Tuesday starts off as usual, the houseguests waking up and getting ready for the day. The have nots are counting the hours until they can sleep.


11:54pm A brief indoor lockdown.

12:30pm Caleb tells Christine he wants to offer Victoria a deal and hopes the alliance doesn't mind. He says something weird is going on and it would kill him if he has a hand in Amber going home. He thinks Frankie is trying to set Amber up. Christine just going along with whatever Caleb says. Caleb still trying to figure out the truth in what Amber said to Nicole after the veto meeting.

12:38pm Amber/Nicole talking about how a girl needs to win HOH. Amber campaigning to Nicole basically a repeat of what she's been saying since she was nominated. She didn't do anything wrong, she has Nicole's back, a girl has to win to start taking out the boys. 

12:49pm Frankie gets the HOH camera and takes some selfies in the backyard. Caleb still on the Amber campaign trail talking to Victoria, trying to secure everyones vote to keep Amber.

1:32pm Short indoor lockdown.

2:33pm Victoria has a talk with Hayden about Nicole talking to Victoria about Victoria's flirting with Hayden. Victoria said she isn't flirting and Hayden just smiled and listened. (she had a similar discussion about this with Derrick prior to talking to Hayden directly)

2:57pm Outdoor lockdown again.

3:15pm Caleb telling Zach again the whole Amber blowing up the alliance is a big misunderstanding exaggerated by Frankie. Zach tells him he'd put up Jocasta if he gets HOH next. Caleb didn't catch it and kept campaigning for Amber. Later Derrick & Cody laugh about Caleb not catching that Amber isn't staying.

3:55pm Caleb says he's the biggest celebrity in his town and they are the best looking kids in the town. He tells more about his mother and life growing up. It's an interesting reveal.

4:13pm Hayden and Cody are talking about how they don't want to blindside Caleb and that they should tell him about Amber getting evicted. Hayden still wants to work with Derrick/Cody. Hayden is telling Cody that Derrick doesn't trust Christine and Christine doesn't really trust Derrick. Hayden says even Nicole is questioning Christine. They both agree they also don't trust Frankie because he and Nicole just run their mouth too much.

Derrick joins the conversation and Cody says he doesn't want to work with too many people. Derrick says he wants to tell Caleb too.Then Caleb joins and the conversation ends.

4:41pm HOH Frankie, Christine & Zach talking about if they should tell Caleb. They want to tell him minutes before the vote.

Frankie scrambling to Derrick and others about what he exact words he used with Caleb regarding what Amber told Nicole. Caleb bugging Nicole about it until she says to drop it and she doesn't want to talk about it anymore.

Nicole is upset with Frankie and asks Derrick if she should tell Caleb the truth cause she's afraid Frankie's lies will ruin her game. Derrick tells her to talk to Cody for his opinion.

Frankie talks with Caleb some more about Amber and Caleb cries because it's his fault and she did nothing wrong. Frankie tells Caleb that Amber freaking out will not help the situation and that he will still be there for him. They go over the same conversation for quite a while.

The rest of the afternoon and evening consisted of three things:

1) People talking: should we or should we not tell Caleb

2) Caleb telling anyone he is near that Amber deserves to stay 

3) Amber saying she did nothing wrong and she isn't after anyone but Zach

10:51pm During those three conversations, the houseguests played a couple of pool tournaments and Hayden taught both Jocasta and Victoria how to play pool.

 11:20pm Amber tells Christine that her new target is Caleb not Zach. Christine tells Zach and the Detonators. Frankie wants Amber to say that to a few more people so he can tell Caleb and have he'll want her voted out too. Amber obliges by telling Cody and Frankie said he overheard her saying it too.

There were some discussions between Frankie/Derrick/Christine on keeping Amber because she isn't coming after any of them. 

12:00am HOH room they are back to should they tell Caleb or not. They think Amber is too unpredictable to keep. The boys are talking about the girls. Cody tells Zach to be careful of Christine and Nicole also that Frankie is all over. There is a lot of paranoia. 

1:30am Caleb in the HOH room. Zach is telling him that he is nervous about keeping Amber. He's being very calm and stating his concerns to Caleb. Derrick and Cody are silent. Frankie then tells Caleb Amber is targetting him. Caleb asks Cody if that's true and he nods yes and Caleb storms out of the room. He goes into the backyard and stares at Amber for a few minutes then goes back into the house and sits in the living room. Derrick goes downstairs and gets him calm enough to talk it out upstairs in the HOH room. Hayden comes up to the HOH room and all of the boys are sitting in an awkward silence.

Finally Caleb says "I ate the pickle" and the room starts laughing. This broke the tension and they all talk for a while. They tell Caleb not talk to her right away cause she will start lying. He wants to make her life miserable until Thursday

Frankie recaps the events to Christine and assures her he didn't throw her under the bus.