Coming into Monday it would appear Christine will not be using the Veto. The house has been divided and flipping on whether to vote out Zach or Jocasta. But in the wee hours of the morning, the scales start to tip when it seems Cody and Derrick are leaning towards taking out Zach even though they are nervous about their new fake alliance with Nicole and Hayden. Will the meeting change things up?

9:30 AM

Donny has been up for some time before they finally get the wake-up call. We later learn they played several Miley Cyrus songs including Wrecking Ball and Party in the USA. The other houseguests are slow to get up and seemed more focused on getting ready for the day than talking any game yet. A couple of them did take a rolling pin to each other though…

11:00 AM

Feeds go out for the Veto meeting. When they return, Christine is quick to say the Veto was not used for the first time this season. The house is calm.

Derrick and Victoria head back to a bedroom and discuss the votes. When Victoria says Christine is voting out Zach, Derrick says, "Then we have to too". He also tells her he wants to go to the end with her.

Caleb and Frankie have an impromptu workout session that includes Frankie planking for several minutes.

1:00 PM

Coming inside, Caleb is disgusted at the mess in the Kitchen. But since he just commented outside that ‘Girls clean’, it’s not surprising he does nothing to improve the situation.

Now Outside, Caleb takes some time to talk about Amber as he fondles one of her slippers.

Victoria has the first of several breakdowns. It is her mother’s birthday and it just hit her hard. Jocasta is there taking on consoling duties.

Everyone retrieves their activity trackers. Frankie gets a "STOP THAT!" for shaking his. He says he won't stop because he's making up for all the laps he just swam.

Jocasta has noted the mess and comments she is not washing dishes ever again… it’s so Nasty.

3:00 PM

While most everyone is napping, Jocasta has gone off by herself and has a cry.

Finally the game talk gets going. First up is a strategy session between Donny and Hayden. Hayden knows Christine is trying to put a wedge between him and Nicole. Donny notes that Derrick and Frankie don’t talk to him and Christine isn’t much better. Hayden lets him know there was a plan to backdoor Donny this week. Hayden says Zach is going home but Frankie thinks he is staying. Donnie thinks Frankie is targeting Jocasta to weaken Donny. Hayden notes that Christine is trying to flip him to keep Zach.

Frankie, Christine, and Jocasta with some help from Victoria tackle the mess in kitchen.

Christine is cleaning today because Caleb brought it to her attention she never cleans. Ironically Caleb watched but does not assist in the cleaning today.

Meanwhile outside, Cody, Donny, Hayden and Nicole have started a ‘muscle train’. They walk the perimeter of the yard while alternating arm exercises with and without weights.

5:30 PM

The camera lets us know where Zach is before finally getting up.

Derrick pulls Cody aside to say, “Zach is going to come out here right now but we gotta talk, cause the DR is definitely starting to ask questions…” and the feeds cut.

Victoria has another cry out on the hammock. This time Derrick goes out to comfort her until she decides to go in to be by herself.

7:30 PM

Just after Derrick and Cody were talking about calling out Christine and Frankie for playing both sides, Frankie finds Derrick and confronts him about the LTA alliance he has with Zach. Derrick plays it off that Zack tells everyone he has deals with everyone else. Derrick uses the Grandfather card and Team America card to assure Frankie they are good. Frankie wants to keep Zach and Derrick says, “ok”.  But the conversation must have continued in the other direction because an hour later Derrick is seen back in the Bathroom telling Cody he has convinced Frankie to vote out Zach.

Derrick then goes up to the HOH to talk to Nicole. He tells her Frankie is on board to get Zach out and they won’t be exposed with it being a house decision again. He is particularly proud that he worked in the word "Rationale" in his conversation with Frankie (since that is the new alliance name for Cody, Derrick, Hayden and Nicole).

10:00 PM

Zach, Nicole, Donny and Hayden have an entertaining conversation giving each other advice on dating the opposite sex.

A little later Cody and Christine have a whisper session in the Bathroom. It seems they are both confirming Zach is leaving but wonder if it would be better to split the vote so Zach won't blow up the Detonators on the way out.

Meanwhile, Frankie and Derrick are in a bedroom and have basically the same chat they had hours earlier. Derrick says he’ll make sure Frankie is ok with Cody. They still plan to make Zach feel safe and blindside him.

Derrick does find Cody right after that. Cody’s nervous about the vote. Derrick is not. Derrick explains Frankie was making moves against him and Cody because Zach had Frankie convinced they were coming after him. Derrick says the Rationale wants Zach out and now the Detonators want Zach out too.

Next Derrick is with Victoria out back. Victoria says she must be home for Rosh Hashanah. She has to fly home on the 23rd no matter what. Derrick says they will be home by then. (If you haven’t heard, the Big Brother finale has just been moved to the 24th).

We briefly see Christine tell Nicole “the boys want to send Zach home”.

12:30 AM

While Zach recites his now famous eviction poem out loud, Derrick can be heard in the back ground, "Yeah, he's definitely gonna blow up" as he and Christine talk about splitting the vote. Derrick advises Christine to make sure Nicole is ok with it. In this exchange, Christine “knows Hayden is voting Jocasta out” (while we know that is not the case).  

A little later Christine and Frankie go out to the hammock. Christine tells Frankie, "If someone tries to backdoor one of us, we have the votes”. Frankie thinks, “All Zach wants is to be the first member of the jury so that he can vote for me". Their defense if Zach blows up the Detonators is to point out he nominated Christine.

2:00 AM

Frankie is whispering to Cody that the vote will be 4 to 4 and Nicole will evict Zach. Frankie, Cody, Christine and Derrick will vote to evict Zach. Frankie is heartbroken over Zach having to go, but he knew this time would probably have to come.

A half hour later, Zach is out back telling Frankie they are in the best spot right now. Frankie doesn’t like to be too confident. Zach replies, “At this point it’s hard not to be too confident”. He is very excited about final 2 with Frankie.

Cameras switch to Cody and Derrick trying to convince Christine a split vote is a bad idea. Zach will only have 30 seconds to make waves on Thursday.

Next Derrick, Cody, and Frankie continue having the split-vote debate and how it could blow back on them when Zach comes out and starts reciting his speech again. Talk switched to how delusional Caleb has been about Amber. Cody thinks Amber was dropping hints that she liked him. They note the girls become more attractive the longer they are in the house with them.

4:00 AM

Derrick and Zach raise their voices with each regarding Victoria. Zach really doesn’t like her and Derrick defends her.

Afterwards Derrick is still pretty worked up telling Cody what Zach was saying about Victoria. If that was his daughter he would break Zach’s jaw and no CBS security guard could stop him. Just then Zach pops back outside and starts up about Victoria again. After some more back and forth, Zach disappears into the house. Cody and Derrick just get a moment to discuss the fact that they don’t completely trust Christine and Frankie, when Frankie appears to say Zach is falling apart and that makes the choice to send him home even clearer now.

Alone again, Derrick says he and Cody are playing the exact same game as Dan and Memphis. “One of us is going to walk away with $500,000 and the other with $50,000.”

In a sentence that still has me cross eyed, Derrick tells Cody that Amber told him that Donny confided in her that Donny heard that Derrick was the one who told Nicole to put him up.

They head for bed and the house goes quiet at 6:45 AM.

Will Zach be blindsided? Will it be a split vote? And will Victoria be home by September 24th?

A very special Thanks to all the Updaters! I spent most of the day watching a spinning circle on my frozen feeds. C’mon CBS! Get it together!