Donny is up early as usual.

10:20am Cody joins him for an early morning strategy session. Donny explains how he sees the "pecking order" and that Cody is the low hanging fruit. He repeatedly says Derrick is the reason Hayden and Nicole are gone trying to get Cody to not fully trust Derrick. He tells him Derrick will be his downfall too. He tells him Christine will vote him out too.

Cody says a lot of "yeahs"  and they both agree not to put each other up if either win the next HOH.

Cody says he does trust Derrick and doesn't think Derrick is as close with Frank/Chris/Caleb as Donny thinks. Cody tells Donny that Derrick isn't paranoid about Donny just paranoid in general especially about Caleb going all "stealthmode cowboy". 

After the conversation, Cody goes into the kitchen and mutter's "Donny, Donny, Donny."

At some point after the conversation, he relays the information to Derrick.

Victoria putters around for a while and buries the ruined pink hat in her storage cube under her clothes. She spends a good hour or so getting ready. Frankie is showering and everyone else are asleep throughout the morning.

12:43pm Christine is up and helping Donny with the awnings.

Vicki still working on her routine in the bathroom. Talks to Christine about Zach blowing her up on twitter because of the hat. They talk for a while about fashion while Victoria continues to check herself in the mirror. When Victoria leaves, Christine says "I hate her.  I don't care all all what you wear."

1:30pm Christine talks to Caleb about yesterday's shoutouts in the backyard (when someone yelled they loved Zach, America hates Frankie and one more I didn't hear regarding Frankie).

1:40pm Now Christine is complaining to Victoria about how stupid Caleb is and that he doesn't deserve to win.


Frankie wants to take pictures of every day activities which consists of selfies and photo bombs.






2:30pm Derrick is awake. Victoria starts to tell him what she did with the hat but he says he knows people talk.

 2:50pm TA talking about their latest mission and they think they have accumulated 20k so far. Donny acknowledges that most of that is because they used Zach. Frankie says Zach will still be useful even after he leaves. They can make stuff up that Zach said or did if they need too.

3:53pm After an outdoor lockdoor, the HG's find a dart board with metal darts. They will have the dart board for the remainder of the season but will get the darts for a period of 24 hours each week.

Zach still looking for the pink hat

4:48pm Zach and Donny giving each other pep-talks. Zach telling Donny he can still do this he just needs some luck and if there is anything that he can do before he leaves to help him, he will. Zach explains the alliances as he sees them to Donny.

Cody and Derrick are together plus Derrick also has Victoria. Christine will either go to Cody or to Frankie. Zack tells Donnie if he makes it past next week, he should try and get in with Derrick and Cody, and help get Frankie and Caleb out.

6:53pm Derrick telling Frankie about Donny discussing the "pecking order". Derrick tells Frankie he knows that Donny is making moves with Cody and Caleb. (ED: I'm assuming Der/Cody had their talk about what Donny said prior to this discussion but didn't see it on camera)

Derrick says they can't keep Victoria until F3 because everyone will fight to take her to F2 so they can win.

7:49pm Donny telling Zach to talk to Frankie because he has a lot of power even though he can't vote and talk to Christine on Thursday,

Caleb talking with Frankie and Derrick about Christine and Cody touching constantly even after the Zingbot. They all agree it's a bad look. Caleb thinks they are in love.

Christine says her and Tim should have their own show. Frankie said he'd watch.

Derrick trying to figure out the season schedule with the buy back and thinking maybe they are extending another week (ED: we know they are)

General chit-chat about the men Frankie dates

12:12am Zach pleads his case to Frankie. Frankie isn't having it. He's saying he knows Zach threw him under the bus. Zach reminding him it makes more sense to keep him because he has no one and will always be a bigger target. Cody has a lot of people. Frankie said he's going home because he wouldn't throw the competition.

2:04am Frankie/Cody talking. Frankie assuring him that he is shutting Zach down and nothing Zach can say will change anything

2:21am Zach and Derrick having a nice chat by the hammock. Derrick telling him he's leaving there is no way he can get the votes. Zach tells Derrick he will tell Donny to trust him. Zach saying he had people yelling over the wall for him. it's all good.

Derrick tells Zach he and Caleb are the most memorable.









3:44am Derrick and Caleb talking about a F4 with Cody/Frankie. Derrick tells Caleb that Dan beat Memphis 5-4 (ED: it was 7-0) He used it as an example of how loyalty and a great speech can swing a vote

 ..... The end of another long day in the BB house....