<Lane> Hey everyone again and thanks so much for coming
<Lane> We have had a lot of questions that have been posted on the forum for Kaysar and I want to thank everyone for submitting them
<Kaysar> Before we go on... I wouuld like to thank everyone for coming today
<Lane> So without a further ado...let's get right to it
<Kaysar> I would also like to thank everyone for their support in getting me into the house, during the show, and their continued support now

<Lane> Kaysar, why are people saying that you had pre-game alliances? If you did, please tell us with whom, and why you chose to go against your contract. For the record, I refuse to believe them until I hear (read) it straight from you!
<Kaysar> I am hopeful that this is only the beginning
<Kaysar> I already addressed this on the real network chat
<Kaysar> I spoke to will while I was setting up the chat we had
<Kaysar> it came up and I told him I will see what happens but I won't turn on my team
<Kaysar> he brought it up again in the house and I told him I won't turn on my team. I'm sure someone transcribed that somewhere.

<Lane> In your private chats with Dani, you seemed reluctant to take her hint that she wanted to work with you and be her 'Jason'. Why? And do you regret not making a deal with her to ensure your personal safety?
<Kaysar> Again. I was not willing to turn on my team. It wasn't the right thing to do. I couldn't scumbag janie, james, and howie like that.
<Kaysar> I don't regret not taking her deal

<Lane> My question is about James. I'm sure you had to be hurt by his actions and words in the game. Do you think he's really dilusional enough that he believes his distorted view of what actually happened and that you guys turned on him?
<Kaysar> I was disappointed at first.
<Kaysar> I can kind of see where he is coming from. He wanted to make sure that we weren't screwing him.
<Kaysar> James is an emotional player and person
<Kaysar> he said it himself
<Kaysar> For that reason we felt as thought we had to be cautious with him
<Kaysar> I do believe he went overboard with the blaming though
<Kaysar> he even blamed me on the way out

<Lane> Does James know that you didn't play for veto because you felt if you won you couldn't choose between him and Janelle? James seemed to think that her not picking you or Howie to play veto was another supposed betrayal on her part.
<Kaysar> I didn't play in the VETO comp the week I left the house because I didn't want to make him feel like we were siding against him!!
<Kaysar> and in the end I find out he was plotting that week
<Kaysar> I'm not sure if he knows. I think I told him that. He might want to believe what he believe anyway

<Lane> Did the backstab by James, REALLY come out of nowhere, or did you suspect his double-dealing from early on?
<Kaysar> I desperately wanted to rectify the situation that happened last year
<Kaysar> We suspected that he was going to turn eventually
<Kaysar> when we asked him if he would turn
<Kaysar> he didn't say that he wanted to be with us
<Kaysar> or that he totally had our back
<Kaysar> It wasn't assuring
<Kaysar> it sounded like it was his best available option at the time
<Kaysar> so that didn't feel good at all
<Kaysar> but I wan't to make sure NOT to give him a reason to leave
<Kaysar> or turn on us
<Kaysar> I wanted to keep the team together

<Lane> If you Had stayed to win the next hoh..and remained unaware of James' "backstory" ... Who would you have targeted next?
<Kaysar> I would love to say Chilltown but you just don't know
<Kaysar> things are moment to moment in that house.

<Lane> Do you agree that Janelle¹s decision to evict Diane was the alliance¹s downfall?
<Kaysar> i spoke diane after the game... I spoke to people around diane. Diane was probably going to come after us
<Kaysar> Diane is a great player. She can be a one woman wrecking crew
<Kaysar> James had diane on his side
<Kaysar> we didn't

<Lane> How is it possible that nearly every houseguest simply never saw Will and Boogie as a threat? How could people like Diane and Nikomas be more of a threat than a previous "Big Brother" winner?
<Kaysar> We did see him as a threat. That was the point. but season six was a huge threat as well. For us it was like week 3 and we are thinking how do we remove the numbers for the floaters and keep them scared of will and boogie instead of sov 6
<Kaysar> so we kept chipping away at the snakes in the grass because no one would go for them
<Kaysar> and leave the obvious target
<Kaysar> like will who we thought everyone would want out
<Kaysar> but instead out own allies joined with him
<Kaysar> I even wanted to create a fake alliace to make people in the house paranoid
<Kaysar> and go after chill town
<Kaysar> that didn't work out so well
<Kaysar> because people on my own alliance didn't even get it

<Lane> What did you miss the most when you were living in the house??
<Kaysar> I missed my friends. the hardest part was that I couldn't talk to my friend who had just suffered from a family tragedy
<Kaysar> A day before I left to sequester
<Kaysar> I found out that their parents were in a private plane crash
<Kaysar> mother, father and sister were burned
<Kaysar> they didn't think they were going to make it
<Lane> yeah I remember that conversation
<Kaysar> That was always on my mind in the house
<Lane> you told Danielle and Howie about it one night
<Kaysar> yep
<Kaysar> next question

