Quick review: The original plan of Christine throwing the Battle of the Block to target Donny failed. The secondary plan of back-dooring Victoria went out the window within seconds of Frankie winning the Veto. The house instantly turned to Zach as the new target. This was further cemented Sunday when Zach was framed as the ‘escape goat’ from the Team America mission to hide house guest’s favorite clothing. With the Monday Veto meeting just hours away, will Frankie go through with putting up his closest friend in the house?

6:00 AM

Checking in on the feeds we see Derrick on neighborhood watch; the other condition of the Team America mission.

9:00 AM

The house begins to stir. Frankie practices a rap he’s worked up for the Veto meeting. He is ignoring calls to the Diary Room while he checks in with Donny and gets some coffee. Elsewhere Victoria reports to Christine she had to see the medics overnight and she is not to eat or drink due to nausea.

Out of the Diary Room, Frankie gets into bed with Zach and wants to know what to do to fix things. Zach pleads with Frankie to put Victoria up. Frankie says he'll think about it and leaves. Frankie finds Christine and laughs, "Zach just begged me not to put him up.”

Donny is aware Caleb will be coming off the block and asks Cody how they decided that. Donny points out how that shows the pecking order (leaving Cody on the block).

11:00 AM

In the storage room, Zach pleads for his life with Frankie again. When Frankie points out everyone will come after him if he doesn’t nominate Zach, Zach leaves in a huff. Frankie tracks him down in the bathroom to say, “I'll think about it. I don't think it's impossible." Zach says he's had his back since Day 1. Frankie tells him their game has been irreparably damaged.

Zach addresses us from the hammock, "Well, my Big Brother life is about to be over. The veto meeting is in about 10 minutes. Frankie, of all people, is about to put me on the block and I'm going to be going home. It really sucks."

Feeds were out just under an hour for the Veto meeting. First off we see the newly nominated Zach alone in a bedroom while elsewhere Frankie is getting a hug from Cody and tells Caleb he owes him one for taking him off the block.

Christine is going to create a fan email account and have Tim monitor to delete the mean messages. Derrick jokes that Tim will say, 'You had 1,000 today. I had to delete 998, but the other 2 are great!'

Caleb and Frankie clear the air. Caleb says Zach told him again last night that if Amber hadn't gone home, Caleb would have been the replacement nom. Frankie says, “Of course he's lying.”

In one statement Frankie tells Derrick, Cody and Caleb to expect more "ridiculousness" from Zach this week. In the next, he says he “got to shove it in [Zach's] face" with his Veto meeting rap. (Gee, I wonder why Zach might be miffed). Cody takes the opportunity to report Donny’s ‘pecking order’ conversation. Frankie thinks they should preface every conversation with Donny with, "Anything you say will be repeated." Zach comes outside but does not respond when Frankie asks, “What's up, Froot Loop Dingus?”

Not much later Zach is alone with Caleb trying to sell that he is better for Caleb’s game than Cody is. Caleb is not having any it. Zach goes through it again when Frankie joins them and asks if Frankie would agree. Frankie does not and points out that Cody thinks Caleb is very loyal. Frankie comes inside and tells Cody that Zach's throwing him under the bus. Cody goes outside and tells Zach to continue throwing him under the bus in front of him. Zach says he's not throwing Cody under the bus; he's just campaigning to stay and goes through it again. Cody responds, "OK, just don't throw me under the bus.” Cody heads back inside but then Frankie accuses Zach of throwing him under the bus regarding their final 3 with Christine. Zach brings up the backdoor Caleb plan. Frankie denies it, then remembers, “Oh yeah that was the case”.

After some awkward silences and shuffling of people, Frankie is left alone with Zach and tells him no matter what he does, he is going home. He throws in a threat that he will ruin Zach if Zach brings up his name.  After relentlessly trying to break Zach’s spirit, he tries to convince him to be the fun Zach, steal some stuff, cause chaos.

Inside we hear Cody talking about finding the stolen items and tells Derrick, "I searched the whole house for the stuff while you sat with your feet up like a fat doughnut cop." (If he only knew).

1:00 PM

Frankie comes in and informs Cody, Caleb and Victoria of all he was telling Zach outside. Caleb says Zach has the weapon, but he's out of ammo. They think he is in the Diary Room but he's actually in the Storage Room reading the rule book (The last act of a desperate man).

Meanwhile Derrick and Christine are upstairs demonizing Donny to each other.

Derrick makes his way out back and gives Zach a pep talk. Zach seems to appreciate it.

Frankie and Cody are now up in the HOH ‘reprogramming’ Caleb so he won’t fall for anything that Zach might try. They were not quite complete when Donny walked in and interrupted the procedure.

While others are inside, Donny chats with Zach out back. Zach tells Donny he didn’t want to be the one that threw the Battle of the Block as Donny’s partner and that set up his own demise. He also lets him know that Christine gave the other team a bone to help them. Donny knew and says it was heartbreaking. Zach says if Donny can think of a way to turn the others against each other, let him know what he can do to help. Zach advises, "Go down as a legend, Donny! Best player to ever play the game!" Donny responds, "Not socially, though. Suck!" (Apparently that was the nature of Zingbot's zing to Donny.)

Later Cody and Derrick meet up. Derrick is most afraid of Caleb or Donny winning HOH, but he knows Frankie has plans against them too based on some of the info Frankie was throwing out while fending off Zach. It may come down to Frankie/Caleb vs. Cody/Derrick.  Cody notes, "I knew coming into the house, no one's gonna have a better social game than me. Period. The girls are going to love me and I don't think the guys are going to hate me." They complement each other’s game so far.

