6:04 am All House Guest are sleeping except Derrick and Cody who are in the HOH room talking about a name for their 2 person alliance "Hitmen."

6:30 am Derrick talking to the "Live Feeders" he says he has a lot of alliances but the only one he's loyal to is Los Tres Amigos and the alliance the Hitmen. He says he trusst Cody and that he's loyal. He says The Bomb Squad is just a joke. Derrick says he's going to try to talk more often to the "Live Feeders". He says he loves the "Live Feeders" and wants to make them proud.

9:26 am Fish

9:40 am Feeds back

9:42 am Donny, Hayden, Frankie outside. Christine inside looking for her bible.

9:56 am Frankie complaining about Victoria telling him that she is sick and breathing on him. Frankie says hello to the "Live Feeders" and goes back to bed.

10:04 am Cody is called to the "Diary Room" and Devin picks up his suitcase in the "Storage Room."

10:13 am Hayden, Jacosta, Donny, Devin outside. Devin is called to the "Diary Room". After Devin went inside, Donny discussed with Jacosta that fact that Devin has told two different stories about where he lived.

12:14 pm Victoria is up making coffee. Donny is alone in the back yard. Brittany finally gets out of bed.

12:21 pm Brittany excited to find red solo cups and drink cozies in the "Storage Room". She thinks they are going to finally have cocktails.

12:32 pm Caleb up and going outside to get some sun.

1:16 pm Devin and Caleb in the bathroom talking about Amber. Devin telling Caleb that Amber doesn't know when to shut her mouth. Devin says "Amber constantly puts people on blast in front of other people."

1:31 pm Derrick locked out of the HOH room.

2:11 pm Amber and Jocasta laying out in the back yard. Amber loses her top. She is worried that someone saw her boobs when her bikini top came off. Then she says "It's just a boob".

2:51 pm Caleb telling Derrick that he's fed up with Amber and they need to put Amber and Frankie on the block. Caleb tells Derrick that Beast Mode Cowboy has to get his head back in the game. Caleb and Derrick say the next two targets are Jocasta next week, and then probably Brittany. Derrick told Caleb that putting himself on the block was personal, it was stupid as a game move. Caleb agreed but pointed out he also wanted to have himself (as strong player) playing in POV against in case Devin played to make sure Devin would be sent home. Caleb thinks the "backdoor" of Devin will be one of the biggest ever in Big Brother history.

3:54 pm Indoor Lock down. Most House Guest hanging out in kitchen.

7:08 pm Caleb has been talking game with people in HOH. He is putting doubt in their minds about Amber and where she stands.

7:22 pm Derrick, Cody and Zach talk about Amber being interested in Cody. Derrick says it's better if Cody has Amber on lock . They say Amber is clouded by her emotions and Brittany will do whatever benefits her in the game.

7:58 pm Donny and Jocasta in Beehive Room talking about Devin. Jocasta says she was mad that "the joker" interrupted her reading the bible and catching him in his lies. Caleb walks in and they very smoothly transition the conversation to Jocasta singing.

8:08 pm Zach and Frankie in "Storage Room" doing a happy dance about their alliances of the Detonators & Los Tres Amigos. Zach told Frankie about Tres Amigos. Frankie says Caleb and Devin and his alliance was called the 3 Amigos. Zach says "No way" and they start laughing. Zach tells Frankie he can't say anything to anyone! Zach says if Cody or Derrick find out Frankie knows that they will know he told Frankie and come after Zach. Frankie tells Zach he has to win HOH. Frankie says next week is a good week to win because Jocasta and Victoria will go home and no one will care.

8:17 pm All the House Guest except Jocasta and Caleb in Kitchen.

8:27 pm Zach, Hayden, Cody, and Frankie making New York accents and making jokes around the word "boom box".

9:37 pm Caleb in HOH bathroom asking Derrick if all the cast gets to walk the "red carpet" at the finale. Caleb talking about his interview with Rachel pre-season and how she said how handsome Caleb was.

9:47 pm Frankie begins giving shout outs to everyone, including "Mommy, Daddy, Ari, and Grammy." Hayden and Donny at the chessboard talking about who to nominate if one of them win HOH. Hayden lists Jocasta, Victoria, and Brittany. Donny says he doesn't like Jocasta being in that mix. He is most comfortable with nominating Victoria out of those 4 because the other 3 girls like him. Donny asks Hayden "What about Christine?" Hayden says that he trusts Christine so he couldn't nominate her but if Donny was HOH that would be something he could consider. Donny asks Hayden if Cody has been "brainwashed" by Derrick yet. Hayden laughs and says he doesn't know. Donny says he thinks Derrick is the ringleader of things. Brittany comes and breaks up the game talk between Hayden and Donny.

10:27 pm Derrick, Donny, Zach, Caleb, Frankie and Hayden watching Devin on spycam. Zach says "Gosh he's so stupid!" Frankie says "He's definitely not the brightest." Zach says "And he's checking out Brittany again." Derrick says "Oh I know people are going to give him horrible goodbye messages." Zach and Frank both said they ended their "goodbye messages" to Devin by saying "You're the worst BB player ever." Frankie thinks the fans are getting a kick out of Victoria. Zach says "I don't know why they picked her(Victoria)?!" Frankie says "She's so hilarious! She's probably making great TV." The guys talking to Zach about saying he'd punch Victoria in the face. Zach apologies to the "Feedsters."

11:32 pm Caleb in the HOH Room watching the cameras in the kitchen where Amber is. Zach is in the HOH Room also. Caleb says "There's your showmance right there." Zach says "Who? Cody and Amber?" Caleb says "Yes." Zach says " I think Cody likes Brittany." Caleb says Amber and Cody were in the hammock together, they sleep at the same time, awake at the same time and now they are in the kitchen washing dishes together at the same time. Zack said he thinks Brittany and Amber compete with each other over everything because they want to be better then the other and they are are competing for Cody's attention. Caleb says he  confronted Cody and asked him "do you have a thing with Amber? Yes or no?" Caleb said he told Cody that if Amber and Cody have something going on to just tell him and don't do it behind his back or else "Beast Mode Cowboy will come unglued in the house." Zach says he talks to Cody all the time and Cody has never mentioned anything going on between Cody and Amber. 

Thu 1:15 am Jocasta, Amber, Brittany in "Beehive Room" talking about Devin. They don't like how he always says he is loyal when he should just show it. Brittany mentions that she doesn't like how Devin throws the parent card around. She understands they have kids but thinks Devin uses it when he is in a bind. Brittany asks if there is anybody they don't trust here. Brittany says when Devin leaves she is going to give him a pickle bouquet so when he talks to Julie Chen he will have a pickle in his hand.

Thu 1:54 am General Chit chat in the kitchen about eviction speeches. Hayden goes to bed. Cody is cooking macaroni 'n cheese.

Thu 2:28 am Derrick tells Cody to get sleep so he can go "Beast Mode" in the HOH competition.  Cody in a serious tone says "Dont Put Beast Mode on me".

Thu 2:51 am  Derrick is in HOH bed in the dark, staring at HOH TV that is viewing house guests in kitchen.

Thu 4:19 am Cameras 1 and 2 on sleeping House Guests. It appears the only House Guests up are Cody and Hayden talking about Cody's soccer. There is no game talk.

Thu 4:48 am All the House Guests are in bed.

~Thank you to all the Daily Updaters for your time and effort with the minute by minute updates!