<Lane> What do you honestly believe/know about the relationship between Janelle and Will both inside and out of the house? Do you think they had real romantic feelings for one another that have now been damaged by lingering hurt over how the game ended and certain comments that each has made about the other?
<Kaysar> Well.
<Kaysar> I think that in the house they were probably interested in one another
<Kaysar> But you know... the house does some crazy things to you
<Kaysar> sometimes you are lonely, other times you are sad, other times you are happy and need someone to share that with
<Kaysar> you need to turn to someone
<Kaysar> janelle and will hung out
<Kaysar> and they like to flirt
<Kaysar> so they did that a lot

<Lane> My question is are you mad at Janellle for falling for Will and his lies?
<Kaysar> I don't think there will be anything between them outside the house
<Kaysar> Am I mad at janelle? No
<Kaysar> will is convincing.
<Kaysar> I'm mad at Howie for falling for will
<Kaysar> LOL
<Kaysar> Howie is not even gay.
<Lane> LOL
<Kaysar> I don't think he is at least
<Kaysar> then again no one really knows
<Kaysar> But Janie is a big girl and she can make her own decisions

<Lane> What is your relationship with Janelle like outside of the BB house; have you ever had feelings for her?
<Kaysar> I have feelings for her
<Kaysar> as a good friend
<Kaysar> I want only the best for her.
<Kaysar> she is a good person
<Kaysar> But I want the best for all my friends
<Kaysar> And after everything is said and done I came out of this season with more friends.

<Lane> If not Boogie or Erika, or Janelle or Will, (not counting yourself) who else did you think belonged in the final 2?
<Kaysar> And after everything is said and done I came out of this season with more friends.

<Kaysar> Well..
<Kaysar> I think that Danielle is great player
<Kaysar> you should hear the things that she comes up with. Its outta control

<Lane> George won the POV for agreeing to be on "slop" for 60 days as opposed to your answer of 15 days. However, he was allowed to eat real food for a decent amount of time because of slop passes and special occasions. Putting aside how horrible or inhumane the slop is.....Do you think it's fair that he was allowed to eat real food, since it was his commitment to eat slop for 60 days that won him the POV?
<Kaysar> I think george would have eaten a houseguest if he didn't get those passes
<Kaysar> So I think it was done for the saftey of the remaining houseguests
<Kaysar> lol
<Lane> LOL
<Kaysar> I don't care what anyone says. Eating slop for a prolonged period of time is not healthy
<Kaysar> people will go crazy

<Lane> What did you think of Howie and his yelling at Mike Boogie when exiting the BB house?
<Kaysar> I don't think it was a good idea to go out like that .
<Kaysar> I know that the game gets heated but I think it was important to remind ourselves that we are going to get lied to

<ladyjinx> Is there anything that you wished you did differently while you were still in the house to possibly have furthered your game?
<Kaysar> I'm not sure if it would have furthered me in the game
<Kaysar> but I should have just played the game I knew best
<Kaysar> which is... more aggresively
<Kaysar> I should have targeted chill town
<Kaysar> and not worried about the "sleepers"
<Kaysar> then again... I don't think I was really targeted the week I left
<Kaysar> it just was meant to turn out the way it did
<Kaysar> the series of events was not a coincidence
<Kaysar> the deal with howie and dani, james getting the remove 1 vote,
<Kaysar> and I went on slop
<Kaysar> everything went wrong
<Kaysar> It was my time to leave I guess
<Kaysar> next question please

<Lane> How do you feel having the experiances of being on big brother and then being selected as one of the america's choices has changed you?
<Kaysar> I think there was a time when I spoke 1 on 1 with goerge about family. It was a short conversation but it was a meaningful one
<Kaysar> I think this has been the most life changing experience thus far
<Kaysar> It has shaped my life greatly
<Kaysar> I feel as thought I can accomplish all the crazy goal I set aside for later in my life now
<Kaysar> It gives me hope that the world can be fixed
<Kaysar> because I am just a normal guy who comes from a different part of the world, but people still had the courage to stand by me
<Kaysar> and that means a heck of a lot

<Lane> Are you as disappointed in being backdoored and evicted as you were last season in BB6 since it didn't seem like you were disappointed in Dani for putting you on the block?
<Kaysar> I don't think I'm cut out for the game. As the game goes on... YOU HAVE TO scumbag people
<Kaysar> in the beginning you can do things in order to not get you hands dirty but towards the end...its not possible
<Kaysar> I think maybe last year I could have won without playing a dirty game but definitely not this year
<Kaysar> I think I've accepted the game for what it is
<Kaysar> last year was more of a dissappointent while this year I know all the good things i'm walking away with are worth so much more
<Kaysar> I accept what happened... 100%

<Cyounus> After you were evicted were you kinda relieved to be leaving or were you more like ( Darnit I've been evicted) ?
<Kaysar> I had mixed feelings about my eviction. I was happy to be out because the game is crazy but I wanted to continue to compete.

