raw emotion of it
[23:48] <Kiana> Body language... did you notice if Erin tensed up or got uncomfortable around Janelle quesitons?
<LaremyL> my back was too her
<LaremyL> to
<LaremyL> yikes.. I write..
<Kiana> oooh ok

<Kiana> Any chance of a Chicken George Chat. I would be interested in his thoughts of the various HG
<LaremyL> CG.. maybe
<LaremyL> Erika might be it tho
<LaremyL> not really my call.. sorry!
<LaremyL> I'm in the call.. but not my call if you know what I mean.
<Kiana> right

<Kiana> Did Will have any "real" comments before you went live?
<LaremyL> will and boogie walked in about 45 seconds before live
<LaremyL> so no
<Kiana> and they were drunk, in your opinion?
<LaremyL> that's the least authentic interview in history
<Jokerette> lol
<Kiana> LOL we believe it
<LaremyL> Drunk, yes
<LaremyL> with Girlfriend yes
<LaremyL> with dog, yes
<LaremyL> I mean gimme a break!
<Jokerette> roflol
<LaremyL> I can only break down so many barriers over here...

<Jokerette> Have you tried to get an interview with Will and janie together?
<LaremyL> yes on Janie/Will
<LaremyL> Will/Janie interview = 25%
<Jokerette> Tell me.. how do you handle drunk interviews?
<LaremyL> that's where I'd put it
<Kiana> lol trust me we know how hard it is to interview sometimes
<LaremyL> um.. not too well obviously!
<Jokerette> We did one interview years ago with George.. he was so loaded lol
<LaremyL> lol
<Jokerette> I had to boot him lol
<LaremyL> Georgie... what a sweetheart.
<Jokerette> he's a total love!

<Kiana> Laremy did you know ahead of time that Will was going to call into Howie's chat & do you think it's strange that howie repeated Will's words "flirtmance" verbatum?
<LaremyL> I knew maybe an hour before
<LaremyL> tech nightmare
<LaremyL> Janie was too..
<LaremyL> didn't happen.
<Jokerette> awwwwwwwwww
<LaremyL> strange on Howie?
<LaremyL> no...
<LaremyL> They both wanted to ask Howie Q's
<Kiana> what didnt happen?
<Kiana> I'm confused
<LaremyL> whether he asked them to or no I don't know
<Kiana> oh ok
<LaremyL> um, Janie was supposed to call in too.
<Kiana> but its a bit suspicious they used his phrasing?
<LaremyL> As he said, he talks to Will every day.
<Kiana> I think that was the point, I haven't seen the Howie interview
<Kiana> yes he did say that!
<LaremyL> Now if we could just sequester Will....
<LaremyL> lol
<Kiana> LOL

<Kiana> I was confused about the "it was her idea for TAR"...what did that mean?
<LaremyL> the TAR q is tricky..
<Kiana> for those who joined late, please explain that too
<LaremyL> because I don't know if I fully understand it myself
<LaremyL> but here goes:
<LaremyL> before BB7 Erin had an idea to go on TAR
<LaremyL> with Will
<LaremyL> and now much thunder stolen.
<LaremyL> that's my impression.
<Jokerette> yeah no doubt.
<LaremyL> based on things said
<LaremyL> but again..
<Jokerette> who do you think Will would prefer doing it with? Boog/Janie?
<LaremyL> not really rock solid fact there.
<Kiana> yeah Janie has quickly made TAR really all about her ... lol
<Kiana> the fans want Janie more than anyone
<Jokerette> yeppers
<Steve3> me 2
<LaremyL> Why would Will do TAR though?
<Jokerette> A Will/Janie tar would pull in the ratings

<Kiana> What would be the main two questions you'd ask Will off the record?
<LaremyL> off the record..
<LaremyL> Serisouly, what's the deal??
<Kiana> lol
<LaremyL> that's one.
<Jokerette> lol
<Jokerette> hell yes
<Kiana> we ALL wanna know that one!
<LaremyL> second one... are you lying?
<Kiana> LOL!
<LaremyL> Will has dr 90210
<Kiana> and are you lying about not lying lol

<Jokerette> Perhaps this is why Will keeps the love triangle going to gurantee a spot for Erin and himself going to TAR
<Jokerette> rumor has a good point
<LaremyL> Well...
<Steve3> Prefer Janie over Erin
<LaremyL> I don't think logically that fully adds up.

