Alliances, fake alliances, ousted alliances and Donny the Spelling Champ


10:45 am we get the first wakeup call of the season on the feeds.  Everyone was grooming and getting ready for the upcoming VETO competition. The first mention of game was when Devin told Caleb and Frankie that that Amber is voting to keep Donnie and going against the bomb squad. (Bomb squad alliance consists of: Frankie, Caleb, Devin (who think they are the brains of the alliance),Amber, Christine. Nicole, Zach, Derik, ). Caleb tells them to calm down that the three of them are loyal to each other and that is important. He said he would discuss Donny with Amber later showing her how big of a threat he really is.


Frankie leaves HOH then tells Zach that Joey, Paola, and Victoria are huge targets.

By 11:40 the feeds shut down for the VETO competition. When the feeds come back at 4:15 we see that Donny has won POV. Seems the competition was some kind of spelling competition. Veto players, Cody, Caleb, Frankie, Donny, Zach, Joey

Caleb is talking to Brittney and he tells her he will go with the majority on who they want to put up. Brit thinks Amber is strong in comps, Caleb said he wants to keep Paola because she is weak. Brit then said that Nicole and Christine are the strongest strategically because they know the game so well (super fans). Brit asks him to keep her choices just between them.

Brit leaves in walks Amber. Caleb asks her if she would have voted Donny out….she said she would have voted the way the house was voting. She then told him she would put up Hayden or Joey.  She asks him who Brit wanted up and he would not say Caleb only said that it was not her (Amber).

Nicole and Hayden talk. Nicole states she is stressed and feels she might go up. Hayden tries to calm her down.

Caleb and Cody quickly talk in the storage room. He tells them people so far said Hayden, Paola and Joey so far.


Caleb then corners Hayden he tells him one person suggested putting him up, Hayden suggests putting Joey up. Devin comes in and said to put Joey up. Caleb said he hates getting rid of people so the only way to go is to get rid of floaters. Joey knocks on the door and Caleb asks for a few more minutes. Hayden then said that he would nominate Zach as the guy nom. said he sleeps all day and is friends with Frankie.

Meanwhile Victoria is crying to Frankie that her hair is falling out that is why she has hair extensions. She does not want people to think she is ugly.

Joey finally gets to say her peace. Caleb tells her that whatever he does is what the house wants not him because he does not want blood on his hands. He then told her that it was dumb that she told everyone about the failed girl alliance.

Frankie and Christine were studying what happened on what days. Frankie said nothing happened on day 2 except what we can’t talk about. Caleb comes in and asks if they are all on the same page,,,, Frankie said yes. After Caleb leaves Christine asks what page and Frankie told her to put up Joey.


Frankie and Zach Have a final 2 deal. Nicole and Christine are butt 2 butt bed buddies. People with no real alliance yet are: Victoria, Brit, Jocasta, Donny, Paola and Hayden.

Caleb and Frankie talk again and Caleb said he wants to backdoor Joey because she is not threatening.

Zach talks to Frankie and Frankie tells him that they are going to backdoor Joey. Zach keeps saying that he wants to lie low, and keep sleeping so nobody notices him. Zach keeps telling Frankie how great his social game is. That he should not change a thing. Frankie said that there are plenty of targets in the house and he will just be the same and be friendly. Both agree that Christine is friendly. Zach said to Frankie that they are Memphis and Dan and will glide to the end. Lol

Donny and Paola were chatting at 6:14 last night. He told her to be friendly and chat with everyone. While talking it was discovered that he does not know everyone’s name yet, he still referred to Joey as blue haired girl and was surprised there was a Derik. He then told her Caleb’s reign as HOH is over because the house controls the vote.  Derik comes over and Donny and he chat about his park and rec job. Derik gave a pretty detailed explanation then ended it with that in his town they have an excellent police department!

Later that night Joey started pleading with Cody for his vote. She told him she is going up and needs his vote. He agreed to not vote her out.

Everyone enjoyed some time outside. They played pool, hung at the hot tub (which is not turned on yet) and Frankie and a bunch started learning a dance routine.

At midnight they all yelled out Happy Birthday to Devin’s daughter.


Zach was in the hammock at approx. midnight by himself and talking to himself. He was saying that the alliance of 8 is a joke, that it was not even legal. He said him and Frankie will be final 2 and that they were back dooring Joey this week. He also said he has a secret alliance with Derrek and Cody. Frankie joins him and Zach tells him that Frankie has already made fan favorite, Frankie agrees and then said he has to make it to end to make it legit. Frankie said he did not know he would have to play so hard so fast. Zach said he talks to himself to keep the internet informed.

Caleb tells Paola that he saw Amber at the airport and wished that she would be in the big brother house with him. He thinks she is beautiful.

Joey corners Victoria and asks for her vote. Victoria said she would vote out Paola because Paola has nothing to offer anyone.

Frankie said he is going to feed the fish everyday this summer no matter who is HOH. He has taken on the responsibility.

Before bed Frankie and Cody talked about voting out Joey. They both agreed that it is the best move but don’t want her to leave. Cody then told Frankie he would not vote him out. Caleb joins them and ask if he should be scared of being put up in the next couple of weeks, Frankie said the only person to put him up would be Brittney. He then told everyone he asked Brit who he should put up and she said Devin.  Frankie then tell Caleb and Cody they are all sitting pretty for 8 weeks (really).

Derrek came up to HOH and said he was voting with the alliance if 8, Caleb said he was going with the majority. Majority wanted Joey up. The agreed to let nomination go then start telling them who to vote out. That they have control of the house with the alliance of 8. Devin joined the group and they told him about house vote and how Joey is going. Devin said he is surprised at the vote against Joey. They agree that they want a couple of votes outside their alliance they will be ok with the votes. They think that Brittney is the only one with balls to put them up. Devin and Donny alliance is a joke. Devin tells the guys he told him to lie low for a few weeks. They said to keep it up in case he wins HOH. They are talking about all of them reaching jury and how cool that would be. Caleb told everyone that if he ever got voted out he would oust the alliance on the way out the door. They think they have something good going on with their alliance, that it will work and be remembered.  At 4:40 am the group breaks up and head to bed. Devin heads to the shower. After his shower he cleaned up the kitchen, he was waiting for his sleeping bag to dry in the dryer. He cleaned up and sanitized kitchen, Picked up everyone’s stuff from living room too.

The Have not room now have blankets. The room is freezing and they only had these aluminum foiled blankets so the DR gave them regular blankets.

What will happen tomorrow? Will Caleb make a move on Amber? Will Zach get out of bed? Will Joey be nominated? Will Donny figure out that Devin is not loyal to his alliance?