3:00 PM

Donny and Derrick praise America for a hard but doable task. Derrick notes, "Everyone's been in on it except for Zach, who unfortunately took the rap for it."

Now alone with Derrick, Frankie whispers that Christine's teddy bear didn't count for their mission because it had to be an "item of clothing". He hid something else of Christine's, so production is looking to see if they have that footage.

Next Frankie boasts to Christine about the poorly executed plan to get him out by throwing the Battle of the Block. They talk about the state of their games. Frankie thinks he’s ok even though he can't play in the HOH. Donny's the only snake in the grass. Talk turns to Zach and Frankie resolves to continue to try to destroy his spirit. They come up with a name for the now defunct alliance they had with Zach; The Smart Bombs.

Inside, Caleb is apologizing to Victoria for yelling in her face last night (It was over the top).

5:00 PM

In the Living Room, Derrick and Donny talk about the Team America mission. Derrick plans to bust on Frankie in the Diary Room for only participating in the first hour. He also says [production] loved the panic that it produced. They switch to non-game talk and then we see why. Caleb is upstairs on the floor listening in on their conversation. They keep on talking without letting on they know he’s there. After about 20 minutes he gives up and walks out to the Kitchen. Derrick calls him out and Caleb denies it. He’s called to the Diary room and Derrick says, "Go talk about your ninja session!" Donny adds, "It's called Creep Mode Cowboy!"

Out back, Frankie is telling Victoria how he’s been running down Zach to make him give up. After coming clean to Derrick and Donny inside, Caleb comes out and demonstrates his army-style crawl for Frankie and Victoria. According to him, he listened for 35-40 minutes and all he heard was them talking about Lasik surgery.

7:00 PM

Everyone is sitting down for dinner except Zach. He’s back in bed.

Victoria tells Derrick she needs to win HOH or she is gone.
Caleb and Donny play corn hole.

Later Victoria says she dropped her microphone in the toilet and is afraid she’ll be in trouble.

Zach begins preparing his eviction speech, "To all you strong great competitors… and Victoria… That’s all I got right now. Frankie says its good then wants to talk about his rap. Zach responds, “Your speech was so dirty. You murked me!”

10:00 PM

Part 1 of the evening entertainment begins with Victoria telling Cody that she wants to take the pink hat from Zach, cut it up and give it back to him. Her justification is that it is really her hat and he is not going to disrespect her while he wears it. She is determined (if not obsessed).

Part 2 of the evening entertainment comes in the form of a voice over the wall. Zach, Caleb and Frankie are out back and hear it. Zach immediately yells back, "I love you! You're the man!” Caleb first thought the voice said "We hate you Beast mode Cowboy. Zach we love you. Frankie you are disgusting." He’s actually correct and Frankie heard the part about him correctly too; but Zach is very excited and very loud that it was a positive message about all of them. He keeps repeating his favorable version over and over trying to convince the other two. Caleb and Frankie actually get a little quiet until they are called in for a lockdown.

Christine is now aware of the pink hat mission and is excited about it.

With Zach and Victoria in earshot, Frankie tells Christine what each of them really thought was said over the wall earlier:

Caleb heard: We hate you Beast mode Cowboy, Zach I love you, and Frankie you’re disgusting.

Zach heard: You’re the man Beast mode Cowboy, Zach I love you, and Frankie you’re the best.

All Frankie heard was …Beast mode Cowboy, Zach I love you, and Frankie you’re a mess.

Frankie says Caleb’s face went white.

We see Zach has removed the pink hat while playing Jenga at the dining room table. Unaware that Victoria, along with Cody and Christine are watching for an opening, he walks away and Victoria springs into action. She’s running from room to room as she wraps it in a hoodie and looks for a hiding place. This has drawn the attention of Frankie who is following wanting to know what is going on.
Victoria comes back out to the Kitchen and asks Christine for a knife so she can cut it up and the feeds are cut.


Victoria is giving the others the impression she ripped up the hat. Really she has just hidden it (I’m pretty sure she got some counseling from the Diary Room during one of the many feed cuts). "

Not long after Zach confronts her about the hat. They go back and forth. He is very agitated that she wants to make him mad. She says she might give it back if he is nice. For quite some time afterwards Zach is going from room to room looking for the hat. Victoria is enjoying it but at the same time she is worried about his retaliation as she checks all the places he goes to see if anything of hers has been messed with. They continue to have words as they keep crossing paths.

1:30 AM

We catch a snippet of Cody whispering to Derrick that Christine is into gay rights and is going to migrate toward Frankie.

Not too long after Zach is talking to Derrick, “If there's anything I can do to help your game. Let me know. I'm at your disposal for the next 48 hours.” Derrick points out Zach told others earlier that Derrick would win in the final 2 and that hurt his game. Zach says he has to reverse that for him.

The house is mostly quiet except for Zach continuing the search for the pink hat. He is seen taking a gold necklace hanging from the Bathroom mirror and the feeds are cut.

Later Zach engages Derrick about how Victoria will be harder to get out towards the end because others would want to take her to final 2. They sympathize with the live feed viewers since they are the only entertainment right now. They both head for bed, but Zach checks a few more places for the pink hat before the house finally goes quiet after 3:00 AM.

Will Zach be able to turn things around? Will he prefer to stir up trouble on the way out? Will he be the returning jury member? And will he go out with the pink hat on his head?

Thanks to the Updaters for keeping up with it all!