<Kiana> Laremy people who have looked up future Dr 90210 episodes have said Will was cut from the 2 episodes he was supposed to be in. I dont know if this is fact or rumor?
<LaremyL> fact
<Kiana> wow
<Kiana> do you know why?
<LaremyL> he'll be on next year I think
<LaremyL> He also mentioned..
<LaremyL> during the interview
<LaremyL> that Boogie and him were on to some big thing.
<Jokerette> color me dumb, I thought 90210 was a dead show
<LaremyL> which I have no idea..
<LaremyL> Dr. 90210!
<LaremyL> lol
<Kiana> Dr 90210 the plastic surgeons Ette
<Jokerette> oh lol
<Kiana> on E!
<Jokerette> ok
<Kiana> lol will is a specialist for the show
<Kiana> one of many
<LaremyL> yeah

<Kiana> Did howie try to kiss you?
<Kiana> lol
<LaremyL> no.. but lots of hugs!
<LaremyL> that is a big human.
<Kiana> LOL
<LaremyL> I mean LOTS
<LaremyL> off camera.
<LaremyL> furtive.
<LaremyL> yikes.
<Kiana> Is he in better shape? I haven't seen the interview yet
<LaremyL> he said he's not
<LaremyL> which means better than 99% of the world still
<LaremyL> he said he gained like 15lbs
<Kiana> he gained more than that lol

<Kiana> I know Real is in Seattle, did you guys fly them to Seattle or is this a studio in LA?
<LaremyL> this one in LA
<LaremyL> I prefer Seattle...
<Kiana> I live near Seattle, so me too! lol
<LaremyL> Oh yeah? where?
<Kiana> Puyallup
<Kiana> near Tacoma
<LaremyL> Ahh.. are you the one who sends in Q's from Puyallup?
<Kiana> lol no
<LaremyL> hmm.. we have a puyallup q sumbitter
<LaremyL> you have company!
<Kiana> I dont even try, real has a lot of technical difficulties

<Kiana> Laremy--funny thing about Dr 9010 they have held all his footage until next season, Will claims on his myspace it's because he was in the BB house for 3 months and they needed more footage,so he can be a prominate feature next season, his words haha
<LaremyL> Yeah AAA, that's the current rumor. good call.
<LaremyL> boogie on 90210 too

<Kiana> Laremy, did you trick James with the infamous "audio leak" during his rp chat??
<LaremyL> no comment
<Kiana> LOL
<LaremyL> def not tricked
<LaremyL> you can't do that to people..
<Kiana> What are they talking about, do you mind telling some of us.. audio leak?
<Jokerette> wow if that's true, it's a trip
<LaremyL> I have not heard that.
<LaremyL> Audio leak?
<LaremyL> when James and I walked into the studio no one was there..
<Kiana> that question
<LaremyL> which is odd
<LaremyL> so we started talking
<LaremyL> and the audio was on
<Jokerette> oh!
<LaremyL> tech walks in
<Kiana> ooh that
<LaremyL> I'm like "we are muted right?"
<LaremyL> no...
<Jokerette> rofl oh no
<LaremyL> bonehead on my part.
<Kiana> LOL I dont think the fans minded
<Jokerette> did y'all say anything good?
<LaremyL> I felt really bad, James didn't seem to care much tho.
<LaremyL> He was talking about Winelle..
<Jokerette> James is pretty kewl
<LaremyL> and I said it looked real
<Jokerette> oh was he now!
<LaremyL> and he said Will told him no way

<Kiana> Why do you think everyone on sequester have the same responses about Winelle "the script" but when it comes to Kaysar is a different response, is Dr. Will buying this people silence lol
<LaremyL> but keep in mind, this is during sequester.
<Jokerette> methinks will doth protest too much.
<LaremyL> Not sure I get the Q totally
<LaremyL> any thoughts ette or K?
<Kiana> I think they are suggesting that Will got to the sequester people...
<Jokerette> I'm also lost, sorry to say
<LaremyL> Ahhh...
<LaremyL> I get it now.
<Kiana> not so much brainwashing for those who didnt make it to sequester
<Jokerette> oh!
<LaremyL> Kaysar didn't say much about it tho did he?
<Jokerette> I think by the time sequester happened... they were all 'onto' will
<LaremyL> no one has been totally honest
<Kiana> No, he was pc about it
<Jokerette> i don't know how much more bullshit they would take, myself
<LaremyL> but the worst is Janie honestly.
<LaremyL> Janie should say "nothing there
<LaremyL> if that's the case.

