9:18 AM – The first thing we see is Nicole and Donny in the beehive room talking about nominations. Donny was trying to talk Nicole into nominating Christine and Victoria. Nicole did not want to nominate Christine and Donny kept telling her she is part of the alliance of 8.  Nicole wants to nominate Amber and Victoria. Donny tells her they are not part of the 8 person alliance, and his target is Caleb. She said it is hers too.

Meanwhile Derrick and Caleb also discuss nominations.  Derrick asks him if he is all right that he will go up. He can be a knight in shining armor by throwing the POV and getting Amber down and leaving him HOH. Then either one of them will win POV or they will backdoor Devin.

From noon till 1:15 we get fish and when the feeds return we see that Derrick nominated Caleb and Jocasta and Nicole nominated Donny and Amber.

The deal still is for Caleb to throw the BOB competition so that Donny and Amber come down and then get POV so that they can nominate Devin. They hope Devin does not get an opportunity to play in the POV.

Devin and Nicole talk and Devin said he knows he is the target to get backdoored. He said it is a game and he will not hold any grudges.

Frankie tells Derrick and Donny that they have to start trusting each other and he is willing to put all his cards on the table. That they have to work together for America.

The American Alliance ask this week is to try to convince people that someone in the house is related. They chose to use Paola’s words on the way out the door to mean that Zach is related to Amanda since they both are from Florida. 

1:30 pm – Hayden and Nicole chat in HOH. Hayden thanks her for not nominating him and said that if she picks houseguest choice that she should pick him. If he wins POV he will not use it and they will send Caleb home. Nicole agreed. There was flirting big time going on. She said she put up Donny because she thought she could trust him but now feels she can’t. Hayden said he will win HOH next week.

 Hayden left HOH and Christine came in. She thanked her for not nominating her. She told her that she nominated Donny because he would forgive her. Also he was in an alliance with Donny the double Ds. She then told her that she told Devin he is the target this week. She said that she was real nervous and did not make up her mind until the last minute. Cody joins them and Nicole said that Donny is the one out of the four that she does not want Donny to go home. Cody said Donny has been talking to a lot of people. Victoria and Derrick join the HOH crew and again Cody tries to get them to vote out Donny. Derrick said that Donny disrespected him and he did not like it. Derrick and Nicole both agree that Amber ratted out Donny at the last minute before nominations and that is why he is nominated. Amber wanted that kept a secret. Both of them apologize to America but said they are glad Donny is nominated.

Derrick and Donny talk about nominations. Donny understands why he was nominated but was not happy with it.

Devin caught Nicole and Derrick in HOH and asked if he is not playing in POV could he host it because it could be the last competition he is there for, they both agreed.

After he left they review what will happen if Devin gets to play in POV and removes Caleb that the next target is Brittany.

3:15 pm we again get FISH on the feeds for the BOB competition.  The feeds comeback 5:49 pm and we see that Nicole is no longer HOH which means that Amber and Donny are safe this week. Also, we see Nicole in a frog outfit (punishment from BOB competition). She has to wear it for a week including the live eviction show.

Derrick, Cody and Caleb were talking, Derrick warned Caleb not to say anything around Frankie that he can’t be trusted. Derrick then told Cody that he will pick him if he gets houseguests choice for POV. Cody told Derrick that Christine feels that he does not trust her. He said he does trust her but can’t trust Donny. He said Christine will take them far in the game.  Derrick really wants Caleb to win POV in case the house flips. Derrick then said to Caleb that he didn’t throw the BOB competition but everyone thinks he did. He said it was not a competition you can throw.  Caleb did really throw the competition but wants others to think he did not.

Caleb leaves and Derrick and Cody were left in HOH. Cody pitches to Derrick to get Caleb out this week if they can because they may never get another chance. Derrick tells him the plan is to backdoor Devin and get him out. Cody said if Devin wins POV then Caleb has to go if he stays on the block, Derrick asks Cody not to leave him alone with Caleb that he does not want to be like Devin. Victoria interrupts and asks Derrick if it was Brittany who wanted her nominated this week, he said no it was Nicole’s idea. Victoria then said Brittany is fake and untrustworthy.

Zach and Frankie had a brief meeting in the storage room. They tried to figure out where everyone was and what they were up to. Their alliance is back.

7:00 pm Brittany and Nicole talk. Brittany asked Nicole why she told Derrick she did not trust her. Nicole told her it was a lie and never said that.

Amber chatted with Zach and Derrick briefly. She said how shady Donny has been and how Caleb is creeping her out. Zach told her that Devin told production to call his family and come to the eviction on Thursday. Zach also said that he thinks Donny threw the competition too, and that Victoria said he was lying when he said she was in an alliance.

11:15 pm Brittany and Cody chat. They chat about Donny and wonder what his gig is like is he an actor or maybe a psychologist. Brittany wonders why Nicole put up Amber and Cody said it was because Amber put up Nicole. She said Amber flirts with Cody to get Caleb upset. Cody said he realized that. Cody then said that Caleb was on board to send out Devin but then went ahead and ratted out others. Brittany told him that Caleb has little man syndrome.

12:18 am – Victoria and Brittany were in the hammock and Brittany told her that Devin was going around asking people to please leave him a nice good bye message. Victoria said he had not asked her.

The group while outside see a helicopter flying overhead. It was flying low and circling. Then they heard someone yell this is your last chance then they hear gunshots.

Amber again chats with Derrick and tells him that she saw Donny talking game with Brittany, Jocasta and Hayden and that Donny mentioned Caleb’s name.

Derrick and Cody chat about how they only trust each other and they think Nicole is trying to play “Dan’s” game. How she if she was playing Dan’s game she would not have won HOH and got any blood on her hands.

Cody said Caleb believes that this year’s Big brother theme is super fans vs students (of the game, IE: recruits).

Hayden tried talking to Cody and Derrick. His goal was to try to evict Caleb this week and try to get Devin not to evict them next week if he stayed. The guys did not buy it. Hayden then called Amber a floater and the others agreed to it. Derrick said that if Devin did win POV then Victoria or Brittany would have to go up.

Derrick and Frankie chat a bit about how they were going to execute their plan on telling people Zach is related to Amanda. They love how it will go down. They agree that Devin has pretty much given up, if he gets to play in VETO he will try but if not he has conceded that he is going home. Derrick then explained Jokersupdates to Frankie and how people type everything they say and how people take screenshots and put saying under it. How they make fun of people. Frankie admitted he did not know any of this stuff he just watched the show.

5:38 am – Everyone asleep! Finally! With visions of VETO’s dancing through their heads.


The big question is will Devin get picked for VETO? Who will win VETO? Will they blow their chance of sending Caleb home this week? Will anyone ever figure out Donny? Will anyone ever figure out how Amber really is playing this game? Things can only get juicier tomorrow! Thanks Updaters!