Nicole, the Fiddle being played, Bald heads and Chains

 Donny was the first one up and we see him in the HOH at 8:30 am looking at his pictures. We then see Victoria out of the shower putting her make up on and Nicole doing her morning routine in the downstairs bathroom.

10:00 am – Feeds cut out and we get fish when they return at 11:43 am we immediately see that nominations have taken place, that Nicole has nominated Zach and Jacosta and Donny has nominated Victoria and Caleb. We hear Zach saying”…she wants to play this cat and mouse game, and I’m swift as a cat, I’m coming for your head Nicole.” Then he said “Yo Caleb you have no chance against me”.

 12:04 pm – Cody and Derrick talk, they want to back door Frankie this week. They said they want to get Zach off the block because he will not vote against them.

 Donny and Victoria chat and Donny assures her she is not the target that someone strong has to leave this week.

 2:00 pm – Again the feeds go to Jeff’s interviews and the Battle of the Block is underway!

 3:16 pm – Feeds return and we see that Caleb and Victoria has won the BOB dethroning Donny as HOH and leaving Nicole as sole HOH with Zach and Jacosta remaining on the block. The competition had punishments, Caleb has to be on slop for 2 weeks, shave his head and be chained to Victoria for 48 hours as they both wear an Adam and Eve outfit. The game had something to do with dominoes.

 In the storage room Cody and Derrick both assure Zach that they got his back, that he will not leave this week, that they want to back door someone. Caleb comes in and Zach tells him that they would rather get rid of Jacosta than Victoria this week anyways.

 4:05 pm – Cody tells Nicole that if he wins POV he will not take anyone off because he does not want Nicole’s HOH to be dicked with like his was when he had to name a replacement nominee after the POV meeting.

Caleb spent the better part of the afternoon complaining about shaving his head, going on and on about it. He even told everyone he had a tattoo on the top of his head that is racist and against a certain racial party. Everyone thinks he is lying about it. He said it is small and he had it done when he was young and stupid. Caleb then tells Frankie that he is mad because he has to do all these punishments and Zach does not have to do any and he is safe.

 7:20 pm – Caleb and Victoria reveal their Adam and Eve outfits to the houseguests and are chained together for 48 hours has begun. Their costumes look like underwear or swimsuits with leaves all over it. They can’t wear shoes for 48 hours either. Caleb and Victoria will be sleeping in the HOH with Nicole, Nicole said she will not sleep between them.



7:56 pm – Victoria shaves Caleb’s head. Victoria started it and Derrick took over and fixed it.

8:30 pm – Hayden and Nicole finally meet alone in the HOH and she tells him that she wants Frankie and Zach on the block together. Hayden confirmed to her that she is Zach’s target. Nicole told him she did not want Jacosta sitting next to Zach on the block that she could end up going home.  Nicole said that Derrick also said he wanted a 4 person alliance with Nicole, Hayden and Cody.  She also confirmed that she is for sure putting Zach as a have-not. Hayden tries to let her know easy that people want to take Zach off the block and put up Frankie, the last thing he said was that they will talk about it with Derrick and Cody. Frankie came in and said that he would respect and do whatever she wanted him to do with the POV. That he did not think Derrick or Cody would even use the POV. He said Donny would use it and he is the grumpiest person in the house. (Definitely setting it up to make the pitch for her to put Donny up if the POV is used). Frankie tells Nicole that he has a mental disorder about being cold, so Nicole offered him her robe.

 Nicole talks to Derrick and Cody and tells them both she does not want Jacosta to go home on her HOH that it would be a waste of her HOH. She also told them that she will not put up Donnie as a replacement nominee. She said she wants to put up Frankie that he already won three HOH’s She said she sees Frankie as a threat. She asks them to protect her from Zach if it is a double eviction. Derrick said that the only thing is that Zach’s vote is easy to manipulate while Jacosta nobody knows. Cody said he did not want to take Jacosta off the block if he won POV because it would look like they were working together. They both said they would rather win it and not use it, she agreed to that. Nicole then said that Frankie is ready for a blood bath. That he said he is not here to make friends. They come up with the name the quad squad for their 4 person alliance. Hayden was not with them when they came up with the name. Adam and Eve (Caleb and Victoria) enter HOH and all talk changes. Caleb said he would not use the POV if he won it.

 10:58 pm – Derrick tells Cody in the bathroom that Frankie was trying to set them up again. Said Frankie said he would not use the VETO if he won it. Then they said that their alliance is just a 2 person alliance and they will figure out what to do next week. Derrick heads to the shower. Derrick, Zach, Christine and Frankie chat in the bathroom too, Christine tells them that Nicole will not put up Donnie as a replacement nominee, they said that sucked because he is the only one available that is not in their alliance.  Also they told Zach to stop telling her that she is his target, he said why I am rattling her because she is my target.

 Derrick heads to the shower and Frankie follows. Derrick tells him to do some damage control with Nicole too because he could be a target.

 1:44 am – Zach told Hayden and Derrick he made up a poem and was going to say it during the live show and it targets Jacosta and Nicole.






Here is the poem:

 Roses are red. Violets are blue. Nicole is my target. I'm coming for you.
I love all of you so much and I am so grateful
Maybe I'll even change my ways and not be so hateful.
You've all made it to jury. You're on the right track.
Fans at home, please hashtag #zachattack
The ceremony is important. The wrong choice may cost ya.
So when you go into the Diary Room, Please vote out Jocasta!

 They talk about Donny not using the POV because it would force him to show his cards. Zach jokingly said he wants to be on the block on Thursday. Zach leaves and Derrick said if Zach is still on the block on Thursday he might leave, that he runs his mouth too much. Then they say that they think Zach might throw POV to stay on the block,

 3:15 am – All houseguests were sleeping anticipating the important POV the next day


Who will win POV? Will Nicole get a clue that she is being played? Will Frankie be replacement nomination? How will Caleb and Victoria survive their bonding session?? Tune in tomorrow! Thanks updaters!!!