<Kiana> Is there anything we (the fans) can do to increase the chances of having a Janelle/Will realplayer interview?
<LaremyL> Hmm.. no, Real is tryig hard.
<Kiana> yeah her interview was flawed.. she was so afraid of saying the wrong thing to upset Will
<Kiana> Well some fans have access to Janie
<LaremyL> could you hear me laugh during the Janie one?
<Kiana> maybe they can put a word in for real!
<LaremyL> I was like "umm... okay"
<Jokerette> did you laugh? hehehe
<LaremyL> I mean.. really.. I have eyes people.
<Kiana> LOL

<Kiana> Of all the HG's you've interviewed, which one seemed most real?
<LaremyL> Kaysar.
<LaremyL> easily.
<Kiana> that was fast lol
<LaremyL> They are all interesting.
<LaremyL> But I think Kaysar is always Kaysar.
<LaremyL> whearas the others flitter in and out of character

<Kiana> It means a lot that you actually watched the live feeds. Fans enjoy your interviews because of this.
<Kiana> They really get uspet that Gretchen from House Calls does NOT watch the live feeds and is clueless
<LaremyL> Me too..
<LaremyL> on HC
<LaremyL> but with Marcellas back he watches
<LaremyL> so good news there.
<Kiana> If you like marcellas...
<Kiana> think he lost any fans this season?
<LaremyL> Well.. lol
<Kiana> lol
<LaremyL> he does watch tho!
<Kiana> that is true!
<LaremyL> Um yeah for sure.
<LaremyL> Erika more though.
<Kiana> yeah that's too bad
<LaremyL> agree.
<Kiana> are you going to have enough bandwidth for Erika's chat? hehe
<LaremyL> ouch.
<Kiana> lol sorry... that was bad... Jokerette loves Erika
<LaremyL> none of these guys are "bad" though you know?
<Kiana> and a lot of people here do
<LaremyL> just different.
<Jokerette> Erika is a friend yes good soul, she is

<Kiana> Did WIll make any questions off limits to him and Janelle during their interviews?
<LaremyL> Off limits, no.
<LaremyL> no one has done that.
<LaremyL> they just don't answer lol
<LaremyL> Jokerette: I'm am going to try and be really nice.. but an hour has to be filled somehow..
<Kiana> We understand that... even though ours is an easier medium LOL

<Kiana> You are SUCH a good interviewer. Where did you learn your skills and how did you get this gig?
<LaremyL> I've interviewed for a while now
<LaremyL> an hour is TOUGH though
<LaremyL> I got the gig as a freelance writer
<Kiana> do you get enough calls to fill the hour or do you have to improvise?
<Kiana> or enough questions
<LaremyL> we get enough to fill
<LaremyL> but I do want to make it interesting
<LaremyL> which is where I ad lib

<Kiana> Why couldn't you have Will and Boogie separate? Did they only agree to be interviewed if they were together?
<LaremyL> I think at the time we thought they would be better together.
<Kiana> Someone wants to know if you ever got a straight answer on the Fruit Analogy q
<LaremyL> from Janie mostly yeah?
<LaremyL> I should have followed up on the "delicious" thing though
<LaremyL> that haunts me
<Kiana> what was that part again?
<LaremyL> Kiana: you mean the whole metaphor?
<LaremyL> or the q?
<Kiana> the delicious followup
<Kiana> I remember the fruit analogy question
<LaremyL> Oh, I should have asked if she thought the grapefruit would be delicious
<Kiana> LOL
<LaremyL> she might have answered that
<LaremyL> the best though
<Kiana> well we have a great question for a future chat with her
<LaremyL> and others have said this too
<Kiana> thank you lol
<Kiana> someone write that down
<LaremyL> was when I asked if Erin deserved to know if she was being played
<LaremyL> NO!
<LaremyL> I almost passed out.
<LaremyL> forgot who sent that one in, but thanks!
<Kiana> lol

<Kiana> As far as the possible J & W interview, is it Will who's hesitant, or both of them?
<LaremyL> Will more than Janie in my opinion.
<Kiana> this calls for serious opinion on your part...

<Kiana> With what small amount of time you spent with Erin, does it seem that she knows ALL that went on in the house?
<LaremyL> hmm... I'd bet not.
<Kiana> I dont think I could figure out what she knows in just an hour's presence lol
<LaremyL> true
<Kiana> lol...