<Cyounus> You have said so many times that BB was not the game for you. After two tries, I am sure you have learned so much about yourself, your strengths, and your limits. There are certain times in our lives when we learn and grow as we test and acknowledge how far we will or will not veer away from our core beliefs and values. Many people look at the BB experience as a game, therefore "anything goes" in their strive for money
<Kaysar> Well I was in there 3 times.
<Kaysar> lol
<Kaysar> Who says that the 3rd time is a charm.
<Kaysar> They are wrong!!
<Kaysar> lol
<Lane> lol
<Kaysar> I learned so much about myself and the the world
<Kaysar> the game has opened me up to so many people
<Kaysar> for that I am grateful
<Kaysar> but I could have never won that money. and thats ok
<Kaysar> I have won the respect of others
<Kaysar> and thats what matters
<Kaysar> I don't want that money. I want to change the world.
<Kaysar> The unity that has come from being on the show is priceless

<Cyounus> What special plans do you and your family have for Ramadan and Eid!
<Kaysar> I'll be taking it easy, praying that I become a better man
<Kaysar> and spending time reflecting

<ladyjinx> i am not going to ask what do you think about the conflict between lebanon and israel but it must have been a shock to u , my question is have u ever been to lebanon or any other middle eastern countries? which one is ur favourite and what do u love and miss abt the arab world?
<Kaysar> I want to spend time with those who are closest to me
<Kaysar> I have never been to Lebanon but I went to syria a couple yrs back
<Kaysar> I have never met my extended family so we went to syria where my family drove accross the border
<Kaysar> I will not set foot in Iraq. Its too dangerous
<Kaysar> that is the only arab country I have been to since I left iraq when I was 2. Once I get things in order here I will do more traveling.
<Kaysar> I think I would like to see as many countries as I can
<Kaysar> and not necessarily for vacationing

<Cyounus> Do you have any favorite reality shows that you like to watch?
<Kaysar> ummmm
<Kaysar> I think that flavor of love is funny
<Kaysar> but very creepy
<Kaysar> TAR is great
<Kaysar> fear factor every now and then

<Lane> Have you had any offers to be on Y&R again? or other shows?
<Kaysar> Not so much offers. but I have a lot of friends in hollywood that have expressed their interest to "help" me out
<Kaysar> so We'll have to wait and see
<Kaysar> I think from here on out I need to prove myself as an actor
<Kaysar> I don't want free bees
<Kaysar> I want to be taken seriously
<Kaysar> And I think I have to show people that I want it
<Kaysar> I have a few important meetings coming up

<Lane> Is there any news about the Kite Runner, and would you be willing to tell us a little about it?
<Kaysar> the cast company what was working on the project has changed so I lost contact with people working on the film. I have to find out who is doing the casting now.
<Kaysar> If I get any new projects you will definitely know
<Kaysar> lol

<Lane> Do you have any plans of any future reality shows that you can discuss?
<Kaysar> There are no plans yet. but if there are I'll make sure to let all know... if I can.

<Lane> In the acting world, who would you most like to act with, if you had a choice in picking?
<Kaysar> I think george cloony is awesome
<Kaysar> philipe symore hoffman
<Kaysar> edward norton
<Kaysar> to name a few

<Lane> I am really excited that you have taken to acting. Do you plan to audition for live theater in addition to tv and film?
<Kaysar> ok I think we are done after this question
<Kaysar> my focus is going to be television and film
* Bebe is now known as You
<Kaysar> I hope to eventually do some public speaking
<Kaysar> I think we are going to anounce the winner of the game
<Shelleypr> Great!!
<ladyjinx> Woot!!!
<Kaysar> I think I am going to be taken seriously thru hard work

<ladyjinx> Assalamu alaikum, Kaysar. My question is about the Rock Star t-shirts you were wearing on BB7 and gave to James before you left the house. I was trying to find one like it and found out that you sold them in the past. Are they still available and where? Congratulations for Ramadan. May Allah accept your fasting.
<Kaysar> The shirts are not available yet but they will be available soon. check back on my site or my myspace and we will keep you posted

<Lane> ok that is the end of the questions Thanks to everyone... now we're going to switch gears to announce the Fantasy League winners!
<Kaysar> The winner of the game is.....
<Kaysar> drumroll please
<Shelleypr> ...........
<Lane> ** drum roll **
<Kaysar> FerFerandKobe
<ladyjinx> *claps*
<Shelleypr> Congratulations!!!
<Kaysar> congratulations
<Lane> Congrats!!!!
<Lane> whoo hooo!!!
<Cyounus> way to go
<ladyjinx> Woot!!!
<Kaysar> Thank you for coming everyone
<Kaysar> its been awesome
<Shelleypr> Thank you Kaysar!