<Kiana> vgood2 asks: Laremy is hot, can I get a twirl
<Kiana> LOL are you ever on camera Laremy?
<LaremyL> vgood2 <twirl>
<LaremyL> and I assure you, not hot.
<Kiana> lol
<Kiana> that would be a first in Joker history I think
<LaremyL> I am on much more than I'd choose.. lol.
<LaremyL> usually before during sound checks
<Kiana> ok your back was to her so Im not sure you know this answer...
<LaremyL> and then the infamous twirl.

<Kiana> What was Erin's reaction when you asked Will about Aug 22nd?
<LaremyL> nada, the same as him.
<Kiana> poker face?
<Jokerette> couple a fakers
<LaremyL> I don't think she was watching 24/7
<LaremyL> no verbal reaction
<LaremyL> behind me..so she might have made a face, who knows.
<Kiana> No way, she is a busy multimillionaire
<LaremyL> I think she caught a few of the shows
<LaremyL> and heard from friends
<Jokerette> this whole thing had to be hard on erin.. but it speaks volumes she was at his interview and the parties
<LaremyL> Jokerette: say you and I were dating
<LaremyL> and I went on BB
<LaremyL> and made eyes like he did
<LaremyL> would you take me back?
<Kiana> you'd be long gone
<LaremyL> exactly.
<Jokerette> hell no
<Kiana> but funny you bring that up... along with the twirl up above
<Jokerette> but erin doesn't seem to mind

<Kiana> This question is from bbinsider who's on her blackberry...Laremy, who were you pulling for to win the game all of the HG's?
<LaremyL> To win??
<Kiana> I think so
<LaremyL> to win... probably Will. or Janelle.
<Kiana> a fan thinks everyone should know.....

<Kiana> This is the portion of the chat where you should mention your wife lol
<Kiana> lol
<LaremyL> I love my wife! more than life itself!
<Jokerette> oh rats! wife?
<LaremyL> noved, calling me out.
<Jokerette> lol
<Kiana> lol
<LaremyL> there I was making eyes too..
<Kiana> Okay ladies, no more twirls
<LaremyL> she loves Janie..
<LaremyL> so I was fine there.

<Kiana> Which chat has been your favorite and why? Thanks for doing a GREAT job!
<LaremyL> favorite.. well..
<LaremyL> Janelle was the biggest rush in terms of people caring
<LaremyL> but Kaysar was the best in terms of a "good interview"
<Kiana> oh yeah, same when she showed up here
<Jokerette> people adore janie
<LaremyL> with interaction on both sides.
<LaremyL> Howie I just watched.
<Jokerette> yep our kaysar chat was pretty smooth
<Kiana> Kaysar was more lighthearted and relaxed with you than I had "read" him in other chats and interviews
<Kiana> including here
<LaremyL> We could of pulled someone off the street to do that.
<Jokerette> lol

<Jokerette> What do you think about Dani's response about Will knowing that Janie is definitely in love with Erin? He seems to trust some people, would he trust and tell Dani...we emailed her and she seems to know more about Erin and Will
<LaremyL> so the q is Dani on Will/Janelle?
<Jokerette> yeppers
<Kiana> Janie in love with Erin?
<Jokerette> winelle is BIG around here
<Kiana> lol did I read that wrong?
<LaremyL> yeah, I kind of assumed the other way there
<Jokerette> holy shit
<Jokerette> i didn't read it before i posted it.. rofl
<Kiana> LOL
<LaremyL> Um, I would say if that's true Danielle would know more than me by 1000x.. so if she says Winelle, I'm down with that!
<Kiana> I think they think you are all bb gossip

<Kiana> Laremy do you know what kind of meeting Janelle is having in LA next week?
<LaremyL> meeting.. well something entertaiment related
<LaremyL> can probably piece it together based on the chat.

<Kiana> Are you going to ask the tough questions to Erika? If so, we're lining them up!!
<LaremyL> Touch?
<LaremyL> Tough i mean.
<LaremyL> how tough can I get?
<Kiana> and followup on that... What is the toughest question you will ask her?
<LaremyL> You know..
<LaremyL> I really want her to come clean and just say Boogie treated her bad and he's a jerk for doing it.
<LaremyL> So I'll ask that.. lol.
<Kiana> But she's been in face-saving mode so... good luck lol
<LaremyL> I know, no more face saving!
<Jokerette> she's in pain
<LaremyL> Jokerette: tell her to bash boog! Let's all get out of pain!
<Jokerette> lol yep i wish she would.
<Kiana> yeah Ette, you can talk to her in person and tell her to spill lol
<LaremyL> Why protect boogie?
<Kiana> one day
<Jokerette> i think she's protecting herself
<Kiana> I think she is just trying to be the cool chick
<Jokerette> not him
<Jokerette> yes ki
<Kiana> the one who played him back
<LaremyL> hmm..
<LaremyL> but healing starts with honesty

<Kiana> Do you believe Janelle "betrayed" James?
<LaremyL> yikes.. on the betrayed
<Kiana> lol
<LaremyL> I believe James feels he was betrayed.

<Kiana> Erika has said that she made much more than $50K (implying Boogie gave her money).. pleaaaassse ask her about that!
<LaremyL> now I am yoda.
<Kiana> LOL
<LaremyL> Boogie said no way on that.
<LaremyL> but maybe he ied.
<LaremyL> lied.
<Kiana> This is a cool treat, we are glad you are here and I rescued you from 300 hungry chatters lol
<LaremyL> hell ya
<LaremyL> I can do a few more minutes...
<Kiana> ok cool!
<LaremyL> and then back to work.
<Kiana> No problem, you'll have to make sure to visit us often though, and every BB from now on
<LaremyL> will do K

<Kiana> Was Howie difficult to interview? He seems pretty long winded.
<LaremyL> Howie easy.. microphone, camera, sit back and watch.
<LaremyL> he's a dynamo
<LaremyL> the HARDEST was...
<Jokerette> yep i agree.. he's easy
<LaremyL> (drumrole)
<Kiana> lol
<LaremyL> anyone have a guess?
<Kiana> CT
<LaremyL> NOPE
<Jokerette> janie?
<LaremyL> Janelle!!
<Kiana> janelle?
<Kiana> lol
<LaremyL> She is curt
<Jokerette> yes she was hard for me also
<LaremyL> brief
<LaremyL> terse
<LaremyL> to the point
<Kiana> well CT answered you, they just lied all the way through
<Jokerette> yeppers
<LaremyL> I went through SOOOO many questions.
<Jokerette> so did we. lol
<LaremyL> I was like ahhhh say more woman!
<Kiana> lol
<Jokerette> and then it takes her a while to respond bless her

<Kiana> Was howie having an asthma attack during your interview?
<LaremyL> no, just a bad cough
<LaremyL> tried to get him to drink!
<Kiana> LOL I am laughing at this...
<LaremyL> and not hug me so close!

<Kiana> PLEASE if Will and Janie do an interview, will you build a pillow wall between them?
<Jokerette> lol
<LaremyL> IF they do
<Kiana> rofl only a live feed addict would get that
<LaremyL> I will
<LaremyL> promise
<Kiana> LOL cool
<LaremyL> but THIS time
<LaremyL> we will be able to see under it.
<Jokerette> have them walk together
<Jokerette> yay under!
<LaremyL> 2 more
<Kiana> oooh yeah see through pillows
<Kiana> ok
<Jokerette> what we really needed was a cam in the hot tub
<Jokerette> for next year, lar... a cam in the hottub
<LaremyL> How could they not put a cam in the tub??
<LaremyL> I mean really...
<Jokerette> indeed
<LaremyL> What did happen under there?
<LaremyL> had to have been a kiss yeah?
<Jokerette> i saw hands under there!
<Jokerette> and a kiss!

<Kiana> Do you have a hard time not laughing at some of the answers?
<LaremyL> I do laugh!!
<Kiana> LOL
<Kiana> ok last question... more like helpful advice....

<Kiana> Promise will a trampoline and I bet he'll do the interview w/ janie =)
<LaremyL> tramploline? I was thinking more truth serum...
<Kiana> LOL
<Jokerette> rofl truth serum
<Jokerette> it might kill him

<Kiana> Is there anything you'd like to tell the fans? Also, we appreciate this, this was fun
<Kiana> you are a great guest, you could teach some of them a thing or two
<Jokerette> yes laremy for bb 8!
<LaremyL> In all seriousness, all the love, q's, and support from Jokers has been amazing
<Kiana> You are the 15th hg this year I think lol
<LaremyL> I def don't deserve it!
<Kiana> well they wanna talk to you like they do all of our celebs...
<Kiana> You feed hungry addicts, so thank you
<LaremyL> and if tomorrow is the end... well thx
<Kiana> come back anytime!
<LaremyL> and if NOT...
<LaremyL> Thx guys
<Jokerette> indeed.. thanks so much for this
<Kiana> LOL cool, ok the room wants to open up for you